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| March 21, 2012 | 2 Replies

Product Name: GHB System

Author: Jason Perry and Phil Rushton

Company Name & Contact Details:


How the hell did a normal punter turn a betting bank of £100 into CENSORED in just 25 days betting on greyhound favourites?

Price: £57 (+ VAT in UK) for 1 year or £14.95 month 1 then £9.95 per month (plus VAT in UK)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– System manual (PDF),
– Member’s area of website
– Email tips and stats updates
– Support.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

GHB System by Jason Perry and Phil Rushton is a win betting system for greyhounds (not necessarily UK). It also comes with a bonus ebook of other greyhound systems, and also tips for UK races emailed approximately twice weekly.

What’s It All About?

This is a relatively simple system for backing favourites to win in greyhound races. Although aimed at 6 trap UK meetings there is an alternative system for 8 track racing in the USA and Australia. Results will vary from user to user as there are imponderables in the process. A specific staking plan is suggested which can use 35% of the bank in an unsuccessful betting cycle.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

£10 minimum advised but £100 recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

Daily hit rate 84.5% claimed for 2011. Claims to have quadrupled bank in 25 days. Loss of 25 points in trial period.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Significant – all races at a meeting need to be followed until target achieved.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection to receive data but could use local bookmaker to place bets if preferred.

Value For Money?  

Not really.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Not tested.

Midpoint Review 19/04/12 

The reference to Phil Rushton in the marketing is interesting because it only mentions 1 of his products and a search on the site will unearth more that are, shall we say, less than wonderful. The marketing letter spends more time telling you what you should not be looking for than facts about this service and has the usual photo’s of sun sea and car.

On the plus side the sign up process is neat and tidy unlike some of the 18 step torture that you have to go through and there is not any attempt to sell you more. It is a pity the download procedure is somewhat disjointed and has not been set up properly. It is not possible to download the system manual directly even though the site advises you may.

The manual is 46 pages long and explains in great detail how to place bets and fund/withdraw from your account so it would be suitable for beginners to betting to follow. The system is quite clearly explained and involves selecting the un-named favourite to win after a certain sequence of results at a track. The track(s) you use on a daily basis should be selected from a spreadsheet which advises the stats for the whole of the UK and is updated weekly – this is really what the subscription is covering as the tips turn out to be a couple of random selections sent twice a week (these are highlighted in blue on the spreadsheet).

It is suggested that you can try up to 3 sequences per day but for trial purposes I have picked the best potential track on each day that is no worse than the average stats and worked from there. (If you were using this system alone you could perhaps run 2 tracks simultaneously but the potential for error would be magnified greatly.)

However, you are picking the best track for the day and not necessarily the tracks that will give you the best results if you are going to use this system every day.

Included in the package there is a spreadsheet program used for calculating the stake which is set up with macros that need permissions changing on your PC before they can be used. Frankly the calculations are so simple that you do not really need to use this anyway and you will see this from the results spreadsheet I have prepared.

You are looking to back a winner at a specific meeting and then stop betting. The staking plan suggested will use up to 35% of your bank on a cycle if not successful which will happen even though the stats show this is rare. But rare is not never and the day before I prepared this review the service was running very nicely with a profit of 38 points after just 14 days but then disaster.

One of the best potential tracks in the country did not have a winner until the very last race so we were into the second cycle and the bank was down 1 point overall at the end of the day. An excellent illustration of the potential dangers here.

What I do not understand is why the spreadsheet that is updated every week only includes this seasons stats for you to work with. They have last seasons (spreadsheet was available originally) and the question has been asked on the forum by others but there was a typically bland and useless answer back that raises more questions about the service.

I also suspect that a serious user would soon develop his/her own stats for deciding on which tracks to use and there is a wealth of free data also available that would help. So if you are going to buy all you will need is 1 months sub and you will have the system and can do your own thing from there.

Readers will appreciate that I have compiled my review from checking the results at the end of the day (having selected the course to be used in the morning). You should bear in mind that a considerable time will be needed to use this system as you need to follow the racing live until you achieve your objective (or give up for the day).

Many of the days have needed only 3 or 4 races to achieve a profit but the worst day would have tied you to the PC for over 5 hours and lost 39 points into the bargain.

The jury is very much out on this system and we will update the review at the end of April. I suspect the potential market is quite limited and I should want to see a much longer period that we shall be able to cover to take a final decision on the value.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

GHB System Midpoint results.

Final Review 03/05/2012

The more I have looked at this system the less I am impressed. Whilst the underlying principle does seem to hold water the way you need to apply it leads to potential disaster if you are not careful.

As I explained in the interim review the testing has been undertaken on a sample basis using one of the best tracks statistically each day. I have included the tips received in the bi-weekly emails in the results but I am at a loss as to why they bother as they have no relationship to the method used to select the main runners and, as can be seen from the spreadsheet (highlighted in blue), they would have cost the user money with just 4 of 14 winning.

It seems the reason for the provision of the tips is to perpetuate the myth that the statistics from which you decide on which tracks to use need to be updated often. As explained before, the omission of previous year’s stats show this to be untrue and any serious punter could easily assemble and update the necessary information from freely available data.

Now my trial has, because of the time constraints involved been limited but I have looked at a meeting every day and extended the results from this exercise and you will see from the spreadsheet that the maximum bet (16.5% of the bank) was reached on 3 occasions in 30 days and does not always allow the previous losses to be recouped.

Imagine the dangers here if you were trying to run several meetings at a time as is suggested in the manual.

Including the special tips received from the author the bank is almost 25% down in the trial period and although the claim about winning days may well be right that does not necessarily translate through into a profit at the end of the day.

If you have an interest in greyhound racing then the answer may be to subscribe for 1 month to obtain the system details and then you will be able to work our how best to adapt it for profitable use on your own. I cannot personally recommend following the system as it is set out in the manual based on the results I have seen.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

GHB System Review


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  1. jock59 says:

    I signed up for this greyhound system but after discovering you would require to be tied to the PC for possibly hours each day I contacted them asking for a refund. This was in early March, to date I have received nothing, not even an acknowledgement. All I get is automated replies saying it could take UP TO 72hrs. Have any of your other members had problems with this?

  2. jimsmart says:

    For refund, go to your Clickbank order page, go to Clickbank customer service paragraph near the bottom of the page, you see a link with your order number on it, click on this which takes you to clickbank, click on top left of page “GET SUPPORT ” link then in the options list, click on “other options” and it brings up the cancel order option!!

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