Get In On The Gridiron Goldrush

| September 11, 2010 | 4 Replies

It’s that time of year again.

The money men are grinning…

The ad execs are whoopin’ and hollerin’…

And even bowls become super.

American football, nay, gridiron is back.

Most of you won’t care.

To be honest, I don’t care that much.

To me it’s softer than rugby…

Less exciting than football…

And more stop start than crown green bowling.

Fortunately it’s not all bad.

Because even if you’re not the biggest of fans, it can still be a breeding ground for profit…

And hey, you don’t even have to watch the games.

Just back the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC at 11/2 and soon you could be doing some whoopin’ and hollerin’ of your own.

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An Englishman in New York

Okay, so this piece has nothing to do with New York but it’s a good song and I can sympathise with Sting when he sings:

“I’m an alien I’m a legal alien. I’m an Englishman in New York”.

Most of us this side of the ‘pond’ know very little about gridiron, so I’ll try and keep it simple.

Green Bay are a little like a horse that got up on the right side of the stable.

The owner noticed the twinkle in their eye…

The stable boy noticed the spring in their step…

Word gets round and suddenly prices are falling, tipsters are tipping and the odds are no longer worth taking.

That’s been the case with Green Bay when it comes to the Super Bowl.

Just a few weeks ago they were available as 16/1 outsiders, but following an impressive pre-season and big write up they are now as short as 8/1 in places.

Fortunately, there is still some value to be had simply by sidestepping the obvious and being a bit more subtle with our market choice.

So avoid the sugar coated hype-fest that is the Super Bowl winners market and back the Packers to win their ‘conference’ at 11/2.

Who are ya! Who are ya!

So who are the Green Bay Packers?

Well, as the name suggests, they’re based in Green Bay and were ‘born’ in 1911 when the brilliantly named Curly Lambeau brought together a team of ‘footballers’.

Fast forward to 2009 and these Packers were pretty good, reaching the play-offs (the stage before the conference game) only to be squeezed out by Arizona 51-45.

Much to the delight of American sports fans, their stats also made for impressive reading.

They were 3rd in points scored per game, 6th in yards gained per game, conceded the 7th least amount of points per game and the 2nd least amount of yards per game.

That may not mean much to you but trust me when I say that they’re all pretty important.

Green Bay have added to last year’s promise with some good recruits in the off-season and look almost certain to reach the play-offs again.

From there they will only need to win a maximum of three games to claim the NFC title.

And guess what?

All seven of these bona fide American ‘experts’ agree with me when I say that Green Bay are more than capable of winning those games…

Just take a look.

Any opposition of note?

Not really.

Most of the other fancied teams are playing in the other conference – the AFC – leaving just the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys to genuinely worry our pick.

New Orleans won the Super Bowl last year but by all accounts there was more than a little slice of luck in their successful run.

Furthermore, teams very rarely reach the grand finale twice in a row – New England were the last team to do so and that was five years ago.

And as for the Dallas Cowboys, well they’re tipped every year but never do anything – a little like Liverpool in the Premier League.

All told, Green Bay look a cracking bet to win the NFC at 11/2 with Boyle Sports, Sporting Bet and Bet Victor.

The season gets underway tomorrow, so don’t delay, get on it today!



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  1. I am shocked the NFL is going to go to an 18 game schedule. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  2. Who does everyone think the unbeatens will be after sunday? I am pretty sure it will be the Chiefs.

  3. Amos Callum says:

    I cant believe there are so many head injuries in the nfl lately. You have to wonrder if its because the nfl brushed it under the rug in the past, or is there a serious equipment problem.

  4. Billy says:

    Have you noticed the increased number of helmets falling off Amos?

    Good call on the chiefs Andrea. Who would have thought that would be right before the season began!

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