Clive Keelings Private Betting Alliance Review

| June 15, 2012 | 7 Replies

Product Name: Clive Keeling’s Private Betting Alliance

Author: Clive Keeling

Company Name & Contact Details:
Canonbury Publishing Ltd
Unit 1, Hainault Works,
Hainualt Road,
Little Heath,
Romford, RM6 5SS
0208 597 0181


I’m giving the first 30 people who respond to this invitation UNLIMITED, LIFETIME ACCESS to my top rated betting services.

These could easily make you £18,907 in the next 12 months and £48,969 within 2 years…

Price: £1,497.00

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

What Do You Get?

– Access to systems and support
Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Clive Keeling’s Private Betting Alliance is a members club which will give you unlimited access to a host of systems and services including Lay Profit Alert, Pegasus Racing Club, What Really Wins Money and In Play Profit Generator.

Full review to follow soon. In the meantime, if you have joined this alliance we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


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  1. apostle says:

    Not a good start in the honesty stakes. Said only two places left and it would close down @ midnight On 21st. I joined on the evening of the 22nd, and accessed the sales page again from another IP address on the 23rd – still 2 places left and still open to buy. OK, I know these are marketing tricks, but it doesn’t fill one with confidence when he’s already telling ‘porkies’ even before I get sight of any of the services. Expensive, so it better be good or I’ll be chasing a refund.

  2. apostle says:

    This is already a nightmare. One part of the service sent me an e-mail saying that my Free Trial had ended. They re-instated the service after I pointed out that I had paid a lot of money for this. All other e-mails to Clive Keeling, Nick Laight, and Canonbury Publishing have gone unanswered. When Nick sends out his promotions for What Really Wins Money, he should be honest and say that the best option is to take large sums of money without providing a service. Would not deal with any of these people/companies. Just wish I could get my money back, but if they don’t answer e-mails my only recourse will be through the credit card company (and that makes you look such a fool).

  3. gail-shaw says:

    HI guys,

    Yes I agree, my partner joined up to this and it has been atrocious! This Clive Keeling hides behind Nick Laight, who claims to be the saviour of all those looking to make money, but in my opinion he is just as bad as the rest of them. Clive Keeling slates everyone in the betting industry along with nick leight from canonbury publishing, but from my own experiences with both of them, they are no better than the rest, they just make out as if they are the saviours. I wonder how much money this Clive Keeling makes from betting himself? Some of the stuff he has written makes me wonder if he has ever placed a bet in his life before.
    Dont be fooled by the “we are honest” type advertising. Very poor if you ask me.


  4. apostle says:

    I have been informed that my initial payment has been refunded and the other two installments will not be taken. I have no reason to believe that this is not the case, but have still to check my CC account.
    The service seemed to promise a lot, but really boiled down to a laying service that I made money from ( by backing some of their selections to win), and a dutching service that had dodgy mathematics behind it. As I don’t want to explain to my wife why I went from £5 bets to mortgaging the house after a few losers I never tried it out.
    The Lay service was the thing that really finished it for me, and not just because it was rubbish in selecting losers, but because of the completely unprofessional way it was run. Remember, this was one half of a service that cost £1,500 and the selections sometimes came through with no explanations, sometimes they had some reasoning (nothing that a cursory glance a the RP couldn’t come up with), like the selection has never won off this high a mark, the selection appears to like firmer going.
    When the system producer could be bothered to provide a service ( there were a few occasions when no tips were forthcoming because something had cropped up so couldn’t work on them). £1,500 I expect people to at least pretend to care. I suggest if you want to get tips of a similar nature to those offered here, open up the RP, look at 3rd Favs until you find a few that have had a couple of runs over today’s distance/going and failed to win. Those will be your lays. Literally 15 minutes work, which he couldn’t even be bothered to do every day.
    If you have joined and need your money back, go to Canonbury and get them to do it, because according to Clive Keeling “I don’t check my inbox very regularly” – so much for personal service. Because of the price being charged I have reported it to Trading Standards.

  5. Cumbrian says:

    Pleased to see Apostle got a refund. Reading from teh top I was about to suggest that he should contact Canonbury directly as I have always found them OK to deal with. Yes they do recommend some systems that I have returned under the guarantee which they have always honoured without any hesitation. I am currently following the Lay Profit Alert that they marketed in July and it is currently on an excellent run of losers. I started on 14th July, and they had ten winners in the first 38 selections, so not a great start. However since then he has found 34 losers and no winners, giving me a nice profit to date. My only complaint about these tips is that I don’t receive them until after 1pm and sometimes as late as 2pm. That tends to intrude in other things I am doing at that time. I see other lay systems on here that provide the tips very early in the morning, and one that issues them before midnight on the night before the races. That would be much easier for me to ensure I get on every tip. So I look forward to seeing some reviews of their results.

  6. tamurshetsky says:

    *** mod note: had to delete your first line as libellous. Give your experience not slander, if you have tried this product please state your results ****. Only when I dropped this company did I start to make real progress.

  7. Xandross says:

    Hi Jack.

    From June 15 last year it says “Full review to follow soon”, but here I am on May 5th 2013 and there doesn’t appear to be any such review! Is there ever going to be one, or have you just swerved this service?


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