Classified Profit Crusader Review

| May 22, 2012 | 2 Replies

Product Name: Classified Profit Crusader

Author: Mark Edwards

Contact Details:
Encore Products Inc
5036 Dr Phillips Blvd, Suite 203,
FL 32819


‘’The Free Business Scam! Why 99% Of The “Free” Money Making Schemes Out There Don’t Work And The 1% That Makes Me $900… $2,300 Or More A Week Almost On Autopilot (Takes Only Five Minutes A Day)!!!’’

Price: At the time of writing they say that there are only 333 copies left which are discounted to the price of $97.00

Money Back Guarantee: You have 30 days from when you receive the product to return for a full refund less p&p.

What Do You Get?

– You’ll get a CD-ROM with seven easy-to-follow instructional videos

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: 

Classified Profit Crusader from Mark Edwards is an affiliate marketing programme that focuses on making sales from free adverts online.

What’s It All About?

When you purchase this you will be sent 7 videos that they say are easy to follow, they explain exactly what to do, where to do it, how to do it and when to do it.

Sadly the sales material does not clearly specify what you will get and how this system works.  I do not like this marketing technique that promises you lots of money and a simple system but without actually telling you what this is and what you have to do?

For me this is something that might excite people enough to buy the product but when they actually discover how it works they feel cheated and it’s probably something they didn’t want to do anyway.  Why can’t the author just tell us exactly how this works or show a demonstration?

What you actually get is a 7 step process showing you how to make money selling affiliate products on free website listings, called classifieds.  These free listings can be available on sites like Craig’s List, Gumtree, Backpage, Adland Pro and Free City Listings.

Classifieds are small little adverts that are available online via the sites above but you also get them in many newspapers and free local publications.  The idea is that the company provides small classifieds for free or cheap and then companies or individuals can purchase larger adverts to make their presence more prominent.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

They say anyone can do this, and if you can surf the web… sign up to a few easy-to-use websites… and follow simple step by step instructions…then you have the skills to make this work for you.  This is of course a simplified description, really what you need to do is dedicate a lot of time and effort to getting this started and monitor it on a regular basis.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

Watching the videos should take you around an hour and they say that you will only need to spend 3-5 minutes on this a day once you are up and running. Its nice to see that they mention that this won’t make you a millionaire and that the more effort you put into using this the more return you will see.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The claim with Classified Profit Crusader is that you could be making an extra $500-$1,000 a month using this system.

I do not like the fact that they say you can pay off all your monthly bills by following this but yet they provide no proof that this works or how they made their money and over what time.  For this reason alone I cannot recommend this.


It seems there are several places which sell or promote this product, The League of Power, Wealth Alliance and a couple of others, from what I can see these are all the same company/ies offering the same thing.  I also saw a very similar product for sale called Instant Web Empire, whereby the sales material offers something similar in selling a product which is again not described in any detail.

In fact, the sales page for instant web Empire says the following in it’s money offer:

The Classified Profit Crusader Training Program! This unique and powerful CD ROM is the perfect complement to your Instant Web Empire. In it you’ll learn little used techniques for making massive profits from 100% free traffic. The Classified Profit Crusader retails for £197, but it’s YOURS FREE with your Instant Web Empire…!

Instant Web Empire sells for £297 + VAT and it looks like it is a combination of several products sold in one package.

This site by Phil Miranda shows that the same company produced a product called The Golden Backdoor, it’s an awful product name and the feedback I’ve seen when researching it shows this product is more of an introductory guide rather than any sort of blueprint.

When researching these companies and the product, it shows the same names of Mark Edwards and Mark Patricks time and again and this is verified at this site so are they the same person or perhaps they just work for the same organisations?

I have already mentioned this product is about listing affiliate products for free on free website listings which are called classified adverts. The idea is that you take a link and affiliate product and list it in a large online publication like Craigs List, Free City Ads etc where there is enough traffic so that you pick up affiliate sales.

You can pick up affiliate links from several places like Clickbank, so there is no product creation, shipping or customer services to deal with. This is a cheap and easy way for people to try and start an online business.

Overall this idea does seem to make sense and when you look at it you’ll believe that it is achievable to make some money and sell without spending money on marketing.

I just cannot see these types of adverts selling enough products or having enough relevancies to those areas to really make this very successful.

You do get a good trial period but looking at what else this company has provided and their track record I am reluctant to recommend you try this programme without more proof the author has really made the sums he claims in the sales material.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of Mark Edwards then please leave a comment below.



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  1. pimms says:

    Thanks for this. I have bought ‘Proft Crusader’ from ‘Streetwise’ of Rotherham as part of a package that came with ‘The Hidden Secret to Internet Wealth’. The latter I do not ‘get’ at all. Although it might become clearer later. Probably long after the 30 day trial period expires!
    I do not however, feel I have enough info. to get this up and running. Not to mention my scepticism at the claims made.
    I’m still ‘digesting’ ‘Profit Crusader’ but have almost decided it will be returned.
    Thanks again
    Julie H.

  2. jdbellnj says:

    Has anyone had any success in this? I also agree… I did not receive anything that gives me a roadmap to success… other than links to some marketing overviews… I feel that once again… I have been taken. I will look into this but feel I will be asking for my money back soon.

    Sounded good, easy and lucrative but perhaps it is NONE of the above.

    It is horrible how over and over.. people fish for suckers!!

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