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Racing Code 2017: Results

| April 27, 2017 | 6 Replies


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  1. Ken Riches says:

    I cannot get back into Racing Code, why?
    Have been using it the last few days no problem and it is free for a year.

  2. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi Ken, I’ll email the selections over to you now. I’m not aware of any other problems or changes, so hopefully will have just been a blip.

  3. Stephen Holden says:

    I haven’t had an email of any horse tips at all,the last email was a welcome letter
    And it’s suppose to be free this year,any probs miles
    Cheers Ste

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Stephen,
      If you click on the Racing Code banner at the top of the page it’ll let you move to all the other pages, including the User Guide, the emails that have been sent and the selections page.
      On the Emails page it also has the date of when they were sent. Could you check that you’ve received them all? (Might be worth checking spam and other folders too as it seems strange that you received one email, can login, but not received all of them?) Either way, a quick browse through those emails/user guide will bring you up to speed on how it’s being worked this season.

  4. Stephen Holden says:

    Sorry it’s not letting me log in miles
    I’ve been given a new password but that won’t work either

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      If you email me I can send over selections (none for Racing Code today, 3 likely for tomorrow)
      But for account/login questions you’ll need to contact customer services on 0207 633 3630 from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

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