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| October 24, 2011 | 69 Replies

Product Name: Betshare Racing

Company Name & Contact Details:


The website for free betting systems and books set up by punters for punters.

Price: FREE

Money Back Guarantee: N/A

What Do You Get?

– Access to site and 2 free system downloads on joining.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Betshare Racing site offers members free systems, books on betting and articles on betting strategy and other subjects. A 7 part betting course is also available when joining.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 


How Much Money Can I Make?  


How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Individual choice as to how to use site.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection.

Value For Money?  

Free but not worth bothering.

Quality Of Customer Service?  

Poor – no reply to emails.

Review 16/11/2011

You need to enter your details 3 times to get all the information/systems available when joining which is a bit of a bore. This includes your postal address so that a system and book can be sent to you. (Haven’t they heard of downloads?) The immediate suspicion is that this is first and foremost a marketing list gathering exercise.

That suspicion becomes even more deep rooted when you do not actually receive any of the promised items but keep getting emails asking for the same details.

So you are left with the articles that appear on the website which are fairly basic and the information they offer is available widely on the internet. And finally the 7 part betting course which was actually available after signing up but I suggest the description “course” is a little ambitious.

After a starting document offering a great number of facts about UK racing results the following 6 documents give a range of potential ways of betting but I would suggest that unless you have experience they should be treated with caution.

The potentially most attractive was a method of profiting from Pricewise’s selections in the Saturday Racing Post, but 4 weeks of checking this out have not led to the profit potential indicated here.

Those who have signed up are supposed to be able to access a vault containing many systems to use (free) but thus far I have not been granted this access and had no response to my email pointing out that this was the case nor have I received the posted book or additional system that is offered despite completing the required details 3 times.

Overall I would suggest that this may be of interest to a few readers but the promised extras seem hard to come by and I have not been in the slightest bit inclined to check the site further to see if things have changed. (I have done and they haven’t but you get my drift I’m sure.)


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  1. geminitrading says:

    Receive a book outlining a system called ‘The Method’ and a load of sales material.
    This isn’t free at all.
    They want £57 for a year’s membership, which, I assume, allows access to the ‘vault’
    BTW, the book appears to be, at first glance, not too bad.

  2. deegee says:

    The way the brochures are laid out has the dreaded AD Associates (at a different address) written all over it

  3. bobbyw3 says:

    I have received a letter about a system called THE BIG PRICED WINNERS SYSTEM cost £77 do you have any infomation on this. this is from BETSHARE RACING please let me now thankyou BOB.

  4. Peter2 says:

    Hi Bobby – here is the review Certainly no need to pay that amount for it!

  5. 5foot9 says:

    How do people fall for these mailshots….. doesn’t it seem too good to be true… it out for yourself

  6. soccanut says:

    Have today made my 3rd (or was it 4th?) call to the order line asking for refund – previous promises for a call back didn’t materialize.
    System itself includes ridiculous bets like backing two selections with all remaining horses in a tri-cast – basically, what the guy doesn’t give you is what the phenomenal number of failed bets would do to your bank.

    Like a fruit machine, you might just hit the jackpot in the first week, but like a fruit machine you’ll put it all back – and then some!!

    Total rubbish – I’ll report back re refund (manual returned by recorded delivery and they have received it !!!)

  7. soccanut says:


    Refund Cx (£77) received today after 5th phone call, along with a £5 discount voucher. Also received (by separate post), an invitation to pay them £295 for “the very first and ONLY lay system to get their 5* rating.”

    I would have offered anyone the chance of having my £5 voucher but I feel it wouldn’t get to you in time ….

    …. You see they’re only releasing 20 copies of this amazing system, so you’re probable too late already !!!!

  8. dixonmg says:

    I received the flashy mailshot re big priced winners: analyse it and the selections do seem to be well spaced.In other words, you will almost certainly get a lot of big priced losers in between the moneyspinners.I am writing a book on picking big priced winners but would never state that it’s easy or that each selection will romp home.Let’s face it, if it was easy then the bookies would go out of business.My book will offer advice on where to look for potential winners/ placed horses at big odds but I would never call it a system or suggest that it’s the ways to super riches.If I, or anyone else, could do that then I would be basking on a Caribbean island, not writing a book.

  9. claretblue says:

    Got this today, 5th MAY, and now there are only 35 copies left. They use a well-known scammers accommodation address in London, so that says a lot.
    This stinks too much for my nose.

  10. curleigh says:

    Just had a mail shot from betshareracing, stating that Neil Henderson has joined their team and boasting to make you £3000 in 60 days from just £20 stakes. you will phone every day at 11:00 for that day’s selection, ou will also receive 2 proven betting systems that Neil personally uses, all this for £77, with a money back guarantee. It does seem to good to be true, be interested to have some feed back.
    I have been told of A.G Associates innthe past & told to steer clear.

  11. delittle says:

    I received glossy mailshot June 27th same as ‘curleigh’ but instead of being offered the methods and phone selections for £77 with a money back guarantee, they are asking me for £299 or only £270 if sending cash by recorded delivery.
    The glossy format and endless repetitive hype is just the same as AD Associates.
    Attempts to contact Betshare Racing both by letter and email about a previous purchase have been ignored.

  12. leso says:

    Have just received Betshare/Henderson Brochure
    £77 to win £3000.00 in 6weeks. Either he is a
    philanthropist or its a scam. I think the second. Stay Clear

  13. long says:


  14. gail-shaw says:

    Hi Guys,

    I bought the neil henderson system, along with a few other systems from other companies over the last few months, and I’ve got to say, contrary to what’s been written above, the methods this guy neel henderson uses are very, very good. Don’t know if I can detail them here? Anyway, you get his daily tips as well, and they’re better than any of the other tipsters I am currently using. It’s not been all plain sailing, but I am 27 points up after 4 weeks. All other tipsters I have been following at the same time show a loss. Could be the bad weather and abandonments my husband says for other tipsters poor performances, but I like Neil hendersons service and his methods, they obviously work very well, you can see that when you get the pack he sends and you start using them.

    I will give you guys an update after I have been using his tips for the 60 days, but I can confirm the 3 systems he sends are excellent. What I also like about this mob Betshare is that they expose all the scam artists and tell you who to look out for, so they are obviously not the scamming type themselves. I can’t comment on other peoples opinion on here, but I have been with them a while, and I’d say they were the most genuine tipsters/system sellers out there. The expose all the cheats, and give you updates on results from systems being touted. It’s a bit like this website to be honest, it lets you know what to stay away from.

    Any updates or results I will let you know.

  15. gail-shaw says:

    Hi guys,

    I said I would post an update on Betshare and neil henderson, so here it is. From the systems he sent me, I have done very well, the first is more of a guide on how to make selections the way pro’s do, and it is very, very good, it certainly picks winners, although some of it is down to your own choice at the end of the day. His second system is excellent, and I’m skimming off nice profits every day with this. Third system is a bit confusing, and doesnt give that many bets, (I waited a week for just one bet from this system)but it did get a winner after the wait, at 3/1, so I have not bothered with this one as I am really looking for action every day, and this one doesnt give it, although it does seem a logical and workable method if you were to follow it.

    Now, his tips. Well, this has been a roller coaster ride to be honest, with some days doing brilliantly, getting 10 points profit and more, other days just 2 or 3 points. But then it goes a few days with 5 and 6 points losses, but not sure if this is just down to bad luck, as the amount of 2nd places he is getting at really good odds, 10/1 etc, makes me think that he really can hit the winners, he is just missing out lately. I will pursue with his tips, as I am neither up nor down with them, but do feel very close to some big winners. (he gave a 22/1 winner two weeks ago, but I could only manage to get odds of 16/1 on it) But it did win, I can say that. Will definately be using his first two systems, I really like both of them.

    Also still receiving newsletters for free from Betshare, which I really like, and they tell you who to avoid for scams and who the dodgy system sellers are, which has saved me money already. Will update again in a few weeks.


  16. George B. says:

    purchased `Big Priced Winners` found it to be total rubbish! Same with another so called system`Race Profit Accelerator` they claim you can make £10`000 per year from only £50 starting bank.There own results published in the same book as the system, shows a years profit starting with £50 bank as only (wait for it) £440-69p!!Do they think us total idiots? Returned the system to Betshare racing Club, guess what, no refund not even an acknowledgement. DELETED BY MOEDERATOR – DO NOT POST POTENTIALLY LIBELLOUS COMMENTS George

  17. geoffhead says:

    I too have had mixed results, Bought the £77 version of Neil Henderson’s tips. Jacked it in after a fortnight didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Returned the system just over a fortnight ago still waiting for the cheque.
    Has anyone got their telephone number, I have misplaced mine.
    Need to speak to David in returns, he is very good at getting refunds.
    SO, please post their Telephone number and then we all have access to it, thanks in anticipation from some kind person.

  18. gail-shaw says:


    Gail here with my update from Betshare Neil henderson results. Well, have been with them for 2 months now, and results have been mixed, some great winners, but some days with poor results. One day there were 6 bets with not one winner (4 came in second though) and then the next day 6 bets and 4 winners, the best of which was 7/1. So it’s been strange results, some days great, others not. I am up after 2 months, and have now won back the cost of the package, so nothing lost, but have not yet tried the actual systems manual out yet, which is what they were actually selling, not the tips, these were free, but the system actually looks very good, if you have the time to use it.

    George B, I too bought the Race profit accelerator system, and followed it for a while, but sometimes there is no selection for a week, which is not for me, but, they have just sent the latest results from it with there newsletter, well, since january 2012 anyway, and it shows a very good profit. I back checked these with the actual system selection process, and I have to admit they are all correct, so I have no reason to doubt Betshares results shown. I will start ussing this system again I think, as patience seems to be the key with this one. I gave up too quickly I think because lack of action (typical me!)

    George B, I too bought the big race priced winners system, and it was a little too complicated, but again, it looked genuine as did the results as both me and my hubby went over them and checked back with selections with the system rules, and they were all correct.

    Overall, Betshare seem a good enough and genuine company to me, others above may say different, but the free stuff they send each month is excellent, and no one can deny this. I will continue with the neil henderson tips over the next few months, if it makes the same again as it did the last two months, it will have been a worthwhile excercise, but I really should use the system they sent, as this looks serious betting stuff, but only if you have the time to learn it. RE Geoff, I think I have their phone number somewhere, I will dig it out and get back to you with it.

    Anyone bought or know anything about a company offering Dave Williams system called the banker bet system, they are from wales, I’ve had a flyer in for this and am thinking of buying it


  19. hawks33 says:

    Hi,Betshare only give reservation line no.try this
    02078637584 and good luck,I have been waiting for a refund of £67.for the returned Race Profit Accerator since……May 2012 having sent endless emails,written twice via recorded mail,only to be ask my address so they can refund I like others have been a member for a year and received monthly newsletters and the free offers but they don,t know my address????

  20. pcscal49 says:

    I have been a member of b
    Betshare Racing since they commenced their service in
    September 2011.I have to say that I find them to be totally honest,having sent them cash. I have always recieved my order without any hassle. I have bought the systems above.Please dont forget this is gambling and there is no magic system.The free stuff they send every month is well worth the annual fee and the Newsletters and scam warnings have saved me a lot of grief.

  21. gail-shaw says:


    I have to agree with pcscal49, I find Betshare racing probably the best betting organisation out there, without a doubt. I have actually just renewed my membership with them for another year, which was only £67, and have had more systems and info sent through to me free than I’ve had from any other tipster or system seller I’ve ever bought from, and me and my husband have bought systems and tips for the last 20 years from just about everyone!

    Hate to see a genuine group get slated here, (hawk33)it’s really not fair as they have refunded me for two products within 48 hours, no problem at all.

    Perhaps hawk33 they never had your correct address, or the post went missing, I don’t know, but I can only speak from my own experience. These guys are genuine blokes as what they are trying to do by the look of things in their newsletter, is expose all scam tipsters and give updates and results on systems for sale by the system sellers out there, seems genuine enough to me. For £67 for a years membership with monthly newsletters, I can’t fault them, what they send each month free is worth more and far more interesting than anything else out there, and, it’s the cheapest by far.

    On another note, has anyone bought or subscribed to the willie ryan tips service? I fancy giving them a go, but not sure. Any experiences of them would be appreiciated

    big gail

  22. hawks33 says:

    hi,like to put big gail wise to my previous posting,returned race profit accelerator MAY 22ND.2012 got the refund 17th.SEPTEMBER 2012,have had same MONTHLY n/letters etc,to my home address and was asked by RUSS SEPTEMBER 17TH.WHAT WAS MY ADDRESS WAS SO HE COULD REFUND THE £67.F..I..V..E MONTHS OVERDUE.Do you think that sounds like good business practice??They have accused me of only wanting the freebies although I bought “2011 PROFESSIONAL BETTING SEMINAR” for £299,they obviously do not have good records,only got the £67.after I said Trading Standards would be notified,it is only their refund action I have faulted,and their accusations to me.Get the facts right before you make public statements.

  23. gail-shaw says:

    okay Hawk, I only said perhaps they got, yes, PERHAPS they got your address mixed up, I don’t know, keep your shirt on. I was only trying to help and put a possibility in front of you.

    I have never had a problem with Betshare, Agora, or Streetwise when it comes to getting refunds, they all refund no problem whenever I have asked, so I could not see why Betshare would not send you a refund, I only suggested there was a mix up, like when I got a refund from Mathew Thole a few years back, it was made out to greame shaw, not gail, mistakes happen, I was just trying to help.

    Stay happy

    big gail

  24. mrbojangles says:

    Hi Guys, just received the sales letter for Betshare’s “every day profit plan” Usual promises and they charging £77.00. Have to say great letter and looks interesting, as they always do lol 🙂

    Anyone bought this and if so is it doing what they promise ?

  25. bramley says:

    i got it too, the above does not ook promising.
    i’m guessing its some soert of martingale dog forecast system

  26. dave55 says:

    Received today from Betshare Racing info on Daily Profit Greyhound System one off price of £67. They say it has averaged 70 points a month profit( £700 a month for£10 stakes)for the last 2 yrs. Has anybody bought this system ifso does it work?

  27. gail-shaw says:


    I was thinking of buying the greyhound system cos I am fed up with horse racing, I dont like the jumps and prefer the flat, so I may give this a try and see how it goes, betshare stuff is usually really good.

    For those asking, I tried the betshare everyday profit system, and it was very good, but you need to bet in the live market, which I can’t do cos I work shifts, and so does my hubby. So, sometimes if I am working at 3pm, then I cant use it, as you need to be in the bookies or online for most of the afternoon, unless of course you make the target profit early, which, to be honest, it usally only takes 2 or 3 races to win for the day, but I can’t risk having to wait until 5pm, I’d get the sack from my job!.

    That said, we used the everyday system for two weeks and we made about £180, so not too bad. The results the sent for the last 6 years we checked and they all stand up okay. We sent it back cos it was not for us because of our shift work, and we got a refund 3 days later.

    I’ve actually had a few refunds from them, they are never a problem for that, and I have bought 6 things from them in total. The 3 we returned were not suitable, but the other 3 was good, and one my hubby uses every day.

    Because they honour there guarnatees I will send off for the greyhound, its a 30 day trial, so I’ll know if it’s any good before the end of march, just before the flat season.

    I will let you all know how I got on with it.

    PS. HAs anyone tried the new streetwise “code” system. I dont think it’s betting, something to do with the banks or markets. I’m tempted.

  28. JOHNKEITH1 says:

    I have tried to contact Betshare a few times,as usual there have been no replys.Please beware of them.

  29. soccanut says:

    I have today received my fortnightly half a tree’s worth of mailshot from Betshare. They seem to have a well oiled machine for churning these “systems” out. Today’s offering is the EVD system by Andrew Smith.

    First off, I make a good 2nd income from betting on horses and I have experienced an abundance of direct marketing techniques. Please don’t dismiss what I’m going to write as the ramblings of a know-all (I’m not), but I haven’t got to the position I’m in without gaining years of knowledge (sometimes via the school of hard knocks) along the way. Besides, if you wanted to learn rally driving you wouldn’t call a rally driver a “show-off”. Much of what I do now is based on outdated, but suitably tweaked, systems.

    This mailshot from Betshare is ridiculously OTT even by their standards. The old maxim, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, could hardly be better demonstrated than here.

    Mr Smith states “My EVD Betting System is The Most Powerful, Most Profitable, And Most Unique Betting System Anywhere In The World! – FACT!!”

    Then we have – “This I Can Guarantee Will Turn YOU Into A Professional Bettor In Less Than 48 Hours from Now!!” (oh, and if you don’t make £5000 in 90 days, he’ll send you a cheque for £1000)

    Well, what can I say? I’d have killed for £20,000 p.a. after my first 48 months, never mind 48 hours!

    Seriously though, I can see that one or two of you have had positive experiences of Betshare but what makes them send out rubbish such as this?
    3 reasons – money, money and money!

    First off their printing costs must be astronomical – requiring a higher than average take-up rate. Hence the numerous requests for refunds before they finally give in. I assume that people who have previously bought from them will be treated better as they are potential repeat buyers.

    Secondly, I don’t know if anyone has noticed but the old £67 and £77 stuff seems to be giving way to much more expensive products. This one is £297 and that’s a lot of money to have to fight for refund-wise.

    Last up is quite clever. Betshare have printed their usual 60-day guarantee – ok (ish) so far. Mr Smith on the other hand has this to say :-

    “If you don’t make over £5,000 in the next 90 days following my EVD system, then you’ll get a full and complete refund! But it gets even better….. if you don’t make these profits – I’m going to send you a cheque for £1000!!

    It so happens that part of your £297 package is ‘ownership’ of his £3000 software which picks the horses for you. So what happens after 55 days when you’re about to want your money back from Betshare – do you hold out for Mr Smith’s generous 90-day offer? Or do you send the stuff back to Betshare and accept your losses? Presumably as soon as you send the software CD back, you’ll be blocked from accessing it.

    I would advise against sending off for this. The sales blurb says 25 limited spaces but goes on to state there are only 7 left! Mind you, this does include Betshare’s exclusive Platinum membership! (seems I’m a VIP member despite ordering just one cheap product and eventually getting a refund!)

    If you’re new to betting on horses – here’s a freebie for you – follow Tom Segal, alias Pricewise in the Racing Post – I have for many years and he’s very good…..well he would be because he works for the premier racing publication in the country …..sales would go down if he wasn’t!

    A question to finish with……If you were given £1000 a week completely free as long as you bet all of it on the horses, who would you rather trust to help you make money – any of a number of marketing companies(you’d most likely end up “EVD” as in Eventually Very Disappointed), or would you look for advice and information from those seriously involved in the industry? (BIG CLUE)

  30. gail-shaw says:


    I have just bought the EVD system so I’ll give you my thoughts on it. What you get is a massive package, it’s all well laid out and comes with a dvd talking you through the process. It also shows a disc with all results, and then the actual software.

    The software runs through all the races automatically during the day looking for “value bets”, and picks out the selections, all you do is place the bets. The manual is about 120 pages long and is very, very detailed, the guy who wrote this (andrew smith I think) is obviously an expert/professional and knows what he’s talking about. Unlike so many other who sell systems and the like.

    If you ask me, this is serious betting material, definately for the full time professional, or who wants to be. At the moment I am struggling with it, but I think that’s bacause it is not just any old system, it’s obviously written and being used by a professional. Everything in it makes sense as far as betting is concerned, but I think it’s going to take me a while to get used to it. If I can’t figure it out fully, I’ll send it back. I’ve never had a problem with refunds from betshare, they always refund no problem as far as I’m concerned and give you plenty of time to try it out. Not sure what soccanut means about £1,000 and 55 days, but, at the end of the day, if it’s not going to suit me, I’ll just send it back, they’re one of the few who honour their guarantees.

    I have no doubts this system, and software, if you learn it and can understand it, will make some serious money, however, as I’m not a complete betting enthusiast, I don’t know if it’s for me or not at this stage. I will continue to try and learn it and get back to you all with an update.

    big gail

  31. sparker says:

    just received a new mail shot from betshare racing asking for £297 for nevison & veitch tissue and ratings generator system any info on it

  32. sirjohn26 says:

    I sent £297 for Nevison/veitch system 10 days ago (“next day delivery”) and have heard nothing. At least they have not yet debited my credit card. I have to say that I have returned Henderson system and DID get refund !!! Will keep all informed on developments

  33. gail-shaw says:


    Anyone bought the nevison and Veitch system?, looks good, exactly what I think would suit me as it is ratings based and the software does everything for you.

    Anyone tried it??


  34. geoffhead says:

    Anyone looking for a refund as I was this morning (not chicken feed £275)
    The young lady on the switchboard informs me that Company Policy, they only issue a cheque 30 days after receipt of returned system, SO BEWARE.


  35. smiffy138 says:

    I bought a system off them in January for £77 which involved checking the Daily Mail everyday for the 3rd and 4th priced horses. It said you could use the mail online which was rubbish as it doesn’t give that info. I had to phone after 11am for their selections which were very hit and miss and decided after 3 weeks to get a refund. Sent the item back registered post and heard nothing. When I phoned, the girl said she didnt know if they had it and then put me on hold. She then came back and said I would get a refund by cheque in 4 weeks which I queried as they are able to take your money in four minutes. I sent them an email which I still haven’t had a reply to and now 4 weeks have elapsed and still no refund. The address looks like a serviced office so I guess they arent too bothered about being contactable. I have used Agora, Streetwise and Canonbury before and have never had an issue but this crowd seem to specialise in sending out glossy promotional material and I appear to be one of many not to be happy with their so called refund practise.As for some of these satisfied customer comments, maybe these are from their friends and family.

  36. exbrat says:

    I have had much the same experience of the All Out Winners system as smiffy, except that since I only take the Daily Mail on Saturdays (and also found that the online version does not include racecards) I was dependant on the phone calls. Being slightly Mutt and Jeff on the blower I had to ring once to get as much indistinct info as I could, then check online to put names to the horse numbers, then ring again to confirm I had the right meetings and times. After all that, the results were not good enough to justify the expense so I posted the manual back for refund, well within the required 30 days.
    Having heard nothing, nor had any reply to my query on their website, I have just phoned. They confirm receipt and ask me to contact again if I have not received a cheque by April 1st., which would be 21 days since they received their manual and my covering letter.

  37. exbrat says:

    Well, April Fools Day came and went but the refund did not, so on the 3rd. I e-mailed. As yet, no reply.

  38. exbrat says:

    Still no reply but a phone call asking to be put through to a senior person produced a gentleman who said he would put a cheque in the post that day. When I asked why it had taken a solid month to do that he asked if I wanted to hang on for ten minutes whilst he found out or did I want a cheque. It came yesterday! My guess is that they spend so much on printing and postage that cash for refunding is just not there when it should be.

  39. galaxy says:

    I will not deal with betshare anymore i have returned every system/method that i ever bought as i already have something very similar which cost a few pounds if not free from the web!!!!
    They always claim that “you have not seen anything like this before” sorry but i have!
    I now return all order forms with my name and address on them simply saying “Not Interested” do they take the hint
    do they heck, still costs me nothing for postage my advise is give them a miss total sharks.

  40. bleep24 says:

    Anyone had any recent dealings with Betshare Racing? Good or bad. Received mail-shot today for Mark Wilson`s `Everyday Roulette Profit Secret` cost £297 + £5 pp. or £270 cash. Sounds wonderful but don`t they all!! Maybe one to get a review of. What is Betshare`s web address?
    Googling does not bring up anything. Are they hiding their light under a bushel?

  41. maxj says:

    Just received their latest…ie a ‘roulette system’ by Mark Wilson…cost £297…’Guaranteed to Win’…with 30 day money back Guarantee…

    Anyone come across this or know anything about it…?

  42. Stevegurgi says:

    Yes! after looking at above comments about betshare racing I went for it and got the roulette system (although he says its “not a roulette system” even thought you make bets and use a staking system, sounds like all the roulette systems I’ve tried in the past!hahha!)Anyway, I’m trying it right now, got a 30 day guarantee, results, well, tried in fun mode, seemed to work quite well, but not every time like the brochure said, quite hard to get back to break even and taking more time than they say,trying with real money about the same results, live casino, so results will be the same, with Supercasino you can try in fun mode or real mode, Can’t really say 100% whether it’s good or not, but not as good as in the brochure…..but hardly anything is! I don’t think it’s worth the £297 plus postage though! sometimes you can make the profit you want in 5 mins, sometimes 25 mins or so, and sometimes…….not at all, hard to get back to break even…….in 2hrs! phew! it is hard going for that amount of time…..had to give up as I just didn’t have anymore time, but ,maybe I could have made a profit again, IF I could have stayed up all night playing! hahah! it’s one of those systems it’s hard to put your finger on really, at first I thought it was really clever, definitely different to all other roulette systems I’ve tried, incidentally I do have a system I acquired in exchange for another, I tried it for 8 months and it only failed…..once! so this betshare method will have to go some to beat that! can’t see it tho really, I don’t think there’s ANY infallible roulette method, it’s sheer chance really, how can you beat that, must be luck involved….

  43. ripple14 says:

    Hi Guys

    Has anyone tried Mark Wilson’s ‘Roulette – Everyday Profits Secret’? Betshare are selling it for £297 and I wondered if anyone out there had tried it, what the results were like and what size bank would be required?

  44. ripple14 says:

    Sorry Stevegurgi I didn’ see your post – must be going blind! What size Betting Bank do you need for this and is it worth doing?

  45. Mandrill says:

    Just received the 3rd letter (Binned the other 2) for the Mark Wilsons roulette profit secret. This time includes a DVD showing how easily £105.00 was made in an hour but shows only about 10 minutes, seems its betting with 1 or 2 £5.00 bets on the dozens and with the mouse movements I would think it was whichever of the 3 sets of dozen numbers had come out the most signals to have a bet on the 1-12 & 25-36 (For example) or just a single dozen. However I’m not supposed to 2nd guess how the method works a nice yellow card tells me that it would be impossible to think or guess how it works from watching the video. If the whole 1 hour was on this DVD it would probably give the method away but with all the missing scenes it just shows the winning of £105.00. Having said that I tried my guess method at 888 sport and won £20.00 in about 35 mins with £2.00 bets

  46. Stevegurgi says:


  47. Gordon2383 says:

    Just received this offer for the second time from AD associates – sorry Betshare Racing. It’s now reduced to £97.00 with the balance to be paid from your first three hundred pounds profit. Hurry – only available for forty eight hours!

  48. Mandrill says:


  49. Stevegurgi says:


  50. Stevegurgi says:


  51. Stevegurgi says:

    Sorry guys!!! mod wouldn’t allow my partial exposure of the method….Ummmm……..well, when it’s a system that doesn’t live up to the “truth” in the brochure , can’t see if it matters if the “incredible” method is given away anyway! the method is simple and only works by luck, the staking method that I didn’t reveal “looks” very clever and complicated……..but as to whether it’s infallible….well….I don’t really know, but suspect the truth!

  52. Mandrill says:

    Never mind, I’ll be getting my 5th letter next week from those DELETED BY MOD merchants there so desperate to sell! Ha Ha

  53. kevinace says:

    I have been a member of betshare racing for a year and highly recommend them excellent value for money £55.

    I have earned £1000s from their recommended products. They do upsell offers but i have been happy with most systems. World Cup £15 from memory made me £1300 alone and the system as never lost in every World Cup since 82 i can vouch for Brazil 2014.One i have tucked away for 2018!!!

    My biggest grievance is that because of their systems i am now banned from the majority of online bookmakers for winning too much.

    Biggest negative was the “Roulette system” didnt work for me but had a full refund and a £5 voucher discount off another product so was a happy chappy(apart from losses on the roulette but hey these guys have made me £1000s so deserve a bit of slack).

    Big negative is customer service email contact non existent from my questions and customer service seems to be through a call centre cant seem to get to the “guys”.Me thinks they are too busy getting their bets on.LOL

    Most profitable membership site i have ever belonged to and in my opinion worth every penny but come on Betshare your email and personal contact is nill and will cause you to get bad feedback undeserved with the excellent newsletter and honest reviews you give (incidently a system i had made good money from elsewhere was reviewed positively by them .

    Highly recommended but don’t expect to get questions answered.Customer contact is through a call centre with no direct knowledge of products or betshare racing.

    Thanks guys at Betshare racing would be nice to meet you and buy you a pint you have made me £1000s and before the trolls surface no i am not affiliated with Betshare racing but if you want to win at horse racing these guys are good but you do need a “Brain” to follow instructions!!!

  54. dottyb09 says:

    Has anyone tried to get their money back on this system? I returned mine within the 30 days (it was received and signed for on 22/09)but no luck so far. I have sent an email and a further letter but the silence is deafening. The system is rubbish and the instructions could have been written on two pages. I paid by credit card so will have to get on to them for a refund if I get no joy with Betshare.

  55. Stevegurgi says:

    yes dottyb09 I have! I sent it back when it failed to live up to the brochures claims….worked for a while, then a long losing streak, like most , well, ALL systems I’ve tried! sent it back recorded, signed for on 8th September but to date, still haven’t got my refund of…… £302 !!! phew! on a very low income and thought the system would help me out…..I’m down big money at the moment, so I’m hoping for that refund!

  56. scotsman88 says:

    That has been all a bit confusing, I am not sure whether the ayes or nos have got it!! I will possiblyjust toss a coin!!

  57. Stevegurgi says:

    I did email them via there site to remind them about my refund request, but they don’t seem very good on answering letters or email? still, I phoned them and a lovely sounding young lady referred my to a colleague, and he said he’d send me a cheque that very afternoon! So I’m quite hopeful now! will update when I get it!

  58. Stevegurgi says:

    Good news! got a refund cheque and a £5 credit note to use on future systems etc! so the secret is to phone and talk to someone if a refund doesn’t come in reasonable time……nicely happy now!

  59. prezzley says:

    Do not trust Betshare. I paid £297 for a horseracing system.
    Cut a long story short I tried and tried for over six months to get my refund, on the understanding that if I was not satisfied for any reason, I could claim a full refund. Every time I rang Betshare to ask for my refund a Scotch bloke spoke to me by the name of Dave, he was very nasty every time I spoke to him he told me that there was no chance of a refund and he always put the phone down. Citizens Advice advised me to report this to the police, but I just wanted my money back. In the end I found Betshare’s Legal Department they are situated in Scotland. I wrote to them explaining the situation next day they phoned me up to tell me that thy would send my refund straight away. I receved it the very next day.

  60. prezzley says:

    Do not trust Dave from Betshare. I paid £297 for a horseracing system.
    Cut a long story short I tried and tried for over six months to get my refund, on the understanding that if I was not satisfied for any reason, I could claim a full refund. Every time I rang Betshare to ask for my refund a Scotch bloke spoke to me by the name of Dave, he was very nasty every time I spoke to him he told me that there was no chance of a refund and he always put the phone down. Citizens Advice advised me to report this to the police, but I just wanted my money back. In the end I found Betshare’s Legal Department they are situated in Scotland. I wrote to them explaining the situation next day they phoned me up to tell me that they would send my refund straight away. I receved it the very next day.

  61. prezzley says:

    Betshares Legal Department.
    Blueprint Direct Limited.
    Betshare Racing
    83 Osprey Road
    PA3 2QG

  62. magtino says:

    £297 for a horseracing system,you need to
    give your head a good shake.

  63. martin194860 says:

    There is never any need to pay for horse racing tips.
    You can get them for free where ever yo look.
    You just need to paper trade them for a few weeks to discover the better one.
    You can find tipsters at Sporting Life, Racing Post, Naps table (currently the Irish post tops). You could also check out At The Races.
    Bottom line, keep your money in your pocket/purse and buy someone a nice Christmas present.

  64. Maynard says:

    Free tipsters are over-bet. Unless you get on as soon as they’re released, the price has gone, the value has gone, and you make little (if any) money. A good paid-for tipster controls his membership numbers, so you CAN make a profit. Check out proofed tipsters on

    The Naps table tipsters are poor. Irish Post may be top now, but won’t be soon. If you check Naps table profits over a 12-month period, you struggle to make money with any of them. Same applies to Racing Post and Sporting Life tipsters.

    Hugh Taylor (At The Races) is only profitable if you jump on the moment his tips are released. Same with Rein Man (Oddschecker).

    Bottom line, don’t be such a tight-arsed git – try to see the big picture. And don’t post crap, because not everyone on here is a racing airhead.

  65. russrog says:

    Hi I’ve tried betshare racing for the last two weeks but I’m still waiting for the items
    promised. By the way I’ve not received any reply to my emails.

  66. Stevegurgi says:

    thanks Prezzley! I ordered a racing system from them for £77 …… after I found it way to hard to use rather than the ” easy system” they said it was, I sent it back for refund……no refund after about 3 months, phoned em but was told as I’d had a couple of refunds before,( for no good roulette system, and couple of horse systems) I could only have a credit note….so I wrote explaining all this to the legal dept you gave the address of………and I got a cheque within a couple of days! thanks! won’t be ordering again from them, hyped up brochures that make you feel you’d be a right nut NOT to buy the FANTASTIC system sure fire money etc……well, I’d say anyone that trusts them is a bit nutty! like me before I found out their stuff doesn’t work, anyway, thanks again Prezzley!

  67. geoffhead says:

    I see I wrote in February 2014 that Betshare issue refunds one month after receipt of returned systems “I think they must have changed their system”
    I returned systems on the 3rd and 8th of June/15 also have rung them 3 times. On each occasion I was told I would be rung back, surprise, surprise nothing happened so far.
    This will be the last time I buy anything from them, but I will chase them until I have got my DUES?? However long that takes??

  68. monera says:

    I have been trying for months to get a refund from them for a useless system which was returned to them with details of the results. I am still waiting and have not even received a reply.

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