Code 140 Wealth System Review

| January 6, 2011 | 62 Replies

Product Name: Code 140 Wealth System

Author: Mark Patricks

Contact Details:
Streetwise Marketing
Eden House, Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road, Rotherham,
S60 1DX
Tel: 01709 820033
Fax: 01709 360611 


“How To Have a Million People Each Send YOU One Lousy Quid.”

Legally, Ethically, Quickly, Cost-Free!

Price: £113.98

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

What Do You Get?

– Hard copy manual and a “limited edition kit”.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Code 140 Wealth System by Mark Patricks is a series of educational videos that promise to show you how to set up a successful business from home using Twitter as a marketing tool. Read on to find out what this is really all about and if it actually works.

What’s It All About?

Mark says this is making money online but is very clear on what the product isn’t:

1. This is NOT trying to get high rankings in search engines like Google. As he says that is way too much like hard work, and a lot of technical savvy required too!

2. This is NOT spending loads of money on Internet advertising (this is cost-free).

3. This is NOT spamming people by sending out millions of emails.

Mark fails to tell you in this sales letter what the product is really about and this is what I didn’t like.

Actually, this product is about using Twitter to get a following in niche areas and then selling products to the list via the links facility.

I didn’t see anything new in this idea and I’m not sure how many people will have huge success with this system.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No Mark says he came into this idea with no experience and that anyone can pick it up.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion And How Much Can I Make?

The claims in the promotion show that Mark was making between £250,000 and £477,000. These amounts are not verified and Mark doesn’t show any evidence to prove these numbers.

However Streetwise are reputable company and I’m sure they have the back up to these claims.


Streetwise are very good at copywriting, they give a simple idea and make it sound like anyone could make money in this way. The products they do are good and do work but are not for everyone. 

The most annoying thing about this offer is that Mark doesn’t give much information about the product on offer, how he came about it or show much in the way of proof that this works.

Mark does talk about his success and I’m sure Streetwise wouldn’t publish those numbers in the sales letter unless they were real.  So this is a  genuine opportunity, just don’t expect to be making the same amounts that Mark mentions.

This is actually a US product and I found the initial sales promotion here

This shows a little more detail on the offer and then explains how Mark used it on Twitter. Streetwise it seems removed these references to twitter in their sales letter but the product is the same thing.

Twitter is a big and well respected marketing tool and there have been a few products saying they’ll show you how to make money this way, but in fact very few if any can prove how you make a lot of money this way. 

I’m yet to be convinced by this idea.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of  Code 140 Wealth System then please leave a comment below.


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Comments (62)

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  1. Martin P says:

    The first time I got this promo I just threw it away. But, true to form, Streetwise doesn’t give up that easily and they kept sending me this offer. OK, so I thought, it’s at their risk so let’s see what all the fuss is about…

    It’s about Twitter, or more accurately, how you can set up a free Twitter account and have millions of people send you small amounts of money.

    Sounds good enough to try, doesn’t it? But I’ve learnt the hard way to take Streetwise promos with a mountain of salt, which is why most of them go straight into the recyling bin. Far from being simple or quickly receiving cash, I’m afraid I found it too complicated. Didn’t appeal to me at all. In any case, changes to Twitter make this out-dated. “Code 140” is nothing more than an out-of-date series of videos (voiced by an American) explaining Twitter for beginners. It begins with several sections on how to customise your home page (and how to do it using Adobe Photoshop – not included), but this all relates to the old format and is completely useless for the new Twitter format.

    If you are interested in this sort of marketing, I suggest you either find a better product or wait until this product has been completely updated.

  2. johnny says:

    thanks for your input Martin, I’ve also ditched this mailing several times, but as you say they certainly don’t give up easily. This time I thought there might be something in it, (eternaly optimist) but after reading your realistic evaluation the mailing is now stoking the fire. tks

  3. Gary says:

    I have just joined this site and already it has saved me the time and trouble of trying out the Code 140 system. Thanks Martin for your advice and will be searching elsewhere.

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks for the info. I was intrigued and about to find out more, but as usual came here first, so thanks Martin et al, you’ve certainly saved me the hassle of trying out the Code 140 System!- Great site keep going with the reviews.

  5. Rosalind says:

    I was just about to purchase this online but decided to check here first. Glad I did— the promotion material said nothing about Twitter which I’m not interested in. Now I know not to bother with it.
    Are any of Steetwise products as simple and effective as they claim?

  6. Brian says:

    In common with other products mailed by Streetwise, this seems to come from a company in the USA.

    They edit the text a little and change it from $97 to £97 then have the cheek to add VAT!

    Has anyone actually tried this Twitter product?


  7. Shirley says:

    Have just bought this product – thought it was worth a try.

    It seems that it will take a lot more of your time than they make out and involves trying to sell your product without actually sounding like you are selling it – not easy!

    Will let you know if i have any results – if i can find the time to get going on it!

  8. billy says:

    I have bought a lot of product’s / opportunities from streetwise over the yeaars,i believe they are or where a good company.But reasently they do over look there prime objective that they offer real opportunities to the average bloke or women.the templates of business ideas i have purchased in the past alway’s have some thing missing and the cost’s of start up’s have not been justified in the sales letter’ i will not be joining after reading this report of “the code 140 wealth system” full stop.thanks to the more money reveiw.

  9. Thanks to you guys. I am glad I visited your page first. As I suspected this product was offered to me some time back from other sources in US.
    There are a lot of useless products on the Internet today making very difficult for genuine person to do proper business.
    I run a very genuine affiliate web site with reasonable success and if someone wants go get in touch with me then feel free to write to me. But please no useless e-mails. I am happy to entertain any genuine JV – my e-mail address is – XXXXXXXXX

  10. keith says:

    I love More Money review real people trying
    out all the offers we get sent .
    I have lots and lots of useless promotions that have cost me asmall fortune,but reading every bodies
    reviews saving me a fortune.Am just about to try IP system will let you know.Biggest loss The Ultimate FX Predictor over Two Grand for the course we live and learn all have a nice day.

  11. Tim says:

    Thanks for the review. nearly went for that one. Thanks again.

  12. Mike S says:

    I bought this product and know nothing about Twitter. As with other reiewers comments, it seems to require a lot of setting up (but maybe you collect a lot of money from it, let’s be fair!). I think if you know about Twitter it could be an easy way to earn. If, like me, you’re not interested in Twitting then it looks too hard to learn. Maybe I don’t want the return enough!!

  13. Eamonn says:

    I Bought the system a week ago. after recieving the system a week later, 2 cd’s and a short letter. i found the info very dificult to follow and NOT for a beginner. I have just sent the system back for being to dificult for me to understand. will i get my money BACK? i will let you know.

  14. Mike says:

    Again, just found this site and I am already glad! This seemed too good to be true! 🙂

  15. Josh Cullen says:

    I got the flyer this morning. My initial thought about the Code 140 system?

    If it is so successful, why would anyone want to sell the idea? Why not make your money with the system and say ‘nowt to no one’!

    Just in case there was anything I had missed, I decided to check the info on the web.

    So the flyer was shredded. (It cost me a little in electricity charges I guess, but at least the ‘shreddies’ can go on the compost heap to help my veggies grow!


  16. Ray Henson says:

    Thanks for the info and feedback. I got the Code 140 letter to day and have decided not to go ahead.

  17. Zagger says:

    Based upon past experience of Streetwise, this one isn’t for me.

  18. david says:

    got my copy today, the second one in 3 months. Went for it first time around, but was too complicated. Got my money back and a £5 credit note off next purchase

  19. Martin says:

    I’m glad I checked here first; now I won’t bother with the 140 code

  20. Lizzy G says:

    Once again More Money Review and all its subscribers SAVE THE DAY: Had the 140 code blurb from Streetwise this morning and came here first. In short, you guys have saved me time and inconvenience yet again. Jack Whiteman is an unsung hero because this website is an invaluable tool for weeding out all the “rubbish” biz opps out there.

  21. Mark says:

    Just read all the comments aout teh 140 code and wish I had read them first. I have just ordered the product. I will let you know what I think when I receive it, sounds like there will be plenty of copies to go round, 🙁 It would be nice to find a real winner for once. Keep up the good work MMR.

  22. David says:

    I just love this site, it’s fantastic! I read the mrketing trash about ‘Code 140’ and the claims they are making seemed so far fetched, but, as everyone says, they are very good at copy writing and always offer the ‘money back guarantee’. I think you have to exercise real caution with ALL their products because they frequently seem to rely on the customer’s inertia, i.e. you won’t get round to fully trying the so called system before the end of the guarantee period and because you know you didn’t give it a chance you keep it to try later but, of course, never do. Andrew Reynolds (I’m sure we all know who he is), actually mentions this point in his course materials and how you can use this to sell again to the same customer by offering an even easier/more comprehensive guide to someone who has purchased the low cost guide and done nothing with it; doesn’t put it exactly like that but that basically the crunch. Anyway, and thankfully, having read the Code 140 mailing and then the review here, along with the various comments, there is no way I’m wasting £100+ on a ‘bought in from America’ Twitter guide. You’d probably find a better guide for a few quid on Amazon. I findit disheartening and frankly immoral that this seems to be the trend with so called Information Publishing – hype up a basic guide you got from somewhere, pretend you made a break-through discovery yourself, offer a money back guarantee and hope everybody is too slow to qualify.
    As I say, More Money is fantastic and has saved me wasting my time and money on this. Many thanks to you all and especially to Jack – best site I belong to, don’t know why I don’t visit more often.

  23. David says:

    I’m looking at the copy of ‘Code 140’ right now(by the way, what on earth does that mean? It’s so ridiculously James Bond, I’m embarrassed that I even wasted the time reading it).

    And I quote…”Okay, let’s put some numbers to this because I know you’re sceptical. Here are some real examples from just one year…
    £477,992.35 (good job they remembered the 35p!)
    £432,044.28 (another 28p not to be missed)
    £382,255.70 (I won’t repeat myself)
    £250,003.57 (think we can see a pattern)

    Really? What does the above mean? What happened in ‘just one year’ to yield these figures? What do they relate to? Where’s the proof? Alarm Bells Ringing! Glad I didn’t buy this.

  24. Paul says:

    I too have just had the latest offer from Streetwise re Code 140. What I cannot understand is what product one is ultimately promoting via Twitter.

    The Streetwise blurb talks about just getting “one million people to give you one lousy quid” , or ” even if you got one hundred thousand people to give you a quid each.. ” so anybody know what the product is?

    I certainly wont be buying it – thanks guys for all your comments above- but I am curious as to how the Twitter concept is supposed to link to a sales opportunity?

  25. TB says:

    Like a number of correspondents, I am grateful for the above comments. In a rash moment I had considered sending off for this system – but having read them I have decided against. Seems like a waste of time – especially as I do not use Twitter!

  26. Les says:

    only just signed up to More Money Review,wish I had signed a week earlier . I received my copy of 140 code a few days ago . Don’t think much of it,just a wast of time I think. It will be returned.

  27. J.A. says:

    What a fantastic site MMR is – wish I’d discovered it sooner as I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble (and money). Many thanks indeed to all you subscribers who take the time to let other people know of your own experiences – I have read them all!

  28. Vince says:

    The simply fact that the sales blurb is a straight crib of the American copy with the $ changed to £ shows it is fundamentally dishonest.

    Sad about Streetwise, they used to push stuff that had some value. Seem a bit desperate these days.

    I even asked to have by name removed from their list, still the junk comes in.

  29. Iain says:

    Thankfully I found your site. I was just about to buy Code140 but from all the negative comments I shall not. It does concern me that Streetwise have tried to promote this as my opinion of them over the years has been one that their integrity would not be compromised.

    Please Streetwise stop promoting for the sake of profit and go back to your roots of giving value.

  30. John says:

    Thanks MMR – another waste of time averted!

  31. Jez says:

    Cheers guys. Some good feedback here. Had received the Code140 sales letter a couple of weeks ago and left to the side. Checked MMR this morning and it now resides safely in the recycling bin!!

  32. Kevin says:

    Thanks MMR and all you respondees, I am very grateful for this site and will use it as a matter of course when tempted by seemingly useful opportunities. I could always follow my wife’s lead, save time and bin them all and just go to MMR to find some good ones. agreed Streetwise need to make us streetwise and not just show they are streetwise.

    God bless

  33. Randy says:

    I was hoping to see some reviews before biting. As we’re mostly self supporting for our work here in the Philippines, I try to keep my eyes open for new ways to increase our cash flow. Doesn’t sound like this is it. Thanks for the input, and can say that I too, am happy to have found this site.

  34. Tony says:

    Just about to phone up to order it and then decided to look for reviews of the code 140. Glad I did. Couldn’t agree more that Streetwise are brilliant copy writers. also, I have found them completely honest about refunds. so, this one is a MISS for me.

  35. Catherine says:

    Loving all the comments about the 140 code, I tried this last year, what a total time waster – never got anywhere with it. My advice to anyone on here is to recycle those rubbish letters from streetwise. I’m in the process of reporting them to the Trading Standards if I don’t get my money back for that useless Ratchet System – Barge Pole and Streetwise go well in the same sentence – please, don’t touch anything these guys promote, it does not work! 🙁

  36. Chris says:

    Well guys I am some glad I checked this out here as I was just about to click buy!!!!

    That would have been a big mistake although they do give you your money back as I have tried other things they sell.

  37. Catherine says:

    I cannot believe I’ve received another letter from streetwise about this 140 Code thingy again, they really are taking the pee now, OMG! in the bin straight away 🙁

  38. Terry says:

    Thanks to MMR, and members comments, I will not be sending for code 140, plus saving the cost of postage when returning unsuitable products.
    However I must say Streetwise have never failed to refund anything returned but the cost of returningthe goods is a loss.

  39. elizabeth cuinnea says:

    i just recieved this morning and im glad i came on the site to check it out i will not be sending for code140 thankyou has anybody had anything that has worked i would love to have some feedback if they have

  40. PaulD says:

    Many thanks for the superb posts guys.
    The common theme, with which I totally agree, is that coming here first saves not only finding money that’s likely to require to be refunded (if you proceed straight to purchase without checking out what the sales pitch doesn’t say) but also valuable research time (if you do want to second guess the copy beforehand).
    My next port of call about Twitter was this guy’s site: . The guy oozes integrity. At least there, if you’re curious, you’ll get an idea of what’s involved with Twitter marketing at no cost, from a world class expert in the field.
    That’s what makes this site such an invaluable go-to-first resource.
    Keep up the great work guys. Best.

  41. MikeC says:

    At the risk of being accused of a rant a lot of Streetwise products are marketed on the back of unspecified ways on making money along with the “Andrew Reynolds” photo of the gleaming sand, deck chair with the sea in the background!! In other words the punter is led to the lifestyle image rather than actually what they are going to be doing with their time, whether they are likely to find this in any way of interest or enjoy doing it. These elements are to be found in many of the offerings that we see and should immediately consign them to the rubbish bin where they belong. The Code 140 letter is heading there right now! Done!

  42. Catherine says:

    Hi MikeC, couldn’t agree more, you are so right, I’ve tried the 140 code and the only thing I learned from it was how to get more followers on Twitter, apart from that, I wasn’t impressed at all, I’ve learned from bitter experience 🙁

  43. MIB says:

    You’re absolutely right Mike C, Harrison of Streetwise is excellent at writing the sales blurb. Catherine, have you heard any more about getting your money back from Streetwise yet?

  44. Roy says:

    I recently bought this product on a money back guarantee from Streetwise as I have done with one or two other things over the years. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me for many of the reasons stated by posters on this site. So I’m grateful to have read both the initial review and the posts because it’s at least made me feel a bit better about being bogged down in the detail of the ‘how to’ videos. I found the instructions complicated and hard to follow, especially as the screens were all out of date. I only got about halfway into the instructional videos and just knew that it wasn’t for me. Streetwise seem to send out the same promos over and over again and I doubt I’ll be taking up any more of their offers. Thanks to everyone on this site for your information.

  45. Catherine says:


    Catherine, you cannot post libelous comments about companies here, you mentioned two or three companies with no substantiation to your comments.

  46. MIB says:

    Catherine, if you sent the manual back to Streetwise what have they said about your refund. Have they told you to wait 90 days?

  47. Catherine says:

    Hi MIB, no, they just don’t seem to want to refund me at all! My bank can’t help me because they can’t see a way where I haven’t authorised the payment to streetwise, I really do not know what to do now and would value any help 🙁


  48. MIB says:

    Catherine, did you buy the Ratchet System at the reduced price of £127? Was that the sales letter that didn’t offer a refund, even after 90 days? In which case it looks like you’ve lost your money.

    Did you write to them about requesting a refund under the 7day cooling off period laid down by the distance selling law? DELETED BY MODERATOR. I don’t know if anyone else has any suggestions. Never mind, at least you’ve got Mike and Bonus Bagging to make a few quid.

  49. frankieparis says:

    hi everyone, code 140 sales letter arrived today how to have a million people send you one lousy quid read through it tells you nothing but a load of tripe god bless and long live m m r and all the members for all the time and money the comments save us keep up the good work …frankie

  50. popester says:

    Well, I see that MMR moderates this forum, so I’m sure our members are not lying about this product, just expressing their opinions, so I am GRATEFUL, and see that I’m going to love being a member here! Thank all of you for your input! Barry Pope

  51. juno123 says:

    Just had this through and as I have had my fingers burnt once before I thought that I would check it out. Thanks everyone it’s going in the recycling bin,

  52. madmick_111 says:

    Was going to buy, this is third or forth time it has landed on my door mat, glad I found MMR, I’ve shredded this copy as I did the others. It seemed too good to be true so more than likely was, and the above comments seem to verify that.

  53. Grateful Lady says:

    If it sounds too good to be true, it’s usually too good to be true. Thanks for supporting my decision to pass.

  54. antonio1581 says:

    All you are very negative the product 140 code work very well making money so all you are a loser are a follower that you don’t have any mind for yourself.

  55. AFoulkes says:

    antonio1581, maybe you could explain how you got it to work so easily, and give some idea of what returns you made, rather than just calling everyone who has failed with it a loser.

    I haven’t tried this system, although I did consider buying it (before I looked on here), I have however tried a few streetwise publications, all of which have been returned to date as they simply do not do what they state will do (at least for me), there always seems to be a cost of setting up that isn’t mentioned, or figures that someone has raised off the back of the fact they are well known and have lots of followers already. It always seems to me something is missing, and as someone alluded to above, if the system is so good why would you sell it? My guess would be because you can make a lot of money selling junk like this, a lot more than can ever be made consistently through using the systems in the first place

  56. jgould7 says:

    Thanks.You have saved me the trouble of investing in code 140.Keep up your good work.

  57. 1fardon2 says:

    I was tempted to have ago,but having just read the above no thanks.

  58. magspots says:

    I received a copy of Streetwise Marketing’s info about this today. They always make everything sound so easy and tempting. However, my first step is always to check on this site for other people’s experiences and – as always, it has helped me to make up my mind not to go ahead with the offer. Thank you once again for an excellent service

  59. Raymond Sharp says:

    Hi Guys, Code 140 wealth system landed on my doorstep aswell, not for the ist time either. Has Mr antonio 1581 responded yet with his success with this system. I too would be interested to hear about it. I don’t think people who reject something on the comments of an experienced reviewer & actual tester of the system is a loser, experience counts for alot with me, if every system peddled, worked as it says it will then there would be no need for MMR, but alas that is not the case in so many instances of peddled rubbish, by not “going for it”, it is only the peddlers of these systems that loses out and so they should for doing so in such a way as to mislead prospective income seekers to part with their hard earned cash. I would also add that it must be costing Streetwise a fortune to keep refunding, you’d think they would get the message by now & smarten and clean up their act. Over to you mr antonio 1581, please reveal all and help others by sharing your experiences with Code 140. Many Thanks, I look forward to your response.

  60. monkeymind says:

    Hello all –
    Am new to this great site, yet very pleased immediately to have found reviews of code 140. Almost bit for the $97; thanks to all above, even ma1580, and especially martin p.

  61. petesanga says:

    Hi I’m new to this site, and joined just a little to late, why because I have purchased the 140 code after seeing it advertised on the www. The good thing is ( if you can call it good after reading all the reviews) that I only paid £45 or $97 as this it what this product sell for in the US. Not yet received it, but will give you my reviews on it.

  62. mrpegasus says:

    Just got an email about this 140 code today so they are still trying to flog it!Think email was from The League of Power team who must have taken this on board.Does anyone have any really simple ways of making between 50-100 a day which isn’t technical or complicated or involve selling,gambling,getting loads of traffic or setting up a website?I have tried all of these and gambling too but that’s too risky.Having said that if I can make 2-5 quid a trade and do it over and over again that would work.

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