Dave Bicknell’s Pro Golf Service Review

| November 11, 2010 | 9 Replies

Product Name: Dave Bicknell’s Pro Golf Service

Author: Dave Bicknell

Company Name & Contact Details:
Sportsworld Publishing Ltd.
Raines House,
Denby Dale Road,
West Yorkshire



Price: £47 a Month, £235 for 6 Month and £470 per year.

Money Back Guarantee: Not Specified

What Do You Get?

– Weekly Golf Tips
– Bet analysis and round-ups

Where To Buy: http://www.stevedavo.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=278_23

Brief Summary:

Dave Bicknell’s Pro Golf Service is run by Dave Bicknell who is a golf professional with many years golfing experience behind him. He will send you weekly Golf Tips from the major tournaments and from the less common events along with detailed analysis of each bet.

What’s It All About?

Describing himself on his website as “living, eating and breathing golf” Dave Bicknell offers a tipping service for most of the men’s golf tournaments on the major circuits.

Emails are sent to members with up to 6 bets per tournament and often further individual match bets during events. Reasoning behind selections is stated and some high priced picks have come in. Normal bets are each way for tournament winners and then win/lay on the matches.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

No guidance given.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

Disclosed results show £24.6k profit from May to October 2010 with £100 stakes. Trial results showing small loss on 3 weeks tips.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Very little – about 5 minutes to place bets when received normally weekly.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

PC and Internet connection to receive emails.

Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Not tested but Sportsworld normally pretty good on this aspect.


To offer a service in this sport is potentially fraught with danger – you only have to look at what Ian Poulter managed to do in Dubai to understand this!

Each tournament will normally have about 5 or 6 tips with the reasoning based on such factors as form and the type of course suiting the players’ game.

The arguments presented are well put and with odds prior to the start of events usually being high there is potential for profit despite the spreading of your bets.

Although I have not monitored in detail I imagine there would be trading opportunities during tournaments for those that way inclined.

The email advices are pretty basic but cover what is needed and allow the placing of the bets. The odds advised have been pretty much available when the emails are received and as demonstrated on the results shown on the site have seen winning bets at up to 60/1.

There are still tournaments around at the time of writing (December 2010) and hopefully will have enough data to update more fully in mid January 2011.

Review Update 21/01/2011

This service has a really good “feel” about it the more so now that Dave has increased the level of analysis and review of results to a more frequent basis.

With a newsletter at irregular intervals to keep members further informed the service is doing pretty much everything it can to keep its members informed so all that really matters then is the results.

I managed to hit the service with the reviewers curse and covered it at the worst time since inception results wise. Even so there is still a profit being shown – my figures vary slightly to the site as I have used the best odds available when I received the advices.

As previously explained an individual sport such as golf can throw up some unexpected results and Dave counters the overall winner tips with daily match selections which can – and have – acted as insurance providers for the main bets.

The 2 tournaments that have just finished (9Jan 2011) are a good example of this and I have tried to show how this works in the spreadsheet detailing the full results for the trial.

There is no doubt the service is genuine and aiming to provide its subscribers with an excellent all round experience.

It will stand or fall by the overall results at the end of the day and so far justifies the cost of the service. Stakes at less than £100 will no doubt be attractive to many readers who will need to factor in the subscription cost when assessing the level at which they need to bet.

At approximately £6 per tournament this should not be too much of a problem.I plan to keep monitoring for a further 2 months and will update the results in April 2011.

Recommended to readers.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here.

Update April 2011:

With the Masters just around the corner an update seems timely. I have attached below 2 spreadsheets with the results until 31/3/2011 and although the returns have not been wonderful in the first 3 months of the year if you followed all recommended bets you would be slightly up so far.

Dave has introduced additional in tournament bets and these can really help to control your bank. Although not recommended directly I would always consider trading on the main tournament bets as this can help preserve some of your cash as well.

Now that the main season is approaching I would hope for some improvement in the main tournament bets results but as we all know golf can be even more unpredictable than most sports.

Look at Justin Rose recently when in pole position to win he had 6 bad holes and came down the order – the wise could have laid a bet against him on the last morning and come away with a profit whatever the outcome.

The service remains well worthy of consideration if golf is your thing.

Results Spreadsheet 1

Results Spreadsheet 2


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  1. john says:

    Hiya Jack,

    Google top 4 spots on “DB Glof Pro”went to your website but what good is that when it is constantly, “TBA”. Constantly TBA on all the interesting tipping offerings and never a real review.

    No one needs to be reminded that when reviews are always on the TBA listing, those are not reviews but the call for sincerity – you wanna the commissions or you wanna slay the dragon within – the one which demands integrity and not commissions, real, imagined, latent or defo.


  2. Jack Whiteman says:

    Hiya John

    this basic info has been on just six days, full review is coming but with so much to cover it takes time.

    I do need more testers so if you or anyone else wants to help do reviews then drop me a line


  3. John says:

    Jack – I am happy to do some testing for you – you have my email details I believe so just drop me a line.

  4. Jack Whiteman says:

    perfect John, I’ll drop you a line tomorrow, I’m busy watching England look clueless against France!


  5. mac says:

    i’ll test no probs, using the golf insider service at the moment but like to try this one. goodguy131@googlemail.com

  6. mick says:

    would love to test a few sites for you

  7. mick says:

    would love to test Dave bicknells web site

  8. ticeager says:

    Tried it for 3 months – lost a small fortune. Rubbish.

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