Chris Cardell's Ultimate Marketing Programme

| January 12, 2010 | 3 Replies

Product Name: Chris Cardell’s Twelve Week ‘Ultimate Marketing’ Programme (Begins Autumn 2010)

Product Author: Chris Cardell

Company Name & Contact Details:

Cardell Media Limited
1 Northumberland Avenue
Trafalgar Square
Telephone no: 0207-872-5419


“Give me 12 weeks – just twelve weeks – and I will give you everything you need to take your business to the next level – and create the success that you deserve.”

Price: The programme is made up of 3 monthly payments of £295.00(plus VAT) so the total being £885.00(plus VAT). However, once you sign up to this programme you are automatically tied in to Chris Cardell’s VIP membership which costs £39.95(plus VAT) per month and will be debited 2 months after you sign up.

Money Back Guarantee: Chris Cardell quotes the following on the product website:

“If at the end of this programme, your business implements just five of the dozens of strategies we’re going to cover and you don’t generate at least £12,000.00 in additional profits (that averages out at one thousand pounds per seminar) I will personally refund your investment. That’s how convinced I am that these seminars will impact your business beyond what you may believe possible.”

What Do You Get?

The programme consists of 12 telephone seminars, with each seminar lasting 1 hour per week for 12 weeks. As a bonus gift you will also receive ‘Ultimate Marketing’ The Official Manual, plus 2 months free membership to Chris Cardell’s VIP Inner Circle Group.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary: The 12 week programme will enable you to transform your marketing, advertising and internet marketing and uncover more than 100 new ways to attract new clients and boost business profits.

What’s It All About?

Through the 12 week programme you are able to join Chris Cardell for an hourly interactive telephone seminar packed with profit strategies for your business. You will also have exclusive access to Chris’s ongoing, personal support through the ‘Ultimate Marketing Online Forum’ where you can ask Chris any question about your business and Chris will reply personally.

There is no travelling involved for you during this programme – you simply join the seminar by dialling in from your phone at home, in the office or on your mobile. You will then have immediate live access to Chris’s seminar. The way it works is that you are sent an exclusive number and a specific time to dial in on and you will hear the seminar being delivered live. Each seminar is recorded so if you miss one or want to hear it again you have unlimited access 24/7.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

You need to be experienced in sales or marketing, run your own business or be self employed to benefit from this programme.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Chris Cardell states you don’t need any funds to get started as you can only make profits with this programme; supported by his £12,000.00 profitability guarantee.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Chris Cardell states you can increase turnover by anything from 33-250%

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

You will need 1 hour a week to participate in the seminar plus any time you put in implementing the tips and advice given.


Value For Money?

The programme sounds very promising and Chris’ profitability guarantee sounds very tempting, however I believe the programme is very expensive for only 12 telephone seminars and I also think it would be a very complex process for Chris to personally reimburse you when his company is particularly difficult to contact.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

I don’t think this programme will live up to the claims in the promotion, the marketing on the product website is very repetitive and although it sounds promising it doesn’t give clear instructions as to what specific business advice you will receive on the telephone seminars.

Quality Of Customer Service:

The company contact details were very difficult to locate and if you don’t read this promotion carefully you may be unaware that you will be automatically debited for Chris’ VIP membership on a monthly basis 2 months after you sign up. As there are still no clear instructions on how and when to cancel this membership I would be very sceptical of joining this programme. However having said that for an experienced entrepreneur the programme may give great returns and good business tips in the short term.


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  1. David says:

    I’d largely agree with the review here. There are some great bits of info in the cds’ but they do include a lot of repetition too. There are cds’ taken from ‘live’ seminars and again, they repeat the info from the originals. Be careful how much you get sucked into parting with your cash into this spending programme.

    The ongoing VIP membership is difficult to spot. You need to cancel by email immediately after you sign up to any cheap intro offer otherwise you will be charged after the 2 free months trial period. I was charged for 2 months on my credit card (one was the very 1st transaction of the month and the 2nd was the last transaction) so I’d paid £90 before I realised. But then that’s all part of their cash generation plan.

    To summarise, there are some good bits but lots of repetition and make sure you read the cancellation notes very carefully and act immediately.

  2. Richard says:

    We have been using Chris Cardell’s advice for sometime now. Yes some advice is repeated, but if you put the ideas into your business plan, as we have done, it can make a real difference.

    He has an open and honest approach that we really like and if you have not implemented any of his ideas before, you can make a big impact very quickly.

    I wouldnt base my entire company strategy on his ideas, but neither would I want to leave him out of the mix. Partly due to his ideas, we have just had our best calendar year ever – and we are supposed to be in an economic downturn!

    We have definately had good value from Cardell.

  3. hegs100 says:

    I once signed up for one of his conferences, and was genuinely looking forward to it, but just couldn’t make it. They weren’t falling over themselves to give me my money back, but as I recall, there was no problem – got a cheque back as full refund in a week or so.

    I remain on his list, and though I suspect his material is not as groundbreaking as he makes out, he presents it well, and aims it at people selling something other than internet products, which is refreshing. Even his free stuff can be quite motivating.

    Few ‘gurus’ tell you stuff you didn’t already know, but the good ones motivate you to do the stuff you knew you should have been doing, but weren’t. Almost nothing in business is new.

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