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Product Name: Firepole Marketing

Author: Danny Iny and Peter Vogopoulos

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Price: Initial video tutorials are free, but you get several high priced offers at different membership stages.

Money Back Guarantee:  None shown

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

With Firepole Marketing you get business and marketing tuition from Danny Iny and Peter Vogopoulos who each claim to have unique and differing skills to help you succeed in the online marketing world.

What’s It All About?

This is all about business growth and set up. The people behind this business venture have lots of different skills and business experience. You can read more on each of them at this link

If you are someone who already has an existing business or you are just starting out with your own business then Danny and Peter say they can help you have success quicker if you just take their help and assistance. They have lots of experience of helping people make their business successful and they will teach you the techniques so that you make a success of your business right from the start.

They take you through these stages

* Identifying the Customer and Value Proposition
* Marketing Strategy
* Execution and Implementation
* Sales
* Advanced Strategies

So if you are unsure on how to price your offers, get customers or new leads or know how to position yourself so you get more business, then Danny and Peter can help you.

When you sign up for the free video course you get an overview of what Danny will do for you. This starts with a week’s worth of videos plus some additional free material that is presented as info graphics, worksheets, and email templates. Each lesson takes about half an hour to work through.  So if you can dedicate just half an hour a day and to each subject you should be able to see progress in your business very quickly.

Once you take the free material from them there are several stages of upselling.  A “borrow my brain” session, where you speak to Danny, costs $397 for a 45 minute call. The other stages are Business Acceleration Coaching, they say this is perfect if you’re starting a new business on the side (while working a job, or running another business)… They say this coaching is the best option so that you can follow a sensible and clear path.  They will help you form that path instead of wasting time and money figuring things out through slow and expensive trial and error.

With this option, you will talk on the phone twice a month, and you get email access too. The good thing with this option is that you book your slot and then chat through the business with them before you and them decide if this suits you both.  They only want to work with people they feel they can help and are committed to implementing the material and direction they give. The application is $297, which is deducted from the first monthly payment, or refunded if either you or Danny decide not to continue with the arrangement.

The coaching costs $597/month.   At the time of writing, they were not accepting any new members on to the coaching programme. They also offer you a direct line to mentoring, which costs $2897 for six months.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

I like the mission statement from the two guys that run this. They say and I quote “We turn non-marketers into expert marketers. We do it with our training program, we do it with our coaching clients, and we do it with our $197 FREE video training on how to Get More Cash Out of Any Business, Website or Blog… In Under 30 Days, Without Spending Money, Working More Hours, or Hiring Staff”

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The sales promotion for the free video course, is clear and without hype. I like this sales promotion because I feel they give good examples of what they are teaching and how their offer to help you works. There was nothing misleading or hidden and you can either take the free material or leave them without paying any money, or you can stay and try the different membership levels they have.

There are plenty of testimonials on the site and although I couldn’t verify them all, I checked out some and they seemed to come from real examples of people who are using the material taught within their business.


Looking at these authors and the product, I have to say that I was impressed.  You will know instantly if this type of offer is suitable for you.

I was impressed that Danny says it’s his goal to really interest and entertain you with his thoughts, ideas and the different suggestions that he will make.  He is honest enough to acknowledge that should he not grab my attention then I would never pay him for any services. So his immediate goal is to provide me with good quality material that makes me sit up and pay attention to him.

The first video you get is to help you grow your business by getting more prospects, more customers and higher sales.  Danny shows this very clearly on his infowheel which you can download, it takes you through the stages of acquiring a new business lead or customer and then how you can make more money, whilst you give the customer more of what they would like.

He says the first step is to get your prospects to pay you higher amounts of money, and then describes quickly how you could do this, it could be higher memberships levels, just like he has (as described above), or it could be to bill your clients more frequently. So if you have members paying you twice a year for services, could you provide the services more often and therefore bill perhaps quarterly or monthly.

Everything that Danny says makes sense and you start to relate to his material and way of teaching.

The videos’ are short, so you get a few key points for each area. You then have additional worksheets to go through and help you work out what else you need to do and when. For free material, you get a good amount of content that comes from experts in this area. I was hugely impressed and those people who run any business of any kind of company should be able to use the different techniques and see improvements in their business.

You only need to take the higher stages of membership if you feel you are getting good quality content and information in the first place. I think Danny gives a good introduction and you’ll instantly know if you can use this material to make your business more successful.  If it does, then I’m sure you’ll jump at the chance to work more closely with Danny and his team.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Firepole Marketing then please leave a comment below.


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  1. Malb says:

    I realize this is an old post but I’ll give it a try.

    Under Brief Summary you state “With Firepole Marketing you get business and marketing tuition from Danny Iny and Peter Vogopoulos”. You use the word “tuition” but I think you must mean teach or educate, yes?

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