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| January 17, 2013 | 10 Replies

Product Name: Betting Cash King

Author:  Robert Shelvey

Company Name & Contact Details
Michael White,
Improper Group
72 Abingdon Road,
email: or


Hot Shot City trader lifts lid on mind blowing betting system that has netted him £128,497 profit in just 6 months

Price: £47 (plus VAT in UK)

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day s (Clickbank)

What Do You Get?

– PDF manual

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:  

Betting Cash King from Robert Shelvey is apparently a derivation of a forex trading program that can guarantee winnings in the sports betting market. It turns out to be form based horse racing system for UK racing using each way staking.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

£5 advised.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

No specific claims made. 2 point profit seen in our trial.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Minutes daily claimed.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

Internet connection.

Value For Money?


Quality Of Customer Service?

Not tested.


The underlying story here is a variation of one that has been repeated so many times that I wonder if there is a template somewhere in the files. At least it acts a warning to us that the product is likely to be sub standard.

The process on sign up is over complicated – why do you need to offer your email address again to be sent an email that then contains another link where you download the manual – but it could be that this is because the system has been bought in and is only available from the original seller who appears to have a New York address.

And despite testimonials from Tom Dick and Harriet saying they have all made loads of cash in days there is a warning that you must give the system 6 weeks to work as only then will you see its “awesome power”.

Over a third of the manual is taken up with superfluous information such as how to open an account with a bookmaker. It might have been better to ensure that the links in the manual work properly! The author quite rightly suggests you keep a record of your bets but provides a sample record that looks more like a stone age document than anything remotely useful – surely a spreadsheet could have been provided by the apparent genius who derived the system?

And those of you unfortunate enough to be on a mailing list will have seen the emails on day 2 crowing about a winner on day 1 – only 1 problem, the races have to start after 3pm for a selection to qualify and the one claimed as a winner was a 1pm start.

So in fact there were no selections on day 1 let alone winners. The system can be applied to flat or national hunt racing or both if you wish. It uses trainer/jockey stats to make the initial selections then filters them down further with such things as runner numbers for the race.

Having completed the initial selections manually there is no reason why the selections cannot then be placed using a bot thus avoiding the need to follow the racing live.

At the time of the review the flat racing is confined to All Weather and the number of possible combinations very limited. The reverse is true of the jump scene where there are in excess of 60 partnerships that possibly qualify and to check their entries daily would take a long time.

Almost every McCoy/trainer combination would qualify and you hardly need a system to advise you to back his rides each way. I have picked 6 other combinations and followed them for the trial to give a flavour of what may happen but interestingly one of them no longer qualifies as the number of winners now exceeds the maximum although only 1 of then featured as a selection (the rest were before 3pm!).

In the trial our 9 partnerships have given us 31 true selections and 14 of these have produced a return for the bank all of which translates into a 2 point profit. The odds have varied from an improbable 66/1 down to 2/1. Best winner was at 9/1 and just 4 of the selections actually won.

The slight surprise to me was how few times the successful combinations do actually appear in races if you except the McCoy/Maguire/Twiston Davis set. Full details are in the spreadsheet as usual.

As members will appreciate time considerations meant we could not test every possible selection here – as appreciated by uktony on the thread – but lets be generous and assume our results were average for the whole set available so approximately 6 times the number we have checked. That would indicate an approximate profit of 12 points and I’ll let you work out what the stake needs to be to make that into a £20k monthly profit as the author has apparently done.

I cannot believe that any body would use this system in practice and even though it may well be profitable the underlying assumption is hardly a secret and certainly nothing to do with modified forex. Unless you have a great deal of time on your hands I suggest you should keep searching elsewhere for opportunities.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Betting Cash King Results





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  1. esling says:

    Oh yay! Another “hot shot city trader” whose going to make me a gazzillionaire from betting on horses. Gotta be worth £47. This guy is a saint, almost Godlike in his charitable dealings. Can’t wait for the money to start piling in, wait until I tell the missus when she gets back from work. Early retirement here we come. I always new that backing horses was the way to my fortune and now I’ve been proved right. Hurrah.

    Apologies for the sarcasm overdose, but I think I’m losing the will to live with these systems. Please make them stop, somebody, please!

  2. JohnU says:


    ..and don’t forget to tell her that all you need is FIVER to start it off.

    ..and it’s being sold through Clickbank.

    ..its even better than the lottery. You start with a fiver and only invest £47 in the ‘Product’ and you are going to make over £5000 a week .. and wait for it it’s using Each – way betting!

    Anyone who takes this even remotely seriously really does need there head examining!

    To be honest its time Trading Standards started to get their teeth into some of these Vendors!

  3. esling says:


    Exactly, only a fiver and I’m set for life! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    How do clickbank actually stay in business. Don’t they spend their whole time issuing refunds for this nonsense? Or do they rely on the fact that for every 100 of these useless things they sell maybe 1% of people forget to apply for the refund. So if they sell xxx number even with that 1% they make money?

    I just don’t see how these companies can continue to trade this garbage, it’s baffling. Agree ref trading standards. Surely the bubble will have to burst soon, won’t it?

  4. Bear1 says:

    @esling and JohnU

    I completely agree with you both.

    We should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves for being realistic and having such a negative mindset….LOL

  5. daviskram says:

    Thanks for the coments i am tired and just for a minute i thought mmmm maybe this is it. Thanks for the reality check made me laugh

  6. uktony says:

    DO NOT..REPEAT DO NOT.. Purchase this product let me continue. I agree fully with the other comments totally, clickbank need to look more closely at what they allow to be sold. I bought this product last week out of curiosity. I hadn’t planned on going out that weekend so invested in this product to see if it claims to do what it says. You get a down load PDF type format which is basic to say the least. I wont go into all the details of what you have to do but it takes a mountain of searching to find a horse suitable to back using there system. And I mean alot of time you will be spending hours finding a horse. But here is the best part!!! (wait for it).. 3 days after purchasing I get an E-mail..”Hi thanks for purchasing bettingcashking we have a great offer for you! for £17 per month we will take all the hassle of finding a horse away from you, using our sophisticated analysis we find the horses for you and e-mail you the horse to back”. WHAT! I have purchased a £47 product from you only to get an e-mail you have a piece of software that actually picks them for you!. I am going for a complete refund on this product from clickbank and would advise not to buy this product full stop.

  7. uktony says:

    Result on my last post; Contacted Clickbank got a full refund….and the system still doesn’t work i have tested it with a horse racing programmer. There is no way an individual could get through the data needed to find an E/W bet. You need a complexed programme to find one. Good luck

  8. wayinfront says:

    Thanks for your 2 reviews, uktony. Another system bites the dust…

  9. MMR Reviewer says:

    This system/service has just been released again. Only the dates on the marketing and the price have been changed!

  10. pendingo says:

    Thanks to all the above reviewers and MMR this is another piece of crap I can send to my trash and spam folders. My advice to anyone is when you see these lurid claims and photographs of luxury cars and mansions don’t even think about it, it’s a scam, so send it on its way.
    I see they must be desperate now, the price has been reduced to 17 quid.Money better spent on a decent take-away.

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