1K System Review

| July 16, 2012 | 12 Replies

Product Name: 1K System

Author: Chris Cobb

Company Name & Contact Details:
Suite 127 Communications House,
9 St Johns Street,
United Kingdom


“Whether I’m sipping cocktails in Santorini, Greece with Victoria… skiing with our friends in France… or driving one of my cars… my 1k Per Day System is RAKING in money… all day every day!”

Watch the short video below right now to see ACTUAL PROOF of my 1k Per Day System in action… and not just a screenshot!

And then READ ON… To see how you can get access to my 1k System… COMPLETELY FREE!

Price: £19.97

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

Where To Buy: http://www.1ksystem.co.uk/indexUKcb.html

Brief Summary:

The 1K System from Chris Cobb is a system for making money from your own online business. Chris will teach you how to set up and get traffic to your website, how to build up subscriber lists, how to boost sales and how to make money from affiliate commissions.

If you have tried this system we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.



Category: Business Opportunities, Home Business, Home Study Courses, Internet Business, Marketing

Comments (12)

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  1. cjlee619 says:

    Has anyone tried Chris Cobb’s 1K System?

  2. robbie888 says:

    DELETED BY MOD full acsess for free at £19.97 30 day money back DELETED BY MOD you think he will send it back

  3. Julia says:

    It says watch the short video below ? It isn’t there !!!!

  4. console says:

    I just had his mail shot through and checked here first :), then i checked him out on companies house.

    He is a blatant liar with what he states in his videos (this can be substantiated with prooof if i can post the links to companies house)

    Im sure the tax man would love to see his claims considering non of it has been documented and submitted on any returns.

    His youtube video pops up with 2009 when he hovers over the image, according to companies house he didnt set the company up until 2010, and he has failed to file his accounts.

    Also he has two other businesses registered to him which after a quick check have a grand total of £24 in the bank, yes twenty four pounds with an outstanding liability of £558 and outstanding accounts late.

    These are facts from companies house and a credit reference agency.

    Never fall for this type of hype, the internet is a powerful place to flush these people out from if you know what tools to use.

    companies house and company checker.



  5. stanwell says:

    thanks for the information on Mr Hobbs,as other sites have said he charged a lady £1500 pounds for a website and she asked for her money back with no luck!!
    VAT returns do not lie unless he is paying very little tax?

  6. ric2222 says:

    hello chris . i cant seem to get any further in to your page could you send me a link . thank you.richard mackenzie

  7. Leet says:

    It’s the old saying if something is to good to be true!… I checked out NOT Chris Cobbs, but the company who he says name will show up on your credit card statment! Check it out folks it’s the SMALL PRINT! they have changed company name more times than Jaws as made a come back and more company directors than i care to mention…This is not a good one folks Keep your money in your pockets for this one and stay clear.

  8. koira says:

    just as I had my credit card in hand I thought i had better check him out, thanks for everyones input!

  9. ange188 says:

    Thanks for these comments. I was about to pay the £19+ but now I will not.

  10. long says:

    would have lost a fortune had it not been for this site

  11. JHartnell says:

    Thanks to all – nearly made a mistake there!

  12. prezzley says:

    Just a load of Cobblers

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