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| March 15, 2012 | 16 Replies

Product Name: Bet Turbo

Author: Barry Monaghan

Company Name & Contact Details:
Simon Javaheri or Liam Brown
Circle Media Ltd
10 Meadowcroft
tel: 0751 8377826


For anyone whose tired of being ripped off and sucked into BS schemes that just don’t work – Lucky punter reveals a quick system that can boost any betting account from £10 to £1503.04 in 5 days.

Price: £37 + VAT in UK

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day unconditional – Clickbank

What Do You Get?

– 5 page PDF Manual download

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Bet Turbo by Barry Monaghan is a win bet tipping system for UK and Irish horse racing

What’s It All About?  

A 4 step system to select winners which it says can only be undertaken on the day of the race. SP is one criterion so may not suit all.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started? 

17 point bank recommended with progressive staking.

How Much Money Can I Make?  

See headline. No results disclosed. Loss of 13 points seen in trial to date.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Few minutes daily.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This? 

PC and Internet connection unless using betting shop to place bets.

Value For Money? 


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Poor – no reply to question posed about discrepancy shown on marketing page.

Midpoint Review 27/03/2012 

This has the usual marketing story (it is Circle Media so not really a surprise) with most of the usual elements present including the car pictures. When you receive so many emails about the one system all you know is that the marketers are heavily promoting it, not that it has any more potential than anything else you might be offered.

And the purchase process is not complete without an attempt to sell you the selections by email to save the time that they said in the marketing was minimal. By the way, the number of mistypes on the web pages (including an incorrect email address!) do not give any great hope that the product will be much use either.

When you read the manual there are further inconsistencies, eg it claims that the system has been used by the author for over 2 years but the marketing shows the supposed eureka moment on Exeter race track in the spring of 2011. It is clearly a back fitted system – the rules give this away.

It uses any newspaper or website tissue price and so there will be different selections depending on your information source. On day 1 of the trial I used the RP website and had 6 possible selections but when using the Daily Mail not a single one of these qualified.

The system itself is very simple and initial selections will take minutes. As you can use BSP as a criterion rather than ISP it should be possible to set up using a bot so that you can avoid the need to follow the races.

However, the imprecision of the starting price rule may lead you to question the potential for the system especially when a further criterion is that the horse must have finished in a certain position in its last race “but must not have pulled up”.

The alarm bells were ringing as soon as I read the manual and my good contact with the database access has since informed me that it is highly unlikely that this system will make any profit.

As it uses tissue prices for selections it is not possible to check these back but he has looked at the stats based on actual favourite position and in 11,000 races over 10 years the longest winning run is 3 races.

I then decided to check on the horse given as the first example of the system that March afternoon last year and lo and behold it does not actually fit 3 of the 4 rules and we cannot check the other one now.

I emailed asking about this and also the names of the 4 winners on 1 day mentioned on the website and had not received a response when there was an email sent to subscribers telling us how to select the correct horse as there is some confusion! The only confusion I can see is why there have not been any winners! I replied to this email asking a follow up question and have received no response whatsoever.

In order to give the system a fair chance I have made selections using the Racing Post website and the results have been at best pathetic. Form 32 selections 3 have won – the last 2 very recently before which the bank was down to 30% of its starting point and I was thinking that this would be the fastest decimation of a betting bank that I had seen.

The staking plan is clearly flawed – a 17 point bank is assuming a pretty good strike rate and unless things change dramatically in the second half of the trial this is not going to happen. I could not have been tempted to back a single one of the selections that has been seen so far. My conclusion is that the marketing profit claim was inadvertently reversed so reducing £1500 to £10 in 5 days.

Full review will follow in April but the chances of a recommendation are slim to say the least.

Final Review 26/04/2012 

There really is not a lot to add to the thoughts expressed in the interim review. The performance has declined steadily and almost 80% of the bank has been lost in just 1 month.

We have had in excess of 100 initial selections that have turned into 58 final qualifiers just 5 of which have won. A strike rate under 10% and very little confidence that any of the selections are likely to bring a profit to your bank account.

Full details are given in the spreadsheet and I suggest that you sit down before you open it in case the shock is too much for you!

I have to heartily agree with the conclusion made by a member on the thread regarding this service. A load of rubbish and I’m reluctant to dignify it further with any more comment.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Bet Turbo Results



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Comments (16)

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  1. tezza1 says:

    Hi All.

    Not sure this is as real as it makes out, there is a daily tips service which costs around £12 a month, after 5 days There has’nt been a winner, about 3 E/A,
    but according to the promotion date, they name a couple of winners that were not get given to me with the tip service, will give it a couple of weeks before I can really tell.

  2. englandronald says:

    I brought the system and won to day 18.00 I was using just 50. 00 bank at 3.00 per point

  3. MMR Reviewer says:

    Hi Ronald. Which source did you use for the tissue prices please? Interested as had no winners today from mine.

  4. englandronald says:

    Bet turbo I use the racing post

  5. MMR Reviewer says:

    Thanks Ronald

  6. englandronald says:

    Still not making any money this system is a load of rubbish

  7. plummep19 says:

    I subscribed to their racing whispers tipping service, and its a comppete load of crap. DELETED BY MOD – DON’T POST LIBELLOUS COMMENTS. Do not buy anything to do with them.

  8. soccershots says:

    Thank you for your review. I have been receiving e-mails with ever increasing discounts for this system.
    Glad I checked with you first it has saved me a lot of money by the sound of things.
    Thanks Again.

  9. MMR Reviewer says:

    A word of warning – this system is being promoted again as if new.

  10. paully says:

    Betting gods is promoting something not cool again. Bet Turbo? Lucky, I have moremoneyreview to save our ass.

  11. mad one says:


    …..How naive if you really think they are trying to save your ass instead of increasing their mailing list to sell you more rubbish that does not work.

  12. slangman says:

    Why are you a member of more money review mad one?

  13. Frogsrock66 says:

    Hi Guys, God I have been getting tons of emails about Bet Turbo and how good it is…must get at least 5 emails from different tipsters a day about this system…and to think I was almost going to sign up for it because it sounded so good, now I am not so sure! 🙁

  14. mad one says:


    …..Because occasionally I read something worthwhile from a member who mentions an external snippet of information that may be worthwhile investigating, but it is a shame I, and many others have to cut through the dross to get to it mostly.

  15. Fluffy90 says:

    Hi mad one

    What systems would you recommend

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