Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software Review

| September 19, 2012 | 146 Replies

Product Name: Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software

Author: Mike Cruickshank

Company Name & Contact Details:
Unit 7, Brooklands,
Budshead Road,


“You’ve profited from Bonus Bagging – Now, my new software could make you a risk-free £35 – £50 every single day” (even if you’ve run out of bookie bonuses!)

Price: £10+VAT=£12 monthly payments

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Do You Get?

– Online user guide explaining the service and how to place the bets. The information is put so simply that anyone can follow it.
– Arb software which provides you with available arb bets with up to 80 bookies
– Full email support from Mike

Brief Summary:

Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging Arbitrage Software finds bets which will make a guaranteed profit if the bet wins on your chosen bookie. It is similar to the original Bonus Bagging in technique however this does not rely on the free bonuses bookies give out so you can use it even if you already have lots of accounts open.



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  1. esling says:

    I tried this after bonus bagging and I desperately wanted to make it work, but it didn’t for me. I found I was spending ages trying to get bets on. Very often no matter how quickly I acted the odds had changed before I could place the bets. And when I did get a few bets on the majority obviously came up on the lay bet. So I was either breaking even or making the odd pound or two, but not enough to justify the time spent.

    In order for this to work you would have to place a lot of bets per day, which in theory is no problem, I just found that no matter what I did or how fast I acted the odds were changing quickly so I could never get enough bets on.

  2. Esling,

    This isn’t as much as a no brainer as Bonus Bagging, but it is still free money and ultra low risk.

    You are looking at gains of around 5% per bet. Sometimes up to 10% if you can find an arb with higher rating. With Bonus Bagging you are looking at gains of around 70%.

    The odds are correct around 90% of the time. You can speed up the process by selecting 5 different bookies, have them logged in and ready in another browser tab with horse racing selected. This will really improve the speed you can log in and get the advised prices.

    Yes you do need to place a few bets each day to make a profit. I would say 10 in enough which can be done quickly as the software finds so many bets.

    As with Bonus Bagging, you can contact me for help. I do not mind taking time to help people struggling. And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

    This product is ideal for people who have finished the bonuses and are looking for an additional income stream with the capital they have built up.

  3. scarbough says:

    Hi mike,are we saying then that realistically £20 per day is achievable,with a bit of effort, and the right technique.cheers

  4. Hi John,

    £20 profit would require 4 x £100 bets @ 5% profit per bet with the standard staking method. You can do smaller bets but more of them to achieve this profits.

    We advise horse racing so you can recycle your money quickly, rather than waiting 24 hours for a football game.

    We also have some other methods of staking which I would rather keep between members which requires less liability.

    Finally we have an advanced method which can see up to 20% profit per bet but it does require more time and isn’t 100% risk free.

  5. kev500 says:


    To make around £20 per day you mention we would need to place 4 x £100 bets @ 5% profit per bet. How many of these types of bets are available daily and how long would we need to spend to place say 4 bets like these to achieve that sort of profit daily? Can we do this in the evenings?

    Secondly, what is the total bank we would require to place 4 x £100 bets daily because I am assuming when we place the bet with each bookie, it will take some time for us to then receive any winnings back into our account and then for us to be able to reuse?



  6. sinjon says:

    I see the design has been updated for the arb software. No email from Mike on this so I assume it’s just a few tweaks as I don’t see any obvious change in functionality.

    I see in the past few days Envicto are featuring regularly with some good low odds high rated arbs. Does anyone have any experience with this bookie, especially whether they are arb friendly?

    They don’t have a current sign up offer but there’s certainly some low cover profit to be made at the moment.

  7. bidster007 says:

    I to have noticed Envicto have been featuring alot on the bonus bagging arbing, as a bit of a newbie i would like to know does the calculator take into account that Envicto is in Euros and the Calculator works arbing profits in pounds? Will the profit still work out the same after exchanging the profits made in euros back into pounds?

  8. humphrd1 says:

    I have just purchased this – am I right in thinking that I will need to open numerous betting accounts and put money into each account ? Monies are tight at the moment and if I have to put £75 in 5 accounts or more it will soon add up.

    Just wonder if someone who has used the programme has any advice on how to keep my costs down !

    I’m a newbie, happy with the upfront payment for the programme but had assumed I would be opening accounts and playing with free money – at least to start !

  9. tom42 says:

    humph – do one at a time and take your time.

    Ask Mike – that is what you have paid for!

  10. tom42 says:

    humph – ignore what I have just said – I thought I was on the main BB thread. Sorry old age and all that!!


  11. Humphrd1, is your question regarding Bonus Bagging or the arb software?

  12. pemean says:

    You need to spend a lot of time and have money deposited in a variety of bookie accounts to make such arbing worthwhile. The best arbing software I have come across is RebelBetting but that is high cost. I was soon restricted by most of the best arbing bookies despite trying to stay under the radar.
    There are some free arbing websites such as and but you have to be careful with the palpable error rules and the fact that a lot of these arbs have been snapped up by pro arbers with bots and thousands of pounds!
    I don’t know if Mike provides much support with arbing but it is small reward for the time effort and organisation needed – probably below the minimum wage for most of us – unless you have very large betting banks which you can afford to tie up.

  13. humphrd1 says:

    Its on Bonus Bagging. Got my first instruction to open an account & it says deposit £75 deposit. Just wanted a guide on how much I really need to have available to get working with this system. Keen to give it a go as it sounds interesting !

  14. You need around £100 to start.

    You can do one bookmaker at a time.

    Once you have used the free bet, withdraw all your cash and then we raid the next bookie.

  15. Arizona4gold says:

    i wish to start with bonus bagging but most bookies offers are not for Nigerians. So i would like to start with the arbs software. How much do i need to start?

  16. paulfrancisco says:

    In support of Mike, I would just like to say it’s nice to find a genuine guy, with a genuine system. I still know very little about betting, but 4 weeks into Bonus Bagging, and all thanks to Mike’s instructions, guidance, help and support, I have a net profit of £496.58. Not bad for someone who has never laid a bet before.
    I have just bought the Arbitrage system and am still trying to learn how it works before I use it, as I am still investing everything in Bonus Bagging.
    So, from me, def recommended and many thanks Mike.
    Kind regards

  17. mfhiggins says:

    Bonus bagging works. Avoid betvictor as they require four bets after getting bonus before you can cash out. I don’t know about the arbitrage but it looks very time intensive for low returns.

  18. humphrd1 says:

    Thanks everyone ! I have found Mike to be really helpful so far and getting some profits just need to decide if it’s a long term thing for me or not.

  19. sparkers says:

    Have just had a very successful few weeks with Bonus Bagging (profits £531.09p) but am concerned that the Arbitrage offer seems to have gone up from £10 per month to £19.95 since the review in September (6 weeks ago) plus I haven’t yet found a review which endorses the product as whole-heartedly as Bonus Bagging so think I will wait awhile and see how it progresses.

  20. keith1977 says:

    Anyone got any more info on the Arb system,just wondering is anyone making profits from it,thanks.

  21. bremner says:

    Has anybody had trouble getting banned from various bookmakers? I have been shut down twice with different accounts and i was wondering if anyone knew a way round it? cheers

  22. slicerles says:

    Yes, I was surprised how quick the bookies closed my accounts, you have to use different accounts on a limited basis, I can only suggest a mate opens an account for you, but be careful of your ip address as the bookie could know who is really the account holder

  23. cropper747 says:

    I signed up for Bonus Bagging and Arbitrage Software one week ago. Mike emailed a recommendation to a Bingo site yesterday which gives a generous welcome bonus and free daily casino spins. Today I deposited £20, got a £50 welcome bonus played it through (as instructed) and after 90mins I withdrew my £20 PLUS £60 profit. Very nice! I’ve left a couple of quid in so I can use the free daily spins which should net approx £7 pw

    Every little helps

  24. assetman says:

    I’ve used Bonus Bagging and the arbitrage system and between the two made just over £1,800 over 10 weeks or so. It’s not easy (bonus bagging is) as gains are small but with around 15-20 bets a day you can easily make around £30-40 per day. However, nothing in life is free so it will take vigilance as the good arbs come in throughout the day so don’t expect to log on for 10 mins a day and make money. In addition, you may find that some book makers will close your account once they spot suspicious activity but if you have an interest in horse racing, which I have, it’s great to stand at the bar and watch the races and look smug amongst the other punters knowing that whatever the outcome you’ve made some money on that race.

  25. Bear1 says:

    Brilliant stuff – nice to hear of a success story.

    Good for you and good for Bonus Bagging.

  26. robbie1303 says:

    Bonus bagging system is great and works I made about £800 from it. However I signed up for the arbitrage system a couple of months ago and I still don’t really get it. If I look at the first 4 bets on the system today : 1. bet £100, liability of £1394 to win £6.00, 2. Bet £100, liability of £2894 to win £5.68, 3. Bet £100, liability of £1595 to win £4.57, 4. bet £100, liability of £4495 to win £3.35 and so on. So not onlt would you need £400 to place bets with the bookies, but to cover the liabilities you would need over £10,000 in your betfair account. I’m not sure but would there be enough funds in Betfair to match these bets ? These are standard match bets, should I be underlaying them where if the result is a win then the bookie win is much more, but then if it looses you lose nothing. I maybe have got the concept totally wrong, if so can someone please advise !!!

  27. You use the filter to display low odds bets Robbie. It also sounds like the bets have a low rating so may not be worth doing.

    Please email me for help

  28. robbie1303 says:

    Hi Mike, OK have done that, but £100 bet wins £2.69 with liability of £497, next one £100 bet wins £2.54 with liability of £647 with only £63 available so that may not be matched. Don’t get me wrong I know that they are risk free but am I right thinking to make £50 a day I’m going to need a hefty bank balance in Betfair. Would it be better underlaying them and win nothing if bet loses but win more if it wins.

  29. You don’t need a huge Betfair bank Robbie.

    The thread is not the correct place to be asking for support.

    Email me

  30. scarbough says:

    I hope people are doing that beginning of season sky bet offer till the end of season soccer,… last update was a couple of months ago,,,my last nine weeks are here..

    PROFIT… £££

    Easy to do and over £50 up now, and potentially £80 from them before the end of season…. and i only took the offer up in january,.ok its small money,but free,,, hope you are doing this…takes me 5 mins each bet….. one qualify and one free …great offer.

  31. I think that is a good idea for a video John 🙂

  32. scarbough says:

    mmmm…easy trade,easy profit,just easy cash.

  33. willie0559 says:

    Like others I did have reservations – the old adage “If it is too good to be true – then it probably isn’t” sprung to mind. But certainly not with Bonus Bagging. I made a right few quid with Bonus Bagging, so all credit to Mike, it was easy money for very little effort and input.
    I get the feeling that some people are a bit scared of some of the amounts of money you have to invest – and that is the key word “invest,” because after a very short time you will realise a huge return on your investment, and you really have to bear in mind that ultimately it is completely risk free – you simply cannot lose!! Just keep following Mike’s advice – you cannot go wrong!!
    To put it simply and into layman’s terms, over a period of about three weeks I invested and re-invested money around a number of bookmakers on Mike’s advice and made over £600 pounds profit!! That’s the most I’ve made on betting in years over such a short time!!

    I do take the point that the arbs system takes an even heavier level of investment for comparatively small returns, but if you tailor the level of investment to your means then you will still gain. Look at things from a purely “investment” perspective – what is your bank returning on a £100 investment – 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%- equates to £0.50, £1.00 or £1.50a YEAR!!? Bear in mind that return will be for an investment over a YEAR!!! A £100 investment on the Bonus Bagging Arbs can make at least three or four times that per bet!!

    All I can say is – get stuck in and fill your boots!!

  34. scarbough says:

    This is for the bonus bagging site i guess, but i hope you all do the bet 365 free bet offer for untd and real this week,30-35 minimum from what 10 mins work in two bets,….easy stuff,,,,

  35. karrhino says:

    How much time do you spend on the arbitrage betting?
    What is the lowest rating you take on and so far I cant seem to find many bets i can put on. What is your strategy for doing so? Would be great help if you can advise and what size of bank required?

  36. idomin00 says:

    I bought bonus bagging and was disappointed when it didn’t work due to my location.
    I asked for my money back and was offered 3 months subscription to the zero risk arbitrage software instead.
    It was a great decision. I win when making bets and added a new income stream to my bottom line.
    Won so much from Bet Victor that he closed my account.
    Will be staying subscribed to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. robbie1303 says:

    Hi Mike. I have emailed you.

  38. u549012 says:

    I also bought bonus bagging and have the location problem as all are for UK residents. May I get the arbitrage software also?
    But does that not require location to be in the UK , too?

  39. Replied to your email u549012.

  40. u549012 says:

    Sure. Top notch support from bonus Bagging. Five star!

  41. scarbough says:

    Hi guys,
    just a couple of comments from very early in the Arbing software months, and the time it takes to get such small returns,….if this was say one tenth of your portfolio. and a banker as it were in terms of profit no matter what so to speak,……Then it does become more interesting, you get to choose the Arbs and make consistent gains, week in week out…

    I know that working from home doing betting as apposed to the usual rat race stuff is a lot more rewarding than having to work for somebody else…

    Freedom is a blessing,dont knock small profits,they add up…..

  42. pepasimjenjer says:

    I tried one of the free no-risk casino offers yesterday as advised by a Bonus Bagging emails.

    Result – over £400 banked profit in under 20 minutes (using autospin on a fruit machine.)

    Now to try some others !

    Thank You Bonus Bagging.

  43. Patrick2e says:


    The Arb setup is looking very professional and the videos make it much easier to use at least for me ha ha

  44. I’m glad you like them Patrick.

    I hope to have the case study uploaded this morning.

  45. Patrick2e says:

    The case study is excellent Mike. Hope to make £30-£60 a
    day with this.

  46. foxy.lord says:

    Note the guarantee at the top of this review.
    I joined on 1st Feb…..and cancelled on 19th Feb..Well within the guarantee period…still in it even at this date of posting.
    However,whilst future payments via ‘clickbank’ have been cancelled,i have not received a refund from the Arbitrage service,even after numerous emails requesting it…..BEWARE.

  47. Not had any trolls on my threads for a while!

    Here is a screen shot of refunds I have processed over the last few days 🙂

  48. P.S. personal info is blanked out for obvious reasons.

  49. foxy.lord

    Mr. Pawson, I replied to your email yesterday saying your order would be refunded. As you cancelled I had to forward the ticket to Clickbank for them to refund. It can’t be done manually. That takes 72 hours. Your were emailed about this yesterday.

    Now what I don’t understand is why you feel the need to troll about this on forums when you have had a reply including the offer of a refund?

  50. foxy.lord says:

    I did not receive a reply from you on my last 2 emails sent.Therefore i am not aware [until now],that you have processed the refund.
    I do not have a crystal ball….yet.

  51. scarbough says:

    There is always a few who could not put a coin into a winning slot machine, but there you go.

    Patience is a virtue, but some do not possess that.

  52. That’s funny Lance…

    My email software shows I replied to both messages and that you opened them?

    Do you want me to post a screen shot?

  53. foxy.lord says:

    Scarbough,dont poke your nose into a situation
    that you know nothing about.
    The above farce has been ongoing for several weeks,involving numerous emails.It has nothing to do with patience……more a case of honouring an obligation.

  54. foxy.lord says:

    MIKE……i can assure you that they did not arrive on my computer,and certainly were not opened by me.If i had received them…i would not be here now.

  55. You are talking complete crap Lance.

    You opened that email yesterday and that screen shot shows it.

  56. foxy.lord says:

    I dont know what email address you sent them to…but they DID NOT arrive here.The last one i received from you was 2 days ago.your screen shot may well say they were opened….but not by me….and no one else uses this computer.

  57. Go away mate and do not try and ruin my good reputation by saying I do not refund nor reply to emails. Screen shots above tell a different story.

  58. foxy.lord says:

    If i had received the emails you refer to…i would not be wasting my time on here.If i had already know that you had eventually decided to refund….what could i possibly gain by posting here???

  59. You are here to troll and make a nuisance of yourself. Have you not got anything better to do? My other members are busy cleaning up doing the Cheltenham offers.

    That shot clearly shows your email and you opened it.

    “your screen shot may well say they were opened….but not by me….and no one else uses this computer.’

    What a load of rubbish.

    Anyway, you will be refunded within the next 48 hours.

  60. foxy.lord says:

    I have just checked the 3 emails you sent on 11 March.

    No.1.entitled..’why you simply cannot afford to miss this’… a cheltenham offer.

    No.2.your reply to my email,starting….How did you cancel…..

    No.3.your reply to my previous email,starting….No,its only 30 days…

    None of these states that you are refunding.
    Check them yourself….you owe me an apology

  61. You are telling lies on this thread now.

    You said I didn’t reply to your last 2 emails. But now in your latest response you said I did?

    How much spare time do you have Lance? All this over a £12 refund.

    Get your facts right before you come trolling on my threads.

  62. ajmtd says:

    Great Cheltenham offers all in one place, easy to understand instructions backed up by foolproof videos, fantastic and speedy support and the little bits of money coming in all add up surprisingly quickly. A bonus indeed!

    Anyone who is still not doing this should think again – it’s one of the few things that actually work.

  63. ajmtd says:

    Reading the previous threads I find it very hard to credit that Mike would not have replied to an email. I’ve never had a problem getting a reply from him, no matter how many questions I’ve needed answers to or how stupid they might have seemed. My Arbitrage refund (temporary while I move house) was credited instantly.

  64. graham says:

    Hi Mike, don’t let time wasters get under your skin. If they realised by using your service and help, they could make more money than £12. You regularly send me advices on bookie offers, at no charge, other than my original £27. Won a nice bit today. Don’t know the final figure yet, but about £70. You put a lot of work into these bet examples. I for one appreciate it. Thanks Graham.

  65. scarbough says:

    Foxy. by all means have your view, but if its such a dilema for you keep it for you and mike and email him personally at the correct address, and not publish the usual,….lets tell every one on a thread mentality.

    you are probably one in 100 who has a problem with this and or bonus bagging, and or the vendor, and i stick by my view, which i do believe i am entitled to ,just as you are.

    but if it were me i would make sure my case was air tight before going public.Threads are not a place to sort issues, just spread idle gossip, which in effect means?…………….

    I emailed mike two days ago regards my issues with his spread sheet,…answer was swift,…….and again later that day…..And not the first time ive had issues and asked for help… problem…like i said make it public and just as you feel you are entitled to your view,you will get many with a differing opinion…….

  66. scarbough says:

    Now back to cash business, forget the horses that carnt be led to water, what a great day for bonuses from cheltenham,….actually felt sorry for the bookies with so many favs going in…..especially Hurricane Fly…..a 35k bet went on that times two i believe…wow.

  67. Thanks for the encouragement Graham.

    It just gets on my nerves when you get people on here trying to harm my business that I work very hard on purely to discredit me.

  68. foxy.lord says:

    You totally miss the point Mike.You never sent me an email stating that you were refunding,thats what i ment when i stated that i had never received such an email from you,as you well know by now…if you checked their content…you know you are incorrect.
    I could not give a knack about £12…its honouring your obligations that counts.

  69. So what the hell is this showing your email and saying you opened it

    You are incorrect.

    You are telling lies.

    You are a troll.

  70. foxy.lord says:

    As previously stated…the 3 emails fom you on 11th march are listed above….with their starting contents…i have doubled checked them.The contents are clear enough…no mention of a refund,as stated earlier.I have no intention of prolonging this futile argument any further….you can keep the £12 and donate it to a suitable charity.

  71. The content of that email is very clear.

    No thanks, I don’t want your £12.

    It will be refunded as promised.

  72. scarbough says:

    Just out of interest here,foxy have you signed up for bonus bagging, and if so have you looked at the videos of the bets to place?

  73. scarbough says:

    Regrds cheltenham,or bet 365,or a few other bookies i mean?….

  74. foxy.lord says:

    Yes Scarbough,i have done bonus bagging,and did very well out of it.I would certainly recommend it to anyone who has not.I only had an issue with the Arbitrage system….as you know from the above.
    Like yourself,i dont put all my eggs in one basket.My favourites are poker and horse racing.

  75. Chopper1 says:

    Hi all, I was the very first to post on the Bonus Bagging review in approx March 2011 (previous thread) when I used my username JOHN, Since then I have done a few other posts on here, every 6 months or so.

    So…. I have been with Bonus Bagging a long time. I can say hand on heart that Mike Cruickshank is a gent and must stay awake 24 hours a day due to all the hard effort he puts in.

    It is true that I could do the re load bonus bagging myself now because of what I have been taught over the years by Mikes emails and advice, however I simply could not do this without Mike`s software and his email backup whenever I need it.

    Yesterday for instance I had a quick question regarding Cheltenham, he answered within the hour, today I have asked him a question re a bookie being slow in refunding the bonus bets and if he had encountered the same, again he responded very quick. This considering this is one of the busiest days of the year regarding bonuses is very impressive.
    To even consider that he would reply to an email from me years down the line when I am not even requesting a bet is very impressive.

    So what changes/improvements have I seen since I started in 2011:
    1, my profits are now just approaching £3000 !! ( 2/3rds of this on reloads alone) It could be double that If I bothered with the Channel 4 saturday offers.
    2, Mike continues to respond to every email very quick and has NEVER let me down once !!! In fact his emails are now easier to read.
    3, His Software/website is improving all the time to make it user friendly.
    4, Mike now sends out emails with instruction videos on how to put the bets on using his own voice and screen shots (I wish that was available in 2011) I think he still sounds like one of the Oasis brothers LOL

    I cannot think of one negative thing to say about this service. If you are thinking of joining this service, please stop thinking and get on board now and make some RISK FREE MONEY.

    I have bagged £60 today on first day of cheltenham, should bag another 40 plus tomorrow because I have received a email from another bookie on personal invite – you get these all the time – at the end of cheltenham I am hoping to be in the region of £150 risk free profit – and I am doing this using Mikes software/website.

    For all the knockers out there – I am not affiliated to Mike. Credit where credit is due, keep up the good work Mike. John.

  76. Lol John, do I really sound like Liam Gallagher? Will have to put my posh voice on for the next video!

  77. venglos says:

    I’ll repeat what chopper 1 said, this is the best risk free profit system around bar none. Plus the fact you get referral bonuses for recommending friends makes it even better. Thanks Mike for over £50 free money on Cheltenham day 1 🙂

  78. venglos says:

    Oh and I’ve never known an email from Mike to take longer than an hour.

  79. beastbabe says:

    Hi all I am not normally a guy who posts views. Bit sad to read that someone says mike does not reply. I have used BB for couple of years and always had replies to any e mail. I would say move on and get some free money better but you efforts into this. Day 1 Cheltenham good profit. Keep up good work mike like videos. 🙂


  80. scarbough says:

    Good to hear foxy,this vendor is one of the good guys as you have been bombarded with people who stick up for him, its hard to fault a guy who willingly tries to walk people into hundreds being banked over time….the arb software is what it is,arbing is a risk free medium and if its not for you so be it, this vendor is no scammer and thats why people have reacted to your posts.

  81. DirtyDonkey says:

    I also don’t post much on here but I’m also very, very sad to see these degrading posts by foxy.
    I started BB in November never having bet at all and was guided step-by-step by Mike who obviously has a great passion, not only for his system but for his customer service, which is second to none.
    No mail, however stupid they seem now, went unanswered.

    I tried the ARB system, but found I was too slow on the trigger and never had cash in the right place at the right time – my failings, not Mike’s.
    I felt obliged to e-mail Mike and explain WHY I wanted out, although I could see the potential of the Arbing it was ‘just not for me’.
    Not only did Mike answer promptly, but he organised the cancellation from his end before replying so I did not even have to do that.
    Jeez, give the guy a break, you will not find either a better system or a bloke more dedicated to giving his all for his business and his customers.
    I know your a big boy, Mike, and can handle a bit of flack yourself, but this is totally undeserved.
    Give it up Foxy, and as for asking people to butt-out, you are the one posting comments on a public forum.
    If, and I doubt it very much, your claims have any substance, deal with it on a one-to-one basis, not on a public board.
    Going back into my cave now.

  82. scarbough says:

    I think that sometimes systems can become all empowering,and its the potential gains from the advertising,and the sales pitch, and or reviews from others that can make us feel that ….this is it,….its a great concept and has to work…..and you think what if it really works, when you have spent yrs looking for that system that does what it says on the can……

    The sad part is that the profit figures for a multitude of systems do not say how the profits are achieved, and in what order, or in what frequency, and over what time period.So when you see say for instance below…..

    System one soccer 28points profit year

    System two soccer 300 points profit yr

    System three soccer..average 10 points profit one yr….

    etc etc…the soccer system one was reported by myself and results listed on another thread,not many would have stuck it out.

    System two was only in profit for 4 months but that was the profit months….probably similar to goal den in concept….

    system three yes ten points average a month, but 99% would never stick with it,5 months 20 points down plus, three months 4o points up…probably similar to the t factor….

    But the good thing is you can run multiple systems together and lessen the blow of poor months. so if you had say Arbing earning 50-70 per week along with 2 plus other systems doing the same, where i come from its at least a living, and i know many who earn less and work more….for the cost of the concept its a bargin……

  83. foxy.lord says:

    Clearly,i can only comment on my own experience with the communication aspects.
    Having sent emails on 19th Feb….again on 1st March,both receiving no reply….what conclusion would you draw??

  84. You also seem determined to carry on this argument.

    Do you think I’m interested in keeping £10?

    Here is an image of refunds I have issued over the last few days

    I noticed that another site you were trying to troll on deleted your comments.

  85. scarbough says:

    To be honest i would well and truly hold off threads for an opinion until i had exhausted every possiblity,the vendor has backed up also what he did and received from you, so what do you suggest here, do you honestly think he was being corrupt?…or ignoring you purposely?…he has 1000s of satisfied customers and for a refund of £12 i hardly think he would hold out on that score, as others have already stated he refunds as and when its requested,so im at a loss to see what has happened here, any how its sorted now, so lets move on and enjoy chelt fest…..lots of cash there to be gained so hope you are cashing in also…

  86. gwynsue says:

    foxy lord,you have become very boring ,and spoiling a good forum,i am welsh and as they say down here”CAD Y BEN” translated means “SHUT YOUR FACE”

  87. Jack Whiteman says:

    And enough is enough. The person complaining had the right to raise the issue and that was addressed by the product owner.

    We all know there is no issue with mike’s products or customer service.

    But no more name calling or pointless repetitive recounts of what has now passed.

    Can we get back to those using this service and their results, otherwise I will move all posts to moderation

  88. MikeMichaels says:

    Having used a lot of book maker bonuses already – and having 3 bookmakers accounts aleady closed – i didnt hold much hope for this – but decided to subscribe anyway.
    fair dues – even though we had a good cheltenham – i made a risk free £227 starting from the 4th March.
    emails were answered promptly.
    even if all offers dried up tomorrow – it was worth doing – however i havent yet touched on the slots, bingo or card games bonuses that are avaliable.

  89. sunnyfrimley says:

    Well I’ve just started on the arb software, having made over £500 on the vanilla Bonus Bagging. Its quite daunting at the start, and missing prices is annoying. The big fear is that you bet but are unable to lay sufficiently quickly to cover yourself properly. It takes practice I guess, and the videos certainly help. One plus point though, is that it uses bookies not included in the original Bonus Bagging. I was able to get a £50 free bet from sportingbet today, because I used them for an arb. This was good because the arb itself generated about 50p!

    One thing I would warn against though is moneybookers. Had I placed my bet using moneybookers, I would have been ineligible to claim the £50 bet, so read the small print in those free bet terms and conditions!

    With regards to emails from Mike, I have always received them promptly, no matter how dumb my query. I can recommend the Bonus Bagging as a nobrainer. The arb requires real effort, but will hopefully reap benefits.

  90. sarahnotts says:

    I have also used the Bonus Bagging with great results, and big reloads over Cheltenham, many thanks Mike you have made a difference to my bank balance.

    I subscribe to the arbitrage service and note that for £10 you might only make 30 or 40 pence, you have to use much higher stakes to get a return, but it is risk free if you select the correct lay bet, using the calculator you can see instantly how much you get back. And of course the bets are only out sometimes for a matter of minutes, before you get paid out.

    Mike is a great guy, and always has responded to my emails, when does he get time to sort his own bets??? Loving the vidieos now, help explain thing even better, didn’t think that was possible nearly idiot proof now.

    If you do go for the system stick to the rules to lay off correctly, using Mike’s calculators on the site. And sometimes you have to bet against your team which goes against the grain, just bite the bullet and think of the cash!!

  91. Sunny,

    One step at a time.

    Start with the extra bonuses video. It doesn’t matter if your doing low rated arbs and you are earning from the bonuses and getting practise.

    When doing any arbs make sure you set yourself up like I tell you. You will get the prices 95% of the time.

    And regarding the lay bets, read the case study I did (bottom of all the videos) that shows you how I get the bets matched on the example bets I did.

  92. Patrick2e says:



    This is a good example of using debit/credit cards to collect bonus but I then revert back to Moneybookers.

  93. voyager47 says:

    Not sure why moneybookers or netteller are sometimes ineligible for these free bet offers.

    Any thoughts folks ?

  94. Voyager,

    It’s people getting friends to open a Moneybookers account and then doing all the bonus offers on their behalf.

    Making people use a bank card helps stop abuse as most wouldn’t give somebody their bank card to open new accounts.

  95. console says:

    Hi, I have been doing well with bonus bagging and still have plenty to go at with it. I am interested in the ARB stuff but having looked into it a few times in the past I have always been put off by what I have read.

    I would like to know on average how long does an arb remain open before the odds move ? I have heard so many horror stories of only half the bet getting placed and then not coming in. Also do the arb alerts take you straight to the bookmakers page and event or do you have to search for it by navigating the sites ?



  96. Patrick2e says:


    Maybe another 32red offer between 11-12 tomorrow ?

  97. brimar says:

    I recently purchased this system, and for a start the information at the top is incorrect. The cost is £116.40 then the same amount annually, via Clickbank, and the guarantee is for 30 days not 60.
    I spent roughly 2 weeks going through everything, and paper trading as many bets as I could find, both high and low lay liability, discovering all the pros and cons in the process, and finally gave up as it simply did not work for me, for a variety of reasons, non of which were apparent when I read the marketing hype: “Easy Money just got Easier”. It didn’t!

  98. Sorry you couldn’t make it work Brian.

    I am still 100% sure that people can easily profit using the software as long as: –

    – They have a decent bank available.
    – They follow the advise in the videos.

    The cost of the software can be covered in a few days using the recurring free bet offers I list.

  99. daiarian says:

    Hi Mike you appear to have some good support for your system and I am interested in joining.

    My only concern is that I am not able to access my computer for long spells most days due to work and other committments.

    Is this a drawback or can the system be operated successfully on the occassional day and evenings.


  100. You can use the software any time day or night Daiarian.

    Feel free to email me if you need any additional help.

  101. lisa777 says:

    Hi – I have just started practising the BB arbs and the only problem I have is I have opened accounts (not yet deposited) with all the wrong bookies!!! It is difficult to deposit with several as funds are limited and unable to cover them all. Also need to be v quick to get odds quoted as they move so fast.
    However, I am pleased to say that it can work as I can confirm through paper trading (as long as I have enough cash to cover several bookies and fast fingers)! I have made paper trade profits of up to 50% using Mikes underlay method. But as I say you need lots of bookie accounts to ensure adequate cover to place them.

  102. Wiggy says:


    I joined Bonus Bagging after having thought of it for a long time. Finaly i did it and this is the best service i have joined in all my years in the trading and gambling industry. First i thought it was gona be difficult but it turned out to be as easy as making a cup of tea. I made back the member fee in my first bet and after just 23 days i had made roughly 850£. When being a member you get access to a fantastic piece of tool which you can use to find you`r own bets. That tool is the best thing that ever happen to me after my 2 kids, and i am dead serious.

    So when i got a mail from the author of Bonus Bagging about his new software that give you the chance of making risk free cash every day, i didnt hesitated for a second. I have been using this for only a few weeks and i honestly never thought i was gona be given this chance in life. It just works. It looks so promising that i have to calm my self down every morning i wake up and think of the possibilitys i have in front of me every day.

    What ever comes from ther authour of these fantastic tools in the future i will be the first to join.

    Finally there is something and someone i can trust and i whant to send a big thank you to Mike for given me this chance to be apart of the trading world without the risk to loose.


  103. fifeb80 says:

    I enjoyed Wiggy’s post as he/she sums up my thoughts exactly – I feel that excitement too (about “the possibilities in front of me every day”).

    I agonised over whether to buy Bonus Bagging Arbitrage software – you worry that it’s another hyped up scheme that’s going to fail at your expense (one or two comments on MMR had sowed a seed or two of doubt and, I suppose, that held me back).

    I should have known better, coming from the same stable as Bonus Bagging, it had to be genuine.

    I’ll not retire soon by using this product (and I’m almost certain the author would agree with me when I say it’s not designed for that). However, it will yield a respectable, guaranteed, risk free, second income – and that’s what I’ve been looking for for years.

    It does take a little bit of effort (but that effort I find fun and entertaining and I enjoy doing it, as a bonus, it gives profits with zero risk – guaranteed).

    I haven’t yet had time to let this thing off its leash – I content myself with knocking out the odd fiver on my laptop as I’m eating my tea (drives the wife crazy) – she says “it’s bad manners doing that sort of thing at the meal table” – but just doing that seven nights a week…work it out for yourself (over a year – £5 x 7 x 52) and that’s idling – imagine when you’ve got it champing at the bit, revving its guts out.

    I’m looking forward to my next day off so I can spend an “armchair” day at the races making risk free money while enjoying myself. I find horseracing boring – yet become very interested in it when using it with the Arbitrage software to produce cash with no risk – who wouldn’t?

    It’s not restricted to racing and can be used for any event you’ll find in an online bookmaker but racing throws up so many opportunities – it’s where it comes into its own.

    Another plus is, the software works out bookmakers’ free bets for you so you can choke every last penny out of them.

    I’ve read that arbitrage betting techniques arouse suspicion from bookmakers who may close, or seriously limit your accounts to stop you making decent money. BBAS uses a technique that keeps you under the radar and allows you to pick bookies off at your leisure – what bookie would suspect “innocent” £10/20/30/40/50 bets?

    BBAS makes money – its initial cost can be easily recovered (it’s up to you how quickly you want to do this).

    Throw in the author’s unquestionable customer service, he provides advice and backup second to none – (just google Mike Cruikshank/BonusBagging reviews) – follow several idiotproof instructions and if you can’t turn a risk free profit from this then you really shouldn’t be allowed out on your own.

    There’s always a downside. I’d say it would be the amount of bank money that you need at your disposal – but don’t worry about that. If your bank is modest you can still do this to great effect but your gains will, at first, be small (consistent but small – and, of course, risk free) just keep banking your profits and gradually increase your stakes and your profit margins will grow over time – you need to be methodical and patient, the author provides all you need to know in this area regarding how to quickly recycle and manage your profits to generate more cash on the back of your profits. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger bank at your disposal you will see it grow very quickly.

    I’ve found it best to keep my profits circulating around my betting accounts and not be tempted to withdraw them – I look at it as a business that I’m growing.

    BBAS makes, modest but very consistent completely risk free profits – bank those profits, recycle them and your bank will grow. It’s no risk and, for some, may be boring – if you want risk, thrills and spills then perhaps it’s not for you.

    If you’re using multiple strategies (as any serious bettor would be advised to do) and one or two of them have not been performing as well as they might, then BBAS is an ideal product to put your affairs into recovery mode, recover losses and repair any damage to your bank before starting over.

    Personally, I don’t gamble anymore – I don’t need or want to – I bet (riskfree) using methods taught by Mike and enjoy a decent residual income that will supplement my pension when I retire in three years time. In a way I’d say Mike’s products are not entirely for gamblers and people who like risk – I use them because they provide me with a guaranteed second income – a second job as it were, that’s really enjoyable.

    I’m not on the author’s payroll or affiliated to him in any way. The man offers amazingly unique products – I’m speaking as a very satisfied and grateful customer who uses two of his strategies – nothing more – don’t order the Ferrari on the back of this one (just yet).

    Finally after subscribing to BonusBagging from early January 2012 – I’d say I’m upwards of £2000 in profit – and that’s being hippy-lazy. After adding Arbitrage software to my portfolio, several weeks ago, my profits have increased dramatically.

    An excellent, must-have product to compliment BonusBagging that would be false economy not to invest in.

  104. Big Len says:


    I bet this has been asked before but I haven’t seen it, so apologies in advance.

    Can BB ONLY be used by people in the UK or is it available for anyone worldwide to use it?


  105. mrowen83 says:

    The software for this product is good – personally it hasn’t worked for me as I just don’t have the time to find the arbs. I would say you need a few hours a day to achieve a good level of money.

    However I’m leaving this message as I have sent three emails to Mike to arrange a refund and heard nothing back. (to the support@bonusbagging address). I’m hoping he says this and will get in touch to arrange.



  106. Email with MMR REFUND as the subject. I do not check this inbox but will do today.

  107. mrowen83 says:

    Just to update Mike has now resolved this and processed my refund.

    Just to reiterate this is certainly worth trying if you have the time and a reasonable bank – however with my personal circumstances it didn’t work for me.

  108. Big Len says:

    Can anyone answer my question? Can BB only be used for UK people because of the Bookies/Betfair/Betdaq etc or can it be used by people globally?

  109. Big Len – email your questions to & I will answer.

  110. walterb2004 says:

    Bonus Bagging is fantastic, I have enjoyed every minute of it so far.
    But the arbitrage betting system is not for me.
    Can you tell me how I get a refund on this product?
    I have email bonus bagging four times — Still not got my refund or a reply.

  111. foxy.lord says:

    I had the same problem…no reply to emails.….she was very helpful and aided my refund.

  112. Walterb2004 email with your receipt number.

  113. walterb2004 says:

    Thank you foxy.lord
    I have had a full refund from
    Mike Cruickshank,
    I could not complain about about the service
    Mike gives,it is first class.
    The Bonus Bagging is all that people say about it.
    But the Arbitrage is not for me
    Thanks once again.

  114. davidmarshall says:

    re mrowen// refund
    mike has yet to refund my £116, MONTHS OF EMAILS TO NO AVAIL.

    Crookshanks should be the proper spelling i think.

  115. Send me your login email and receipt number and it will be processed today.

    If you’ve been emailing for months then you are probably not sending to the correct address, as all emails get answered within a few hours.

  116. castle635 says:

    all paid for on 17 sept
    where is software ?
    please castle635

  117. frankwood says:

    I emailed you on the 22nd October as follows:

    The Arbitrage Software is not for me and I would like to claim a full refund.
    Order : F7DM6MEN purchased on 20th oct 2013.

    I had no reply or refund yet, could you please issue a refund.

  118. fraserj70 says:

    Mikes arbitrage system sounds good , if I could make 15 – 20 bucks a day I would be happy , I’m not greedy that would be more than enough to coverbmy monthly mortgage payments . My question is thou how much of a bank do I need to produce those sort of returns taking into consideration the bookies can take 3 to 5 days to return your winnings . Could anybody above or Mike himself shed some light on this please as I am defiantly considering buying this . I have been more than happy with bonus bagging and profit max so I have no qualms with stepping in with this , just need to know how much I need to be playing with to reach my goal .

  119. Leaper says:

    I would also be interested in knowing a rough ‘ballpark’ start-up and running figure for the Arb system.

    p.s. I have been doing Bonus Bagging for only two weeks, but have been stalled for a while as my Betfair risk limit is set too low. I have reset it, but this takes a week to be changed. I can’t remember being advised about setting Betfair limits when opening my BB account, but it was probaly my ignorance of these things, so newbies be aware. Mike has been fantastic with his support so far.
    Where does he find the time? Or are there more than one of him? OR if all this is computer based, he’s found the most humanlike software system under the sun. Mike, thanks a lot.

  120. Russb128 says:

    Mike’s a great guy but I think that the problem now is the speed at which the bookmakers’ computers can match the laying odds on the betting exchange websites. I agree with earlier posts, the odds differential does not stay long enough to make the bet worthwhile. I am awaiting a refund on the arbitrage software but have managed to sign up to Profit Maximiser which is a far better proposition. It is still easy to break even by backing and laying events in order to access the free bookmakers’ bets but Profit Maximiser will I believe provide far more opportunities – spread betting, casino bonuses etc. Will report back on how I’ve done in a few weeks. Finally, I know it’s ancient history by now but my comment to Frankwood (Oct 25 2013) would be give the guy a chance!

  121. Russb128 says:

    Just thought I’d update you all on the speed of refund of arbitrage software cost. I emailed Mike yesterday on and told him that it was not for me. Received email from Clickbank this evening at 21:40 advising that my refund of £116.40 (£97.00 plus VAT) had been processed. Would like to read an update from Fifeb80 though as I may have been too hasty requesting a refund and should have tried the service on the horse racing. Gutted about England’s result tonight though.

  122. stho1978 says:

    Where’s the actual review from MMR? I like Mike (to be fair I don’t know him personally, of course, so am going on online rep and communications I’ve had with him) and his products, so I can basically make my own mind up on this and, if I do buy, I trust Mike 100% to refund my money if it doesn’t work for me. However, it would be good to see the official review. Suppose with all the comments above, it might not be felt an official review is needed?

  123. hotdeffender says:

    Ive been using this for a few months now. Id say if you are serious about trading then this or similar software is essential. It compliments profit maximiser and often you can make £15 guaranteed out of a transaction for a £100 back bet, then you just need the money to cover the liability on the back bet. But its guaranteed money.

    Its great when you find a bookie offer and want to find the closest odds or often, make a profit on the qualifier!!

    Mike has just added ditching software to this. This week I made £48 in 5 minutes from a £100 total stake!!!

    It works, risk free, its simple and from a top bloke.

    Negatives: (Not real negative, but people will moan) You need some money to run through the system. If you have a £1000 then you can do most of the higher rated (higher returns) bets.

    Sometime you miss the odds and don’t make as much.

    It takes a small amount of effort, but mike has video tutorials to teach you how to set it up to run effectively.

    Id say if this is too much hard work then give up now.

    There is no turn key, sit on your arse and do nothing holy grail despite all the tosh you read!!

  124. maxreturns says:

    @hotdeffenfer: re Mike’s dutching software, as it only involves bookies and not betfair is their any danger of getting accounts closed as presumably you would attract attention as you are placing three figure bets or does it use only bookies that don’t care? Thanks mate.

  125. graham says:

    Hotdeffender, Received email from Mike today, re. Arb, and Dutching. Regards the Dutching, is there reasonable time to place bets, same question really for Arbs.
    Like your, and Tripletops suggestions re. new thread. So long as members use it to help others, and not insult them. We hear from people who have huge experience in everything betting, but never offer anything viable themselves.
    Tripletop. Spymare, had a good write up on Lucys LBGR. I have just checked, and the website is still there, with a free week. I tried to download it some months ago, but the software did not work. But I am sure that was a fault at my end.

  126. hotdeffender says:

    Hi chaps

    The arbs go quicker than the dutches, but the good thing with the dutching software which so far (whilst not so many people are using it) is that the odds seem to remain for a good few minutes, but even if they change the odds, the software offers up bookies with similar odds so the chance of getting blown out is very small. The arbs software does not do this, but the worst ive had is only making £1 not £15 due to odds changing. Some people use other free software (not sure what) and moan that arbing is risky, or make there own arbs on betfair. Ive practiced this on the horses at low stakes. Very hit and miss!

    The software works, saves time and if you set it up like mike tells you to (have the bookies and betfair open, have money in each ready to go etc) you could get away as advertising it as a free cash machine. Some people just think its to much effort. I know people that work there arses off for £7 an hour. If taking 5 mins to make £15 is hard then???!!! lol

    Bookies don’t like, winners FULLSTOP, if your winning, they will look at why. The best arbs are with obscure bookies, one or two actually take a commission of 5%, but seem to have the highest arbs. So perhaps they like arbs 😉 not that im gonna ask them lol. Do the odd mug bet to keep them happy.

    Don’t bet £15.25, normall punters use round figures. Only pros or people with software come up with funny bets. Don’t just take bookies offers without doing some mug bets, they get funny.

    Some are thinking “Whats a mug bet”

    Its wacking £5 on a favourite horse of low odds. Lets face it they often loose.

    It would be nice if everyone is helpful and nice in forums. Sadly some people are just trolls, some are just clueless and cant be helped, some are pros, make lots of cash doing there own method (which they wont divulge because once everyone gets onboard, the odds go pair shaped)but are always looking to add to their portfolios (the more things you trade, the better off you are, same with biz ops, have lots of different cash flows on the go)

    Then you get everyone inbetween.

  127. graham says:

    Hi Hotdeffender, Thanks for that. That’s what I call a full answer, will give it a go, during the coming week.

  128. RayMonk says:

    hotdeffender –

    Interesting comments. I wasn’t particularly interested in the Arb software but was attracted to the new Dutching software and so decided to take the plunge.

    I’m impressed by the Dutching software but have yet to use it. My main concern is getting my accounts limited or closed. Do you think the bookies will be less concerned with these types of bets ? Also how many bookies are you using with the system ? Any that you would especially recommend to use ?



  129. Jimladdo says:

    I’m also interested in Mike’s new Dutching software. Anybody out there tried it yet? I seems to be all thrown in with the Arbing software for “this week”.

  130. RayMonk says:

    Having looked at the software closely over the past couple of days I’ve discovered a problem.
    The overwhelming majority of Dutching Arbs require you to use a bookie certain bookie – Interwetten. If you don’t use this particular outfit you will get few if any arbs using the Dutching software.

    Now apart from the fact that they charge a fee to deposit money and a fee to withdraw money they also do NOT accept UK customers on the sportsbook (only gaming and casino). Now before I hit the Clickbank refund buttons I’d like to hear back from anyone else that has the software…



  131. pabrmu says:

    Hi Ray,
    I actually pointed out that Interwetten and Bet 3000 both charge for depositing and withdrawing. Mike agreed with this and said he would remove them from the software.

  132. RayMonk says:

    Thanks Pat. That will substantially reduce the number of Dutching arbs on offer.

    I’ve not used Rebel Betting Arbitage software and perhaps we shouldn’t compare this software with Rebel but the old adage that you get what you pay for seems to be true.

    Once an arb is identified Rebel have the great advantage of being able to push a button which takes you to the bookies betting slips (all on one page) so that all you need to to do is to place the bets. In other words no mucking around wasting time and effort with numerous browsers open for the various bookies and then fumbling around to find the bet. Now if Mike could build that facility into the bonus bagging system that would be worth paying for.


  133. wally says:

    what is the ditching software you talked about above that you say mike has added

  134. hotdeffender says:

    Sorry, should have read ditching, not ditching!

  135. hotdeffender says:

    Damn computer. Dutching!!!

  136. TripleTop says:

    What is the state of dutching & arbitrage betting with this software in 2015?

  137. manluka says:

    I have bonus bagging and arbs, but no matter how many times I try to contact Mike through emails for support, I have not had one reply.
    Grrrrr.. !!!

  138. Bobby says:

    Hi More Money Fans

    I would like to share my experiences with mike and the team. Im a big fan of BB i completed all the offers when it first came out and i recently did them again under a new address and card details.

    I signed up to profit maximiser and again great stuff. Every time i made contact with any questions or problems I was responded to and helped very quickly.

    I then got an email about the Arb software offering A trial at a reduced rate, basically saying if i wanted to cancel within 30 days i could just drop the team an email and it would be fine.

    I found mostly what the others have said here about the software, time, investment and lack of good opportunity’s so decided to cancel.

    Shortly before the cancellation time i emailed the support asking to cancel and my reasons why and got no response. I then found a payment had been taken so emailed mike again and again no response. Three emails sent and all i got was tumbleweed.

    I went to clickbank who refunded the payment and still nothing from Mike or his team! As a long term customer i feel this lack of communication disappointing.

    I did what was asked in the email and to just ignore customers is bad business.

    I would really like to try the Bookie Blowout but with the hassle I’ve had my faith in Mike has been lost.

  139. ian5999 says:


    I’m afraid to say that I had exactly the same experience over the same product. What was even more infuriating was that when I eventually got him to respond, he tried to deny all knowledge of the request for refund and tried to swerve out of it by saying it was now too late as it was over the 30 days. So I simply went straight to Clickbank who sorted the refund immediately. Further to this they stated that their guarantee is always 60 days regardless of what vendors try to get away with in their sales blurb. I don’t know why people insist on going down the greed route as I cancelled my PM subs at the end of the year so he lost out in the end.

  140. Bobby says:


    This isnt good for your reputation. Is it that now you have made a load of cash from BB you just don’t care about your members anymore?

  141. limerickmick says:

    I have same issue with his each way sniper product.

    I sent at least a dozen e mails regarding variances with bookmaker odds on his software and apart from one ignorant sarcastic response haven’t heard a word to explain the uselessness of this product.

    Unfortunately this vendor is using his database as a cash cow.

  142. Ellkay says:

    I have had Bonus Bagging, and now Profit Maximiser and Mike’s arb software and have to say I wouldn’t be without any of them and have recommended all three to family and friends. Easy free money and the arb software saves so much time when looking to match qualifying or free bets and of course can also be used as stand alone software simply to make some extra cash each day and all tax free! Like everything else, practise makes perfect. Support has always been excellent for me.

  143. kenco2011 says:

    Not one to post on forums, however after reading some of the negative replies regarding Mike and his Products, i just wanted to add my take on things.
    I have been a member of Profit maximiser for nearly two years now, and Bonus Bagging since day dot.
    I also subscribe to His other products, EWS, Bookie Blowout, Arb Software and his recent addition of EWS Software.
    Does mike respond to my emails, you bet he does 🙂
    Being a member of Profit Maximiser gives the advantage of having a community of like minded members whos main priority is making risk free tax free cash, members range from accountants, business owners, house wife/husbands, employed fulltime/partime, the retired, the redundent and those not in paid employment.
    we also have a bloody good laugh at each other.
    My Point i want to make is i subscribe to FOUR of Mikes products on a yearly basis, the cost to these four products is less than £10 per week.
    I dont use each product daily, i use them as and when time permits, im also a little lazy. but would i use these products and continue to pay for them if,
    A) they didnt do what they said they would
    B) they didnt represent Value for money
    c) They were to time consuming and complicated
    D) i didnt have the support from Mike
    E) i didnt feel like part of a community
    And finally they didnt make me Risk free Cash

    All the best everyone

  144. kenco2011 says:

    this evening i made a profit of £98.58 in about 15 mins using Profit maximiser
    So A BIG Thanks to Mike for putting together a beautiful community and Value for money products

    All the best everyone

  145. Deanov says:

    I have used a lot of products over time and been caught out by false claims of profits and to me Mike has products that work and deliver. They are not get rich quick and you have to learn them but once you have you cannot fail to make money. There is also a lot of help from Mike and all members on the forums.

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