Football Trading Secrets Method 9 Review

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Football Trading Secrets – Method 9


Chris Williams

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Hertford Road, Kettering NN15 6LG or 42 Swinford Hollow, Little Billing, Northampton NN3 9UN email:


£27 until 10/3/2017 then £37

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What Do You Get   .

Video system training download

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Brief Summary

Football Trading Secrets Method 9 by Chris Williams is a simple strategy for low risk betting on Over/Under 4.5 goals market in football games. Video training included. Strike rate should be in excess of 90%. Back betting only.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested 20 point bank with 1 point staking per selection

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Normally 6-20% per trade profit

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily to make selections. No need to follow live games

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection and Betfair account recommended

Value for money?  


Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails


As ever with Chris’ systems you can get a pretty good idea of what is coming from his marketing page and our experience shows that he will have done his homework very thoroughly before releasing to the public.

Method 9 is possibly the most straightforward yet and the information disclosed on the website is about as much as can be said without giving the whole game away. You will receive access to a training video which covers all the aspects of the strategy and will allow you to get started straight away. The main thrust is to place a back bet in the Over/Under 4.5 goals market but additional guidance is given for a lower risk possibility in the 5.5 market.

The selection process is simple and involves checking 1 free website followed up by verification through the Betfair exchange. An individual match can be checked in less than 2 minutes and once you have mastered the process you will find it easy to adopt a risk approach that suits your own stance. The intention is that once backed a match is left to run its course but should you have the time it is possible to monitor in play and trade out to minimise a loss if the games looks like going against you.

I found that checking early in the morning for possible selections worked well but there is no reason why the process cannot be completed the day before games if that is more suitable for the individual. Bets can be placed on Betfair or with a bookmaker as preferred. I tended to stay with the better leagues so liquidity did not become an issue.

It is suggested that a betting bank of 20 points is appropriate initially, staking 1 point on each game. With experience of the strategy in practice you may be able to increase the stake to 2 points in due course.

With nearly 2 months experience of using the method (the inevitable International breaks occurred!) I have been able to find 190 selections using a relatively conservative take on the criteria. The strike rate has been 96.32% and one reason I delayed this report was to see how long the winning streak I was experiencing could carry on – turned out to be 93 games and ironically it was a game where a 1-0 was almost nailed on that caused the upset. Mixed feelings for me as 3 points for the Tigers were vital but I wanted to get the run to 100. I also made an error in choosing a first game of the season match in Finland where there could be no proper form guide.

Since then a rather more normal pattern has been seen and I wonder if a little more caution might be needed as end of season non important games can feature. An individual user will soon get a feel for this sort of thing and probably improve their outcomes.

The outcome of my testing was that the bank has increased by 48% in the trial (compounding stakes would have improved this further) and an ROI of 4.87% achieved which is reduced following the losers seen recently. There was no drawdown on the bank at any time and I have not traded out at any point although this would have been possible – the challenge is probably not to come out too soon which is easier said than done.

For those that want to consider improving the return you may consider placing the selections in doubles or even trebles – with the good winning runs seen there is potential here.

It is important to stress that each user will have differing results as their selection process will vary from mine in risk terms but the principle is there and with careful use a worthwhile profit can be achieved.

At the now full price of £37 the strategy should pay for itself in a few days leaving a potential on going  profit for subscribers.

The full trial results may be viewed here:

FTS Method 9 Results


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