Derek Nadin's 5 Year Consistency Plan Review

| November 27, 2009 | 1 Reply

Product Name: Derek Nadin’s 5 year Consistency Plan + The Eliminator

Author: Derek Nadin

Company Name & Contact Details:

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd.
Raines House,
Denby Dale Road,
West Yorkshire

Tel: 0844 544 9689 Office hours Monday-Friday



“Our customers have asked us for a consistent, simple system and here it is: Derek Nadin’s FIVE YEAR CONSISTENCY PLAN.  15th to 19th September – three selections producing three winners at 25/1, 15/8, and 14/1. Five years in the making with five years results and five years profits to follow.”

Price And What You’ll Get:

£95 and you get the full tips from the system for 3 months. Also you get an additional 3 months of bets from a different system called “The Eliminator”.

Money Back Guarantee:

No mention of a money back guarantee on the site.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

A horse betting system by Derek Nadin, who covers a simple to follow system which they say anyone can use.

What’s It All About?

Not too much information is given away in the sales letter, which shows how this system is worked out.

Basically it’s a horse betting system where you back selections to win.

Derek says this is really easy and that you can do the selections the night before from any free racing website like  Racing Post.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Derek says that anyone can do this and that he provides all the tips so that little or no work is required.

I suspect it’ll be via a premium phone line, if that’s the case then be careful of the high costs and ongoing charges.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started & How Much Money Can I Make?

Derek says that on average there are 4 bets per week, and it’s claimed you’ll make on average £229 from those four bets.

That is based on £100 levels stakes, so your risk that week would be £400. That isn’t too bad and it’s refreshing that there aren’t a huge number of bets to follow and money to risk.

Of course you can stake more or less than the £100 per bet. Just bet at a level you are comfortable at.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

If the messages are delivered via premium phone lines each day then you’ll need to spend 2-3 minutes on the phone taking those selections down. Placing the bets is easy and very straight forward and will take you another couple of minutes.

Does It Live Up To Claims In Promotion?

The claims by Derek are fairly high – he says that on average this system returns a 25% success rate.

The high returns are by finding high priced horses (up to 33/1) and getting those big priced winners coming home first.

Derek says you can return an extra amount of around 20% a year by including a Reverse Forecast. Derek explains this as…

“Reverse Forecasts: On occasions, there will be two horses selected in the same race. When this happens then a reverse forecast is recommended. This happens about once each month. The profit from these bets is an additional 131 points or £13,100 betting £100 a point”.


Derek Nadin isn’t clear if this system has been followed completely for five years or if this is a back tested system

If it’s the latter, then you have to take the results with caution. Back tested systems are notoriously bad for maintaining profit levels.

If the system has been fully running for 5 years then I would expect to see some proof of the profits that this system has made.  But there is no proof: no bank records or account details and this makes me doubt the claims made.

There is a real lack of information on Derek. For someone who has sold other systems, this is a little puzzling.

I’ll report back once I’ve been able to look at his systems more.


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  1. doubtful says:

    got an email today about this guide.

    said – an average of just under 18 bets each month the average monthly profit is £992 (to £100 stakes).

    But llike Jack said there isn’t much proof this happened.

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