Betting Scalper Review

| April 14, 2011 | 16 Replies

Product Name: Betting Scalper

Author:  Robert Sawyer

Company Name & Contact Details:


Here’s how to turn the only unfair advantage left in betting into profits of £109,148.69 or more every month and the push button software that puts this unique scalping secret on complete autopilot

Price: £27+ VAT but immediate attempt is made to try to get you to sign up for £47 per month tipping system on purchase .

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day Unconditional Guarantee plus offer of additional £50 if you do not make profit.

What Do You Get?

– Immediate download of basic software program.
– 7 Ebooks and Bettors Bot software included.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Betting Scalper by Robert Sawyer is a sports betting software programme that works on autopilot implementing a betting strategy and placing bets for you, focusing on abitrage betting opportunities.

What’s It All About?

I’m not sure they really know. Its clearly a marketing re-launch of previously sold systems/software and the difficulties experienced by readers as detailed on the thread say pretty much everything.

It appears to be a rehash of the Arbitrage Spy and Betters Bot software programs that were launched last year and reviewed by. Unlikely to be worth buying based on past reviews.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

No guidance given.

How Much Money Can I Make? 

To make money using arbitrage you need very deep pockets and the ability to switch money around between a host of bookmakers. A specialist market place rather than for the masses.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Not possible to advise readers as no selection process included.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

PC and Internet connection to claim refund and the additional £50 offered.

Value For Money?  

Not in my view – all previously sold and if it worked then why try again?

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Not tested but readers have poor experience as shown on the thread.


Anyone buying this product will immediately be confused as you are taken to the Bettors Bot website and there is then the usual attempt to get you to buy the monthly subscription service.

If the software works why on earth would you need an email tipping service? I totally subscribe to the thread comment about why sell for £27 if you have made a million out of the betting?

Absolute drivel and insulting to the intelligence of anyone but especially members.

After fighting through the attempts to sell you more you eventually get the software which is nothing more than a glorified calculator and there is no automatic selection of any kind.

The tips that can be supplied for an extra payment may well – but it’s an unlikely hope – be valuable but you hardly need this software to take advantage of them.

I would advise any reader that does use this program to be extremely careful. The software is not certified and there is no guarantee that it does not contain malware or the like.

Although I cannot be certain, after installing a similar product earlier in the year I was left with a significant malware infestation that luckily I was able to deal with.

Whatever you do immediately after installing run all your PC protection programs to be absolutely sure – these should be anti virus, anti malware and anti spyware as a minimum.

The ebooks provided “as an unadvertised bonus” are all old and have been given out before. I will not review them again here – if you want to see what I thought look at the Automatic Winners review but the summary is that they are not worth reading.

If you really want to try arbitrage then Zero Risk bets is a much better product but the need for a very deep pocket remains however you go about it.

As for this product it looks as though it has already been changed as the original website has disappeared and you are now taken straight to Bettors Bot. My advice is to forget the whole thing and save your self a great deal of time.



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  1. Catweazle says:

    With an average profit from about 1% in arbitrage betting, i think his claims of 100k are pure fantasy! You need to roll-over 10 million every month. If you ask the bookies for 1k bets, they kicking you in the ass.
    Sorry ……………..must say that.

  2. Danny C says:

    he makes £109,000 a month but wastes his time selling the method for £27.

    i went to the site out of curiosity and it says doors close FOREVER in 2 hrs 40 minutes. today is 15/4/2011 – I’d bet my life he is still selling this tomorrow, next week and next year. 100% utter rubbish!

    people, get real. im with catweazle.

  3. john U says:

    My, albeit limited, experience is that for Arbitrage to work well enough to provide a decent income you would need A) A Betting Bank the size of Greedy Bankers annual bonus – £££ millions, B) The ability to talk to several online Bookies simultaneously to try and engineer the arbitrage ammount C) the negotiating skills of a top Diplomat in order to get your Bets accepted and D) Balls of Steel in order keeep control of it all.

  4. Dee says:

    The betting tips is what I was interested in, but guess what? No tips. Support takes 48 hours as stated. Asked for a refund, was offered help with the system , not what I was after and still no tips. Took 2 weeks to get a refund.

  5. Des says:

    I bought the software, then bought the optional tips. No tips have arrived. After several emails to them, I just get an email back saying that they will give me help to use the software (even though I emailed them regarding their non-existant tips!) I have since asked for a refund, then got another email offering me help for their software! I am going to put in a dispute to paypal to try to get my money back.

  6. Lub says:

    I bought the software in Apr 2011 and subscribed to my trial period. About 1 month after I requested to cancel my trial, and guess what? my account keep charged with subscription fees. Also I keep receiving email from support that they offer personal assistance, which I do not asked. They do not responding to my request to cancel for last 3 weeks. I feel very frustrated it sounds as a scam.

  7. Des says:

    I am not happy! I wrote the entry above, dated 25th April. I have now asked for a refund several times, and when I checked my paypal account today, I see that not only has no refund been given, nor have I received any tips, but I have been charged again!!! Approx 56 quid. I have sent them a nasty email. I can’t put in a dispute with paypal as it is not these scammers who took my money, but clickbank, so I will go directly to clickbank if I get no joy, and if they fail to refund, then go to paypal.

  8. gedd says:


    Anything you have paid them through clickbank in the last 60 days, you can claim back if you go directly to them. Paypal are usually no better than the scammers themselves in these cases so would be pointless in going to them anyway.

  9. gedd says:


    One more thing. Make sure you cancel the ongoing subscription in your Paypal account or it will just go on and on.


  10. MMR Reviewer says:

    Another email campaign out for this discredited product.

  11. TheBaker says:

    This outfit has been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority, which has now included the online site in the list information on traders who have continued to make claims on their digital sites that do not comply with our Codes, despite repeated requests for changes from our Compliance teams.

    The ASA states:

    “Betting Scalper did not produce any evidence to show that the profit claims or testimonials were genuine. In the absence of substantiation that showed that they were genuine, the ASA concluded that the claims and testimonials were misleading and in breach of the Code.

    Although the ASA has adjudicated against Betting Scalper and has made several subsequent requests for an assurance of future compliance, Betting Scalper continues to feature problematic claims on its website. Because of Betting Scalper’s continued non-compliance we took the decision to place their details on this section of the ASA website on 21 December 2012. These details shall remain in place until such time as Betting Scalper has appropriately amended its website to ensure compliance with the ASA adjudication and the CAP Code.”

  12. nadgerus says:

    Looks like it has now transformed into ‘Profiteer Betting’. I was reading through their blurb today and they had accidentally referred to ‘Betting Scalper’ in their sales page, hence the reason I found this review. Seems the ASA is a toothless tiger as ‘Betting Scalper’ has just changed the product name and re-launched.

  13. I’ve just been offered this for £7.00 plus VAT via an email entitled You have 1 new Betfair Message
    Starting “You have one new betfair message pending
    to be read:”
    I smelt a rat forwarded it to BetFair then checked out this site.
    Thanks for the warnings
    I won’t be buying.

  14. boromackem says:

    It’s Now being Hawked around as “Bet Scalping” for $27
    Same old SH*T

  15. Peter2 says:

    Re-launched yet again as Bet Scalping. It looks as though only the photo-shopping has been changed.

  16. TheBaker says:

    Question to “Mr Sawyer”, who is promoting “Betting Scalper” for the princely sum of $27. Why? You have obviously made your fortune with this – £369,000 in just 3 months – so why bother yourself with piffling amounts after Clickbank commissions. Again, the answer is that this is just another factory-produced website with the same fonts, colours, fake bank account statements and a lack of any contact details, that has the sole purpose of conning people out of money. I’m going to pose this question to you via email. Come on here and explain yourself!

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