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| November 5, 2013 | 3 Replies

Product Name: Focus Ratings

Author:  Keith Eckstein

Company Name & Contact Details: 
La Coudrais,
Bains sur Oust,
Tel +33 299917315
email: or

Price: As of 2014 the prices are:£10 a month to £27 a month (and from £25 a quarter to £67 a quarter.)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– Daily PDF showing ratings for top 3 horses in each race.

As of 2014 you now receive:

-Live Ratings (updated throughout the day to reflect non-runners.)
– System Builder – members can have any selections (that saved systems generate) sent to them automatically every day.
– Library of Free systems that members have created and have made public so that other members may subscribe to them.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:  

Focus Ratings from Keith Eckstein is a service designed to assist in reducing potential selections in UK and Irish  races to the real contenders. Sent out around 10am daily the PDF lists all selected horses and may also be viewed on line. A preliminary report for the next days racing is available at around 5pm.

What’s It All About?

A link to a website producing ratings for each and every rateable race in  Great Britain and Ireland.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 


How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims made – this is a betting tool rather than specific system.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Minutes daily but will depend on how each individual uses service.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Internet connection.

Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Prompt response to emails or via forum.


We should emphasise immediately that this is not the normal type of tipping service but an aide to assist you in improving your personal betting. The best thing you can do before subscribing is have a read of the manual which is available on the site and explains what all the features the service offers. Pity most other services are not so open!

The underlying service offers daily ratings on every race in the UK ranking the top 3 horses. These are delivered in PDF, spreadsheet (csv) of Bet Engine (bot) format around 10am daily and a preliminary copy is also available the night before usually at 5pm. As well as highlighting the horses there are separate schedules showing jockeys or trainers with just 1 entry at a meeting which can often be a telling clue to performance. On top of all that there are articles and advice plus a selection of tools that can be used with your daily betting activities.

The question that most will ask is how do I use the information provided and the answer is not simple other than to say it is down to you. The website highlights the basic results using the top rated horses advised (currently just over 50% for the top 3 rated horses) but you then need to apply your own system/logic to make full use of the data. For example I applied the ratings to check selections made by another service and using the information gleaned would have increased the strike rate from middle 30s to just on 50% – a worthwhile improvement.

New users of the service would probably benefit from looking through the forum in the first instance where there are a wide range of topics discussed including a complete newbie who wanted to know where to start. Some systems are discussed and the comments are polite and helpful generally which is refreshing.

I imagine that potential subscribers are those people who already study form and want a reference point to assist their search for profitable bets. I am drawn to try and compare the service to the late lamented Adrian Massey ratings but do not think if fair to either to do that. Focus ratings is a well set up and professionally run service that offers excellent value for its clients. Only you can judge if it is for you and you can do this entirely risk free with the Clickbank payment portal in place.

The author is to be commended for setting up this service and we are happy to recommend it as long as it is understood that personal input will be needed to make effective use of it.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2014 – We have been contacted by Focus Ratings who have told us that their service has changed dramatically since our review. They have asked us to re-review and we were happy to do so.

Below is the review of our second trial – where we have just reviewed the top rated horse in the first race in each meeting.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

With the exception of prices or suggested bookmakers you have all you need here – race time, meeting, and selection.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

A larger than normal betting bank would help as there can be up to six or more meetings a day which would equate to about 40 races, even at £1 a point you would need a healthy pot to start with (shall we say 500pts).

How Much Money Can I Make?

Final figures sadly show a loss of £221.58 to level £1 stakes.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

It’s a lot of bets so allow yourself half an hour or so minimum.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

I would never want to be writing all these bets out by hand (though it could be done) – far better to have access to the internet and the ability to place your bets online

Value For Money?

Hard to answer that one – as it made a loss on my trial period I suspect the answer has to be No but they clearly put an awful lot of work in to produce these figures in comparison to the monthly cost.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

No, sadly not during the 60 day trial period.

Quality Of Customer Service:

Brilliant – they have answered all my question within hours and always been polite and helpful.

Midpoint Review:

I do appreciate the amount of work they are putting in to providing all these ratings and the very professional way the service is put together – all we need now are enough winners to show a profit from the top rated.

Focus Ratings Review

Review Update – 08/01/2014

Every now and again a service comes along where you really want them to do well because it is crystal clear they are working really hard, not attempting to rip anyone off, easy to deal with, and so close to making breakthroughs.

This service pretty much tops that list but sadly I can only report the facts and they did make a hefty loss, though I do need to clarify that very simple statement with a few facts to back it up…

A total of 2001 races were covered which consisted of 1332 losers, 225 non runners or No Bet races, and 444 winners (25%), at odds up to 16/1 but that only tells part of the story.

Of the losers we had an astounding 336 second places and then a further 250 placed third so it would be fair to say that they came pretty close to turning things around.

In conclusion, I sadly cannot recommend this service as it stands with losses backing the top rated to level stakes (the only sensible way to judge a ratings service in my view), though there could be possibilities for those who fancy backing place only or using a staking system as they do have a decent percentage of winners – just not enough to turn any kind of profit to level stakes (shame).

Focus Ratings Results




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  1. TheBaker says:

    Currently in a 7 day FREE trial period (ends Saturday 14th December). Anyone able to bet during the day would benefit most but the ratings also cover weekends and evening racing. Well worth a look –
    I have no affiliation whatsoever.

  2. TheBaker says:

    Today (9th Dec) the following results – (wasn’t on most due to being out for most of afternoon)
    21 races (1 race had a top 3 rated non-runner)
    17 Winners were in the top 3 rated.
    There is one suggested use of the ratings (just 1 horse per race) that had 9 winners and a pre-commission profit of 23.87pts to 1 pt level stakes.
    Will be following with interest during this (short) trial.

  3. Goldkey says:

    Kieth Eckstein seems to be a totally honest and decent businessman, who takes a personal interest in constantly honing the service for the benefit of his subscribers. A rare attitude in these times! I have used these data for a long time now and in my opinion, if used wisely, the information is invaluable. Keith clearly shows a pride in his business, consistently strives to improve the quality of the service and provides excellent value for money.

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