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| August 20, 2013 | 5 Replies

Product Name: Fast Earners Club

Author: Not named

Contact Details:
None provided on the sales page


“52 People Became Fast Earners In The Past 60 Minutes”

Price: $39   Money Back Guarantee:  60 day trial available

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

Fast Earners Club promise that they can make you money online without needing any experience or prior knowledge of online businesses.  They promise that this is something you’ve never seen before…

What’s It All About?

Watching the sales video you’ll learn nothing about what this product is and how it works.  This is a shame because the author really should have spent some time explaining what the programme does and how it can help you rather than some nonspecific claims about income and ease of use.

I really don’t like the sales page and the way the author makes you feel stupid. I can find no details on what the course is exactly. With them not detailing a single thing about the course that raises my suspicions about what the material is and how it works.

Is this just another high end sales pitch to bring me into their club with no details and empty promises? Why would I join anything without any detail at all about what I am joining?

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

The claim is that you don’t need any experience whatsoever, and that you only need to follow two simple steps. Turn your computer on is stage one. Then stage two you follow the done for you steps.  They make this sound so easy but again it is just trying to appeal to those who do not want to spend time or effort on the system.  Please do not believe these sales claims because they are probably far from accurate.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The sales video is done as a video blog and the woman saying that she made $230 profit from doing this. But she doesn’t give any details or explanation of how she did this.

The second blog entry is very much like the first with the man saying this is the most genuine and honest way to get money that he has seen. Again he didn’t give any specific details and says that to be successful you don’t need any marketing or online experience.

I found these two blog entries a little useless because there is no detail on what the product actually does.

Each of the testimonials seem a little too well scripted and not genuine. The way in which the people talk is not real. Everything about this seems a little too fake and not how people would talk in real life if doing a video.  If you were giving a video testimonial like this, you would say how you found the course, the training, what steps you took or what you might have tried before. This just seems like a well-rehearsed and contrived video to try to get you to take the trial of the product.


I’ve been quite scathing about this product and the sales promotion but they do something else which I think is appalling. They say “if you need money today, then there is nothing better than the Fast Earners Club”

This is trying to get the needy and desperate to pay them money. That isn’t a very ethical thing to do. People who have no money shouldn’t be encouraged to spend more money on a system that isn’t accurately described or detailed in anyway.

For this reason, I would normally suggest you avoid this.

One telling point that this isn’t very credible is that there is no information on this company, the product or the club itself in the public domain. This in itself is unusual. If something is working you will see information on it in the public domain, from happy members blogging or talking about it in a forum.

There isn’t a single direct match when you search for Fast Earners Club in Google.  This means not one single person or website is talking about it.

That’s strange isn’t it? I mean there should be some people saying that they like the course, they might not exactly show how they made money, but they would be recommending it to other people and showing you their results.

If this was making money then sites would be showing their results, detailing what is involved and affiliate marketers pushing it too, trying to get you to buy from them.

What does it say about this course when not a single marketer is trying to earn an affiliate commission from it? It cannot be because it’s too brand new.  Most marketers nowadays are very smart, they are promoting new items all the time.

The only thing I can say is that this course isn’t and hasn’t produced the hundreds of happy clients that they claim.  If they had I’m sure people would have made one mention of their success on their facebook page, or twitter or maybe even mentioned it on a forum.

But there is nothing.  That doesn’t fill me with confidence at all.

Another thing that is missing is the contact details, I do not know which company is making this offer, nor do I know the author.  Why not tell me?

There is no mention on the sales page, nor on the order page, there is a link to a site called Affiliate Training, but if you click on that page you get this domain

Another sales message, again with a lack of detail.

Nothing is adding up with this sales offer.

When I try and check out the authors and company behind this, there is nothing registered.

The IP address and the server registration points back to Los Angeles but the truth is the people behind this could be located anywhere.

They do hold other domains on the same server  but again on that site, nothing is listed.

However, this last site links to  this is a site for the marketer Steve Iser.  It is not a name I know but could this be the chap behind these systems? Or maybe he just shares a server?

I don’t know that answer, maybe he is completely unaware but there is a link there.  His is not a name I know, looking at the other 31 domains that he holds there isn’t that much that is ready or that similar to what we have here.  It’s about insurance comparison or finding niche businesses.

With all this considered I wasn’t prepared to spend my own money on trying something that is so blindly presented and that fails to build trust at each stage.

This is a product I recommend you avoid until more can be discovered.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Fast Earners Club then please leave a comment below.


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  1. murmur49 says:

    He says “I’ll show you the software” but doesn’t show anything.

  2. jeanie says:

    Well, finally got in the back door free! This is a binary trading offer using broker from Redwood Binary Options (they also use Clicksure) Here’s the offer…
    Fully automated software, uses special intelligence to make binary decisions for you (known as high rollers in trading scene)…their words, not mine.
    1) states make a $200 deposit, broker will match your deposit up to $10K, can withdraw earnings at any time plus deposit bonus….THEN
    2) Return to same page and sign with optimized broker
    3) Choose package (your next investment)
    Mini $250-999 for 30% bonus
    Executive $1000-4999 for 70% bonus
    Gold $5000-10,000 for 100% bonus
    Then just give your credit card info and begin…I stopped there, so no more info…..darn!
    I wouldnt want any special intelligence making decisions for me where the software is completely automated….sounds rigged. Plus, I agree the blogs were scripted! Just my opnion.

  3. anniebee321 says:

    yeah the testimonials were definitely actors and they expect you to part with 39$ with absolutely NO information–not even telling you basic info like it involves trading–stay clear-cloak and daggers

  4. cdvanes says:

    No good man / buy milk for the kids instead .

  5. tonyhawley says:

    In my experience not one of the Binary automatic programmes works well enough to produce wins to get a profit.

    My advice – leave well alone!

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