Bill Yates Method Of Selection Review

| July 4, 2011 | 6 Replies

Product Name: Bill Yates Method Of Selection

Author: Bill Yates

Company Name & Contact Details:
Castle Sporting Services Ltd,
54 Smithson Avenue,
West Yorkshire
WF10 3HN
0800 077 6946


This Is The Very Method Used By Bill Yates For Selecting The Winners For His Tipping Service.

Price: £15.00 one off payment, recently reduced from £20.00

Money Back Guarantee: None given but never any problems with this company and those purchasing systems are always fairly treated.

What Do You Get?

– A six page pdf manual which is fully downloadable outlining the few system rules which also includes a few examples of how the selections are finalized. There are also two free systems included with the final package.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Bill Yates Method Of Selection by Bill Yates is a method which highlights just one horse on a daily basis which is then backed with level stakes for a straight win. This selection method takes no longer than five minutes per day using any daily newspaper and has highlighted many winners over the years.

What’s It All About?

The Bill Yates Tipping Service has been in operation for many years now and he is considered by many to be one of the best tipsters around today. Unfortunately he is to discontinue this service shortly due to failing health.

Due to these problems Bill has reluctantly agreed to release his method to the General Public at a greatly reduced price and all punters intent on buying this method can now obtain this for only £15.00 as a one off payment.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Using low stakes probably a small bank of around £200.00 can be used to commence your daily betting activities.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Nothing quoted but over the years this cracking method has earned hundreds of pounds for Bill Yates clients and should continue to do so in future years.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

All betting can begin immediately once the few rules of the system are learned thoroughly.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

A PC will be required if betting online, otherwise it is a trip down to the local Bookmaker to place intended bets.

Value For Money?

Bill Yates was originally asking £2000.00 for his reputable method but Castle Sporting have released this for only £15.00 which must actually be the snip of the year at such a price.

Quality Of Customer Service? 

Fast, efficient and all enquiries are dealt with in a very businesslike manner.

Midpoint Report: 04/07/2011

It was indeed very sad news to hear that the much loved and popular Bill Yates Tipping Service which has been in operation for many years and has eventually discontinued due to the failing health of the author.

Bill has indeed had many successful years in racing and tipping circles but has decided to call it a day and hopefully have a well earned rest.

In a recent circular sent out by Bill he stated that his selections, which were provided on his daily Racing line over the last twenty years, have actually been selections which were derived by means of this system which he does not have to tell you have been exceptionally brilliant and made profits for all users.

Actually Bill was asking an incredible £2000 for this method, which is well beyond the reach of most customers.

However Castle Sporting Services of Castleford stepped in and have offered to provide a copy of the Bill Yates Method Of Selection for an amazing low price of only £15.00 which has to be an absolute bargain considering the initial asking price.

All that one actually gets for that price is a six page pdf formatted and fully downloadable manual which consists of one page highlighting the selection method and the other five pages showing working examples of the method in operation.

The method operates very quickly indeed and takes no more than five minutes per day using any national daily newspaper and selections really stand out for those using the system.

This is a method which highlights and focuses on just one horse on a daily basis which is then backed with level stakes for a straight win only.

Apparently the method has highlighted many winners over the years but there is little evidence of this within the paperwork and definitely no lists of past winners to scrutinize.

To be quite honest the trial to date has not been a fair reflection for me to pass judgement at this stage, as there have been only seven selections and five non runners and two days where there were no selections whatsoever, so there is nothing much to go on apart from what Bill has actually said about the system doing extremely well for years.

Actually the very first day we got off to a cracking start with a 3/1 winner and my thoughts were focussed on whether there would be a flood to follow.

So as far as the half way stage was concerned I actually witnessed a total of seven selections of which there was only the one winner, six losers, five non runners and two days without any selections for one reason or another.

This yielded a very low strike rate of only 14.29% and will have to improve vastly if we are to have a successful method.

The longest losing run was four whilst the longest winning run was only one which left us with an overall loss of 3.00 points using level stakes.

I have to say that the results have been disappointing to date with selections few and far between to be truly anything meaningful and I can only hope that the second half of the proceedings furnish us with enough selections to really form a true opinion and to state if there is enough basis to continue with the methodology.

Fingers crossed for a more productive second half to a system which does look as if it has potential.

Number Of Selections = 7
Number Of Winners = 1
Number Of Losers = 6
Strike Rate = 14.29%
Longest Losing Run = 4
Longest Winning Run = 1
Overall Profit/Loss = 3.00 points loss using level stakes.
Number Of Non Runners = 5
Number Of Days With No Selections = 2

You can see a full breakdown of my results so far here:

Bill Yates Method Of Selection Mid-Point Results.

Conclusion 20.07.11

There is absolutely no doubt that that there are many who firmly believe that the method used by Bill Yates for selecting horses is one of the best Tipping Services around.

Actually this Tipping Service has been around for longer than I care to remember and there has to be many satisfied clients around to bear witness to his past successes.

As I stated earlier at the half way stage of this review, unfortunately Bill’s tipping days have come to an end owing to ill health and he has been an absolute icon within the industry over this period of time.

The good news is that all is not lost as Castle Sporting Services Ltd of Castleford has stepped in to breach the gap and have offered copies of this popular system at a greatly reduced price.

Bill had originally intended to ask for £2000.00 per copy but this was considered way out of the league of many ordinary punters, hence the offer delivered by Castle Sporting above.

Anyone considering buying this system can now purchase at a cost of only £15.00 so this is now well within the reach of the racing public.

The selections provided by this system are actually the selections which have been provided to the racing fraternity on the Bill Yates Racing Line over the past twenty years and over that period of time many have considered these to have performed brilliantly.

The selection process seeks out and finds the daily selections in minutes and uses the Daily Mail newspaper first and foremost for this purpose.

I found that monitoring the system was indeed easy to follow and was not time consuming as some systems can be from time to time.

I had aired some concern at the midpoint mark relating to the number of selections which had provided blank days due either to non runners or no selections as the strike rate at that particular point was only a mere 14.29%.

However thing perked up somewhat and of course the strike rate rose to something a little more respectful and at the end of the day we did have some statistics with which to build the basis of a report.

The strike rate increased whilst the number of blank days decreased and we reversed what was a small losing sequence into a profit margin, which did not look possible in earlier stages.

There were some decent looking winners too with two 4/1 shots coming home along with a 6/1 winner and there were not many instances where we ended up with odds on selections, which was a joy to behold.

So during this period of observation I witnessed a total of twenty four selections of which eight were clear winners with the remaining sixteen still finding their way home.

This yielded an improved strike rate of 33.33% which was much better than that stated above at the half way stage.

The longest losing run was four whilst the longest winning run was two and we were left with an overall profit margin of 7.38 points using level stakes.

There were eight non runners along with four days when there were no selections so this was a little better than we first thought.

This does not look to be an absolute money spinner or a system where fortunes are to be made, but I liked it, simple in application and room for further potential.

This could be worth persevering with and at a cost of only fifteen pounds it will last any buyer a great number of years.

One of the better systems provided by Castle Sporting Services Ltd and there were few problems with the operation and monitoring of the system. One can do worse than by investing in this.

Number Of Selections = 24
Number Of Winners = 8
Number Of Losers = 16
Strike Rate = 33.33%
Longest Losing Run = 4
Longest Winning Run = 2
Overall Profit/Loss = 7.38 points profit using level stakes.
Number Of Non Runners = 8
Number Of Days With No Selections = 4

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Bill Yates Method of Selection Results.


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Comments (6)

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  1. Nigel says:

    Oh Dear so the curse of the Keenans strikes again.
    You must forgive me but I am well aware of the reputation (or should I say lack of it) of this cowboy outfit.
    Anyone who buys anything from Castle and believes that they are getting the genuine article are deluding themselves.
    Nigel Keenan has been making these systems up and relaying them for over 20 years.
    My old friend Keith Nicholson spent several years exposing their false tips on their various relay lines and would supply anyone with a genuine copy of any system advertised by Castle free of charge.
    Let me state catergoricaly that Bill Yates never sold any of his systems for £2000, but it sounds good does it not?
    And what a great discount lol
    Keith Nicholson suffered the wrath of many Titpsters for exposing their dirty little advertising tricks, wether on TV or in the Racing Press.
    Alex Gorrie even took him to court and lost the case and Keith carried on regardless.
    I noticed that a few years ago he finished Second in the NH Owners List, Sue Smith trained the majority of his horses and he would give out info every day on one his tipping lines, it was like Gold Dust.
    No believe me you will never get an honest service from Castle.
    A friend of mine bought a system and subscribed to their phone service to get the selections, only problem was they bore no correlation to one another, I had to laugh when he told me about it, I had warned him about that happening and it did.
    I just wish I knew what happened to Keith now there was a punters friend if ever there was one.

    • brownalfie says:

      I first heard of Bill Yates back in the July 2000, when I received a mailing from Racetrack Data Systems, a.k.a. Keith Nicholson, which had a list of tipsters that he was relaying on phone lines which were charged at a fixed rate of 42 pence per call (cheap by today’s standards!).

      Nicholson said in the advert that Bill Yates had made 20 points level stake profit in June 2000! Whether this was true or not I don’t know, but I doubt it?!

      The list of tipsters Nicholson was providing on his phone lines at that time included:
      Mark Winstanley
      Winning Line
      Ashley Carr
      Steve smith Eccles
      Steve Lewis Hamilton
      Joe Bates
      Jack Benton
      Peter Sadrovich
      Nick Mordin
      Mick Montgomery
      I think that’s all of them, but I may have forgotten a couple.

      I myself have heard of some of these tipsters, and I see quite a few punters on this site have too, and they haven‘t had good things to say about some of them (e.g. Mark Winstanley)!
      However, some of the other tipsters I’ve listed have long since disappeared! Has anyone here ever heard of any of them?

      The only line I regularly phoned was the Bill Yates one. I did phoned the Nick Mordin line once, and was told that ‘there’s no bet today’, so that was waste of 42 pence! So from then on I only bothered with the Bill Yates line as there were always (without fail!) two selections each day! There was never more, or less, than two selections each day (in the short period of time I was phoning the line), it was always two.

      By stating that Bill Yates had made 20 points level stake profit in June 2000, Nicholson seemed to be suggesting he was the best of the tipsters on his relay phone lines? Either that or he mentioned Bill Yates because Bill always provided two selections to bet on each and every day (well at least he did during the short period of time that I phoned his line!). And was thus more likely to give you at least one bet for the day if you phoned his line, as opposed to certain other tipsters that he was relaying, e.g. Nick Mordin! Some days one of Bill’s selections would win and obviously the other one would lose, some days both would lose! Sadly during the trial period I gave Bill Yates there was never a day when both of his selections won!
      If I remember correctly during this short period there was a nice 8/1 winner and a not so great 4/5 winner.

      However, Nicholson was soon to discontinue the phone lines that he was providing these tipsters on. He then started offering a different service, one where you had to subscribe to the tipster of your choice (although now he was no longer relaying all of the tipsters that he had on his previous phone lines service) each month for a fee of £30 a month. This service didn’t appeal to me as I knew nothing about most of the tipsters he was offering and moreover Bill Yates was not being offered on this new service of Nicholson’s.

      Nicholson did however send me a mailing about six months, or a year later, in which he was offering Bill Yates’ service for £30 a month (well I think it was about £30? I can’t remember). But I didn’t bother subscribing.

      Then some years later I saw the advert by Castle Sporting Services saying that they had Bill Yates’ system for sale. I was immediately interested in this offer, due to my memories of the okay performance of Bill’s service back in the year 2000. So I purchased the system! I think I paid about £20 for it! I was ripped off! I found it hard to believe that this system, according to Castle Sporting Services, was originally being offered for £2000 by Bill Yates?!

      The system is very simplistic, a lot more simplistic than I though it would be! It has a habit of selecting a lot of short priced favourites, and a good few of them are odds on too!
      However I can see the logic behind it.
      Although I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting something a bit more detailed.

      What I would like to know pertaining to the previous poster is, did Bill Yates ever actually sell this system or any other system himself?
      And if so, is this system (i.e. the one sold by Castle Sporting Services) definitely the one that Bill Yates would use to make his daily selections?
      It does seem to be, as I can vaguely remember a few of Bill’s selections (back when I phoned Nicholson’s line in 2000) carrying 6lb extra due to them running soon after their last race.

      Also was anyone who is a member of this site (More Money Review), ever a member of Bill Yates tipping service? And if so how good was it?

      I always imagined from the sound of his name that Bill Yates was probably a Yorkshire man in his 60s wearing a flat cap. Basically a man who had been following horse racing for most of his life and therefore really knew his stuff. So I assumed his selections were the product of him either keeping and intensely studying a huge amount of form figures, and/or having plenty of insider stable contacts. But now after purchasing his system (assuming it genuinely is his system?) I have discovered that his selections were actually derived quickly and easily each day using this very simple method! It just goes to show you that with horse racing tipster services you can never really know what is actually going on behind the scenes, can you?!

  2. Tony says:

    At least they don’t promise a money back guarantee – you know you are taking a punt before you start!!

  3. erinmann says:

    exactly they are relay agents

  4. Conbar says:

    brownalfie – Castle now have an updated version of The Bill Yates Method for sale – it’s called The Top Rate Betting System.

  5. brownalfie says:

    Yes I saw that, I got a copy of it from some other seller on ebay.

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