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Product Name: Rothman Racing

Author: Bob Rothman

Company Name & Contact Details:

Horse Racing Pro
Tel: 0118 946 2606


Tired of losing on the horses?
Horse Racing Tips beamed direct to your mobile.�
FIRST YEAR PROFIT £329,838.50 to £100 per point stakes

Price:  There are three service levels offered from Bob Rothman racing:

Pay As You Win
Profit Point Service
The Professional

Money Back Guarantee: No mention of any money back guarantee.

What Do You Get?

Horse racing bets direct to your mobile phone. Depending on which service you join you could get between 1 and 8 bets a day.

Pay As You Win Service:

Each day call the ‘members-only’ number, between 11.30-1pm to find out the selection for that day.

You’ll be advised whether to take the early price, SP (starting price) or the board price.

You place a token £50 on for connections of Bob and then additional money for yourself.

When the horse wins, simply send in the winnings from the £50 and you keep the stake yourself.

Lastly – all clients receive the same selection, this is not one of those gambling services which gives different selections to different people.

Profit Point Service:

Claim: Latest Profit figures to May 13th £329,838 to £100 per point stakes!

These figures have not been verified but this is how the service works:

The service runs Monday – Saturday and includes all pre-race bets (normally up to 2pm). On average you can expect to receive 3-5 bets.

Texts are direct to your mobile allowing you to maximise winnings by securing the best odds. The message will include:

Horse name – The odds – The stake in points – Win or Each Way.

The stakes vary according to how confident Bob is in the selection and the information he receives. Stakes can be between 1-50 points.

Bob bets £100 a point, so a 5 point each-way bet means you’d be having £500 each way. You need to set aside a betting bank and then work out your staking.

Betting professionally often means acting quickly to obtain the best possible odds for your bet and maximise your profits.�

A Weekly Business Report is prepared and either sent out via email.

The service costs £995 a year or £495 a month – so he is obviously hoping you take the year option.  Also says that you have to pay £1 a point profit, but it’s not clear if this is on both payment options or just the monthly option only.

Full Professional Betting Service:

At the time of writing the chance to join this level of service is closed. Although I suspect as you join one of the other services you’ll get the chance to upgrade to this service if you wish.

The key behind this service is acting on late information. It could mean that you have to bet with just minutes to spare, so you have to have access to your mobile at all times and be prepared to place a bet online or via phone at a minutes notice.

More bets are promised on this service level – up to 8 bets a day. So you’ll need deep pockets to have enough money to stake 8 different bets a day.

The claim on this service is:

“On our dry run with real cash and a real bookmaker this year (2007/8) the result was a fantastic £85,741.50  profit in 46 weeks!

Yet again – we were banned by the bookie (

“You are the most successful punter percentage wise Betfred have ever had”  … Don’t Believe us? We are willing to give you documented proof: Betfred’s letter closing our account and Betfred’s statement showing, day by day, each bet, its winnings and losses and the final return – £85,741.50  profit in 46 weeks! Just email in and we’ll send one over. “

It says you can email in but no email address is provided on the site!

These claims have not been verified but you can request the proof from Rothman Racing by calling 0800 138 1118.  I suspect Bob does have these letters as many of them are shown in the promotional material, although several of them go back several years and are not current.

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Bob Rothman is a horse racing man who has 20 years experience.  Bob gives tips to place on horses to win races.  He gets inside information from trainers and jockeys and passes his information on to members via three different service levels.

Bob has been banned by several bookies who refuse to take his bets. He now sells the information on to other clients who can profit from his inside information.

What’s It All About?

Betting on horses is an old way to try and make money.  Most people look at this type of opportunity and believe it to be a scam.

Truth is most tipsters in this world do lose money.  But Bob has a lot of proof that his services work but one thing that he doesn’t make clear is that you need to follow every selection to the letter and expect long losing runs.

Every service like this you have to be committed and follow for a full year.

Bob offers up to 8 betting tips a day and most people would struggle to pick one winner a day, let along 8. So expect a lot of the selections you bet on to lose.

Bob doesn’t really give much detail on success strike rate and there isn’t clear information on how the service levels work for each type of subscription you can take.

You can find results on the service here:

Although at the time of writing parts of the website are 3 months out of date but other sections had details of this weeks bets.

It seems some of the information published is at the authors’ discretion and doesn’t build confidence when you can’t see the full picture.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

You don’t need experience although you will need an idea on how to place bets and staking plans.  Working out how much you should be betting and how often isn’t easy for a novice and Bob does presume some prior experience.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Bob’s services are expensive. Although you can pay as you win on one service, the fees can add up.  Realistically you will need a minimum of £2000 to set a side and risk.  This money is on top of the subscription fees you pay.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Bob’s examples are based on £100 a point staked.  So a bet of 10 points strength is £1k bet.  If there are 8 such bets a day that is £8k.  Most people can’t place those kind of bets so you need to look at Bob’s claims carefully and scale down to a level that you’re comfortable betting at.  If you bet £1 point then you can take the claims and divide by 100.

Also remember that there will be long losing runs where you will lose money, so make sure you take a careful staking plan approach and not risk more than you can afford to lose.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

The best thing about a service like this is that you don’t need a lot of time or effort.  Just follow the instructions you are sent.

Although on the highest service level you could be betting 8 times a day at almost any hour between noon and 9pm.  So you need to make sure you can have access to your mobile phone so you can act quickly on those bets.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Just your mobile phone and email as each service level sends our weekly reports and results updates.


Although the promotional material says this is for beginners the claims are a little optimistic for the average person.  Bob’s high level staking means that he can claim vast profits that the average person can never get near.

The truth is this service is very expensive for the average punter.  If you don’t have at least £2k spare and ready to bet with then it’s unlikely you’ll make a lot of money quickly and certainly not enough to cover the subscription fees quickly.

Bob does have many years experience and only the consistent tipsters stand the test of time so there is some comfort in that Bob has been around a long time.

There is a log of negative feedback about Bob’s services and I can see why:

• Firstly the profit claims are based on levels most people cannot match.
• The website isn’t up to date with results (Although on the service itself everything is clear and to the point)
• There is confusion about profit levels between each type of service. It’s hard to know what to expect and how much Bob made on each type of service.
• Negative feedback, seems people have been sold on to services with unrealistic profit potential�
• Losing runs played down.  It’s not clear from the information how long you need to run the service for to get the returns. What would be clearer is if it shows losing runs and explain you need to place all bets and monitor for a whole year to get the same sort of % strike rate and success.

Value For Money?

I wouldn’t say this service is value for money.  The promotion is too misleading and expected stakes too high for this to be of real value to the average punter.

A high subscription fee means this is one you should avoid unless you can get the promise of a money back guarantee.


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Comments (65)

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  1. Michael says:

    I bought this system on the basis of the misleading claims some years back and tried it out. Lost all the money. Continued on paper and over a period of time turned out to be a total waste of time. Simultaneously tried the free tipsters in papers and had less losses on paper with them.


  2. Ray says:

    I also did this system a few years back. You definately DO need deep pockets and a fall back limit. My limit was £1k and when I lost that, after about 10 days, I stopped.

    I’ve had a much better return with Racebrokers (Sam Mangan) but again I commit a specific amount each month and when that’s gone, I stop taking the bets. In 18 months I’ve only stopped twice; but with the systems that make you p0ut £50 down for them, unless you put £150 down for yourself (Betting £200 on each bet) then you will always come out worst off.

  3. Les says:


    I’m currently trying the Bob Rothman system as I’ve managed to join his club for £200 per month which isnt too bad. I’ve invested £70 so far and the highest my balance has been is £345.00 but I’m down to £245 at the moment after the National but I shall remain optimistic as I have used his system in the past and he seems to be very successful in the flat season. I’ve been with him for a month now will try it for another month and will report back.

  4. peter says:

    If this is the same “Bob Rothman” that every veteran TDorH gambler knows about. This is not some wild or trolling claim, it is a fact. Jack, how could you even let some tipster chasing novies get as far as the above 2 comments is beyond a human rights joker.

    What this grave robber used to do is to tip everybody a different horse within the same race and asks his victims to place a bet on his behalf as the tipping fee and Bob’s truly your Uncle. As for the ciggies, you are advised to give that a rest too, eh?

  5. Zagger says:

    Hi Peter,
    So this character is still around!!
    Based on my experience, do not touch Bob Rothman with a Barge Pole.
    The same message applies to Colin Davey!
    Both of these individuals will seriously damage your wealth!!

  6. Catherine says:

    I agree with Zagger here, I can only talk about Colin Davey though as I don’t know much about Bob R but one of my dear friends reckons B Rothman is a great guy and v genuine so I don’t know 🙁

  7. Spice Boy says:

    I Have tried Bob Rothman and Colin Davey in the past and lost money with both of them so my advice would be to keep well away!

  8. john U says:

    Ditto, to both BR from friends comments and the Drawling ‘alleged’ ex bookie from Norfolk from brief personal experience. Beware!!

  9. Marriot says:

    I agree with Catherine on this which is something of a miracle. Bob Rothman is a genuine guy who knows what he is on about. I would recommend him.

  10. zagger says:

    The last, and I do mean last, advisory service I had from Bob Rothman went as follows;
    19 selections
    1 winner @ 2/1
    1 winner @ 4/5
    17 losers
    I was supposed to put £50 on each selection for him by the way.
    Sorry, but this guy really will take you to the cleaners!!

  11. MIB says:

    You’re right Zagger, I lost a lot of money with those two monkeys, Colin Davey and Bob Rothman, about 14 years ago. They should definitely be avoided.

    There are very few profitable racing services and those that are don’t usually advertise. Not very much anyway.

  12. john U says:


    Hi – just trying to reconcile most of our experiences, ie Zaggers 2 winners from 19 selections above, with your comment?

  13. My two weeks with Bob Rothman produced a £600 loss.

  14. skipper says:

    thank goodness for sites like this, in the bin.skipper

  15. geraldw1 says:

    I got a mail shot from bob offering 4 free sample bets saturday 21. 1. 12. 3 won. was it a sprat to catch a mackeral?. looking at these reviews I think I will give it a miss

  16. Peter2 says:

    I have just received mail offering a free tip for this Saturday – clearly a pre printed letter that can be used for any Saturday he likes. Try the free number 0800 088 7238 and the code is 365133 from 11.30 to 12.30 Saturday.
    After reading comments above don’t think its one to bother with though.

  17. j0hnlamb says:

    YEah I have received the same mail Peter2 – different code though. Be interesting to see if we get the same horse!

  18. Meniketti says:

    I got the mail shot last week. Called on Saturday and was given 4 selections. Broadbackbob, an unlucky 2nd and Module, a winner at 7/1…plus a dog, i dont get involved with dogs so couldn’t tell you then name, but it aparrently won at 2/1, and a loser on the horses…..
    Have had the follow up mail shot now. Not too keen on the odds to scenario…..

  19. rooki5 says:

    i received mine last week rang saturday the horse was BROADBACKBOB it didnt win but i received more useless information telling me he had three winners and then telling me how unlucky the horse he gave me was unlucky to lose, the man is a con man stay away from any dealings with this guy

  20. Paul Reynolds says:

    I still keep getting mail from these two jokers, amongst a ream of others.

    Pity there’s no outside lav’s any more :-), These would only suit hanging from a nail on the wall out there.

  21. hammer27 says:

    your right stay clear of c davey i dont know about b rothman it must have been about ten years or longer i joined hes racing services i did win to start with but that was more then luck lucky i hade another i was using remember c4 teletext racing telegraph boy was that costing me £1.50 a min but boy was i racking it in but even that came to an end and the bookies got all the money back and more so even when you are paying through the nose the bookies get it bact eventuley

  22. DickyB says:

    I tried Bob Rothmans tipping service a couple of years ago. 1 winner over a 30 day period made me think he knew what he was doing. Then loss after loss for the remaining 20+ days. But always a good excuse why the tipped horse lost and it was never “I got it wrong for that horse”. Stay clear.

  23. paul1711 says:

    hi all

    I know bob rothman very well he was a very sucessful tipster back in the early 90’s most of his tips weere gambles one in particular was misty silks with form 000000 backed in from 20-1 to 6-1and won cosily amongst others he then went on to give his customers pagers and he would send you the tip via a text message to the pager that got from him and then place your bets. After a while his tips got to the wrong people (his words leaked out to the bookies – someone working for the bookies signed up with him as a customer and once he got the tip the bookies knew about it and stopped them winning) so he was a HAS BEEN!!!

  24. zagger says:

    Bob Rothman was successful with his own gambling, however this expertise never transferred to any of the services I purchased from him.
    Between him,and Colin Davey,I lost so much money it cured me of the desire ever to wager on a horse race again!!

  25. alllan says:

    I have also had the displeasure of dealings with those two.
    DELETED BY MOD – LIBELLOUS COMMENT even get letters now from davey.
    its sad that punters will still be handing over cash with no chance of a return.

  26. wayinfront says:


    Best thing you can do, if you are looking for advice, is sign up with a decent racing forum or two. You must surely know about some.

    And, of course, make sure you read the reviews on this site.

  27. Peter2 says:

    Bob must be short of readies for Christmas. Just had similar letter to that I mentioned Jan 2012 offering free tip this Saturday on 0800 088 7238 pincode 425282 from 11.30 to 1.30.
    The website does not seem to be operating at all now. Luckily the offer is never to be repeated.

  28. Maynard says:

    Peter2, his website is still operational:

  29. Peter2 says:

    Thanks Maynard – can get there now but had a tech message saying no website is available earlier in day.

  30. traderjack says:

    I used to be a member of Bob’s, it was very good. A lot of winners and that, but I got one month for £250 and no odds to had to be paid.

    Sadly despite winning £578 during that month so £328 in front after subs, I was told it was then £995 a month and I had to place £50 on each horse for Bob. At that point it was way out of my league but I had 17 pieces of info off Bob in that month and 8 won meaning I made a good profit. But this sort of service was far too expensive for me.

  31. osborn15 says:

    Hi Peter had the same letter same phone number but different pin so looks like he is tipping different horses probably in the same race !!!!

  32. bobo1977 says:

    Are you having a Laugh traderjack!!! Bob Rothman’s services are a complete disaster and thats widely known in this industry. I Joined many years ago and never had one winner our of 20 bets!!!

  33. Maynard says:

    bobo1977, traderjack is not “having a laugh”. What is “widely known in the industry” is that idiots drop out after long losing runs. Bob has long losing runs. That’s going to happen if you’re not backing favourites. Bob rarely backs favourites. Even idiots know that you can’t make profits in the LONG run by backing favourites, because the market knocks out all the value.

    If you actually stick with Bob, he will make you profits in the LONG run.

    I was with him for almost a year, and the only reason I dropped out was his fees. I was having to invest so much money to make a profit that it was actually frightening (at least to me, and I’m used to betting big).

    I phoned him and tackled him on the issue of fees. He was perfectly happy to admit that his fees deterred all but the “high rollers”, but said that it was better to have a few high rollers than lots of wannabes – less admin.

    He also made the point that hedge funds (typically requiring a minimum £250,000 entry sum, and charging greater fees than his) deliver far lower growth than his tips. He is, of course, correct – as you may know, he worked in the City before becoming a racing tipster.

  34. traderjack says:

    I had a similar experience to Maynard albeit over a much shorter time. I got the impression from Bob that he looked at it that I would need him more than he needed me, which is actually true.

    I don’t pretend or wish nor can afford to be a high roller as Maynard puts it, but of the 17 horses I had there prices were, 7-2, 4-1, 11-8, 5-1, 8-1, 13-2, 9-1, 2-1, 11-10, 12-1, 7-1, 6-1, 7-2, 7-2, 4-1, 9-1, & 7-4. In fact the two shortest priced horses lost, but there was a 9-1 and 7-1 winners in the bets I received.

    If I had the money I would have continued using Bob as I could see a profit made over time, however given I am retired, have little equity in my house and on a fair teachers pension having served over 35 years teaching special needs students, I am not in a position to do so, and a bank would not lend me the money even if I wanted to have a stab at it.

  35. 5aces says:

    He does have his mansion to run and getting to the races in his Bentley isn’t cheap.

  36. chestervase says:

    The only successful tipsters I know of are too expensive and even if you could afford them the tips are monitored. You are unlikely to get their advertised prices and when you do the bookmakers only allow small stakes, so if you do win the returns are insufficient. Even on betting exchanges as soon as the tip is known the price contracts immediately. Maybe others are more privy to the info. ?

  37. Peter2 says:

    Have just received another invitation in the same terms as the never to be repeated offer last October. The phone number is 0800 088 7238 with PIN 520727 and if you call on Saturday 15th between 11.30 and 1.30 you will receive a maximum bet. This is also never to be repeated 🙁

  38. simco50. says:

    Yes I have received one in the post this morning.Same phone number, different pin 928483.This is a very strong indication of them covering all horses to secure a certain level of income from whichever race is selected.My guess would be a small field one thus ensuring a maximum return from the poor unfortunate mugs that sign up.Thank God for honest review sites like this.I’ll stick to my proven tipster I think.

  39. tom42 says:

    Well we could all phone up and see if they are different tips in the same race.

  40. Steveson21 says:

    simco50 please share with us your proven tipster?

  41. mistermac57 says:

    Same letter, pin 698814 so presumably different selection in same race.

  42. graham1954 says:

    “Secret Pincode: 309348”

    So that’s four and counting…

  43. TheBaker says:

    A real opportunity here to expose a charlatan. Suggest that everyone who has received this mailshot actually phones the freephone number on Saturday to obtain the “tip”. As alluded to above, likely to be all the runners in a race being covered. After the race has run submit each “result” and then await the follow-up mailshot if you are one of the “winners”.
    This method is not new, but it has been difficult to co-ordinate the results from individuals. Now, with Internet/Social media etc. there is an opportunity to hit back and reveal Mr Rothman for what he actually is. Perhaps the Sunday Express would be happy to do a follow up on the (ancient) article it previously published?

  44. mike.powell247 says:

    I got pin code 887750

    I remember first seeing this sort of “opportunity” over 20 years ago. Back then it was a letter with the name of a horse for the following weekend, but because I was on mailing lists with slightly different name I got two letters, each naming a different winner in the same race! So I new it was a scam straight away.


  45. Emailonly says:

    978882 is the pin i got off rothman on 12th august for sat the 16th august ,smae 0800 phone number,so all pinsare different ,hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

  46. Maynard says:

    Of course all PINs are different. That enables non-payers to be cut off whilst leaving the PINs of payers “live”. Not bloody rocket science 🙁

  47. nathan westminster says:

    Bob Rothman been on the circuit years. I remember i was once involved with a tipping service and the fellow at the time (2006 or near then) said ” have you seen the prices that old rogue Rothman is charging to fund his Rolls Royce” !!??. You only have to google his name , not difficult to see previous reviews and stuff. Part and parcel of being around on the circuit years and years. Leaves a big trail eh? I would say one of the worst ever.

  48. graham1954 says:

    I bravely volunteer MICHELLE for the job of calling Bob Rothman and entering these PIN’s (6 so far). Hopefully via a recorded message she’ll be given the names of at least 6 horses “ready to win” the same race.

  49. Superchess says:

    Mr Tim Lowe defended Bob Rothman when I dared to criticise their partnership – perhaps a few of you that recall Rothman`s garbage over the last 30 years could mention it on the Football Hedging thread? Cheers!

  50. southpaw says:

    Listen “Superchess”, it is NOT a good idea to encourage people to spam another thread. The Football Hedging thread is for posts about (surprise, surprise) football hedging. The Bob Rothman thread is for posts about … yeah, you guessed it … Bob Rothman.

    Now we all know that you (a) hate Tim Lowe or (b) are a typical keyboard bully who likes attempting to damage people. Whatever your personal agenda, please keep it to yourself. You really are making yourself look an utter tool.

  51. southpaw says:

    graham1954 says : I bravely volunteer MICHELLE for the job of calling Bob Rothman and entering these PIN’s (6 so far). Hopefully via a recorded message she’ll be given the names of at least 6 horses “ready to win” the same race.

    Graham, how do you get contradictory selections on one phone number? Different PINs won’t do it. You’d need 6 different phone numbers. But Bob has given just one phone number.

  52. 5aces says:

    The PIN codes may be for marketing purposes. It records who called which area etc and so he knows how effective his mailing lists are? Just a thought.

  53. nathan westminster says:

    “Big Bob Rothman” ?, deary me surprised he has not changed his name by now??.His name is so worn out it has gone full circle and reappeared it seems?.
    Sadly well known as a bad boy , various google searchs will illustrate in ten seconds).
    And Southpaw points towards Superchess as a bully possibly??, you may well be right about Superchess ?, but the last bully finally went over the edge and drowned on here eh?.
    Look on the brightside no more 747 and his false prophecies.I for one made a personal complaint about the last troll.”His cat was always blacker than your cat” etc etc etc.Lesson being trolls slowly do get weeded out.

  54. Eric Hammerton says:

    Rothman is just not worth the effort of even lifting up your ‘phone for !!

  55. Peter2 says:

    Appears to be same message for all – a 10 minute ramble with 3 tips. The main one is Tramore 5.20 Pincode. Also Tramore 4.10 Creative Talent and Market Rasen 5.40 Knightly Escapade. Implied each way bets. We will all get another letter on Monday but can text him on 07797800655 if we can’t wait and want to get on the gambles lined up for Sunday and Tuesday.

  56. Maynard says:

    Yes, it’s the same message for all.

    Pincode is now 5-4 fav with 365 and Sky.
    Creative Talent is now 7-4 fav generally.
    Knightly Escapade is now 5-1 3rd fav with Chandler and Paddy.
    Betfair currently exceeds the above prices for each horse.

  57. graham1954 says:

    Pincode tip is called Pincode.

    A red hot favourite.

    Bob’s got a sense of humour.

    Funny if it lost.

  58. Maynard says:

    Pincode (main bet) won. SP 8-13, early price 5-4, I got 2.5 (i.e. 6-4) this morning on Betfair. As it was the main bet I backed it £4 to win (last of the big gamblers!).

    The other two lost, but I only went half-stakes (£2 on each) as they were the secondary bets.

    So, I lost £4 on those two but made £6 on Pincode. Okay, I’m only £2 to the good, but it buys my baked beans for Sunday lunch 🙂

  59. legaleagle says:

    I managed to get just short of 2.5 too and fair play to him as better a short priced winner than a big price loser. I read on another forum that he did nothing but tip an 8/13 winner and I thought that was a bit unfair given the price earlier on.

  60. Superchess says:

    Hi Southpaw – what a w**ker you are! LOL!

    I just wanted to warn people about who they are dealing with.

    But you with your sad little bank account are still trying to beat the geegees, following sad tipsters and the like – you deserve everything you get – LOL what a loser…, what a toss*r! I could go on but you know what you are. Just feck off.

  61. southpaw says:

    Note to MICHELLE:

    May I request that you don’t delete the above post from “Superchess”? It says more about him – and thus his posts – than I ever could.

  62. bobo1977 says:

    I agree Eric Hammerton, i lost a lot of money with Bob Rothmans tips and you only have to google his name to find out more. You have to be really suspicious about those that defend him especially if you read other forums and their experiences. Much better tipster service is personal info services run by Kevin who has been around a long time

  63. TheBaker says:

    Well, after last Saturdays “Free Tip” won (DELETED BY MOD) I have received the follow-up letter as expected. Think I’ll sign up for the Full Professional Service at £2000 per month!!

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