Daniel Sullivan Racing Tips Review

| April 19, 2011 | 101 Replies

Product Name: Daniel Sullivan Racing Tips

Author: Daniel Sullivan

Company Name & Contact Details:
Office 415
Dorset House
Duke Street
United Kingdom

What Do You Get?

– Racing Tipster Service

Where To Buy: www.danielsullivanracing.com

Brief Summary:

Daniel Sullivan Racing Tips is a horse racing tipping service. Not much can be found online about this service and the website seems to be under construction at the moment.

If you have subscribed to Daniel Sullivan’s tipping service please leave your comments and any further information below.



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  1. Liam Hamilton says:

    Once bitten and all that, has anyone heard of Daniel Sullivan Racing, my address seems to have been sold on to him by Mr Raymond

    (Having lived at the same address for 20 years, Martin make a really weird spelling error in my address that no-one has ever made before, the mailout from Danny featured the same error)

    GIven that his form, apart a good trial, has been equally shocking, I was wondering if there was a link.

    Jack – if you want to set up a separate thread, I’ll mail you the details, tips and results for others to consider ?

  2. Liam Hamilton says:

    Ok, here goes – got the trial offer, and have to admit it was impressive. The daily access number is a mobile number, with a secure pin.

    Was intrigued during the course of the trial to hear details of the ‘lateline’ which appeared to be getting phenomenal results – like 10-1 type results mainly from Ireland. Asked about this was only available for ‘full members’.

    Towards the end of the trial, was advised that the late line was suspended as the number had been posted on an internet forum, and was advised to phone the office for a new number.

    Phoned the office where I was offered the full service for a few thousand pounds, which I politely declined. Was then offered the service significantly cheaper, and on the basis of the trial decided to give it a go, having seen 150+ profit in March.

    Since then, quite the opposite has happened, have seen my betting bank which granted isn’t a lot decimated, so in the interests of clarity, for anyone contemplating this service, here’s the results so far for April….

    Date Race Horse Result

    31/3/2011 5.25 Cork Bog Warrior Won
    31/3/2011 6.55 Cork Garryncurra Lost
    31/3/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    1/4/2011 2.10 Stratford Falcon Island Won
    2/4/2011 2.25 Uttoxeter Confide in Me Lost
    2/4/2011 2.45 Chepstow Cresswell Crusader Placed
    2/4/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    7/4/2011 2.20 Chepstow Dont’t Turn Back Lost
    7/4/2011 5.55 Kempton Van Go Go Placed
    7/4/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    7/4/2011 3.40 Aintree Turko Lost
    7/4/2011 4.15 Aintree Mamlook Lost
    7/4/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    8/4/2011 2.30 Aintree Master of the Hall Lost
    8/4/2011 8.30 Dundalk Dahinder (Lateline) Placed
    9/4/2011 1.45 Aintree Sam Winner Lost
    9/4/2011 5.35 Aintree Montbazon Placed
    9/4/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    12/4/2011 3.20 Wolverhampton Tiradito Won
    13/4/2011 5.40 Cheltenham Marleno Lost
    13/4/2011 5.55 Newmarket Acclaimazing Won
    13/4/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    14/4/2011 2.50 Ayr Yes Tom Lost
    14/4/2011 4.25 Newbury Thimaar Lost
    14/4/2011 Each Way Dbl Lost
    15/4/2011 4.10 Ripon Beau Mistral Placed
    18/4/2011 5.10 Towcester Final Cast Lost

    The results are actually worse than they look, as he uses a similar winning point scheme like Martin Raymond, I did them all as each way, however most of them, from memory were 4-4 maximum win bets.

  3. Martin Booth says:

    I had a very similar experience. The trial seems good and then the results are not good. In the messages they always make a big fuss about the winners but never mention all the losers. They have a link with an Irish tipster who is also not alot of good. They also seem to have changed their address, they used to be in Kent. Whats strange is that the trial period results are good but not once you join the service! They also try to get you to join a special service with tips about fixed races particularly in Ireland but these are no good either.

  4. Liam Hamilton says:

    Todays results:

    2.10 Pontefract Theory 4 points win LOST
    4.10 Pontefract Alkhawarah 2 points E/W LOST (also finished last)
    5.50 Fontwell Grab the Glory 2 points win LOST
    Multiple Bets Obviously all LOST

  5. Liam Hamilton says:

    Agreed Martin, no mention today about yesterday losers

  6. Ed Lynch says:

    No account bet today, weirdly the guy on the line used the same phrases as Martin Raymond, who actually had a winner today in the 4.50 at Epsom with Baqatt

  7. MIB says:

    Has anyone had a sales letter about Dream Team Racing. The tipster is Tony Elves, formerly of the Racing Post.

    Might be linked to Martin Raymond as well.

  8. dj says:

    yesterday i received an offer to join The Confidential Consortium from the UK manager James Croft telling me that they never knowingly back any horse less than 10/1! and in February i got an offer from Dean Hudson Racing, in January he had 14 winners from 20 bets! both of these ‘offers’ came from Hove,East Sussex, it that the new centre of professional punters who make all these fantastic profits? ladies and gents you want to make profits in horse racing,you all need discipline,patience,commonsense,skill and judgement,and develop your own betting systems.

  9. Peter2 says:

    I received that invite and so did another friend in Cheshire. So laughable I cannot believe anyone will actually sign up to this.

  10. Liam Hamilton says:

    No bet again today, agreed the bloke on the phone is starting to sound more and more like Martin Raymond, same phrases etc… Couldn’t be could it ?!

  11. Gary Cooper says:

    I had a letter from dream team racing also, to join their sevice for 18 month trial for £360 then for £2000 per year.It looks good and my opinion just when the flat season starts there are many offers, you need to consider are they genuine.Personally I could join if I wanted to, but I’m not going to.Few weeks later I had an offer from a relay service, offering dream team racing £50 for six months.I have used this Relay service before and found them genuine many years ago.Does any one know if The platinum Racing service any good apparently ex Jockey Willie Ryan is behind it so the leaflet says would like to know more if anyone as use them then I would join a relay service much cheaper.

  12. Liam Hamilton says:

    Also just discovered the 0705 daily and late numbers that you have to call isn’t as I thought, a mobile number, its actually sort of premium rate number, called personal numbering, used in dodgy telemarketing scams (thanks money saving expert).

    So as well as losing my betting bank to this ‘service’ which is starting, more and more, to sound like a con, I’ve also had to pay an extra £46 in calls as I used my mobile.

    As far as I am aware, I have never been told that this is a personal numbering service -this would appear to be in breach of OFCOM and ICSTIS regulations, and prosecutable.

    Costs to these service average 25p per minute from BT landlines, however from mobiles they are a massive 51p per minute, so guys if you’re using this service, beware the costs will soon stack up – no wonder we always get the texts telling us to call the line, rather than telling whats on it, as the line holder appears to gets a percentage of the calls.

    Maybe just me, but this is now starting to sound incredibly dodgy, as well as call wise, potentially illegal – even Martin Raymond didn’t operate this way.

    If this is a legitimate offering, which I am now starting to doubt, they should do the honest thing – contact their customers to explain any ‘confusion’, but also change the number to one that isn’t charging a fortune. I’m going to be contacting OFCOM next week if this doesn’t happen.

  13. Edmund Lynch says:

    This is all starting to make sense

    Smacks of desperation – explains why on some days you have to phone back 30 minutes later, they’re obviously so desperate for their share of 51p.

    I agree, if this service is legitimate they should urgently be contacting their subscribers to explain whats going on. Liam, if I don’t hear from them next week, I’ll also be contacting Ofcom. I’ll also be contacting the fraud department of my bank, as well as trading standards

    Luckily I didn’t pay the £2k they wanted either, imagine how the people who did if anyone did….

  14. Mickey B says:

    This is outrageous,after reading this, I just checked my Vodafone bill, its even more expensive there. I’ve gone from a £200 profit from the trial, to a loss of £225 following his staking plan, plus another £70 in calls to the daily lines and late lines.

    My bet dabble, which is all, given my finances, I can say it really was, has ended up costing me a packet

    I contacted the fraud department of my bank, who advised me of the action I should take, so I guess its off to the cop shop next week. Must admit the banks fraud woman took it mega seriously – once they get involved they instigate any prosecutions apparently…

    Guys I also wasn’t advised that this was a non standard call charge, so I’ll be contacting OFCOM and ICSTIS next week as well. Reading their website they can close any service line like this pretty quickly, and snooping around on line they generally prosecute.

    Suppose the good news is that’ll stop them launching anything similar in future. Does anyone know who this C & B Enterprise Limited are?

    I agree with you both, if this service, or the people behind it, are anywhere near reputable, they should be getting in touch to explain the confusion (notice we’re all being polite here!), and make redress. Mind you thing there’s more likelihood of seeing pigs fly, or even one of his horses since the trial ended winning !

  15. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Did some more digging about C & B Enterprise Limited, who took the payment for the service.

    There are two listed at Companies House, the first one C & B Enterprises was listed as dissolved last year.

    The other one is listed as C & B Enterprise Sussex Limited. The phone number on my bank statement actually connects to a Fax line, no surprise there. However the phone number starts 01273, which is a Brighton number.

    The company is listed as being formed earlier this year and is listed as having two directors, Brendan Gilligan and Thomas Chris Duggan. One lives in Brighton, one lives in Hove, both are aged around 40. They’ve been id-ed, however its doesn’t say what the nature of the business is.

    Do either of these two ring any bells with anyone – certainly no mention of a Daniel Sullivan anywhere.

    Any one wanting their addresses and a copy of the companies house filing, message me and let me know. Presumably this is the first stop to get our cash back….

  16. Nemoman says:

    I’m new to this forum, so hi all. I believe that I’ve had previous dealings with ‘Danny Sullivan’, only then he was calling himself ‘Andy Peters’. At the time, he was offering commission bets, where you put on £100 for ‘Irish connections’ and have a good bet for yourself. Absolute disaster, lost my betting bank.

    I agree with you all, the Danny Sullivan trial was initially very good, but the last two weeks have been terrible. I’m now dry running his tips but having just read about the 0705 con, I’m stopping with immediate effect. I too will be contacting Ofcom on Monday morning.Thank God I’ve subscribed to More Money Review. Are there ANY honest tipping services?

  17. raceman says:

    gilligan duggan are linked to sullivan

  18. Garry McGlennon says:

    Ditto – stopping too – the first of today’s tips – a ten point maximum that we were supposed to fill our boots with ended up third

    I’m also going to contact OFCOM – people like this need to be stopped.

    Complete con – wonder how, if at all , they will explain this ?

    Personally won’t rest until they are prosecuted – does Danny Sullivan actually exist ?

  19. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Main thing is to tell as many people as possible about the 0705 con, am sure some people can’t afford an extra £50 on their mobile bills.

    Am speaking to my Bank’s fraud department in more detail, if, as is being suggested at this stage, this is identified by the banks as a dodgy transaction, they then seek to recover all monies paid by whatever means legally possible.

    According to the lady I spoke to this morning at HSBC, they will also seek prosecution if such a case is found, so the other postings would appear to be accurate.

  20. dj says:

    Mark Winstanley is offering a 100% free trail.

    i do my own thing, anyone who is interested, here’s his number 01403 290069 8am-9pm, and address 17 Piries Place,Horsham,West Sussex,RH12 1BF

  21. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Whats his record like in your opinion DJ?

  22. dj says:

    i havent got an opinion on him, ive got my own systems that i use, i just thought anyone who is interested in his ‘free trial’ can give him a try. Its obvious my name is on a mailing list for horse bettors, there’s no way im paying for any systems or tipsters, ive been burnt too many times!

  23. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Mmm, was just wondering if you knew what his results are like ?

  24. dj says:

    the brochure ive got names all his winners the last one Ballabriggs 9/1, he states that they are all ‘100% verifiable to independent sources’ with lots of quotes from ‘happy’ bettors. its upto you Liam, he says its a free trial, i will NOT be part of it, thats my choice, im not calling Mark Winstanley, i just put up the info if anyone might fancy it.

  25. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Great thanks mate

  26. Nemoman says:

    Re: Danny Sullivan – 0705 con. Checked my vodafone account earlier, nearly fainted!! £188 to date!!! Stop! Stop! Stop! Do not phone this number any more.

    Monday is a Bank Holiday, I’m contacting the authorities first thing Tuesday. Somewhere, I’ve kept an address that ‘Andy Peters'(Danny Sulivan) requested I sent his share of ‘commission bet’ winnings, in the past.

    From memory, it’s a private address in the Brighton area, I’m going to street search it and inform the Police. Sadly, it appears that we must all be on a ‘suckers’ mailing list and are too daft to realise a con when we see one.

    In the last two years, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve bought into, Chris Munce, Martin Raymond, Ken Workrider, Andy Peters and now Danny Sullivan!! That’s it, never again, I’ve lost too much money.

    As Homer Simpson would say…DOH!!!!

  27. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Saturdays Tips – following the daily line but also following a text advising of a fantastic 10 point win bet, where you should ‘fill your boots’

    2.35 Sandown – Tataniano
    5.10 Haydock – Agglestone Rock.

    Also did some more research, this service has been in existence since at least 2007. Spoke to some of the people who posted then, basically followed the same pattern, a very successful 3 week trial to the daily service, with lots and lots of mentions of the late line. Then at the start of the 4th week, an announcement on the daily line that ‘some moron had posted the number on an internet betting forum and the service had been suspended’. You were then told to call the office, where the service was sold by someone claiming to be one of Danny’s relatives.

    The new service was shocking, one guy paid over £2000, another guy signed up to pay £1000 in instalments with the promise of his money back if it didn’t show a profit at the end of the term, he lost over £9,000, and apparently no return of the cash.

    The daily line was a personal 0705 number then as well, however the one I spoke to couldn’t do anything about it then, as the Ofcom guidelines were not in place at that stage.

  28. TomH says:

    Think what’s worse is the shocking number of losing bets since the end of the trial

    I mean for a service to go from a 150+ profit to what’s shaping up to be a 200 point loss is outrageous – I mean granted the guys not a magician but how can he be so good one minute and so bad the next

    You’d think he’d have made some effort, if he had any connections at all to deliver some kind of result – in my case after the first month where I made a healthy profit I upped my staking plan – my profit was wiped out in days

    The 0705 thing is just another example of how we all appear to have been done as is the deafening silence from Mr Sullivan

    Noticed on the phone that he’s offered to extend membership for a month for the inconvenience – another Martin Raymond tactic who I noticed also tipped one of this services races yesterday

    Whats the betting that today’s message will go on and on about the amazing and fantastic 11/8 victory which most of the papers tipped anyway and forget about the other countless defeats this month? For me that’s as annoying as the service instead

    I hate to use the word but conned is the only one that springs to mind and to hear that it been played for nearly 5 years makes me feel like the class dunce

    I’m also calling OFCOM and Trading Standards as well unless I hear a pretty good explanation in the next few days

  29. dj says:

    ive put Mark Winstanley Private Member Service up for a review, lets see what happens.

  30. Garry McGlennon says:

    No bets today then Next ones tomorrow

  31. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Todays 4 points E/W tip was in the 5.30 at Fairyhouse, Kilflora @ 9/1 – it lost, although in the interests of clarity, it lost because it was pulled down by another horse, when it seemed to be doing OK.

  32. Liam Hamiliton says:

    Long chat with the bank’s fraud department.

    The good news is that the bank’s will refund cards for those that want them. Couple of key breaches in the what they call ‘mail order regulations, which obviously won’t post here, as wouldn’t want them fixed so other people get caught. Remember the transaction was not made by DSR.

    They’ve also recommended reporting the matter to OFCOM at OTELO.

  33. Garry McGlennon says:

    Just done my report as well – for interest I’ll call the line and post results for the next few days ad can access the 070 number from work – am only paper betting though !

  34. Garry McGlennon says:

    While I think on – the silence from the normally gushing Sullivans is pretty deafening – makes me think we got it right all along !

  35. Nemoman says:

    Just got in and found a mailing from someone called Tony Beech (or as he likes to style himself…The Iceman!!!) Yikes!!

    Since he last wrote to me (???), he’s had a number of fantastic winners at 5/1, 7/4, 3/1…etc. You get the picture.

    Anyway, he knows of two ‘sizzling’ MAXIMUM BETS, that will take place over the next couple of weeks…and guess what…he’s not going to charge me his normal £220, he’s only asking £47 until the end of the flat season!!!

    Personally, I’ve iced ‘The Iceman’ and suggest you do the same.

    BTW, Danny Sullivan’s gone very quiet. Can’t wait for my new LATELINE number and 5-digit pin code!!!! But somehow I think that I’m going to.

    Garry, let us know if the line still active?

  36. raceman says:

    Brendan Gilligan and Chris Duggan are behind D Sullivan and the late line does not even exist, it is just a way to get monies from subs!!! They just pick the winners from the previous days racing.

  37. Edmund Lynch says:

    The infamous late line resumed yesterday – still a 0705 number however a few new additions – a personalised 5 digit pin and a winner in the 7.25 Tipperary Parkers Mill advised at 7/4 won at 4/5

  38. smokey says:

    Could this be M R in disguise he must be getting desperate now, a lot of subscriptions are due a renewal and quite a lot if any will be doing that.

  39. Edmund Lynch says:

    My address was definitely sold on to them by MR just like Liam’s was, also the messages on the daily line are very similar. Today’s 5 point win bet Fanoos, in the 3.50 @ Leicester was 4th.

  40. don says:

    Thank goodness i came onto this site,i have been phoning 0705 number as part of a supposedly free trial,i now am dreading my next mobile phone bill,i feel such a clown after been taken in again by yet another tipster con artist.

  41. don says:

    forgot to mention,danny boy,s tip for today (if any one is interested)is a each way shot on akatara kilbeggan 550

  42. Edmund Lynch says:

    Which was second

  43. don says:

    yes sp 5/2,each way at that price,is the sure way to the poor house.

  44. Zagger says:

    Now, listen up you guys, stop wasting your time with all these tipsters and all that rubbish.
    I have found the answer!!!
    I went to the Fontwell evening meeting last night(29th April).
    In the first race there was a horse running called “Royal Wedding”
    Was that an omen or not?
    I backed it, along with most other punters.
    Amazingly it did’nt start favourite, in fact the SP was 4/1.
    Of course it WON!!
    How could it not on such a day.
    So,there you are, that’s my system from now on.
    Find a horse with a name that accords with some global event, or even local event, like for instance “Going to the dentist today” and back it.
    I’ll bequeath the system to you all, for free!

  45. Edmund Lynch says:

    Today’s loser 3.40 Dundalk Tax Dodger

  46. Robert Day says:

    I’me afraid to say it but dont you think the
    jocks let that one win?.They could have backed it nod nod wink wink.

  47. Tony Gregory says:

    What I don’t get is how it can be profitable to start, and then go belly up. Surely consistent performance means repeat clients rather than the potential of being prosecuted for fraud – maybe just naive

  48. Liam Hamilton says:

    Yesterday 3.20 Limerick, the bet was De Dodger it was third

  49. Garry McGlennon says:

    Todays tip, was in the 4.20 at Punchestown, the start of a fantastic week for us. It was Oililly which came…… last

  50. GB says:

    Only discovered this website today (wish i’d discovered it yesterday!).

    I, like a few on here, took up the free trial which was pretty successful. I was not happy when I saw my phone bill but had made enough profit to easily cover the calls. Didn’t take up the 2K, £1K or £250 / year offers but have taken up the offer of 2 tips from them when they have called me to cover a small bet for them. Both lost and were never troubling the judge.

    Todays was Oilily in 4.20 at Punchestown. Joint fav at 3’s and was never in it. Jockey frantically giving it reminders 3 or 4 out.

    Needless to say I’m looking forward to the next call….

  51. Garry McGlennon says:

    I was in the same boat, wouldn’t have bothered about the calls, but my bank of £200 was wiped out in a week. Stuck with it, and stuck another £100 in, was wiped out in another week, then stiffed for £100 worth of calls. On limited income so was a problem, of my own making of course.

    Do they know about this site I wonder, can’t believe they are being so brazen….

  52. andy says:

    the ‘free trials’ work because they give out different tips to different people,so by the law of averages,they are bound to get some satisfied punters

  53. don says:

    sullivans early lateline tip is ,lord henry 8.20.chelt.

  54. GB says:

    Given his form at the moment I think I’ll steer clear of a 6/4 shot in a 13 runner chase!

  55. david newstead says:

    hi it would be a good help if we could put up other tips from services that we get

  56. Ron says:

    Hi guys, As we’re on the subject of dodgy tipsters I received a smart brochure in Feb. from Andrew Vaughan-Gold Gambles Hartford.(Tel.08445441283) One of his offers was a 2 month trial for £40,Including full money back guarantee on all membership fees. He cashed my cheque for £40 within 3 days but I have never received any membership instructions etc. let alone tips! Have ‘phoned the above no. 5 times and always get the same automated reply to leave a message but of course no one ever returns the call. I feel a right idiot – has anyone else had dealings with him?…

  57. Steve says:

    Very interesting to read all the posts about Sullivan – I was a member about two years ago and strangely had the same experience … 10 out of 12 winners in a two week trial and I couldn’t wait to throw my money at him, but as soon as the trial ended so did his winning streak- how does he manage to do that consistently over the years? I don’t believe it would be practical to run a derren brown type operation over 12 races to con a few people into joining…or maybe it is?? The late line was exactly the same then as it is now – winners galore until you join then the numbers leaked and service is halted and when it resumes no winners! I don’t recall whether it was an expensive call or if that’s a new sideline, but still get a letter from them every couple of months telling me I MUST ring a number to get on some cert or other – keeps my shredder busy anyway. My advice is steer well clear of all tipping services.

  58. raceman says:

    There is no lateline it is just made up.

  59. David says:

    I agree with Steve avoid all these so called tipsters like the plague.
    I gave up on Martin Raymond almost a year ago and I’m still waiting for my money back. That guy has cost me a fortune. I now realise it would have been more profitable laying off his tips.
    Now I have been approached by Danny Sullivan with a month’s free trial. OK I thought let’s give it a go. Put down £90 on two of his tips and both were not even placed.
    Apparently he is now in Ireland for the Irish racing and giving out winners like they’re going out of fashion. Just received a letter from him to ring his so called late line with a new number. I don’t think so Danny boy.
    I think it’s time for the chaps from Rogue Traders on Watchdog to pay these people a visit.

  60. Garry McGlennon says:

    Agreed – a better day for team Sullivan yesterday, one winner, one placed on the normal line, one placed on the late line.

    No doubt a four minute eulogy on the daily line today, that will cost those belling on mobile £2.50 to hear….

  61. ok says:

    Has anyone received mail from a Carl Harris he seems to spend the whole day dishing them out

  62. nemoman says:

    Beware, Danny Sullivan is phoning around trying to get people to place commission for him.

    For the un-initiated, this is where he gives you a ‘can’t fail’ tip (from his Irish connections!!!)and you place a bet for him – usually £100 – and have a good bet yourself.

    These tips are useless and, if my theory is correct, I think that they are made to distract bookies attention from the actual horse that is primed to win, usually at double-digit odds and always from Ireland.

    Do not touch it (or, take the tip and double dutch on the high priced Irish runner!!)

  63. gedd says:


    You could be right about that. I also have a conspiracy theory of my own.

    With the amount of useless tipsters out there charging from hundreds to thousands of pounds, is it possible that these could be bookies themselves under fictitious names trying to part us from our cash? No…surely not.

  64. ed says:

    Any news about Dream Team Racing with Tony Elves ?

  65. Garry McGlennon says:

    Had my letter from OFCOM, confirming the Sullivan scam is in breach of their guidelines, and is indeed prosecutable, have given me the next stages to do.

  66. Garry McGlennon says:

    Never had a phone call yet, lucky me!
    Todays tip was 12th in the 3.40 at Haydock

  67. Liam Hamilton says:

    The latest letter arrived from DS today.

    First thing his address is changed from the one at the top of the page, its now 801 Andover House, George Road, Andover, Hampshire. SP10 1PB

    For anyone thinking about joining the service, let me give you some of the highlights…

    ‘Its possibly a bit strong to say the wheels have fallen off, although given our recent results, its fair to say we may have a small puncture! The last few weeks have been as tough as I can remember, although I offer absolutely no excuses; its simply a case of what can happen when things don’t quite click

    The one thing you will always get from me is straight talking, so believe me when I tell you that I am doing nothing different now than I was in the past profitable months and years and it is simply a case of what can happen in a set a results. As long as we continue to only play when the odds are stacked in our favour, you can rest assured our fortunes will change.

    As a goodwill gesture I am extending your service by 3 months and I am convinced that this extra period will show you handsome profits at no cost to yourself. My longer term members will know that the Summer months ahead of us have produced great profits in past years and I’m certain that this will be repeated again this year’

    I’m not even going to start picking holes in this patronising pile of…… however am curious, given the number of people who comment on here, there must be at least one of his longer term members reads this – anyone care to confirm his claims ?!?!

    Oh yep – had a pretty much word for word similar letter from Martin Raymond about 18 months ago, and yesterdays 2 selections were 3.35 York Satwa Moon, which was 6th, and 8.40 Perth Lovey Dovey which was 5th.

  68. jeffrey edwards says:

    Dear All,
    It was interesting to read all the e-mails about the Danny Sullivan outfit based in Chelmsford, Essex and I was a member a couple of years ago and they promised to make me rich following their special “late” information bets which were going to be winners at between 6/4 and 10/1 with 60% of the bets winning- Hmm!!!.
    I experienced dreadful runs of losers and as I said before regarding the POWER NAPS service that the best plan is to NEVER FOLLOW a horse racing tipster but instead to follow a system that is based on sound logical rules as at least then you know WHY a bet is selected because with these cowboys who run all these tipping lines you haven’t a clue why a horse is a bet!!!.
    I follow a system that bets on 4-Y-0s and upwards when they carry penalties in certain specified All Aged Handicap races and when they have previously won over the course and distance and these bets since January 1995 have produced 35% winners at an average S.P. of 4/1 with winners at between 8/15 and 12/1 and fairly short losing runs of up to FIVE.
    I also follow horses both in Handicap races and Stakes races when they have won last time out not more than 7 DAYS ago and are previous Course and Distance winners and and these bets have produced an average of 42% winners at an average S.P. of of just over 5/2 with winners at between 11/8 and 7/1 and again fairly short losing runs of up to SIX.
    The latest 7 day system bet was SHARP SHOES who won at 7/2 last Friday at Hamilton.
    I also follow a Laying system that produces around 94% successful Lay bets and the unsuccessful winning bets win at an average BSP of 5.77 (4.77/1) so I make around 60 points net profit after 5% commission from BETFAIR on every 100 Lay bets and the latest Lay bet was DIABLO DANCER last Saturday who lost at Doncaster at 6.60 (5.60/1).
    The punter is better served by using his own creative imagination and wisdom to develop systems rather than be bled dry by all these cowboys out there with their tipping services!!!.

    Best Regards,

    Jeff. Edwards

  69. Liam Hamilton says:

    Yesterdays 8 point win from very strong connections came 3rd

  70. Simon G says:

    S***, S***, S***!!! How do I manage to fall for it every time!! Am I really that desperate for money?! Obvious question I guess!

    Looks like I’ve been duped again! Sign up method was a carbon copy of Liam’s description at the top of this thread. Did think the whole lateline number leak was a little bit fishy. But, had it not been for the fact I was driving and asked them to call me back, I would have signed up to the “lateline” as well! Although it was a tenth of the original cost first quoted! £1000 was the cost first quoted, then I got a text the following day offering a year for £100!!! Hmmm!

    I am now dreading looking at my phone bill though, like you Liam, I have been using my mobile! Arggggghh!! No wonder the trial went on for so so damned long, and the messages so drawn out! FREE trial, MY ARSE!!!

    Based on what you are saying is there any possibility of claiming those fraudulent charges back on the phone bill?

    Liam, is that line you are phoning still the same number and are you being charged the same too?

  71. Liam Hamilton says:

    The advice I was given was that no, you can’t claim back the fraudulent charges from the phone company. What you need to do is make a formal complaint to OFCOM and OTELO.

    DSR are in breach of the guidelines as they need to notify you in advance if you are calling a number where the standard BT rate isn’t being charged, so what you could do is attempt to claim the money back from DSR, if you go down that road, send them a letter saying that they are in breach of the OFCOM regulations, and give them a reasonable amount of time, to give you the money back. Depending on how annoyed you are, you can then sue them via the County Court, for non payment of the invoice/refund request.

    If you paid for the full service, you should be able to get that back from your bank fairly easily. The banks will then pursue DSR for the cash back.

    Incidentally, it isn’t a true premium rate phone line, its whats known as a personal telephone number – these are numbers that are linked to a person, rather than an address like BT. The best example of where these are used nowadays are hospitals who have a phone at a patients bed – you might have seen the piece on Watchdog about them. The cost isn’t anywhere near as expensive if you call from a Landline, but its still expensive for tips on, what basically are, a bunch of losers.

  72. Liam Hamilton says:

    Todays maximum point bets –
    6.20 Sandown Musawama was 6th, and in the 5.40 at Tipperary Wordly Wise was 2nd

  73. raymond says:

    bab very bad odds to 50 odds to 100 tips everwhere and i mean ever where u strat of with this and then trebles . main line update line late line and there is more . 1000 2000 3000 god this husth iam no good at this wriersing crop . i have been with so many tipster over the years u would not beleile but ds took me to the clealer and there r more off them out there a lot more

  74. raceman says:

    Trading standards needs to be notified by everyone, they have the power to act!

  75. dj says:

    you have to do your own system! paper trade it then act! throw whatever comes though the letterbox in the bin!

  76. Liam Hamilton says:

    Saturdays tips were 5.20 The Curragh Mafi, which was going to do fantastically and was 6th and for those interested they are tipping a horse in the 1,000 Guineas today at the Curragh, number 5 Emiyna

  77. john wood says:

    hi it looks like i have been coned by danny sullivan,but there are honest tipster services.one is http://www.better tipster.co.uk,it charges £20 for the first mounth than £50 a mounth.its been going for two years,made 140 pts last year .40% winners a few bets a week and emails texts the bets to you ,give it a try best wishes john

  78. david newstead says:

    hi does anyone else use a good tipster

  79. kenneth says:

    one of the members asked about carl harris he is some thing to do with smis ltd you get texts messages from saffhir peter gypsy rose chauffuer selling tips by text he also as a web page i would just say stay clear he do give the odd winner but most lose atb ken

  80. Tony Gregory says:

    Just thought you’d all be interested to know – if you stopped phoning DS when Liam advised all those weeks ago, you would have saved – assuming you called from a mobile over £250, and DS has lost, per person, just under £100 in phone revenue.

    Well done Jack for having this forum – you’ve saved members a small fortune !

  81. Liam Hamilton says:

    Whoever sold DS Racing my home address, has also sold it to someone called Dream Team Racing, endorsed by Henry Cecil no less, run by Tony Elves – any one had any experiences.

  82. bluiboy says:

    Dear all, I have just read this thread from start to finish for the first time. Not having been on this site for a few of months since giving up on Martin Raymond. This thread is eaxctly the same as the Martin Raymond’s one. Lots of discussion about how good the service was and then how everyone is feeling conned out of their money after it goes tits up. You are all correct, and like me with MR, feeling pretty pissed off, but I have learn’t my lesson from MR and although I am getting all the offers from tipsters the same as you guys, after having a quick look at them they all go in the bin! I will never pay for a tipping service like this again. dj is right, given some time and patience you can develop your own system and start to make a profit, I do and can only thank MR for that as losing too much from his tips has made me work my own system. If you look back at MR’s thread you will find me on there singing his praises, that was before he cost me this year’s holiday! Good luck anyone trying to get a refund, my advice, find out where they live, go round and get you’re money back, fighting this through the courts is a waste of time and will cost you all more money.
    Proof is; if any tipster was as good as all the hype then why try to get a few hundred pounds off others. If you adopt your own system that works and makes a profit, why would you tell anyone? You would simply make a few hundred pounds for yourself on each bet, that would soon cover the cost of those expensive phone bills!

  83. ged says:

    good points bluiboy. but there will always be enough people looking for a quick fix instead, and more than enough rogues ready to supply it. market forces I suppose.

  84. mike says:

    When I get an offer to join a service. I send it straight back in their envelope asking for a free trial.
    Surprisingly I,ve had 2 free trials out of about 100, of which 1 was a total waste of time the other just a small loss.
    In my eyes if they give you a free trial they are genuine. The stats speak for themselves

  85. Will says:

    I feel sorry for all taken in by these alleged insider tips &c.
    I have been involved directly & indirectly in horse racing for over 40 years, both flat & jumps, & can assure anyone that if there was such a thing as insider knowledge then it would not be made public.
    Having said that my greatest win came from inside info – Roman Warrior to win the Ayr Gold Cup, this was kept very tight & won at an excellent price.



  86. don says:

    i see mark winstanley is using a 0705 number for his “free trial” says he is “blitzing the bookies” any one tried this service?

  87. Liam Hamilton says:

    Yesterdays sterling tip…. ‘Danny’s connection in Ireland says that 1. Larganbank will win the 5.35 at Ballinrobe today. You can still take 13/8 with Hills now! Lump on!!’ – errr it didn’t !

  88. LiamHamilton says:

    Haven’t updated this for ages, suffice to say haven’t been follow his expert tips with cash, but have been checking the results, suffice to say they’ve been shocking – hopefully no one is dialling the 070 number from their mobiles….

  89. LiamHamilton says:

    An interesting little DELETED BY MODERATOR here, couple of weeks ago got a call out of the blue from someone in the DS office, apologising for the poor form, and promising to ‘make it up to me’.

    He then proceeded to make me £1000 from a series of bets.

    I then got asked to join an exclusive scheme on the basis of this, for £2k, which I declined, and they then said that they would text me exclusive selections – surprise surprise nothing happened.

    Earlier this morning, got a phone call, asking me to put a couple of hundred quid bet on a sure fire win later today in Ireland, which I told them I would (in fact have no intention of doing so) – am genuinely curious from you guys on here – assuming the horse is a donkey, what is the idea of making the price tumble, which it did in minutes ? ,DELETED BY MODERATOR Any ideas ?

  90. LiamHamilton says:

    As promised the first horse under this scheme, was in the 6.35 at Kilbeggan and was called Dashing Ruby, it came in second.

    Still none the wiser as to why they’d ask me to put £300 on it for them as a straight win bet, would welcome any ideas any one has.

  91. Peter2 says:

    If the horse wins Liam they will happily take the profit from you. If it loses they may just forget to send you the £300.

  92. LiamHamilton says:

    Mmm, my initial thought was that it was some kind of lay scheme, but watching the race it did come close to winning

  93. LiamHamilton says:

    Update on the new ’40 horses at massive odds before Christmas, that are guaranteed winners…” service.

    Horse number 2 ran last Saturday, and was quoted at 7/1 – they phoned me first and asked me to put on a £200 straight win bet for them, which of course I did (!), the horse was second – surprisingly no phone call after the race.

    Horse number 3, wasn’t a big price, so a win only bet was the only one possible, it was second.

    So far, the new service has a success rate of 0%, with 3 out of 40, guess it desperately needs a win if its to show any credibility at all…

  94. LiamHamilton says:

    The usual daily service, which I haven’t rang for ages but still get tips from, continues to provide no winners.

  95. LiamHamilton says:

    Todays daily service tip and text was in the 6.40 at Windsor, Principal Role. It was 7th.

  96. LiamHamilton says:

    Todays daily tips – ‘back them both and have a nice double’…. was the advice – 3.50 Brighton Strident Force, Kempton 6.50 Pulverize – sound confident advice, except they were both second….

  97. LiamHamilton says:

    The special service had a runner yesterday, so this will be horse number 4 out of the 40 ‘guaranteed winners’ before Christmas. It was 6th.

    I feel pretty sorry for anyone who paid the up to £2k they were looking for to join this service, so far it has yet to produce a result – don’t know why I’m surprised really….

  98. LiamHamilton says:

    Horse number 5 out of 40 was given, finished 2nd, at 9-4. Still no winners

  99. LiamHamilton says:

    The last few days results from the regular service….

    Friday 2,25 Doncaster Sadlers Rock 11/2 Won
    3.00 Fallen for You 2/1 Second

    Saturday: 2.50 Goodwood Desert Law 6th
    3.30 Chester Berling 4th
    3.15 Curragh Dragon Pulse 5/2 2nd
    Back them all to win and have the E/W Doubles and the E/W Treble was the advice given….

  100. LiamHamilton says:

    A first yesterday, horse number 6 out of the 40 actually won, however the price was 6-4

  101. bobj says:

    Caught out myself last year paid £1,500 for 50 horses “laid out to win” – didn’t even receive the advices which on reflection is probably a good thing. I have been trying to contact him ever since so if anyone has a telephone number..

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