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Product Name: Denman Betline

Author: The PSJ Systems Team

Company Name & Contact Details: 
PSJ Systems,
Second Floor,
13 Upper Baggot Street,
Dublin 4


Twenty Percent Interest Rate Made By Denman Tips Since January.

Price: Free for the first two weeks then £20.00 per month subscription fee.

Money Back Guarantee: Subscription is refunded if a profit is not made in any calendar month.

What Do You Get?

– A service which normally provides one tip per day for soccer matches from around the World supplied direct to your inbox.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Denman Betline from the PSJ Systems team is a football bet tipping service that provides selections from football leagues around the world. A minimum of twenty tips can be expected each month and these will normally be available in your inbox by 11.00am UK time.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Nothing quoted but a small bank of £200.00 should be ample to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Between January and May 2012 there was a total of 969 tips with 691 winners showing a strike rate of 71.68% and an ROI of 7.37%.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

All betting activities can begin immediately upon receipt of the first advices into the inbox.

 Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special unless placing the lay bets when a PC with internet connection will be required and an account opened with a betting exchange.

Value For Money?

Looks to be in line with similar services on the market today.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

All communications answered in an efficient and speedy manner.

Midpoint Report 13/07/2012

The main driving force behind this service is a Danish Mathematician named Steen who contacted a couple of years stating that he had devised a staking system which actually maximises returns without taking undue risks.

After thprough testing was carried out, Steen decided to launch his service along with a Professional Tipster and a Business Consultant and this formed the basis of their company PSJ Systems.

They specialise in sporting tips and offer five different services all offering top class advice along with special staking methodology aimed at maximising profits with risk reduction.

The Denman Betline is the first of their services which seeks to provide one tip per day for soccer matches from all around the world which are fully expected to win their respective games.

The actual aim of this outfit is to provide at least twenty tips to each subscriber’s inbox during their monthly period of subscription with the first two weeks completely free as a means of trialling the service.

After this introductory period the cost for anyone wishing to continue with the service will be a very modest £20.00 for each month which appears to be very reasonable indeed.

All staking is carefully planned as Steen is a specialist Mathematician who has made a specific study of the relationship between risk and stakes and has developed a staking plan founded on strict mathematical equations which are employed in all of the PSJ systems and selections.

One thing I really like about this service is the fact that they openly endeavour to protect the user from significant losses and seek to provide a return on stakes invested which will prove hard to beat.

There are not many organizations around which even attempt any sort of protection and most are just out to swell their bank balance at the expense of the punter. As far as the daily advices go, the Denman Betline always attempt to make all selections available by 11.00am U.K. time and these arrive well in advance of any matches being played on any particular day.

The ethos is for straightforward services with no undue hype whatsoever and I really find this refreshing in today’s market place activities. I have found whilst monitoring selections that the service provided by the Denman Betline appear to be geared towards slow and steady progress and will not give anyone instant riches beyond compare.

The selections and staking are slow and deliberate but the potential for making profits really look rock solid. So as the curtain lowered on this period of observation I had actually witnessed a total of seventeen selections of which twelve were outright winners with the remaining five managing to defy the rules of system selection.

This gave us a decent strike rate of 70.59% and was considered very satisfactory at this stage of the trial. The longest losing run was only two whilst the longest winning run was a very healthy nine and the exercise culminated with an overall profit of 6.96 points using advised stakes.

There is very little doubt in my mind that this service is capable of further profits and appears to have rock solid foundations. It is really easy to operate and at a cost of only twenty pounds per month to each prospective subscriber, it appears to be true value for money.

One of course will have to decide upon the various choices of services provided by this company and this will largely be down to funds at one’s disposal. Even at this early stage one has to be impressed by the calibre of the company both in the selection material and also the communications process and I really feel that this outfit are out to genuinely help all subscribers. I look forward with interest to the remainder of the trial and trust that I will report further winners in due course.

Number Of Selections = 17
Number Of Winners = 12
Number Of Losers = 5
Strike Rate = 70.59%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 9
Overall Profit/Loss = 6.96 points profit using advised stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Denman Betline Results


PSJ Systems usually offer a 14 day free trial. However as a special offer to subscribers only – they have extended that free trial to 1 month. The offer isn’t around for long so get in on it now:

Conclusion 08/08/2012

With hand on heart I have to say that I really feel that the services provided by PSJ Systems are among the most helpful that I have actually witnessed over a long period of time.

What I failed to realize when reporting the situation at the Midpoint stage was the fact that PSJ Services adopt a guarantee policy which extends to a refund of subscription fees in the event of a loss being made against each of the services over a period of any calendar month.

One simply cannot be any fairer than that as this has to be a unique situation and I certainly cannot recall witnessing such a policy among similar services currently available in today’s market place.

The actual team involved appear to be a rare blend of professionals with a Danish Mathematician named Steen heading the close knit trio and a Professional Tipster and a Business Consultant sharing most of the important areas within their organization.

They emphasize the fact that all business relationships are solidly built on their own endeavours to protect all subscribers from significant losses with their main aim in providing a sound return on all stakes invested by their clients.

The true cost of their services are very reasonable too and after an initial free period of two weeks allowed to settle in, it will cost all prospective subscribers only twenty pounds per month for each of the first four services, the fifth which is their Free Tips is completely free of charge and all services offer quality advice.

I have found throughout the period of monitoring that the service has really been impeccable and all advices have been received in a very easy format where the daily receipt into the inbox has been second to none.

All advices have held clear and concise instructions with selections and staking very well highlighted and showing all details necessary to make the wager.

The Denman Betline endeavours to provide favourable tips of football matches from around the world and for teams fully expected to win their prospective matches and one can expect somewhere around twenty selections during each month of subscription.

All results can be fully accessed via their very tidy and methodical website as these are updated every day after all results are readily available. As this final period of observation drew towards a very busy climax, I had actually witnessed a total of forty five selections of which twenty eight were completely successful with the remaining seventeen managing to defy the rules of the selection process.

This gave us a very reasonable strike rate of 62.22% which was considered satisfactory for the full purpose of the exercise. The longest losing run was only two whilst the longest winning run was a decent looking eight and this culminated with a small profit of 9.28 points using advised stakes  which I think that most punters would deem to be satisfactory.

I found the selections themselves to be widely varied from various leagues from around the world and definitely succeeded in keeping the interest alive at all times.

One is certainly not going to get rich overnight whilst using this selection service, but it looks to well geared towards providing slow and steady progress and has solid foundations.

I never could quite work out the mathematical side on which this bunch of system selections are based, but with Steen at the helm I have little doubt that they are heading in the right direction.

What is really refreshing is the fact that all subscription rates with the exception of the Free Bets service are offered at a very reasonable £20.00 per month with a refund guarantee thrown in should any service fail to provide a profit over any calendar month and this is an absolute rarity in similar markets. This is definitely a service worthy of further consideration for those looking for solid foundations.

Number Of Selections = 45
Number Of Winners = 28
Number Of Losers = 17
Strike Rate = 62.22%
Longest Losing Run = 2
Longest Winning Run = 8
Overall Profit/Loss = 9.28 points profit using advised stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Denman Betline Results



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