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Product Name:  Brimardon Racing System

Company Name & Contact Details:
0800 389 8767


“Wow Our System Used to be £2,450 for 6 Months. The Price Is Now £99 a Month For 12 Months”

Price: £99.00p + Vat at 20% per month for 12 month contract (Beware and Note the 12 Month Tie In)

Money Back Guarantee: None

What Do You Get?

– Email Selection Service, a phone-line service is also available.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Brimardon Racing System is a computer program that predicts UK flat and National Hunt racing results. Automatic bet placing at subscriber specified odds and stake once selections made. Software will specify best daily selections. Phone line option also available.

What’s It All About?

This is basically a horse racing advice/tipping service. You pay a subscription and receive the selections and a point’s to stake offering daily by email. You can also receive the service on your mobile if it is web enabled, and can receive emails.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

Not really, according to the vendor as all you do is to follow their advices.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started And How Much Money Can I Make?

£99.00p plus vat per month at present… but they state that the price could go up soon. I would say a reasonable betting bank would be £500 but it can be started for less. The amount you can make obviously depends on your staking level and on how good the system is!

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work? 

Emails arrive somewhere between 12noon and 1.30 pm. All you do is place your bets on the selections, so probably around 15 minutes a day.


This is reasonably straight forward… as their advertising states. I am using this system myself and will be rendering my findings periodically.

My subscription began 20th Dec 2010. I trialed the service to Sun 2 Jan 2011, and found I was making a profit using their picks… but with my own method… not their staking plan.

My method is to check their picks out myself (using my own 6 filters) and then if they stand at least a 50/50 chance I bet by Dutching the picks 2 at a time… unless the opportunity arises to back one selection… ie:strength of chance being higher than 50%.

I also place bet them if place odds are good enough, ie: more than 50% of the place stake.

These are my methods of betting and nothing to do with Brimardon. You should make your own choices.

I’ve started with my standing bank of £183.67p on Betfair… this was already in place so I saw no reason to add to it.

I will back to level £10 stakes (near enough 5% of the bank) and stick to this until (or if) I get to £250, then I’ll move up to £12.50p (5%) of that. And do the same @ £300 and so on… if they come home right!

My paper trial period was 2 weeks in December 2010 and during that time I realized that just following the selections using the points to stake offered by Brimardon and betting blindly on their selections was not the way forward for me, so I trialed them with my own method… that I have already mentioned.

I found that this was actually producing a profit at a much safer staking points level than the one offered by Brimardon.

Along with the selections Brimardon also give an explanation for their choices and show their idea of how many points they believe their selections warrant. This can be from zero points per selection to as many as 9 points (to date) per selection.

So, 31 winners compared to 70 losers does not sound too bad, but when most of the winners are Fv’s / 2nd Fv’s or danger horses (their term) with low odds, against stakes ranging from 1 point to 9 points, it does not take too many losers to make the bank shrink considerably… in fact it can disappear.

This is something that is not pointed out in their advertising literature.

January 2011 actually ended with a profit, but that was only because I saw some danger signals in the selections in the last week of January, and stopped betting.

As I said, Brimardon claimed 31 winners in 24 days and they were correct. But they omitted to state that there were also 70 losing bets.

Now it does not take a genius to work out the following@

Example using £10 per point:

Imagine there are 4 selections offered in two races on one day, 2 in each race. Points to stake in the first race are … 4pts on the first race Fv… 2pts on the second Fv… both lose, that’s 6 points (£60.) down.

Second race selection 2 pts on the Fv and 1 pnt on the second pick (not necessarily 2nd Fv) Fv wins at 2/1 returning £20 profit.

That’s a loss of £50 on the day… £60 from the first race and £10 from the loosing horse in the second race minus the £20 win.

Outcome £70 loosing stakes minus £20 winnings equals a loss of £50 on the day… even with a winner. So it appears this can be claimed as a winner while not conceding the loss. Would you call this a winning day?

As I said you don’t need to be a genius to work out how you can loose more than you win if the selections are poor. And this happened and will probably happen again.

At this point (4th  week in January) I am finding the winners to be a lot less frequent so it will be difficult to cover the £99.00 + vat per month unless I raise my stakes… which I’m not prepared to do with the present results.

I need some consistent positive results before I even start backing them again.

Not recommended.

If you have signed up to this service, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.



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  1. David Ashton says:

    I fell foul of this when it was a laying system with software. I had a run where my bank couldnt sustain the losses. I have discussed with them their new phone service which seems ok but you need to be careful, their claims are made on ‘advised’ prices which are probably true but difficult to get ie they dont last long! I’m going to see if I can get a spreadsheet off them which shows comparable to Industry ans Betfair SP.

  2. jack brookshore says:

    im on the phone and software and its very good i did not make the 37k that i saw on the website that the asa say they made. but i started slowly and made a good profit.
    if you use betfair they gave a 12/1sp winner called angels pursuit, it was on betfair before the start at 18/1 so you can do aroud 10% better by using betfair, im on the software and its always pushed the winners and not the lays so i think if they started 20 years ago then you could not lay then and it just looks like a small add on but winners is where the profit is.

  3. Rob Higgs says:

    I have been conned by John Brook, aka “Director at Brimardon.” After lengthy discussions with him, I bought a 12 month Phoneline & Coverbet software subscription and after 2 weeks of use, the Coverbet software was withdrawn. I queried this and was ultimately told that the Coverbet software was a beta product and was not working correctly. He also had the nerve to say he had made me aware of this – ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. I am aware what a beta product is and would never pay for it. He has failed to respond to my latest e-mail and I am currently disputing all payments to Brimardon through my bank. While I cannot comment on any profit claims, I am seriously dubious about the integrity of the company. What is amazing, is that they are still promoting this beta product, as an all-singing-dancing solution to losing runs, on their website and Youtube. I have complained to Youtube and apparently none of their community guidelines are being broken. So much for Youtube if they allow their community to be conned.

  4. colin says:

    Robb, I am sorry about your problems with Brimardon. In principle I agree with you regarding Beta testing and this dispute as to whether you were told or not does need sorting

    But to sort it out, I would suggest you deescalate the matter, bank involvement, and write a REAL letter, pen and ink , stating your case and requesting financial recompense.

    My experience of e,mails is that they are often hastily and extravagantly composed usually with anger (I am very guilty of this) and often get lost in the “system” They are very easy to ignore, while nowadays it is unusual to receive a letter in the post and people tend to take proper notice. We usually compose them better than e.mails and are more reasonable in tone – that reasonableness need not carry any less force of arguement

    I am currently not using Brimardon. . I did some 3 years ago when I subscribed after going to their one to one demos which worked in real time and I was also given years of spread sheets, they were an open book

    After suffering a heart attck (NOT racing related!) I had an issue with them. An exchange of correspondence with, I believe the gentleman you mentioned – if not him it was the owner whose name I obtained by phone – sorted the matter and I hold them in great esteem because of it
    While it would not be appropriate to go into the detail , I can only state from MY dealings with them I would endorse their integrity and would not hesitate to do business with them again should I ever be in a position to operate to their methods again

    And as readers of various threads on MMR will know, I am no friend of tipsters!

    I do hope you do not find this patronising but have used the same approach with success with Martin Raymond while that thread is full of dikscontents (not a derogatory statement) who are still apparantly getting nowhere. Oh, unlike Brimardon, I woouldnt do business with him again!

    Good wishes


  5. Rob Higgs says:

    Thanks Colin for your comments on my situation with Brimardon, which I greatly appreciate. I do not find them patronising at all as I feel any input can have a positive outcome.

    Unfortunately as I see it, I have no choice but to involve my bank.

    I tried over 4 weeks via telephone to resolve the matter, and was given false promises of outcomes that never materialised. After this I sent two well thought out and calm e-mails. I had a response to the first one, but to be quite honest my 15 year old son could have done better. There were no proper comments to the issues I had addressed, which required me to re-hash and re-send it requesting a proper response. I have been waiting now a further 2 weeks, still no reply.

    Now Brimardon claim to be a software company, so you would think they would be able to deal with e-mails efficiently. After all, they were on the ball while promoting their products and dealing with my subscription. I believe there may be stalling tactics involved, which is why the dispute is now with my bank. According to them, there are deadlines which prevent any monies being re-claimed via VISA terms and conditions and I cannot risk running beyond these, while trying further to negotiate the situation.

    I am pleased you had a favourable outcome with them, but I intend to reserve any change on my judgement of Brimardon to a later date.

  6. Zagger says:

    Well what do you know, the Brimardon System rides again.
    I remember a colleague of mine falling for a Brimardon computerised System some years ago.
    Total crap!!
    But,here we are in 2010,and they are still pushing it,and what’s more still finding mug punters to buy it!!
    It never ceases to amaze me,the gullibility of
    some of you guys in the Sports betting field.
    No wonder there are such rich pickings for all these Fly by Night caaracters.

  7. Rob Higgs says:

    Thanks, Zagger, for your “constructive comments.”

    I would thank you for not referring to me as a gullible mug punter, as nothing could be further from the truth, which is the main reason that I am in dispute with the company.

    Would you care to expand your comments by quoting YOUR personal experience? I do not condone Brimardon by proxy or hearsay, but by MY personal experience, and by the way, only by certain elements of their behaviour.

    With regards to the Fly by Night comment. The company have been trading openly for many years and have an ASA judgement in their favour regarding profit claims, so I think you will probably find that on balance, these just may be some of the better characters.

  8. Rob Higgs says:

    Sorry, but in the above I meant condemn Brimardon and not condone. I was very tired, as my wife and I run a delivery newsagency and it is very trying, hence the search for extra revenue streams.

  9. colin says:

    Rob = I appreciate your position regarding Visa and of course you cannot prejudice missing the time limit

    In the meantime I still siggest you try pen and paper, marked private and confisential outlining the problem and action taken and why as to receive a letter is as novel as a few years ago it was to receive an e.mail and I certaily open my daily post more eagerly than the e.mail account, even though it is mostly bills!

    Good luck with it anyway

  10. colin says:

    Zagger – I am definitely gullible – against my better judgement joined up with Martin Raymond, my first foray into backing tipsters,but it was a considered thing whiich when I found it going wrong got out of, cost free.

    But mug punter, no. And less gullible than I was – perhaps even evn gullible free now

    I have similar negative views on Forex systems which seem fashionable at present, as you have on racing, and concerns for those being taken in by the sales letters for them which seem to have been written by the same copywriters with the same extravagent claims as the racing system promoters (Indeed, I KNOW the same copywriter writes just about all Cannonburys sales letters be it Forex or racing and many other subjects, and brilliant at it he is, too) but not having more than 2 passing poor experiences I do not have a level of expertise to say that you and you fellow Forex traders are are “mugs” and “gullible” Do you have the experience in Sports betting to make the statements you have?

    Facts on Brimardon

    They have been going a lot longer than most in the field of sports betting. There have been many tries at discreditting them but with little sucess. So hardly ” “fly by night”
    Before I signed up with them I had a live demo using their software at an afternoons meetings. It was profitable.(Not than one afternoon is by any means proof)
    I was also given 3 years spreadsheets of results not preprepared but asked for retrospectively and run off for me straight away.

    That is MY experience of them at a particular time in 2008. Things may have changed.

    So this is a long way of asking that you do not slag off people who choose sports betting as their gambling vehicle rather than Forex, you may have your opinions as to their follies in pursuing racing but it does not mean they are idiots, just as my views on followers of Forex are not neccesarily valid either, which is why I will not express them

  11. steve says:

    Have readall your comments on Brimardon with interest. I would not subscribe to ANY tipster but I do bet on the horses, no other sports, do not study the form book but have a method of my own which to level stakes produced a profit in 2010 and ROI of 87%. My small arsenal of information costs me about £2.50 per week which includes Racing plus weekend paper and a daily paper in the week. Winners range from evens to 20/1 although I rarely back below 2/1 win only no ew level stakes two tier. All bets are recorded.
    Don’t try to cover too much do it yourself you don;t need tipsters because we can all be one and make sure you have a bank so that a losing bet is never a problem. Tipsters are trouble.

    Go on have a go and sink or swim but it can be done. Profit is the only thing and my motto is Some I’ve lost and some I’ve won But there’s another day to come.

    Best of luck to you all

  12. John Shuff says:

    Hi Guy’s
    as you can see from the new ‘Review’ header, the Brimardon System has been revisited and I’m the one doing the visiting. As a matter of fact I’ve actually taken out a subscription. Now I know from the banter here that you’ll all probably think I’m a bit thick and to quote ‘Zagger’ a bit of a mug, but I’m the kind of person who would rather find out for myself… even if I fall flat on my arse… rather than condem or praise without actually experiencing something… even if it cost’s me financialy.
    And, yes this is costing me… £99 per month to be exact… but as I got in on the promotion I don’t pay the v,a,t, that anyone joining now will pay.
    Still this kind of money is not chicken feed, especially as once you sign up you’re in it for the long run,like 12 months, come rain or shine. And so I am/was expecting some form of bang for my buck.
    As I’ve said in the review intro at the top I have my own method of following the Brimardon System, so I won’t bore you with repeating all that again, just to say that I’m pleased I am using my method and not theirs.
    Presently I’m having quite a sparing match with a guy called John Brook whom I believe is the director (or so he likes to be called) of the company. He’s a strange sort and seems to be easily upset, so when there’s a need… as in I feel like I have a genuine complaint… I’m at him via email wanting to know why their selections are not doing as well as their advertising professes they do… as this is where the ad’s differ from the actual results… and boy can he get upset.
    As the weeks go by I’ll add to the content here on an ongoing basis, so that you can see what/who I’m dealing with as a subscriber to Brimardon, and believe me good or bad,I won’t be pulling any punches. Like when they threw up a constant number of losers in January 2011 which were not mentioned in their direct mailings or email promo’s. I have emails that I will post a little latter which I think you’ll find both interesting and a laugh.
    Oh by the way I have made a slight profit…with my own method… not nearly enough to cover the sub’s and with the results lately… I stopped betting as the continual run of failures was getting too much… I’m not sure I ever will. But that remains to be seen.
    As I said I’ll try to post as regular as possible so that you can follow how things develope.
    If there’s anything anyone wants to ask please feel free to do so, if I can answer I will.

    John Shuff.

  13. brimardon says:

    well well, we now know why john shufflebottom was sending constant negative emails, it was to get a responce so he could use it against us,
    loads of emails and strange that the emails only came after a loser and all negative, never did we get a email after a winner.

    He is way out on his figures and everything is very negative against us but i suppose we now know why.

    As for rob, he has been in touch but the facts are different from the story told,
    When he joined he was told the free ad on software would be withdrawn in a few weeks and the agreement signed gives us the right to withdraw anything if its not working correctly or outdated.

    It was not horse tipping software it was a free coverbet that did not find winners but managed your bet on betfair, rob joined on the phone line we have already offered him the email software service free thats worth £720 for 6 months and have told him we would be able to teach him the coverbet methods and we can point him in the direction of other free software that does the same as our now not availiable coverbet.

    We have bent over backwards to help him.

    We are the only racing service to have a asa adjudication in favour that said the claim in the Racing Post for the £37,500 profit was honest, truthful and we substantiated the profit, the asa’s words not ours.
    We must also point out that we proof all our selections, the betting slips of the prices obtained as per asa regulations.

    Just to confirm we do not back two horses in every race many times we back just one horse it does change all the time as we move through the year.

    We know that backing 2 horses in all the races means we would have less profit long term so we cannot do it all the time,if the second rated is winning more than it really should then we cannot ignore this and switch to have a saver on the second rated and we switch and change every week keeping a eye on every result and tailoring our betting to what is happening daily.

    0ur points average is 1 to 5 and although the review said 9 points thats misleading,we have only have limited big bets and the 9 point reported in the review was the first win 9 pointer in 8 months that horse was brought down and in our opinion would have won the race.

    Anything else please ask or ring us, we are straight open and honest i wish we could say the same about some reviews and comments and remember there are always two sides to every story.

    John X

  14. JohnShufflebottom says:

    Well Guy;s how’s that for a response?
    Told you Mr Brook was easily upset.
    First I don’t need a response, the failure to make a profit is enough for me to let him know how I feel. As well as it being my right.

    So he says I don’t send emails after winners here’s one from Friday 18th Of Feb 2011… I have the original on file as I have all emails… to and from… as well as races and results for everyone to see if they wish.

    to enquiries

    show details 18 Feb (2 days ago)

    Hello Mr Brook,

    Now don’t say that I don’t comment on winners that make a profit…
    Still 15/8 (minus a Point) is better than what we usually get.

    So this will go down on the file as an exception.

    Maybe that Monkey is loosing it’s grip… though I doubt it… today was the exception as I said… not the norm!!

    John Shufflebottom

    The following day Sat 19th Feb 2011 I sent this one…
    to enquiries

    show details 14:48 (20 hours ago)

    Hello Mr Brook

    Well that monkeys still on yer back mate.
    4points… and at a tenner a point… £40 down on the day…
    And just when u thought it was getting better.

    Math’s not a prob today … eh!
    And I bet you still claim it as a winner.
    You really should sharpen that PIN.

    John Shufflebottom


    What I don’t do is praise falsely. Like, when there is a winner in a race but the profits are canceled out by the level of staking points advised on the second selection in the race and in the accompanying races advised… se the genuine results in the email below …

    to enquiries

    show details 17 Feb (3 days ago)

    Hello Mr Brook

    Just how do you manage to do it?

    5 selections from 3 races … you finaly get it right in the last race … and STILL have a LOSS on the Day.

    Prices at 15 minutes before the off on each race at £10 per point.

    Race 1 at 20/1 … no score = minus 0.5 ew = Minus £10.

    Race 2 at 7/4 and 13/2 … no score = minus 5 points = Minus £50.

    Race 3 at 15/8 and 13/2 … score 1 win = + 3 points at 15/8 = plus £56… BUT…

    Minus 2 points on the loser = minus £20 = £36 up on race but … £80 loss over £56 win = a LOSS OF £24 ON THE DAY.

    Still laughing at my negativity … or may be you’re too blind to see whats going on?
    You really should try to get rid of that MONKEY Mr Brook.

    May be a new PIN would help… LOL.

    John Shufflebottom.

    I have a great deal more on record and I’ll let anyone interested see them and the results I’ve recorded since 02/Jan/2011. And remember that I’m not doing any thing wrong or illeagal here all I’m doing is reporting the facts as they come.
    So Mr John Brook… yes I’m negative… as negative as your results… I would love to be positive, but with the tips that you’re sending out and the missleading advertising I find it difficult… very difficult… after all would I be this negative if I was making a profit?
    Oh, by the way who is John X? We all know your name so why try to hide?

    Well fellow MMR members you can make your own choises as to whether you join the Brimardon system or not, but as you can see I have my own opinions based on the results.

    So if anyone can see anything wrong in stating the FACTS as they actually are please let me know…


    John Shufflebottom

  15. John Shuff says:

    Hi All,
    Just a post to say things are still the same with the Brimardon tips. But he’s changing their advertising slightly so I’ll be keeping an eye on that. If there’s any change to the method I’ll report back.

    John Shuff.

  16. Zagger says:

    Oh dear, Oh dear,
    Why do you guys never learn.
    I called you gullible in an earlier message.
    Maybe I was being kind.
    People like yourself,who wish to make some extra cash playing the horses, need to devote time and effort in gaining a degree of expertise in the subject.
    (I’ve done that in Forex)
    Then you could make your own decisions!
    But, people don’nt want to do this.
    They want to be told “Back Red Rover in the 3.30 at Doncaster.It will do the Bizzo!!”
    Brimardon & many others, know this fact, and are quite happy to supply this service, at a price.
    The information they supply is generally crap, because they probably don’nt know much more than even you.
    But, so what, they know there will always be a steady stream of mugs coming along eager to discover the “Secret” of winning at the races.

  17. John Shuff says:

    Hi Zagger,
    I agree totaly, and while I conceed that I’m as guilty as anyone at trying to find the ‘right’ information from a second party, at the same time I feel that using the info that is forwarded by people who claim to have an angle, along with my own, can be helpful sometimes.
    It depends on the quality of that ‘info’that makes the difference.

    When I started out with Brimardon the results were steady, and I was making a profit but not by following their staking plan but with my own method of backing.

    Then all of a sudden the winners thinned out. Now whether this was complacency on their part or the usual bad run after the good one I don’t know…. but it’s not getting better.

    Talking to ‘Mr Brook’ is a total waste of time, he appears to think he knows it all, the man cannot see any reason past his own. In fact he has told me by email that he won’t answer me again… spit the dummy out me thinks!

    Ok, they have been around a while… since 1985 apparantly… but is that because of the amount of winners… they say that they back their selections too… or are they living off the money brought in from subscriptions?
    Presently I’m leaning in favour of the latter, mainly because of the lack of a trial period or refund and a long tie-in period… convenient or what?

    This is why I’m consistantly badgering the said ‘Mr Brook’ about the lack of transparency in their advertising, and the misleading way they state the number of winners they have… as well as the lack of profits.

    If you go back to my header here on this post you’ll see what I mean.

    In their ads they have been stating winning races… not winning horses. So if they select 2 races on the day with 2 horses in each and one wins they call that “one winner and one loser”… but that is ‘one race won and ‘one race lost, they have not been stating that there were possibly points advised to back their other three runners and those all lost.
    Depending on how many points were allocated to the winner and to the losers and the level of the odds, this can mean that difference between a profit and a loss as we all know all too well.
    Anyway, until they dump me and stop my subscription I’ll continue to make them aware that I’m watching their every move.
    I’ll have full coverage of this month’s Brimardons selections at the begining of March, there is too much to post here so if any one is interested in the full blown edition I’ll be happy to send them by email attachment.
    In the meantime watch this space, and thanks for your comments.

    John Shuff…

  18. John Shuff says:

    Hi all,

    Just an update and a winning day at last.
    As Mr Brook states I never remark on winners… and as I replied… I do but only on a profitable day…
    Well at last we have a profitable day a £76 profit to £10 stakes. But with the usual variation of points allocated to 5 selections in 3 races. There was also 2 selected as danger horses without any points advised.
    So it was not a straight forward profit as it all hinged on the final race of the 3(1 winner in the first and none in the second)with only one selection and 4 points stake advised.
    But it came good at 7/4 and a profit was had. Below is the email I sent to Mr Brook…
    Hello Mr Brook

    at last a profitable day £76 return to £10 stakes. THAT MAKES A REFRESHING CHANGE!

    Don’t forget to list the 3 loosing selections… because I have.

    Do you think it could be possible for you to keep this up… the way you advertise you do?

    We’ll see!

    John Shufflebottom

    John Shuff.

  19. John Shuff says:

    Hi again Guys,
    keeping you in the loop….

    Mr Brook of Brimardon fame sent out an email today to his suscribers… he obviously believes he still has some subscribers…

    Now for legal reasons I personaly won’t make anything he writes or advises public, but this email may make interesting reading to those of you who are following this saga.

    So, I’ve just emailed him and invited him to publish the said email himself here on MMR.

    He’s obviously not shy at making his own excuses so let’s see if he takes me up on this…

    Oh’ by the way his system is still running at a loss this week after a break even day today, it’s the usual scenario… losers canceling out winners.

    Regards …. John Shufflebottom

  20. John Shuff says:

    Can a person make this kind of MISTAKE when preparing an advertising promotion…

    This is part of the email promo I received from Brimardon on Tuesday 01/Mar/2011… the rest of it would be too much to post here…

    Latest today Monday 28 February
    3 RACES ONLY, 2 won 1 2nd.

    WOLF MOON Won 15/8sp
    WOR ROM 2nd 8/1sp

    Not a bad day’s punting you might think…

    Before I go any further let me point something out.

    The selections Brimardon put forward for their subscribers are presently coming by email. If they believe the selections are real contenders for a win they allocate each one with an number of “Points” to stake, for example top selection “My Horse” = 3 points win … “Another Horse” second pick = 1 point win… using £10 level stakes if “My Horse” wins at 3/1 and you placed £10 x 3 = £30 you win £90. And lose 1 point £10 on “Another Horse” Now that is fine but…

    Let’s take another race selection…
    “Horse Two” advised 2 points win… “Horse Three” points advised = None… so you could ignore this horse as it is not recommended, it’s up to you… but it has no staking points to guide you…

    So you back “Meet the Bride” It comes home 3rd you lose £20 (2 points advised at £10 per point = £20 stake… “Best Man” wins but you don’t have any returns because you did not bet on it because they did not recommend it…. Hope you’re still with me…

    Now take another look at “Shadows Lengthen” in the Brimardon promo ad… they have it down as a 11/2 win… guess what… it did not have any points allocated so, would not normally be classed as a contender as no one following their advice would have backed it.. “Shadows Lengthen” won… and they claiming it as a winner for them even though it did not meet their points criteria…

    Now read the email I sent Mr Brook after that days racing.

    Nice try Mr Brook… your latest email advert…now how about getting it right… like the real results for Mon 28/Feb/2011… which were as follows…

    All at £10 level stakes per point allocated.
    5 horses ADVISED with points allocated…

    Race 1 …
    Wor Rom’ = 2nd with 3p win advised = minus £30
    WhatdoIdowiththat’ = UP 3p win advised = minus £30.

    Race 2…
    A Bridge to Far’ 4p win advised = 2nd = minus £40.

    Shadows Lengthen’ 1st at 3/1 But NO POINTS ADVISED… SO BETTING ON THIS HORSE WAS NOT ADVISED… AS STATED FROM YOUR STAKING PLAN IT WAS A NO BET! So you’re claiming winners that you don’t advise any points on… not good … not good at all…

    Race 3…
    Silent Cliche’ = 4p win = UP = minus £40.
    Wolf Moon = 2p win = 1st at 2/1 (as you said no body uses SP) = plus £40.

    So that’s £40 winnings less £140 losses = £100 down on the day.

    Now I wonder what the ASA would say about that advert Mr Brook?

    The true story Mr Brook… how about telling the true story?

    Like I’ve previously said I never miss a trick…

    As you’re using this as an advert… even though it’s misleading… I don’t think you’ll have any complaints if I make this email public… will you?
    If you do please let me know asap stating your reasons why I should not.

    John Shufflebottom


    They’re claiming 2 winners… Wolf Moon did win… plus the a second that was advised win only!
    So, there would be a £100 loss on the day… a big difference to what they would broadcast in there ad.

    I emailed Mr Brook again a few hours later to ask him to let me know if he had any complaints about my posting the above, but got no reply. Then I emailed him again today with the same question and have just received his response.

    This response was addressed to “Dear Member” so making it copyright.
    Of course I cannot legally make that public… crafty or what?
    What he says in explanation was to fudge everything as he did here in his one and only post, which was to give a feeble explanation of some kind of mistake in sending out the email.

    I am now going to reply to his “Explanation” asking him if he intends to retract the email promotion in question and apologise to the punting public for misleading them.

    We’ll see what happens…
    By the way February was a losing month as was today Wednesday… as was Tuesday… sound familiar?

  21. Gromit says:

    Funnily enough, I used to be a member (and poster) of a racing forum back in the very early 2000’s and I remember Brimardon’s name being mentioned on many occasions back then. Needless to say, none of the mentions were good ones either!
    Seems like nothing has changed…

  22. Darren says:

    Still a load of cr@p, not had a winner from their last 9 selections, just a 2nd place e/w bet in the middle

  23. Paul says:

    I joined Brimardon in February 2011, against my better judgement and I can’t believe how bad it is.

    I agree with you John Shuff. Everything you are saying in here mirrors my experiences with this John Brooks. He is extremely arrogant and hasn’t got a clue!

    I could say more, but will leave it at that for now.

    Is there no way we can stop these people trading and ripping punters off?

    Bye for now

  24. Tony says:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, Paul. The best thing to do with these wasters is to not buy from any tipping service – ever. I know it’s easy to be wise after the event, especially when so called respectable papers allow this yite to be advertised so much, however the vendors will no longer have a living if people stop buying their stuff.
    You can get free tips off the internet from very respectable sources, including the RP, the Sporting Life and various blogs where professionals share their tips for free every day. Just google “Free Tips” and join one of the forums out there.
    Hope this helps others to avoid paying for tipsters. Remember, the only reason these people try to sell their predictions is that they couldn’t make them pay for themselves and they need your money to plug a hole!

  25. sebula says:

    hi all
    i normally look on their website.
    looking at it now states 3 races on saturday 2 winners including 12/1 winner.
    but dont say how many bets there were
    can anyone confirm


  26. slad2blues says:

    I don’t use Brimardon myself but a friend, now deceased, bought the software about 20 yrs ago.His only complaint was the slowness of the program running on his Amstrad or Atari I forget which.
    They have been advertising in the respectable racing press for many yrs so must have something going for them.
    However if system users can’t take losses why bother buying systems?
    I can’t see the logic in rejecting one system as rubbish,getting a refund to buy another which is also rubbish and so on.
    Pick your own or follow Pricewise.

  27. mark108 says:

    Great posts Jack very enlightening! Have you got any further updates on how the remaining months of your subscription went- I think I can probably guess but would be great to get an update!

    Visited their site and they’re still highlighting how they are constantly hitting those winners daily and awaiting a big Chelts!

  28. paceman1 says:

    Big Cheltenham according to the ad I received today in the post.Any updates anybody?

  29. floridaroy says:

    Thanks for all the content guys – I was tempted after receiving a leaflet in the post today – shall not bother now.

  30. scobbie says:

    yes now theyve changed there system to only the big meetings .. they now charge 150£ for a daily tip … they gave out the derby winner hardly hard work .. plus another horse in the same race .. you would have to stake at least 3 x your stake to make a profit … best leave well alone .. you can pick these yourself less the 150 plus the second horse … theres plenty of tipsters who give out for free .. i joined a facebook tipster … hes gave out 3 winners this week a 14.1 3.1 6.1 .. much more fun and free .. join horse racing tips ..simon long

  31. robbiebroad says:

    Brimardon are back on the advertising trail I see. At least, I received an advert in the post this week.

    I was a member back in 2009 and, in initially, made a good profit. However, that profit was soon wiped out and big losses were realised. At that point, I cancelled my subscription and tried to get some of my money back.

    To cut a long story short, John Brook became quite rude and threatening when I tried to point out the failings in his system. It sounds like he has not changed.

    Personally, like other posters here, I would not touch Brimardon with a barge pole. In fact, I would not touch them with yours!

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