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Product Name: Easy Internet Profit Shop

Author: Ashton Carter

Contact Details:


“Guru Earns $3,000.00 Per day With Just TWO Minutes of Work!!”

Price: $17.00 or $7.00 if you close the page

Money Back Guarantee:  You have 60 days to claim a full refund from the date of purchase.

What Do You Get?

– The website has guides,videos and resources to help you.

Where To Buy: http://easyinternetprofitshop.biz/index2.html

Brief Summary: 

The Easy Internet Profit Shop from Ashton Carter is a collection of different ways to make money online.

What’s It All About?

This is a link to a website that will help you make money online.  Once you go onto the website you will see at the top that its split into sections that give you content on each specific area.

They will be Blog pages, Resell Right Products, Traffic courses, Marketing Guides, IIP Video Training Couse,s Bonuses Resources, 1 On 1 Support, Instant List Building Sites, Instant Resell Rights products, Instant Marketing Courses.

When you click on each title, you will then go through to each area in more depth, where you can then print off pdf guides on that particular subject and you get free templates.

Be prepared to have upsells when you click on the resources page, as they show you hosting sites that can help you for a small fee.

These areas are self-explanatory, blog pages are exactly that, how to set up your blog pages and follow the steps to get traffic and then make sales.

Every area is quite different and some ideas are very isolated from others, people don’t often bunch material together in this way.

I can understand sections on link building and marketing tactics but then to have blogs and resell rights are two quite different ideas.  You could get resell right products and list them on a blog but what  I dislike about resell right products is that many other people also have the rights to sell those same products, so you are competing online with the same material and products.  There are several drawbacks to this approach but I won’t get into too much detail here.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

They say and I quote “Read a few basic instructions, Point & manoeuvre your mouse. Type around 10-15 words per minute and have a extra 30-45minutes of free time every few days’’. If you can do that then you are more than qualified to use the tools of Easy Internet Profit Shop.

Most newbies will find this helpful as it does cover a lot in each section but you may also find that there is too much to work through. If you already have a good idea of this type of business then you may find specific areas of interest. And of course the description above is basically nonsense, you cannot tap a few keys and makes lots of money but overall many newcomers come into this area and make money, but it does take time and effort so be prepared for that.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

Ashton says that you should be willing to dedicate around 30 minutes of your time to this every other day.  If you are completely new to this area then you should expect to spend longer each day to start with as there is lots to get your head around and to understand.

You should also be willing to test new things and spend time learning about each stage of the business. This is never ending, and I don’t mean there is too much to learn but things change all the time, so this is a new area that you will be involved in forever.

I would print out the guides that you find most of use and then you can make notes and re-read. If you already have your own online business but find some of this valuable then again, I would advise to print off the sections that you may want to use, as you will probably find some pieces of value and others that you may already know.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The author claims in the sales promotion that you could generate around $150.00 – $850.00 extra dollars per day…  Most people will not achieve this, especially if you are a newbie. It is possible but will take many hours of your day and the more time and effort you put in to your business the more you will get out.

This isn’t a blueprint of what you should do, just guides that can help you wither by getting started or how to help you go to the next step in your business. This is why I feel the sales claims are completely misleading, there isn’t a strategy to follow, you are left too much to make your own decisions and to know exactly what you should be doing and when.

No one just picking up this package will make $850 a day just by reading this and trying to implement what they teach.  You will really have to expand on your knowledge and then test out various things until you find something that works.


We should all know by now that you get what you pay for and spending $7 on a system that is claiming to make you $850 a day doesn’t quite add up. And apparently there are only 9 copies of this product left, I checked back a few times and it still said the same thing. So that’s misleading right away. I don’t think the author would be selling these for only $17 (or $7 if you close the page) if this was the case, he isn’t going to be making much.

Some of the material to be fair is good and very helpful for a beginner, for about a fiver in pounds it’s better than some products I’ve seen at £20. But I cannot see a single person using this strategy to actually make money. There are too many unanswered questions and too many steps not shown in enough detail to really help you know where to go and what to do.

The reason it is so cheap is because the author wants to sell you other products, and those upsells start to fill in the blanks and spaces, that really should have been addressed in the first product he sold you. I would have preferred a higher price for all the information, at least then I could work through things in a logical order and perhaps see some progress.

Once you purchase you are then sent another promotion which says you can buy another system called ‘Cash Multiplying System’ for a discounted price of $67.00, then you have to close the page a further two times which you are then offered another two discounts, I absolutely hate this type of online marketing, I have just purchased my product and as soon as I submit my payment they try and sell me something else!

There are no contact details for the company or author name on the sales page (however when you purchase you do get the company details). I really don’t like authors who don’t put their contact details on sales pages, its like they have something to hide. Straight away it makes me wary.

I had to send their customer service an email, as I didn’t receive the link to the website.  It didn’t take them long to reply to me and give me the link to take me through to what I had purchased, so thats one positive point.

Once you click on the link, you are offered a bonus.  That you can receive a free custom money making website, they say that this is optional but you should take before their all gone- again I would imagine this is an upsell.

For $7 this content is worth the money as you will get a lot of material and detail to work through. But as already mentioned the lack of overall strategy means you should only use this to enhance your knowledge and not expect to use this as a blueprint to follow. If you’re new to this then you will find lots of this helpful but also some of it confusing as it also shows you the more advanced material that you may not be aware of and may find a little overwhelming.

This is a strange product that doesn’t really suit one type of person, a shame because with some more thought then this could have been quite a useful product.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Easy Internet Profit Shop then please leave a comment below.



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