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| May 23, 2011 | 2 Replies

Product Name: Greyhound Auto Scanner

Author: Steve Davidson

Company Name & Contact Details:


Ready Made Winners At The Click Of A Mouse

Price: One off payment of £19.99

Money Back Guarantee: None mentioned but there are few problems with this type of software.

What Do You Get?

– Interface with inbuilt statistics to enable daily ratings to be produced and thus enables all dog racing cards to be evaluated on a fully automatic basis.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Greyhound Auto Scanner by Steve Davidson is a greyhound betting system. All Greyhounds are evaluated by the system and the best choice is highlighted using time and form with each selection clearly marked for you.

What’s It All About?

This piece of software is primarily aimed at pinpointing the winner of each Greyhound race, but it can be fully adapted to throw out lay selections if required. A very pleasing and neat interface makes the whole selection process as easy as falling off a log.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

None mentioned but a small bank of say around £200.00 should be enough to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

In a recent lay example, the author claims to have made a profit of £117.50 in just one day.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once the basics of the system are learned then all betting activities can commence immediately.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special required. A PC will be required and an account with Betfair if placing lay bets.

Value For Money? 

At £19.99 of course this has to be value for money. Do not be misled by the very low price, this software is as good as anything out there.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Always very easy to do business with this partnership, never any problems and all emails and correspondence are dealt with on a very speedy basis.

Midpoint Report 27/05/2011

I have just been looking over the racinghorsesoftware site currently run by that well known partnership of Steve Davidson and partner Kevin, and found a total of nine Greyhound racing systems along with seven Horse racing systems recently offered to the public by this duo.

This appears to be a phenomenal amount of software interfaces rattled off in a very short space of time, but I will say that their prices are very competitive in today’s market place.

The latest of their systems to come under review is Greyhound Auto Scanner and the author claims that for the first time they have put together a Greyhound system which works out everything in detail about each dog from the best dog to the sixth best dog making this both ideal for backing and for laying.

This is another very nice interface which obviously has inbuilt statistics to enable daily ratings to be produced and this enables all Greyhound racing cards to be evaluated on a fully automatic basis.

All the hard work is done for the user with just the use of one mouse click and hey presto all win and lay selections appear before your very eyes.

For those intending to buy, the cost of this package is very reasonable at £19.99 and comes complete with a short video to help explain the workings of the system.

Supposedly this is the self same software that Kevin used on his well respected and supported tipping service offered to clients in earlier days so it does look to have some credibility.

This actual piece of software is primarily aimed at pinpointing the winner of each of the daily races but can be adapted to highlight lay selections if required.

The very neat and pleasing interface makes the whole process as easy as shelling peas and should suit both beginners and experienced punters alike.

For the purpose of these trials I chose to champion the cause of winner finding, a cause I could regret as finding winners using this system was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As the trial progressed I kept wondering whether I should have opted for lay betting, choosing winners was an absolute disaster as it turned out.

When the curtain finally came down at the half way stage I had monitored a total of two hundred and fifty three selections of which only a paltry forty managed to oblige with the remaining two hundred and thirteen disappearing in the sunset.

This yielded a very poor strike rate of only 15.81% and at this point it was hard to believe that this had been at the heart of a tipping service.

The longest losing run was a massive twenty five with the longest winning run only a very small four in comparison.

Leaving the worst until last our overall bank ended with a huge loss of 70.20 points making this system a very quick way to the poorhouse.

I really cannot see any quick remedy for the remainder of the trial and one has to predict another course of doom and gloom if the current trend continues.

I would like to think that a spoonful of sugar will help the medicine go down but this is so poor there appears to be no fairytale recovery.

Maybe lady luck will take a turn and change the course during the remainder of the trial, currently it is a desperate situation.

Number Of Selections = 253
Number Of Winners = 40
Number Of Losers = 213
Strike Rate = 15.81%
Longest Losing Run = 25
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 70.20 points loss using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results at the half way stage, please click here.

Conclusion 17/06/2011

At the mid point stage I had voiced my concern over just where this system was heading and whether or not there could ever be any recovery, it was then a picture of doom and gloom.

Unfortunately the situation has changed little for me to alter my opinion in any way it is really that bad.

As we all know by now this latest system to come under scrutiny is another of those from the stables of Steve Davidson and partner Kevin whose surname never appears anywhere to allow any further mention, but he certainly knows how to produce very good software interfaces.

This Greyhound Auto Scanner is actually quite versatile and the internal workings of the system allow all six dogs to be recognised and graded according to previous form.

In fact any dog can be graded in order of preference depending on the user and just what order he actually prefers the dogs to be graded.

For example if it is decided that he actually wishes the worst dog to be selected then the sixth choice button is selected which then highlights the greyhound most likely to lose.

One can play around with different combinations according to the data required and the software will do the rest, it is really that simple.

Apparently this software was the subject of a well supported tipping service which was previously administered by Kevin and it is claimed that results were very good.

Alas I can see no evidence of this in the statistics I have to hand since this trial began and I find it extremely difficult to believe that this system was at the very heart of such a tipping service.

Maybe the selection used was something other than the highlighted best dog which I used for the purpose of this trial, in fact it would have to be as the results of this testing were absolutely horrendous.

There was never any chance after such a disastrous start and as time progressed I had really wished that I had chosen to test the worst dog as highlighted by the system.

I really do not think that I have had such a despairing time since reviewing on this site first commenced.

As the final curtain came down on the cessation of this trial there had actually been a tremendous amount of selections, in total I had witnessed three hundred and thirty seven in all with only a mere fifty one managing to get over the line in first position with two hundred and eighty six joining the ranks of those defeated.

This gave us a very poor strike rate of only 15.13% and in line with 15.81% at the half way stage.

The longest losing run was twenty five whilst the longest winning run was only four, and overall we were left with a deflated bank balance and huge loss of 101.20 points using level stakes.

This is definitely a system one would wish to avoid in its present context and choosing the best dog to win using this software is a quick road to financial instability.

Perhaps a different thought process needs to be adopted and an alternate selection chosen to have any chance of making any money out of this.

Seeking out the number one dog is definitely a no go area and should be given a wide berth and unless any buyer is prepared to experiment further, then the simple message has to be one of caution and further thought.

Number Of Selections = 337
Number Of Winners = 51
Number Of Losers = 286
Strike Rate = 15.13%
Longest Losing Run = 25
Longest Winning Run = 4
Overall Profit/Loss = 101.20 points loss using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of all my results from testing the Greyhound Auto Scanner, please click here.



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  1. Nigel says:

    The selection for the tipping service was the second rated dog and it was a Laying Service NOT a backing service.
    With only a 15% strike rate the answer is surely obvious with an 85% success rate Laying the top selection would return a very healthy profit, surely this should have become obvious well before the halfway stage of testing.
    There is always one way at least of using these systems other than their original intended use and £19.99 for this as an automated laying system is surely more than a bargain!!!!

  2. sonny21 says:

    A if you wanted to.absolute rubbish you wil end up in the poor house backing these selections you can lay them of course

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