Canonbury Publishing Ltd Review

| July 20, 2010 | 13 Replies

Company Name: Canonbury Publishing Ltd

Company Owner: Nick Laight

Customer Service Contact Details:

Canonbury Publishing Ltd.
Unit 1
Hainault Works
Hainault Road
Little Heath

Telephone: +44 (0) 208 597 0181
Fax: +44 (0) 597 4040



Company Info:

Canonbury Publishing was set up in 2003 by publishers Nick and Heloise Laight. They produce a wide range of products and services that aim to help you make a second income. Topics covered include business opportunities, betting services and financial trading. 

Are they a legitimate company? Yes, Canonbury are registered with Companies House in England with number 04765425.

If I buy a product from this company will I receive the product I paid for?

You should not have any problems ordering from this company. If there are any problems with your order then they have a customer services team that are available to help on the contact details above.

Do they honour their money back guarantees?

Yes, all Canonbury Publishing products are covered by a money back guarantee and you shouldn’t have any problems getting your money back if required.

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Comments (13)

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  1. rob says:

    always found nick to be great and very responsive

  2. Marriot says:

    I have bought from Canonbury for a numder of years. Always decent products and good service.

  3. Craighawkins says:

    Recently subscribed to a superb money making newsletter from this company…. which came with a ‘give away’ Internet income plan freebie, which us excellent in its own right, I have put this plan into action and am thus far impressed. They are the real deal.

  4. JohnU says:


    I have been on Canonbury’s for many years and very occasionally buy their products.

    Could you please elaborate and give us the benefit of saying what the item is called? do you know if it has been reviewed on here? I would appreciate that, and i feel new members would too. Thanks.

  5. Paul Reynolds says:


    I’m also on Canonbury’s list, and have been on and off for a while too. About 13/14 months ago, I re-signed with them and received John Streets’ Fast Track Internet Income Plan as part of the deal. Lately, I’ve received info via email and snail mail that is promoting that as an enticement. I’m presuming that that is what @craighawkins has received.

    Incidentally, I have complete trust in Canonbury as one of the few trustworthy publishers out there. I’ve bought products off them in the past, keeping a couple and returning a couple, receiving a full refund on each occassion.

  6. JohnU says:

    @Paul – thanks.

    Yes i too have experience of Canonbury, and have Bought some and returned other products. I also used to use Gareth Rees (better know as Charlie Wright’s site)

    They are better than most other Publishers, always honour Money back Guarantees and Nick himself will answer emails personally and very Quickly!

    I just wondered what the ‘freebie’ craig mentions was roughly about?

  7. Paul Reynolds says:

    No problem John. It’s basically an how to set up a hands free online business. You know the drill mate, information publishing.

    I guess it has some merit if you have 40 or 50 hours a week to spare to devote the time to it. I already know, and I suspect others here already know, there’s no such thing as a hands free biz op.

    It would work if you had money behind you to start a business, that you could use to pay your way in life whilst waiting for the income to start rolling in from setting this up.

    I just wish the guys who write and publish these type of opp’s had the balls to state as such in their blurb.

  8. zourka says:

    a first class company does what it says on the tin.

  9. bobo1977 says:

    This is strange i didnt no MMR reviews companies? What is the product? I ‘ve always found canonbury very honourable indeed in past dealings.

  10. Les Moore says:

    As a former subscriber to the Handicap Gold service offered by this company in the past couple of years,I would like to inject a note of caution regarding the status of Canonbury Publishing.

    This service was dreadful and a complete waste of time and effort.The only snag was that the 30-day
    money-back period was insufficient to allow one to reach a conclusion about its quality.I stayed beyond the trial period and the experience cost me more than

    Nick Laight,as far as I am aware,never voiced any concern regarding the pathetic performance by Handicap

    I have to admit that the situation regarding courses/newsletters is different to the extent that a
    purhaser can reach a conclusion about the quality and suitability of the paper/digital product sooner.

    I will always look on my Handicap Gold service experience as a very costly experience:a waste of time and money.Caveat emptor!

  11. bobo1977 says:

    I think the problem here Les is that all services have Up & down periods, join at a down period then you lose confidence, join on an upward curve and your hooked. What i do now is look at whether the product or service has logic behind its criteria on whether i apply for a refund or not within the 30 days, if it has logic then i will carry on and take the chance and carry on beyond the 30 refund perido. In some cases this pays off and in others it dosent but hey thats the chance we all take in trying to find the right product i guess.

  12. Les Moore says:

    @bobo1977-many thanks for your input.As you say,with a tipping service,a lot depends on when you join.It could be going through a bad patch when you join.On the other hand,Handicap Gold never had a purple patch.Over the year it made a loss and never lived up to the hype.

    In the end,we all live and learn.

    I am very interested in PEM and want to thank you for posting on that thread.All the best to you with it.

  13. gail-shaw says:

    I have bought several things from Canonbury, but have to say I was not impressed (except for Amanda O’brian’s ebay course). Nick Laight seems to promote himself as a saviour to those who want to make money, but I think he is a sheep in wolfs clothing as some of the stuff he sells is complete junk.

    Deleted by Mod.

    I wouldn’t buy again from Canonbury, Deleted by Mod. the products are not very good in my opinion.

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