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| December 27, 2016 | 7 Replies

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Great Bets


Martin Wilkins

Company Name & Contact Details

Great Bets 5 High Street Maidenhead, SL6 1JN email:


Join us today and make money with us.


£25 per 7 days/£99 per month/£249 per quarter/£459 per half year/ £849 per year

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned

What Do You Get   .

Multi sports tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Great Bets from Martin Wilkins offer daily sports betting tips, mainly on horse racing but also soccer, tennis and a range of other sports. Advised by email daily and available in password protected area of website. Detailed results shown on site.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

1000 point bank recommended to cover all sports

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Results disclosed on site show profit every month from March 2016 to date.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

So far so good

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to enquiries


The eagle eyed among you will have noted that the original 7 day free trial available for this service has now been replaced by a paid for option. This is a result of punters abusing the free trial offer by trying to sign up again and again using different emails so I hope those cheapskates are happy that they have denied others the opportunity to look at what the service has to offer without risk.

The home page gives a good overview of what is offered by the service with the option to drill down for more information as you require. Run by Martin Wilkins, he explains his passion for sports in general and how he has developed this into an ability to pick consistent winners – the service concentrates mainly on horse racing but your subscription will offer all the betting that is recommended. It is stressed that those looking for high priced bets would be better going elsewhere. Refreshingly, full results are shown on the site in an easy to follow format.

Selections are advised by email and are also available on a password protected members page on the website. Selections are published no later than midday but have been received the evening before racing on occasion. The bet recommended is clear and the prices quoted are generally available and can sometimes be bettered.

A betting bank of 1,000 points is recommended and it is suggested that a minimum monetary bank of £500 is required to take full advantage of the service. Staking is advised with each individual bet thus far in multiples of 20 points – the stake is based upon the confidence level for a selection. We have seen an average of 4 selections a day so far in the trial. The results so far (which can be seen here: GreatBets.xls) have been split into 2 tabs on the spreadsheet – horse racing and other sports.

Of the 127 selections in the trial to date 9 have been for non horse racing events and 8 of those on football plus an inspired tip for John Higgins to beat the Rocket in the snooker world. Overall the other sports tips have made a small 5 point loss

Turning to the horse racing there have been 118 runners with 38 successful – a strike rate of 32.2%. This after a slightly worrying end of December where we saw a draw down of 50% of the bank but in the end the performance has been strong with a 512 point profit at a respectable 13.01% ROI. A losing run of 16 is the worst experienced with 3 consecutive winners at best. As indicated in the website information the selections tend to be at the top end of the market with average odds around 3.7, the highest priced winners being at 7.0.

This is an impressive start for the trial with a capital gain of around 50% achieved which if maintained will make this a must have service. Priced at the higher end of the market the premium has thus far been justified.  The service felt right from the outset with no undue hype and a professional approach to everything. We will continue to monitor and update the review in February. For those who like a straightforward, easy to follow service then we suggest you should take a good look at this one.


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  1. Traderjohn says:

    This service claims to have made a profit every month for
    the last 10 months,can anyone confirm this.

  2. Traderjohn says:

    2017 Results so far.

    13:10 Southwell Tatting 2.88 Won
    13:40 Musselburgh Cold March 7.00 Won
    13:45 Southwell Bring On A Spinner 3.75 Lost
    14:00 Cheltenham Village Vic 5.00 Lost
    14:20 Southwell Holiday Magic 3.75 Won
    14:45 Catterick Discoverie 7.50 Lost
    14:55 Southwell Anton Chigurh 5.00 Lost
    15:15 Fairyhouse Irish Bulletin 6.00 Lost
    13:00 Ayr Lochnell 5.00 Lost
    13:20 Plumpton Laissez Dire 2.38 Lost
    13:40 Southwell Piazon 2.88 Lost
    13:50 Plumpton No Comment 3.00 Won
    14:30 Ayr Desert Cry 5.00 Won
    15:10 Southwell Macho Mac 3.50 Lost
    15:20 Plumpton Brown Bear 5.00 Lost
    15:30 Ayr Thomas Do 5.00 Lost
    15:50 Plumpton Shimba Hills 5.00 Won
    13:45 Bangor On The Road 3.75 Lost
    14:40 Newcastle Medicine Hat 3.75 Lost
    15:00 Musselburgh Thankyou Very Much 3.25 Lost
    15:40 Newcastle Go George Go 1.91 Won
    16:10 Newcastle Dr Julius No 2.38 Lost
    16:40 Newcastle Roller 4.50 Lost
    15:15 Lingfield Petite Jack 3.50 Won
    18:45 Wolverhampton Athassel 3.00 Won
    19:15 Wolverhampton Menelik 3.00 Lost
    13:05 Southwell Playful Dude 2.25 Won
    15:10 Southwell Things Happen 2.50 Lost
    13:05 Wetherby Happy Diva 3.35 WON
    15:00 Kempton Saleh 3.2 WON

  3. Traderjohn says:

    16:00 Kempton Duck A L’orange 3.45 LOST
    1.00N Oscar’s Prospect 3.75 LOST
    1.50S Garde La Victoire 3.00 WON
    6.15W Cambodia 3.4 LOST

  4. Traderjohn says:

    3.00C Poppy Kay 3.3 LOST
    3.10F Bishops Court 3.9 WON
    4.00C Greyed A 2.66 LOST

  5. Traderjohn says:

    14:15 L Aurora Gray 2.5 WON
    15:10 D I Just Know 2.86 WON

  6. Traderjohn says:

    14:10 Wolverhampton Seaview 5/2 LOST
    14:30 Lingfield Druid’s Folly 7/4 LOST
    15:20 Southwell Big Amigo 9/4 WON

  7. Traderjohn says:

    19:45 Southampton v Liverpool Over 2.5 Goals 2.00 Lost
    12:35 Leicester Caprice D’anglais 1.91 Lost
    13:05 Leicester Un Prophete 3.25 Lost
    414:00 Newcastle Tatlisu 3.25 Lost
    14:10 Leicester Oliver’s Hill 3.25 Lost
    15:40 Leicester Top Ville Ben 2.00 Won

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