Brian Reavill Special Factor Staking Plan Review

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Product Name: Brian Reavill Special Factor Staking Plan

Author:  Brian Reavill

Company Name & Contact Details:
Castle Sporting Services Ltd,
54 Smithson Avenue,
WF10 3HN
tel: 0800 077 6946


How would you like to place higher stakes on your selections (playing up the winners!) without having to worry that any long losing runs will ruin everything? With the Special Factor Staking Plan you will achieve this.

Price: £8

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

–   PDF download of staking plan system for betting systems. Plus 5 free systems if buying online.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Brian Reavill Special Factor Staking Plan has two objectives: to defeat the long losing run which ruins so many betting systems; and to safely increase the size of the stake you are presently using (and therefore your winnings).

What’s It All About?  

The author claims the principles behind the plan can be applied to any selection method and staking plan not just horses (eg greyhounds, casino games and other forms of betting).

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

N/A – this is purely a staking plan product based on a 500 point bank.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

No specific claims made.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

N/A – designed to be used in conjunction with your own selections

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 


Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Poor – Castle have no ability to help with system questions and the author will not help unless you have bought direct from him.

Review 16/01/2012:

It is claimed that the author considers this system his best ever and that it still works after its introduction in 1978. The term system is used in its widest sense and many of you may consider the Castle advert somewhat ambiguous or worse.

The staking plan outlined in the 6 page manual is a modified loss recovery plan aimed at extending the life of your betting bank. The manual states that it will enable you to achieve higher winnings by allowing increased stakes in the knowledge that a losing run will not destroy the bank.

A fictitious set of 50 races has been used to illustrate the principle and the difference seen in the bank balance is dramatic – zero after 45 bets on the normal recovery plan style but in profit using the Special Factor plan.

Without giving too much away, the plan involves the creation of a reserve bank from the original starting point and if a losing run occurs a transfer from reserve is made and the sequence re-started. The enhanced profit potential is generated by a threefold stake increase and the identification of the “tipping point” is critical before the plan is used so you can know when to take defensive action.

The plan is explained in great detail and appears to hold water but you must remember that it is working with the selections that you will be making and thus can only be as good as they are. The example given in the documentation assumes all bets are placed at odds of 3.0 and the outcome will naturally vary with your own selections.

It appears that you are able to cover previous losses without undue strain on the bank but whether this translates into practical reality can only be determined individually.

I have recalculated the results of the Better than the Bank system (as an example) using the plan and it has improved the profit by nearly 8 points – see spreadsheet below. It should be pointed out that the staking plan for the system as advised was only 2 points behind the plan under review and was far easier to calculate.

At the modest cost of £8 the experimenters and system aficionados amongst readers may consider that it is worth this sum to have a staking plan option. You will need to be disciplined in your approach if you plan to use it as a stake recalculation is required after every race.

Better than the Bank recalculation example results.


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