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Product Name: Champion Racing Lays

Author: Champion Racing lays Team.

Company Name & Contact Details:


Easy Selection Process Based On Sound Racing Principles Provides 82..70% Winning Lays

Price: 30 Day free trial.

Money Back Guarantee: Not Applicable.

What Do You Get? 

– Daily tips sent direct to your inbox relating to horses to lay and expected to lose.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Champion Racing Lays is a horse racing tips service offering daily advices on horses fully expected to lose their race. You will recieve the bets daily via email which you then place with bookmakers that offer lay betting.

What’s It All About?

Champion Racing Lays is a system developed exclusively for laying horses in Handicap races on the flat, and all selections are delivered direct to the user’s inbox by noon each day.

As this is a 100% mechanical system, there will be times that there may not be any selections for several days, whilst on other days there could be as many as five selections noted. So far this year the service has provided 154 winners with only 32 losses, a healthy strike rate of 82.35%.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

It can be commenced with a small bank and gradually work upwards.

How Much Money Can I Make?

It is claimed that 48 points profit were made recently using these advices.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Betting can commence immediately upon receipt of the daily lay advices.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

No special equipment required, other than a PC with Broadband connection, and the ability to find your way to your inbox to collect the daily selections.

Value For Money?

With a thirty day free trial offered this appears to be more than fair, so it has to be value for money.

Quality Of Customer Service?

All tips sent by e-mail by noon on each day’s racing, well in advance of the first race, so bets can be placed in comfort.

Mid-Point Report 17/08/2010

This looks like another one of those systems heralded in with a loud sonic bang full of hype and a second to none list of past records as long as your arm.

So far this year this very same system was supposedly unstoppable with one hundred and fifty four wins and only thirty two losses whilst at the same time amassing a forty eight points profit at level stakes.

There was also supposed to be a full run of twenty seven consecutive winning lays also thrown into the mix for good measure in this system which was developed exclusively for laying horses in handicap races on the flat.

Once again I have no problem at all with the selections arriving well ahead of schedule and very often they are in the inbox around noon well in time for the first race taking place. Sometimes they arrive in bunches of three selections but quite often there is a sprinkling of non runners to contend with.

I actually found that the strike rate I attained during these trials of 81.25% was not one million miles away and within a very reasonable distance of the 82.7% claimed by the Champion Racing lays Team and always very acceptable.

However what they failed to disclose was the average prices of the animals they were laying within the framework of their advices. For example the three losers I encountered at this half way stage were responsible in a very big way for the depleted bank balance shown below.

The odds for these three horses which romped home in unbelievable fashion were 9/1, 15/2 and 9/1 again, and I hasten to think what might have been, had the 25/1 shot finished in first place instead of a lowly nineteenth position.

Overall I received sixteen selections which actually ran, and of these there were thirteen which duly obliged as winning lays with those other three very large losses quoted above doing the actual damage.

This produced a decent strike rate of 81.25% but oh! Those woeful losers. The longest losing run encountered was only one whilst the longest winning run a very healthy six which ended with an overall loss of 8.50 points to level stakes.

It appears from my tests and results that this system looks as if it needs a real good shake up and at least one filter adding which would reduce the maximum lay odds for all horses highlighted within their advices. Looks like another of those systems where profits are constantly wiped out by unreasonable odds.

Number Of Selections = 16
Number Of Winning Lays = 13
Number Of Losing Lays = 3
Strike Rate = 81.25%
Longest Losing Run = 1
Longest Winning Run = 6
Overall Profit/Loss = 8.50 points loss at level stakes.

You can see a full breakdown of my results by clicking here.

Champion Racing Lays – Conclusion 02/09/2010

It is indeed quite strange when you just seem to have that gut feeling that some systems or services provided do not appear as if they are ever going to work out. This was indeed the case when I first picked up this Champion Racing Lays for reviewing – it just did not appear to have that extra bit of zip required to make it a winner.

The sales brochure proudly announced big wins such as one hundred and fifty four winners and only thirty two losses so far this year with forty eight points profit to level stakes and a further claim of twenty seven winners in a row to help boost sales.

I must mention at this point that they offered a full thirty day free trial for which I suppose we could be all truly grateful. Supposedly this system was developed exclusively for laying horses in handicap races on the flat and all of
their selections were delivered promptly into one’s inbox by noon on each day of the racing.

I found that there were days on end there were no selections for one reason or another and yet on other days there could be as many as five highlighted. Quite often there were even selections advised that turned out to be non runners so from the punters point of view, this could be extremely frustrating.

The one pleasing aspect whilst trialling this service was that there was usually a high strike rate of lay winners which was indeed very satisfactory, but this was tarnished by the selection of horses with very high odds, and this did contribute towards some pretty heavy losses when the animals concerned romped home as eventual winners.

There was a 25/1 shot for example, which thankfully did not manage to win on this occasion. Other high prices included 14/1 down to 9/1 and I stop to wonder just how many punters would be interested at those odds, looks like a quick way to the poorhouse to me.

During the period monitored there were twenty one selections of which a full sixteen were winning lays whilst the other five had unfortunately past the winning post ahead of the field.

This gave us a strike rate of 76.19% a full five per cent down than when at the half way stage. The longest losing run was only one whilst the longest winning run was six, proving that those high odds were the main cause for an overall loss of exactly seventeen points to level stakes.

Overall the results were extremely disappointing, a good strike rate completely spoilt by selections at high odds which I feel contributes to the downfall of this service.

Number Of Selections = 21
Number Of Winning lays = 16
Number Of Losing Lays = 5
Strike Rate = 76.19%
Longest Losing Run = 1
Longest Winning Run = 6
Overall Profit/Loss = 17.00 points lost at level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results of this service please click here.



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