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  1. Paul Stonehouse says:


    I have downloaded the Betplan files but the folder for the 1% virtual is empty!


  2. Alan Prout says:


    Still no zip file to download for the virtual betplans.


  3. Peter Higson says:

    hi Alan . i have replied to you directly by email and enclosed a set from my desktop.

  4. Mark Smith says:

    How do we get the trial activation code. Do I have to wait for the email to arrive?



  5. Peter Higson says:

    Hi Mark

    This link should take you to software trial page…


  6. Tony Lovett says:

    Any chance you could choose a different web address that doesn’t get blocked by my work internet filter??

  7. Peter Higson says:

    The next days betplans are timed to be posted by 8pm the previous evening.thursdays betplans will therefore be loaded this evening (wednesday)
    The first column on the left (a number) is the betplan to be used for that race

  8. Ben Anderson says:


    Just signed up and tried downloading the Betex software onto my work PC but am banned from doing so. Do you know if this can run straight from my mobile? Otherwise can the remote VPS be used for this?


    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Ben
      It will certainly run on a VPS – there is a review on betting rant of bettingdev vps – I use this one. They load the software for you…
      The issue with your work pc is clearly something to do with your works site security, so I can’t really help you there.. it may be worthwhile contacting BETEX directly to see if there is a workaround

  9. Peter Higson says:

    Hi Ben
    It will certainly run on a VPS – there is a review on betting rant of bettingdev vps – I use this one. They load the software for you…
    The issue with your work pc is clearly something to do with your works site security, so I can’t really help you there.. it may be worthwhile contacting BETEX directly to see if there is a workaround – unlikely though!
    also .. bear in mind that if you have the software loaded on a device at home, there is a huge time window in which you can set up the betplans – from 8pm the previous evening right through to the start of racing the next day – thats a 17 hour window currently.

  10. Paul Stonehouse says:


    Please can you send or post the 1% virtual BP files? The folder from above is empty. Alternatively can I simply load the 1.5% files which seem to be ok and change the percentage in the box to 1%?

  11. Peter Higson says:

    I have replied to you by email Paul.
    the virtual bank betplans have now been uploaded again. I’m sure Matt will get them on to the page for download ASAP
    apologies for delay on this..

  12. RE problems downloading the files…

    I seem to be able to download them without any problems and I’m just using a standard PC. There also seems to just be a couple of issues with this in comparison to the number of people who have signed up so it may be an issue at the user’s end.

    The file is a zip file so it might be that you need to download Winzip or something similar.

    Failing that, Peter is more than happy to email the files directly to anybody who is struggling.


  13. William Carr says:

    I am not clear which file to load, I have downloaded the zip file for 2% of virtual but is has numerous KB files, the user guide mentions plan 30 for Kempton in the example but I am not sure which of these 2KB files should be used for today.

    • Peter Higson says:

      William i have replied to you directly by email, and enclosed some screenshots which will help.
      full answers are in the datakings user guide that you should have downloaded?

  14. Jacqueline Sharp says:

    hi I’m having problems opening the bet plans they have downloaded to the computer but wont open. thanks jacqui

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Jacqui,
      The betplans are in a zip file (compressed file) extract them and then save to your desired place – desktop perhaps?
      Most pc’s have file extraction software – if not just use winzip – that will work for you
      Once extracted, they can only be opened from within the betex software. Other programs will not recognise the format…
      The procedure for this is in the datakings user guide that you should have downloaded?
      Hope this helps

      • Peter Higson says:

        Problem resolved?

        • Jacqueline Sharp says:

          Yes problem solved I downloaded WinZip to access the files. Thankyou

          • Peter Higson says:

            Ok. There are now answers and help to a variety of start up questions/problems on the various threads. Check these first if you get stuck or need help- you will probably find the solution!
            If you have not yet done so, i also recommend you read through the datakings user guide and the FAQ PAGE which provides a lot more information.
            If you do get stuck, dont hesitate to get in touch….

  15. Peter Higson says:

    i believe both the betex software downloaded instructions and guidelines on this site say that for the software to work you need an active, funded betfair account. This applies whether you are using whole betfair balance betplans, or virtual bank balance betplans, and whether you are running the software in real or simulation mode.
    if you are getting error messages along lines of:’Based on the current Betfair account balance the Bet 1 stake will be less than the minimum 2.00′ – this is probably the cause…
    if not the case, please contact BETEX support for guidance. -it is usually a straightforward solution!…

    • Glenn Herriott says:

      Hi Peter,

      I’m getting this issue so have adjusted my stake to 2.00 for the moments. Currently testing the system.

      Many thanks for your work,

      • Peter Higson says:

        You need funds in the betfair account as explained above. My suggestion is put at least £200 in
        Set your virtual bank to £300.
        Use the 1% virtual bank betplans
        Run software in simulation until you are satisfied.
        This method should ensure you avoid the stake/minimum balance issue. It also means your £200 real money stays intact!

        • Peter Higson says:

          Or use the 1.5% or 2% plans for that matter.
          Better this way than you changeing the preset stakes on the plan, because you know what i am going to say!-you will forget at some point to change the stake back, and very soon you will find that the set of plans has become corrupted!
          Trust me – i have done this myself….

  16. William Carr says:

    Sorted it now, thanks anyway!!

  17. mick11 says:

    Hi, I am still getting the same problem that I mentioned in the other thread. “You are not subscribed to this publication”. It won’t accept my normal BR log in, although I am clearly logged in hers and able to post. I tried the help contact and have only had the standard reply back. Could someone set me up with some temporary credentials until this is sorted out? I would at least like to download the manual.

    There was an email about downloading Betex (which I did yesterday) from a Dataking address. I wondered if the “help” desk may have sent it and tried to reply but it came back. Undeliverable: Re: Your free software trial

  18. mick11 says:

    “in here”

  19. Min kin Lee says:

    A question re the betplan number. So just to confirm I have to upload the numbered betplan next to the race and attach to those specific races eg. “30” in the manual. THen I have to upload the next betplan eg. “2” and attach that to the races that have “2” next to those races?

  20. Peter Higson says:

    I think you have got it!
    Page 9 of the datakings user guide explains the betplan numbering
    You should have downloaded the plans to a convenient place on your device- perhaps your desktop. The relevant plans (from the options you have chosen; whole balance or virtual, 1%,1.5% or 2%) then just need to be attached to the right races.. eg today plan 2 should have been attached to the 4.30 and 5.00 races at catterick, and so on….

  21. Graham Sheppard says:

    I have followed all the instuctions and all the Betplans are showing I am on real money but not one bet has been placed, is this the same for everybody.


    Graham Sheppard

  22. Simon Wade says:

    hi, do i have to set up on a computer originally then transfer the use to my mobile/tablet?
    or can i do the set up from my mobile and run from there?
    i am no tekkie, i don’t use computers and do all my investments on mobile and tablet.
    thanks for your patience in advance

    • Peter Higson says:

      I thimk your solution will without doubt be a vps – a remote computer
      Load the software on to that (bettingdev vps will do that for you. See review elsewhere on this site. I use them)
      You can then run/load the software from your tablet and possibly smartphone. As long as you have internet access it can be done from anywhere.

  23. Hugh Duddy says:

    Hi Peter/Matt & All

    Got everything downloaded & software installed. At the moment using (200GBP) 1% virtual bank on simulation mode.

    I got started a bit late today due to login issues (Thanks to Matt for sorting it out for me) My 1st bet was 16.30 Catt which won 6.00. The other bets so far are marked no bet, yet I thought they were in the right price range etc. Is there a reason I’ve missed that only one bet has been place so far?

    Is there anywhere on the software that I can see visual confirmation that I have the correct betplan attached to the correct race. At the moment I see at the very top of the software, the version number & current betplan 12.bp It shows the same betplan number (12.bp)whatever actual race I select?

    In my settings I have 200 GBP for the virtual bank. I see above that you say (Peter) that it should be 300GBP @ 1%. I don’t really understand that. When I switch to real money, initially I only want to use 200GBP of my BF account.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, best of luck to everyone.


  24. Burhan Syed says:

    Please reply to my e-mail, I sent to

    Many thanks

  25. Glenn Herriott says:

    Hi Peter, Matt

    Thank you for launching this software. Seems a top bit of kit and a great idea.

    I’ve got a couple of questions.

    Firstly, i’m confused as to what the difference is in criteria between the different bet plans. Could you tell me what the difference is? Apart from the mix/max number of runners and min/max odds to bet on is there anything else?

    Also – what is the criteria for the races that are chosen for the system?

    Understand that this may be secret information. If it is, that’s fine. Would be good to know though.

    Thanks for your support.

    Best wishes,

    • Peter Higson says:

      hi Glen
      no comment, no comment and yes -it is confidential!
      don’t worry about the plan differences. my data tells me what the right plan is for that race on that day at that track – having processed some 500 + filters -which i am not going to share!(no offence) as long as you ensure you tag the right plan to the right race, just let the software do its work..
      as time goes by, i may share a little more detail , but that is someway down the road!
      thanks for your interest…

  26. ian fraser says:

    Hi guys,
    Have downloaded software and working my way through manual step by step to set up. Hitting a problem at page 8 re pointing the software to where I stored the bet plans. I select load from file which opens a window for me to select the relevant bet plan which I try to do but as soon as I select the directory where the bet plans reside the window closes down i.e. it doesn’t let me progress to highlighting the specific files required?

    Any help is much appreciated 🙂

    Thanks, Ian

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi ian
      I presume you can see the list of betplans?
      You should just highlight the plan then, bottom right, click open, and it then populates the software plan window…?
      Send me a screenshot, including the file path at top …

      • Peter Higson says:

        Further thought….
        You probably downloaded the plans in a compressed zip file. Have you extracted them?
        If not see earlier post in this thread- jacqui sharp 12.24pm

      • ian fraser says:

        Thanks Peter,

        No I select load from file from within the software which then opens File Explorer on my laptop, I only get as far as selecting the directory where the files are stored and the window closes, doesn’t let me select the files. Apologies not sure how to attach the screen grab here?

  27. ian fraser says:

    Peter ignore reply just now, didn’t see post re compressed file before I posted reply, will go check this out and let you know how I get on 🙂

  28. ian fraser says:

    OK, onto next problem. When trying to Attach To Highlighted Market – have set up previously in simulation mode – I receive the following error message :-

    There is a problem with this betting plan: Based on the current Betfair account balance the Bet 1 stake will be less than the minimum 2.0.

    By way of background I’ve set this up against an account which has no funds in it just now but didn’t think this would be a problem in simulation mode?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Ian you will find answer to this in eatlier posts on the betplan thread….amongst which
      Peter Higson says:
      April 12, 2017 at 12:25 pm (Edit)
      i believe both the betex software downloaded instructions and guidelines on this site say that for the software to work you need an active, funded betfair account. This applies whether you are using whole betfair balance betplans, or virtual bank balance betplans, and whether you are running the software in real or simulation mode.
      if you are getting error messages along lines of:’Based on the current Betfair account balance the Bet 1 stake will be less than the minimum 2.00′ – this is probably the cause…

      Peter Higson says:
      April 12, 2017 at 4:55 pm (Edit)
      You need funds in the betfair account as explained above. My suggestion is put at least £200 in
      Set your virtual bank to £300.
      Use the any % virtual bank betplans
      Run software in simulation until you are satisfied.
      This method should ensure you avoid the stake/minimum balance issue. It also means your £200 real money stays intact!

      • ian fraser says:

        Thanks Peter, will do. That would have been my next question i.e. reassurance real money is safe running Betex in simulation mode….onward and upward 🙂
        Cheers, Ian

  29. Young Tse says:


    After loading & attaching the bet plans and started trading on Betex, do I need to place a tick next to each race (left hand side) that has an attached plan?


    • Peter Higson says:

      No. As long as you have attached the betplan(s) to the race(s) that is all that is required. All races that have betplans attached should have a small clipboard icon in the column on the right.hit start trading button at top and the software is running

  30. ian fraser says:

    Morning Peter, thanks again for all your help and prompt replies last night.

    Quick question for you re where to find the betting plans. I’m assuming using link these will be here but looking at your first post – re won’t be posting with any degree of regularity – I’m wondering if they’re actually available elsewhere the evening before racing?
    Ta, Ian

    • Peter Higson says:

      Morning Ian
      The bet plans will always be posted on this page by 8pm the evening before races.
      If no selections, there will be a message to that effect.
      There are no selections on sundays.
      The comment about not posting with any degree of regularity was just referring to the screenshot snapshots from yesterdays software activity.

  31. Raymond Mills says:

    Hi Guys
    Yesterday I set bet plans up for all nine races. I decided to use real money, but very small stakes, so used 2% of virtual balance with bank of £100. However, the only race where Betex placed a bet was the 7.15 at Kempton (lost). I was logged on all the time and Betex posted 0.00 in the results window for the other races.
    Is that what you would have been expecting – it seems a very low proportion of races?
    Is the fact that a lot of people are now trying to place similar bets in-play meaning some of them won’t get matched? Reading the emails above, I see someone did get matched in the Catterick 5.30. I know results for different people may vary, but it might be helpful to post somewhere what sort of results you could have expected the previous day, so users will know if they’ve got things set up correctly (or perhaps you’re doing that but I haven’t noticed where).

    • Peter Higson says:

      Thanks for email.
      There were three matched selections yesterday
      overall the system showed a profit.

      Not sure what you base the ‘low proportion of races’ comment on?
      Setting a betplan to a race is just an instruction to the bot that we are interested in the race. A bet will only be placed if the bot sees a match between the plan criteria and the race profile
      is there a clear favorite?
      Does the price of the favorite fit within the bsp range specified?
      Does the number of runners in the race fall within the range specified?
      ONLY if all three answers are YES, will the bot fire in a bet. If NO to any, no bet will be placed.
      The bet is fired in the very second the race starts. Most of the time bets get matched at or very close to the BSP.
      Occasionally they won’t get matched – usually because the odds have shifted so quickly that there is no match
      Please read peter philipsons reviews of both Datakings & betex. These points are covered in more detail
      Further if you have not done so please read the FAQ section on the website which goes into much more detail about bet plans, matching and pricing
      Over time the odd anomalies DO even out.
      Yesterday – assuming you correctly loaded the right plans to the right races, you missed two bets a winner and a loser. Most of the time you will get matched.
      it does not matter how many betplans are attached – bets will only be placed if criteria match. There will be days when no bets get matched, several get matched, and occasionally – all get matched. There is no ‘correct proportion’
      The only relevant statistic here is – of the bets that do get placed, what percentage win? The answer to that is – over time – 42/43% win – and thatis over 5 years, 6000+ races.
      The 700 or so races that Peter Philipson has proofed show the same percentage strike rate.
      It does not of course mean that you will get 4.3 winners from every 10 bets matched! . yesterday it was 33% (still a profit though)
      There have been losing runs of 10 or more. It happens. Again please read the FAQ’s for more figures relating to performance…
      too many people betting?
      NO. on average every single uk race, every day, on Betfair sees upwards of £750,000 matched . an increasing number of races see £1.5m + staked – just on Betfair. Of the money staked, the greatest percentage – by a very long country mile (it could easily be over 50% on some races) – is staked on the favorite. The liquidity is exceptionally good. Datakings subscribers will not make even a ripple in the pond. Consider this :
      Even IF we had 5000 subscribers each with £2000 starting banks – i.e £1million, and using the highest staking liability – a 2% plan, IN TOTAL, that is only £20,000 that needs to be matched on a favorite that has had around ?£4-500k staked on it.
      If a fired in bet doesn’t get matched, 99% of the time it just means that the money in the pool at the fired in price was not there at that instant – usually it does get matched at a slightly higher or lower price. It is a question of timing. Occasionally the price isn’t there – one example I can think of particularly on flat racing would be the the horse gets stuck in the stalls, doesn’t leave etcc.right at the start. In such circumstances the price will shoot right out (up to 1000/1). No way our bet would get matched (in this example – a good thing of course!)
      The important thing is that over time these odd misses and hits WILL even out..
      You had one loser yesterday. Anyone that had all three will be showing 1 winner, two losers and a profit on the day..
      On another day that will be your experience.
      All you can do is to be 100% accurate in attaching the right plans to the right races. Missed races usually win, wrongly placed bets usually lose! – happens time and time again.
      I hope this rather lengthy response answers your queries?
      The results are monitored daily by peter Philipson, and a spreadsheet reflecting this will be circulated from time to time.
      There is no huge benefit in posting a daily report, because there will be differences in outcomes from person A to person B – either variances in odds matched or bets placed/not placed etc…
      It would be impossible for me to respond daily to the hundreds of queries that would prompt… so for moment regular periodic updates are the order of the day..
      Just double check your plan attachments hit start trading, and ensure your pc / device, stays switched on…
      Nb – a dropped internet connection is also a frequent explanation of missed bets. If you consider that a possible solution, look at using a VPS to resolve that issue (and power outages) 100%

  32. Hugh Duddy says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’m running the software on my PC so switched it off last night. On starting this morning I couldn’t see any record of yesterday’s bets or a running P/L total.

    Does the software not record the bets and keep a running profit & loss total or have I got a setting wrong?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Peter Higson says:

      if you switched the pc off, when you restart you will see that betex has to be fired up again. it will not remember previous activity.
      for that reason there is an ‘export to excel’ button at the bottom of the results screen.
      if you aregoing to switch the pc on/off, then exporting results will be the answer
      if you were running in virtual mode, and ticked the ‘retain last balance ‘ button in settings you should see the revised virtual total at the bottom of the results screen – click on little arrow tab at bottom left.

  33. Hugh Duddy says:

    Thanks Peter, appreciate the help.

  34. Charles Gabula says:

    I received the Daily Betplans


    20 WETHERBY 2.00
    35 CHELMSFORD 3.10
    21 TOWCESTER 4.20
    19 TOWCESTER 4.50

    But I don’t understand what the number in the front and end stand for.
    Is the there a video which can show when you receive the plan how to execute or place the plan to the software

    • Peter Higson says:

      this query was answered earlier in this thread:
      David Lean says:
      April 12, 2017 at 2:05 am (Edit)
      And what do the numbers to the left of the racecourse name indicate please?

      David Lean says:
      April 12, 2017 at 2:22 am (Edit)
      Its Ok, I get it, its the Betplan number lol


      today for instance you attach betplan 20 to the wetherby 2pm race etc…..
      for details on attaching plans to races, this is fully covered in the datakings user guide, which it was recommended that you download and read. it also contains vital information that you need to set up the betex software properly.
      the walk through of how to do all this is very simple

      • Iain Docherty says:

        Just a minor quibble, the betextrader software shows the race start time in 24hr format but you publish them in 12hr format

        Any chance (to save a very minor mathematical calculation and possible mistake) you could publish the start time in 24hr format?

  35. Michael Pugh says:


    i have downloaded bet plans. Tomorrows races there is a list of 18 races so is this the plan I select ? I attached it and then clicked attach to highlighted market. I got the following error
    There is a problem with this Betting Plan:
    Based on the current Betfair account balance the Bet 1 stake will be less than the minimum 2.00
    I have set the system to paper trade as I would like to ensure I am fully confident and don’t make costly mistakes. Do I need to fill up my betfair balance even though it is set to paper bet ?
    regards Mike

    • Peter Higson says:

      I have not posted tomorrows (fridays) betplans yet!?
      These will be available by 8pm this evening on this page.until then you will not know which races are of interest, or which plans need to be attached…

      The other problem you mention is answered earlier on this thread…….

      you will find answer to this in earlier posts on the betplan thread….
      amongst which
      Peter Higson says:
      April 12, 2017 at 12:25 pm (Edit)
      i believe both the betex software downloaded instructions and guidelines on this site say that for the software to work you need an active, funded betfair account. This applies whether you are using whole betfair balance betplans, or virtual bank balance betplans, and whether you are running the software in real or simulation mode.
      if you are getting error messages along lines of:’Based on the current Betfair account balance the Bet 1 stake will be less than the minimum 2.00′ – this is probably the cause…

      Peter Higson says:
      April 12, 2017 at 4:55 pm (Edit)
      You need funds in the betfair account as explained above. My suggestion is put at least £200 in
      Set your virtual bank to £300.
      Use the any % virtual bank betplans
      Run software in simulation until you are satisfied.
      This method should ensure you avoid the stake/minimum balance issue. It also means your £200 real money stays intact!

      • Michael Pugh says:

        I must have misunderstood I have an email with betplans must have been from yesterday. Set virtual to £100 more than the actual balance ? ok thank you

        • Peter Higson says:

          Hi michael. Just for clarification…..
          What you should have downloaded to your desktop is a full set of betplans.they are zipfiles that you will need to extract..this is covered earlier in this thread if you are unsure.
          Each night, at the top of this page, there will be a messsage advising you which betplan number needs to be attatched to which race. The betplan number will be the figure in the first column
          Hope this helps

  36. Hugh Duddy says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’ve just noticed that the Betex bot is recording all my bets / P/L on my BF account. Bets that have no connection with the DataKings Service.

    How do I keep an accurate P/L for DK if its recording all bets on the account.

    Is there a way to do that?

    Thanks Peter.

    • Peter Higson says:

      are you using a virtual bank betplan?
      are you using betex to place other bets?
      or are these bets placed by some other means- manually or another bot perhaps?
      if so,if you export results from your betex software to excel- what activity does that show up?
      let me know – we can then pin down the cause – my only expereince of this is betex picking up only the bets it has placed….

  37. Hugh Duddy says:

    I should have mentioned that I have the “retain closing balance for next session” ticked in the settings tab so this will also be inaccurate.


  38. Hugh Duddy says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’m only using Betex to place DK bets but also using Fairbot to place/trade other BF bets outwith the DK selections.

    I’ve checked the exported results and it “looks like,” one of the bets I had outside the DK selections was also a DK selection.

    What I have recorded is…
    Pure shores
    Yorgonnahearmeroar @ the correct prices for the DK selections.

    It hasn’t recorded the price/bet for Yorgonnahearmeroar that I placed using Fairbot in the exported results

    Will need to see at the end of the day if it records all bets in the closing balance or only the DK bets.

    Thanks Peter,

  39. Jerry Ball says:

    I have made a Data Kings shortcut on my desktop which when opened shows the 6 choices ( 1% to 2% whole or virtual )When i click on the one I want( 1.5% whole ) I get lots of files( 1501-1583 ) Is that correct Peter?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Yes jerry
      If you read through the datakings user guide, and I think also the FAQ section, the betplan numbering is fully explained..?
      Of the file you want;
      The first two digits – 15 – confirm it is a 1.5% staking strategy The next two are the plan number – plans 01 through to 83
      If it was a 2% staking strategy betplan 1 would be 201 or 21
      For a 1% strategy 101 etc
      Hope this helps..

  40. Burhan Syed says:

    Today’s result on 2% of £250 bank real money

    Time Venue P/L
    14:00 Wetherby 0.00
    15:10 Chelmsford city -5.00
    16:20 Towcester -4.90
    16:50 Towcester -4.80
    Total Loss: £14.70

    Software did not trigger 1st one may be internet issues, don’t know. Rest 3 lost, watched as these happened.

    Comment please

  41. David Edwards says:

    I had same result as you burhan except no bet matched in the 4.50 towcester.

    • Peter Higson says:

      yes David
      as discussed in the FAQ section, and i think the user guide, there will always be occasions when the bet is fired in that the odds might have drifted in or out. – just missing or just catching bets
      Over time – as peter Philipson remarked in his review – these instances do tend to level out..

  42. Raymond Monk says:


    Should we use the existing extracted Plans (on the desktop) each day or should these be deleted and replaced daily. I understand that you will regularly review the plans so if we don’t replace them daily how will we know whether the plans have been updated ?



    • Peter Higson says:

      hi Ray
      the desktop plans are the ones to be used unless you have been notifed that an update is available.
      if updated plans are available you WILL be made aware of this.

  43. Graham Sheppard says:

    Hi Peter thanks for the previous reply, its all good now. One problem I have tried to load Fri selections but it is only showing Thurs (todays)



  44. Andrew Coombs says:

    Nice to see the results above for today (although 3 losers) match my results.
    First day of trying the system and I spent around an hour reading the guide last night and it only took me 3 minutes to set the races up at 5.30 this morning before work.
    It really is straightforward, I’d urge anyone who hasn’t to read the guide before asking questions on here, teh screen prints show you exactly what you need to click/type/ etc.
    As long as the results improve , which I’m more than hopeful they will based on the track record I can’t wait to watch my bank grow.
    My favourite thing about this system is it completely removes the emotion out of investing as you don’t know what you have backed and as I have set this money aside not to be touched I’m hoping the compound interest will see profits increase exponentially. Thanks for sharing Peter, this is an excellent additional string to my bow.

    • Peter Higson says:

      thanks for the posting.
      your experience is spot on – it does only take a few moments to set up. of course it is worth commenting that there is a huge time window in which to do this -18 hours. so no excuses for not getting software loaded!
      both the historical results and peter philipsons proofing have been consistent, so i am confident over time banks will grow. in fact i was just looking at the proofing results this afternoon and had forgotten that within the first few weeks we had hit a 14 run losing sequence..nevertheless the system has over the past 5 years proved to be incredibly robust and mostly bounced back – as evidenced by the proofing figures..
      stick with it – and thanks for your positive comments Andrew – much appreciated
      p.s your comment ref reading the guide is very pertinent – it will save a huge amount of time, help avoid mistakes and provide a clear picture as to what is going on..Ditto the FAQ section – which i think also fills in a good few blanks…

  45. Raymond Monk says:

    I’ve joined VPS BettingDav (using BR 10% discount) and the whole process is now automated apart from loading daily Betplans which takes around 5 minutes. Very impressed so far with all aspects of the system.

  46. Jerry Ball says:

    I joined BettingDav yesterday but did not know about the discount then. Does seem rather expensive at £29.95 a month.

    • Raymond Monk says:


      This firm is very efficient. I started on the £24.95 plan earlier today (the £29.95 isn’t necessary to run this system). I then changed onto the discounted system and now pay a reduced amount of £22.45. I suggest you make contact via the live chat facility and they will sort you out in a few minutes.

  47. Jerry Ball says:

    I am really struggling here. When I click on “Load from File” and select the plan that I need I just get “windows cant open this file” Help!

  48. Glenn Herriott says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am a Mac user and currently running of brothers computer. Wondering if any solutions for me or do I need to buy a windows PC to run this system?

    Not sure VPS works on Mac either.

    Many thanks,

    • Peter Higson says:

      don’t go to the expense of buying a windows pc just to do this!
      GO down the VPS route. this will give you a remote PC loaded with windows 10, internet access etc….no power outages, no broadband issues, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. I access my VPS from my tablet…
      bettingdev will also load the betex software onto the VPS for you- in less than 24 hours.
      all you then need to do is copy the betplan folder/file over to the VPS desktop.

  49. Ken Riches says:

    Cannot open the Betplans Adobe says they are corrupt.
    Have deleted them and downloaded again. Same problem.

  50. Cliff Stokes says:

    Am I right in saying that the only difference between the Whole Bank and Virtual Bank Betplans that we download is that the statement that we are using 1% of the Betfair Bank OR 1% of the Virtual Bank in the Betplan itself and that everything thing else is the same?

  51. Burhan Syed says:

    Toady’s result

    26 LINGFIELD 1.40 Lost

  52. Michael Page says:

    By the way I’ve previously posted as Mick11.

  53. Spencer Westcott says:

    Hi Peter/Matt

    Is there any way of us checking to see if we are adding and placing the set ups correct?
    On a number of occasions over the past few days the 1st fav seems to have won but im losing my stake.

    IE 1340 Lingfield . Winner ‘War glory’ but P/L -2?

    Is this correct? or am i doing something wrong with the set up?


  54. Trevor Rowe says:

    hi Matt like Paul i have downloaded the bet plan missing 101 bp
    for to use % 1 of bank
    also is there away of stopping the bets after a win in profit
    other then stopping it manuley

  55. Burhan Syed says:

    Hi Spencer Westcot

    Today’s selection of 1st fev did not win, so obviously P/L will show – sign.

  56. Peter Higson says:

    to confirm the last four selections have lost
    one placed third,
    two finished second (todays beaten by a nose)
    one fell -brought down by another horse.
    Not everyone will have the same experience as explained in user guide and FAQ’s
    odds fluctuate dramatically in first few seconds of a race which can mean bets occassionally don’t get matched -good news if horse loses, not so good if it won!
    over time these instances do tend to even out.

  57. Trevor Rowe says:

    i have just used this software for the first time to day and i downloaded the betplan yesterday for today racing not sure if its going right it seems it was firering the bets in one after the other first the 1.40 lingfield war horse lost then 1.50 Newcastle not sure of the bet as two jf cheeseandpickle and kheleyfs girl both lost never took the bets betfair under the £2 minimum bets i used the betplan 110 as it was the nearest to the 101 bp for the 1% i changed the bp to 230 for 2% and the 3ed bet come up at 2.00 bath esprit de corps won i think i am not doing things right so how meny bets were there today and how come i got a winner and most did not

    • Peter Higson says:

      This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen Trevor..
      there was Only one bet today – the first race at lingfield. -nothing else!
      Send me a screenshot of your markets window –
      Please do not load plans for Saturdays racing until I have seen the screenshot and got back to you..
      have also replied to you by email trevor..

  58. Peter Higson says:

    anticipating a reply but everyone please note;;

    • Trevor Rowe says:

      i ticked the boxis to see the bets i am going to make be course when it ask to load the betplan file under it says attach to all ticked markets so it duos it in one go and now you say don’t tick the boxes do them one by one i want to use the whole bank at 1% and you say use plane 11 so do i use that on each race or all the races and someone on here says if you use the 1% its so do i have to place them on each race so first race no 1 would be 116 2 race 117 and so on this is still confusing

      • Peter Higson says:

        trevor i have replied to you by email
        i believe you are still doing this incorrectly and getting in a mess with the betplans.
        i have offered you some one to one help and suggest you run with that rather than trawling the site for clues..

  59. Young Tse says:


    What’s the reason for using simulation mode for this weekend?
    I’ve used the software for a couple of days now and have had no problems with it.

    Would it be OK to use “real money” for Saturday or is it because you don’t normally bet with real money during bank holiday weekends?


    • Hi Young,

      I believe that comment was aimed at people who are still not 100% comfortable with the process. A practise couple of days if you like.

      The track record for this service is based on all bets and personally I am betting with real money this weekend as I am comfortable with the setup process.


      • Young Tse says:

        Great! I’ll set mine up for real money.
        I wasn’t sure who the comment was aimed for as it does say “recommend for everyone…a simulation weekend only”.


  60. GerryRich says:

    I cannot log-in to the DataKings page – I thought I had to use the same info that got me into the Betting Rant site?
    I have tried to obtain a new password – no reply
    I have tried to contact Agora – no joy there.
    Did anyone else have a problem?

  61. James Crute says:

    I am assuming that all the plans are different.! Is there any way of knowing that the right plan has been assigned to the correct race ( market ). I am struggling to find a simple way to open the betplans AND then attach to relevent markets.

  62. David C/o bolch says:

    I used to be involved a bit in the presentation of information, so a couple of tiny suggestions.

    First, since Betex uses 24-hour format for the race listings, it might be a good idea if you did too, when listing the Daily Betplan races. It just removes one small recalculation the user needs to make.

    Second (but this would be a bigger change now, so probably just something to bear in mind): it might have been a good idea if the betplan file name had been 1-7, 2-7, 15-7, etc (depending on the staking level), rather than the current 17, 27, 157. (Windows file naming does allow a dash.) Sooner or later someone on 1% staking, and in a rush, instructed to load betplan 17 to a race, is likely to click on file 17, rather than (in his case) file 117.
    Only a problem with the 1% files, of course. And a mistake the user will quickly learn to guard against. Just one small area where error could creep in.

    David H.
    (Excuse the odd login name. The system seems to have taken the first line of a temporary mailing address… No obvious way to change.)

  63. John Seaman says:

    Would it be possible to give the betplan files more meaningful names? For example “2percent-plan7.bp” rather than “27.bp”. Or just lose the 1st digit as the 2% plans are in a different folder to the 1% and 1.5% plans. It is confusing as it is.

    Alos is there any way to check which plans have been loaded against which races?

    • Peter Higson says:

      replied to you directly by email
      when a race has a plan attached – in marketview highlight the race
      at the very top of the betex window -above settings a line of text shows the version of betex software you are using together with the plan in use for the highlighted race..
      betex are working on a more visible indicator, which should be included in their next upgrade.

      • John Seaman says:

        There is some text at the top of the Beetex window next to the software version which says “Current Betplan 213.bp” but this doesn’t change no matter which race is highlighted or even when the highlighted race doesn’t have a plan.

        • Peter Higson says:

          Perhaps i should have been clearer -apologies. The text shows you the last bet plan loaded into the right hand window Once you have attached this to a race the text confirms the number of the plan you have just attached. That number will not change until you have loaded your next bet plan into the window peter

      • Paul Stonehouse says:

        That line of text just shows the BP that is loaded in the right hand pane I think, not the one attached to the race.

  64. Iain Docherty says:

    The documentation states that a new user will have to download the betplans when they start. Is this therefore a one-off operation or is there any time at which the betplans have to be downloaded again?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Iain
      From time to time the betplans may be changed. I review the ‘behind the scenes criteria’ for all of the plans regularly, and this sometimes necessitates new plans or revisions
      I try to group such changes together to reduce the frequency of downloads
      If a new set is needed, there will be a very clear message showing in the betplans window making you aware of this. I will also usually ensure that there is at least 48 hours notice before the new plans need to be used
      To avoid confusion – after new set has been downloaded – old sets need to be removed

  65. Peter Higson says:

    race time format for betplans
    Yes – someone else suggested this earlier
    All future start times will be in 24 hour format

  66. Peter Higson says:

    if betplans have been correctly loaded today there will be 10 races covered – i.e 10 little clipboards showing to the right of the race details in markets

  67. Colin Lawless says:

    Hi Peter
    With the help of my more computer literate son i think i am set up for today—one question—-if you have to attach a plan to more than one race can you attach it by highlighting all of the races in one go or do you have to replicatethe whole procedure each time.
    Also i notice in the training material sometimes the box is ticked beside the race and sometimes not?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Colin
      For the moment please attach one by one in turn
      There is a short cut which I would rather people leave alone for the moment.
      Someone tried this route yesterday and attached the one betplan we were using, to all of yesterdays racing – in real money mode..
      Also for the moment please just ignore the ticked boxes.
      Please just do the slightly longer approach.
      I will cover some shortcuts a bit further down the road, when the learning curve is probably not quite so steep!

  68. Gerry Richardson says:

    Hi Peter
    Struggling a bit with uploading the plans to Betex
    I loaded 16 and 17 OK
    Had to use 120 as there was no 20
    Had to use 126 as there was no 26
    No idea what to do with 7, 1 and 2
    Used 141 for 41, and 113 for 13
    I am using 1% whole betfair plan
    It looks like I must be doing something wrong, can you point me in the right direction please?

    • Peter Higson says:

      i will reply to you directly with email& snapshot, but the answer is in the user guide – page 7. this clearly – i think- explains the bet plan numbering..
      if you are using plans with 1% staking liability the first digit in the betplan 1% folder denotes that it is a 1% staking plan
      so in your case today -the betplan numbers from the file that you need to attach are:
      116, 117, 120, 126, 17,11, 12,141 and 113..
      as indicated in other posts i will be tidying up the numbering in due course, but if you are using the same set of plans, you only have to do it once to ‘get it’

    • David C/o bolch says:

      I think Peter will tell you: If you’re on the 1% staking, then you need to add an extra ‘1’ in front of each number on the evening file list.
      So 120, 126, 141 and 113 are all correct.
      For 7, 1, and 2, the correct 1% file numbers are 17, 11, and 12.
      16 and 17 are NOT correct. The 1% file numbers are 116 and 117. (1% file numbers 16 and 17 are for betting plans 6 and 7.)
      David H.

  69. David C/o bolch says:

    Sorry, I see Peter has just now replied to this.

  70. Peter Higson says:

    Hi frederic
    You should have downloaded all of the betplans at the start. They are at the very top of the betplan page.
    They are zip files, extract them and save the extracted files to your desktop.
    The user guide then explains fully what steps you need to take – you will have downloaded and read this presumably – as you will not be able to use the system without having done so
    With regard to today;
    The user guide explains the betplan numbering
    A Betplans with the final two digits of 16 needs t obe attached to the first two races – the 2.50 race at Carlisle and the 3.15 race at haydock
    No you do not tick any races at all
    The user guide walks you through how to attach a betplan to a race
    The numbers after the racetrack are the time of the race
    The number before the name of the race track is the betplan number
    Once you have loaded todays race betplans there will be 10 races with betplans attached – no more no less
    Hope the above explains this for you ?

  71. Kenneth Prior says:

    I am using a £1000 virtual bank, betting live and using the 1% bet plan but the bot is placing £5 bets instead of £10.

  72. Peter Higson says:

    The info you need is in the user guide – page 1!
    Settings is where you determine real or simulated
    I expect that The bot will have used 2% of whatever figure you entered as your virtual bank figure – also in settings
    Send me some screenshots if not clear


    • Terry Virgo says:

      This is just a note to thank Peter Higson for giving me so much help on Saturday. I am very grateful I could not have done it without him being technically challenged.
      Thank you Peter.
      Terry V

  73. Carlos Melancia says:

    hi peter,

    how many bets were matched today until now?
    for me were two with profit of 115.93€(2000€ bank virtual and 2% risk).

    please confirm if all is ok


  74. Carlos Melancia says:

    i think is better use stop loss.
    which definitions i should use? percent?


  75. Burhan Syed says:

    Today,s results:

    16 CARLISLE 2.50 no bet
    HAYDOCK 3.15 no bet

    17 CARLISLE 3.25 won
    20 CARLISLE 5.00 no bet
    26 MUSSELBUGH 1.50 no bet
    7 MUSSELBURGH 3.35 no bet
    1 BRIGHTON 5.05 lost
    2 BRIGHTON 7.35 lost
    41 NEWTON ABBOT 5.15 lost
    13 KEMPTON 2.35 won

    Out 10 bets, 2 won, 3 lost and 5 no bets. P/L -1.33

  76. Trevor Rowe says:

    peter i tried getting back to you but lost the email reply

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      @Peter Higson
      The “Export Results” tab did not show up on my BetexTrader
      at the end of the betting day. I emailed Betex about it.

      • David C/o bolch says:

        Alex, same with me – I couldn’t see any Export Results button on the Results tab. Could you post up here whatever reply you get from Betex?
        David H.

        • Alex Milianowsky says:

          Will let know reply from Betex , presumably after Easter. BTW , my laptop runs Windows 10 , my version of BetexTrader is V2.10.10

          • Alex Milianowsky says:

            @David C/o bolch

            Just curious , have you “Real”Excel on your computer ? I have not , I only have Libre Office. Normaly thats no problem for viewing
            Excel files , but who knows , it could be THE problem.

          • David C/o bolch says:

            Hi Alex,

            No, I don’t have real Excel, only OpenOffice and PlanMaker (part of the SoftMaker suite). But I don’t think that can be the problem. The issue is that we’re not seeing any Export Results button on the Results tab. That should save/download the file, and any incompatability, if that was the problem, would I think only show up afterwards, when we tried to open the file.

            I did wonder if it was because of still having Betex in Trading mode (even though the day’s races were long over). So clicked at the top of the screen to Stop Trading – but it made no difference.

            David H.

          • Peter Higson says:

            thats interesting- my version which i had believed to be the latest is v2.10.09 ultimate – which does have the export tab
            can anyone who does not have the ‘export to excel’ tab please just post here what version of betex they are running with
            thank you..
            the version number is shown at the very top of the betex window -above settings

        • Malcolm Williams says:

          David did you find it ,in bottom right corner

      • Peter Higson says:

        i have also contacted betex. as far as i am aware everyone should be on the same verion of betex

        • Alex Milianowsky says:

          Have heard from Peter Philipson , he has Betex on a VPS with no Excel at all. But the Export tab is there okay.
          So I asked Betex for a new download link to instal on another computer.

  77. Chris Wright says:

    Hi sent message yesterday to support email address including different screenshots. I have saved the files to desktop open each plan and attach to relevant race (their is a 1 hour time difference in the time of the race ) no bets were placed yesterday in simulation mode. not sure way as had box tick for keep and some of the favourites won which i know was part of the selction criteria.

    Can someone take a look at email for me and let me know ideally before todays races


    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Chris
      Please send me the screenshots -also if you still have betex software open – please export results to excel and send me that file as well

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      At first I found the automatic time difference compensation anoying. But look at it this way : say your betting on sport events in Japan or Australia , you dont have to do the time compensations yourself. So its actually a handy feature.

      As for no bets placed , you must have done something wrong,for there where 5 bets placed yesterday , real bets or simulated bets , all the same. ( see above )

  78. Graham Cossey says:

    Well, yesterday (Saturday) was a trining day for me. The lesson I learnt was to remember to click “Start Trading” !! Doh!

  79. Malcolm Williams says:

    My version is V2.10.10 (Ultimate)

  80. Iain Docherty says:

    plan for 16/04 there is no race at 14:45 at Plumpton

    Do you mean 14:25 or perhaps 16:45?

  81. Peter Knight says:


    There is no 1445 @ Plumpton on Monday.


  82. David C/o bolch says:

    Monday Betplans: “14:45 Plumpton” doesn’t exist. There’s a 14:25 at Plumpton, and also a 16:45.

    David H

  83. Phil Turner says:

    Re Easter Monday selections. Can the 1445h Plumpton selection be clarified please as there is not a race at this time on this track.


  84. Raymond Monk says:


    I’m up to speed with the software and don’t need to use simulation mode but are you saying that its not advisable to trade the selections using “real money” anyway as its Easter Monday ? In other words will you personally be using your real money account tomorrow with the selections ?



    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Ray
      No – I will not be -for the reasons I have given on the plan page.. tomorrow is one of the three main racing days in the year that potentially carry similar risks. The other two are boxing day and new years Day.
      I just wish those who are perhaps not as up to speed as yourself to gain a bit more practise attaching the plans successfully..
      We will be back to normal for Tuesdays racing peter

  85. Peter Higson says:

    with ref to the earlier questions/comments regarding the export to excel tab.
    it seems v10.10 of the software for those that have replied does not have this option. i have the previous version which does!
    i am waiting for betex to come back to me and will post any reply here
    if anyone is unsure what they are looking for or where it is/should be (the export to excel button, that is!) send me an email just with excel button in subject line and i will send a screenshot.

  86. Hugh Duddy says:

    Click the link below to see a screenshot of what / where the export button is / should be.

    You can also download it if need be.


    • Peter Higson says:

      Thanks for this hugh
      When did you download the software?
      you have version 10.09 same as me
      I think the problem is version 10.10

      • Hugh Duddy says:

        Welcome… I actually owned the pro version of this software for a few years so I contacted Mark at Betex and got the ultimate version…Think that would have been the 12 April.

        Think your probably right Peter as my version also exports without a problem.

        Best of luck to everyone.

  87. Peter Higson says:

    Has anyone got version 10.10 of the betex software that DOES have the export results tab?

    • Garry Maguire says:

      Hi Peter
      I downloaded the Ultimate version, this has the Export Results tab. However I believe they need to be exported
      before closing the software at the end of racing as the
      results do not appear.
      Will a selection ever be named, on Saturday (my first day)
      Betex showed a selection had been made but no indication
      of what the selection was.

      • Garry Maguire says:

        Sorry, that should have read “results do not appear the next day”.

      • Peter Higson says:

        Hi Garry
        Yes you are right – results need to be exported as last action before closing software down or details will be lost What version are you on please? – top left of window above settings…
        Yes to horse name
        In markets, Highlight race in which there was a bet The details of that race then appear in bottom left window To the right of that window another window should be open It will have two tabs – betting plan -which confirms the plan details you loaded for that ace Bets -shows the horse name, the amount staked the odds it was staked at and if the bet was matched The race window on the left should also have a figure in the Profit/loss column if the bet was matched – and it is this figure that appears in the right hand window – results..
        Hope this helps

    • Gerry Richardson says:

      I have version V2.10.10 (Ultimate) and the Export Results is there

      • Alex Milianowsky says:

        When @Gerry Richardson is right , then it really depends on what computer the software is installed. But that makes it difficult to trace the reason the Export tab is not apearing on some computers. I rather download and install the older version V2.10.09 , witch operates with no problems.
        Another example that newer updates are not always better.

  88. Cliff Stokes says:

    You say to load the Betplans one at a time?
    I have been loading the appriate Betplans to the ‘All Ticked Markets’ and would appear to be working just fine, however the only problem doing it this way is having to make sure to ‘untick all’ before loading in the next Betplan

    Is this OK or is there something else I am missing?

    • Malcolm Williams says:

      Hello Cliff , I’m not an expert but I think what you are doing is correct . You can instead of ticking the box just highlight the race by clicking on the race and it should turn orange . I think the ticking option would be useful if there were 6 races all with the same plan. Hope this helps . Regards Malcolm

    • Peter Higson says:

      If you are confident that you are doing it that way – i.e unticking between plans, that is fine
      I wanted as a general rule for people to attach the plans one by one to avoid making a mistake that several have made – ticking everything and attaching plans to all ticked markets. This result in a significant real money bank hit
      There is also a difference between loading plans one at a time and attaching plans one at a time – this is explained in the user guide when I use the example of attaching a single plan to five races at Kempton -clearly there was no need to reload the same plan five times, but the method I suggest does remove the possibility of a big mistake being made..if you are confident with your current method that’s fine

  89. Malcolm Williams says:

    Hello Peter , I’m not an idiot but I hate computers . When I attach the file for each race should the plan number show somewhere as mine are all showing 201.Sorry to be a pain but I’m nearly sixty and the grey stuff isn’t as is used to be. Regards Malcolm

    • Peter Higson says:

      hi malcolm
      thats ok. at the top of the betex window -above settings – is a line of text. the first bit is the version of betex you are using. the next bit tells you which betplan you have loaded into the right hand window. when you upload the next betplan that number changes
      use this as you attach each betplan to a race to confirm you have loaded/attached the correct one

  90. Trevor Rowe says:

    peter.what i am thinking of is say you are using 1% of betting plane stake and you have placed say £200 into the bank so when the horses lose the next bet takes 1% of the bank so if you were down after a few 1 or a few bets say you had left in bank balance £180 so the next bet would be at 1% at £1.80 bet-fair would not take it as its under the £2 minimum this would be OK if you were winning but what happens if you drop under the minimum wager unless you keep the balance over the £200 mark
    and could i use this betting plane on gh bot as i want to be more in control of my bets you can bet as low as you like there is no minimum bets with bet fair betting exchange
    regards Trevor

  91. Bernard Kent says:

    I’ve jus subscribed and going through the set up of Betex. Everything is fine until I try to load a Betplan from the Betplan folder which I have downloaded from the Datakings members area. I’ve clicked the “Load From File” which takes me to the Betplan Zip Folder but won’t open that folder to select the correct plan, just returns back to the Betex software, any suggestions.

    • Trevor Rowe says:

      barnard.are you trying to open it directly from the zip file
      you need to send the zip files to a folder on your computer
      then go to that folder you can give it a name or leve it blank and open it from there of if the file is corrupted try again.i hope this helps you

  92. Mehul Rajani says:


    I’ve tried to import the files. However, the virtual balance on my account doesn’t seem to work – it keeps on coming up with error messages saying that the bet amount is less than the minimum. The virtual balance is showing as correct.

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi i replied to you directly
      Your betfair account has to be funded for the software to work
      Also there are several comments relating to this already in this thread which will help

  93. Gary Turner says:

    Hi Peter, is there any chance of the results being posted, because I have been using the Bot since last thurs, and I am about 7 or 8 points down and wondered if anyone else is in the same situation?

  94. Frederic Giroux says:

    Hi, With todays bets I got -28.46 P&L. Did I do something wrong or is thsi right?

    • David C/o bolch says:

      That looks about right. I am down £29.04, staking 1% of a £1000 bank. (Simulated today, as instructed, not real money.)
      You’ll get plenty of losing days – and weeks – like this, of course. Systems such as these are aiming to have an edge that shows over the long run.

  95. Colin Lawless says:

    I am -14.35 betting 1% of a £500 bank

  96. Jerry Ball says:

    Using 1.50% bank I was down £21.23 ( simulation mode )
    7 bets
    1 win
    4 lost
    2 no bets

    I will go back to real money on Tuesday…..fingers crossed!

  97. David Quinn says:

    Day 1 – £29.4
    Backing favourites despite my preference for a back / lay strategy. Why bother? 4 no bets and 3 losers. No winners! WTF is going on. Another day or 2 of this BS and I’ll revert to my own systems that recovered losses and left me a healthy profit. ThankF!

    • Peter Higson says:

      Today was not a system bet today

      It was a practice day for loading and attaching plans

      That was made explicitly clear on the betplan page.
      You can not have loaded plans today without being aware of this,that it was clearly a simulation mode day and not a real money day…?
      Not sure what more could have been added…

      The information on the site also makes it clear about the role of betplans, and the circumstances in which they will be matched.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Peter Higson warned us that this will be a difficult day for betting , thats why we ONLY BET SIMULATED today. No reason to start swearing. Just look at the historical results.
      Reporting how much your bank is up or down is no use to anybody , couse that is relative to your bank and the chosen percentage of your bets.
      As @Jerry Ball reports : 7 bets > 1 win > 4 lost > 2 no bets is exactly right.

      • With that attitude you’re wasting both our time and your own David.

        Quite aside from the fact that it was a no bet day, you really shouldn’t be betting if you react like that to a single losing day from any strategy.

        • David Quinn says:

          It’s an argument Matthew not an attitude. Look behind the words that you can’t appear to get by. Anyone can use a “back the favorites” betting plan. If this is the extent of the sysytem’s functionality then it is a waste of everyone’s time and money.

          Bet day or no bet day – merely simulating it’s behaviors is computer gaming. That’s not what we’re paying for.

          I was betting and getting along famously beforehand but cannot justify spending the time that I do on horse racing when footie returns much easier gains but again this needs time. An IT system is all about replication of strategies that are proven to be effective and efficient. I hardly think backing favorites is going to achieve that for anyone.

          If you want to hide behind some of my language feel free but you’re not fooling anyone.

          • David C/o bolch says:

            David Quinn’s comments are actually very useful – because they are an object lesson in how not to approach this kind of betting.

            He has, apparently, a trading method that he is happy with. Like any successful trading system, it’s likely to require some time input during event hours. But it may allow you to try for profit on a day-by-day basis.

            So he decided to sign up instead for the exact opposite. A betting system that requires little time input, and none during event hours But like any betting system, however successful, is going to have extended losing runs.

            (Bearing in mind that, statistically, at DataKing’s historic strike rate of 43%, a losing run of about 13 WILL HAPPEN.)

            He then gets warned that a given day is likely to be unsuccessful, and should be used only in simulated mode, for technical practice.

            But apparently goes ahead and places actual bets anyway.

            And gets ready to dismiss the system when it turns out – exactly as predicted – to be an unsuccessful day.

            Saying he thinks that backing favourites is unlikely to generate any profit – even though the historic system and review stats suggest otherwise.

            On the basis of a loss of £29.40.

            Which means that his supposed betting bank (which for that figure would have been £1000 at 1% or £500 at 2%), was never genuinely the at-risk betting bank, that this (or any betting system) requires.

            Instead, the betting bank he was actually prepared to work with was, apparently, not much more than £29.40.

            Which means that at 1% staking, his stake should have been 29p per race…

            David H.

          • Nobody is hiding behind any language David. The language you used just made you seem like you had completely the wrong mindset for betting that’s all.

            If anybody feels the need to use that sort of language after such a small loss then I would have concerns for their blood pressure and would advise alternative investment strategies. Simple as that.

            Couple of other points:

            1) If you don’t want to follow the instructions (RE the no bet day) it’s entirely your own fault if you lose money.

            2) The extent of the system’s functionality quite clearly isn’t just back any favourite regardless of other factors.

            3) It’s statistically easier to profit from favourites than any other price group. To write off strategies on the basis that they focus on favourites makes no logical sense. Furthermore it has been made clear at various points in the promotion of the service that the focus is on favourites. If you are so opposed to that, why did you sign up?

            This provides some added background to the points above:



  98. Peter Higson says:

    I have posted numerous thread explanations and it is also covered in the guide, faq etc…but i still read comments that expect all betplans to be matched.
    So, by way of recap,…
    The betplans are NOT bets in the conventional sense.
    They are just notifications to the bot that it is a race of interest. It only becomes a potential bet if the bot recognises that criteria within the betplan have been met.A typical plan is saying to the bot:
    if this race has x runners,
    if there is a clear favorite,
    and if the BSP of that favorite is between x and y,
    then place a bet the instant the race starts. If ANY of these criteria are not met, take no action.
    There is no way of knowing when the plans are attached how many, if any, will result in bets being placed by the bot. A long list of daily selections may possibly not generate any bets.
    The betplan attachment list is posted over 17 hours before racing begins.
    As you either already know or will very shortly know, with a little practise, the process of loading a dozen or more plans takes no more than a few minutes daily.
    The only guide i can give you, is that historically we get through ON AVERAGE around 100 bets every three weeks or so. In that period there will probably have been 3/400 plans loaded.
    Please bear this in mind when you see a list of ‘no-bets’ at the end of a day.. they are not missed bets….

  99. Lee Jones says:

    Hi, does anybody else have a mac? As the box doesn’t work on mac, what’s the options?

    • Peter Higson says:



      Windows 10

      Load software on to it 

      Run from mac via remote desktop software

      See faq on betex trader website

      Should be a straightforward fix…


      • Alex Milianowsky says:

        @ Peter.H / Matt.H

        Has Betex came up with a solution to the
        “missing button” issue yet ? My preference is downloading the older version V2.10.09 and see if that works OK. Would not want to subscribe to a “lame version” of the bot.

        • Peter Higson says:

          Morning Alex,

          I expect to hear from them today

          I will expect every subscriber to have a fully loaded all inclusive up to date version of the software- nothing less

          Of course some  will need to download again..

          I will post update as soon as i have the answer.



  100. Peter Higson says:

    When trying to help colleagues resolve some issues, i ask for screenshots. There have been a large number of times when i have been told that they do not know how to do that.
    For most windows users, the software is already on your device. It is called a snipping tool. Here is a microsoft link,telling you how to find it and use it.

    If you do not have the program, google it. You will find several free snipping programs for download.
    I have mine pinned to the task bar at bottom of screen as i am always using it
    It is an excellent tool, so easy to use- try it!

  101. Peter Higson says:

    Picking up from an earlier posting…
    6400+ selections since 1st january 2012
    43% win rate
    mirrored by recent independent proofing across last 700 or so selections.
    from 1st january 2012:
    longest losing runs
    13 – once
    12 – once
    11 – three instances
    longest winning runs:
    11 – once
    10 – two instances
    9 – three instances
    Timing – well clearly anyone joining at start of a long losing sequence would have quickly moved away, conversely of course…
    Such runs are inevitable. However – over time, the strike rate achieved at prices matched is profitable, particularly when tagged to a sensible staking plan.
    If you are of the right mindset and prepared to take the long road, the rewards should be apparent.
    If a quick profit for minimal effort is sought, this is not for you! and good luck if you find something that delivers on that premise.
    I am delighted that so many have opted to give this a try -for most it is a completely different scenario (automated betting software) than they have been used to.
    i hope over time we can show that – for the minimal time and effort required after setting up – it is both, a process that can be rewarding and also, extend your horizons to using in other sports betting activities.

  102. Dennis Clark says:

    Hi Peter,

    Many thanks for the patience you are showing in helping us “newbies” get to grips with this. As a self confessed technophobe, perhaps even Luddite, I have surprised myself with just how easy I have found it. Btw, I have the older v2.10.09 version as well which has the export button. Thank you [ and David ] also for the new layout for the Betplans, makes far less chance of attaching the wrong plan. My only observation might be to have the plans in race order corresponding with how they are shown in the bot, although I appreciate there might be a good reason for the current format.



    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Hold Current format.
      Its easyer to check , ie. Newmarket 2 races , Ludlow 3 races ,Kempton 2 races ….etc.

      • Paul Haigh says:

        Agree. Personally I think the current format is the easier layout to follow.

      • David C/o bolch says:

        The current format is actually based on grouping together all races that use the same betplan.

        So you only have to load a given betplan once, per day, attach it to the relevant races, then load the next one.

        I guess there could well be times when this breaks up the course sequence – so that races at a given course may not be all grouped together.

    • Russell Ball says:

      I agree with Dennis, if the order was by the time of the race it’s a lot easier to load into the bot but I just copy into Excel and reorder it , so no big issue .


  103. John Croft says:

    Hi, Downloaded virtual bank plan. how do i get to what option i need to highlight.

  104. Paul Haigh says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the product! It looks well designed and well laid out to me, and I found the User Guide relatively easy to follow. Hopefully I have setup the Betex software correctly.

    Re exporting results – if it helps any – I downloaded Betex V2.10.10 (Ultimate) last night, and under the “Results” tab on the right, there is an “Export Results” button on the bottom of the screen, but I have not tried that function.

    One suggestion please – while I appreciate everyone’s results and P & L may differ slightly, it would be good if you could publish your “official” results for the system? at least in the short-term perhaps? … I am thinking that this may help others just confirm that they have things working correctly with the right betplans attached to the right races …

    Just a thought!

    And thanks again for the hard-work that yourself and Matt appear to have put into all of this … As you have said, time needs to be given to allow a track record to build for this system, and I think only then can a fair judgement be made on success rate. Anyone looking at performance after a day or two is not giving it anywhere near a sufficient chance.



    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Paul
      Thanks for the comments
      Tracking down the excel button is becoming a bit like pushing water uphill!
      I though the culprit was entirely v 10.10 , but some – like you – have that version and the button!
      I am expecting an explanation /solution later and will post the outcome to the threads.
      There is a track record page on the site. The intention is that it will be updated weekly.
      I am not going to get drawn into posting a daily review of events or giving a blow by blow account of how the day has gone bet by bet / P&L by P&L etc…
      As you appreciate there will always be some variance with automated betting software However the updating of results will move back to being a priority – just been inundated with various issue since launch – which have needed more urgent attention Nevertheless I do appreciate your comments regarding their usefulness, and will get things moving again Regards peter

      • Hi Paul,

        I’ll be updating the track record page on this website regularly with my own results.

        I signed up to the software etc and started following the service when it launched so my results should be no different (bar the odd minor discrepancy, as discussed elsewhere) than anybody else’s.


  105. Kenneth Prior says:

    Can you send me the code to extend my free trial from 7 days to 21 please ?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi ken
      We do not have that information
      If you clicked the original link from our site to get the 21 day trial as recommended, it took you to the betex signup page
      Once you completed the sign up details the email it then generated to you, had the extension code on it.
      If you can retrieve that email, just entering the details will get you the next two weeks trial

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      How can we reset the virtual starting balance ?
      I tried to reset the starting balance , but it remembers the balance after the losses of the previous days ( real bets on Vriday and Saturday )

      • Peter Higson says:

        hi Alex,
        please try unticking ‘retain closing balance’,
        restart software, enter new VB figure then re tick ‘retain’

        • Alex Milianowsky says:

          Ha , ha ,
          will do that tomorow , otherwise I must repeat all that I have already done today with the betplans.

          • Alex Milianowsky says:

            To All who have the “missing Export button” issue :
            In my contact with the Betex support team , I explained that I was not the only one having this trouble , but that there were lots of others with the same problem. They asked me the following :
            Btx Team (send by
            15:08 (1 minuute ago)
            to me
            Can you ask what OS they are running together with screen sizes and resolutions? Only if they have the same issue?


  106. Bernard Kent says:

    I’m in simulation mode and the bets appear to be the same because the bank balance isn’t changing, is there a setting I haven’t set properly ?

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      @Bernard Kent

      There is already one loser today , so bank should have already changed. Have you STARTED TRADING ?

    • Peter Higson says:

      i don’t believe in simulation mode the stake value changes. Depending on what % plan you are using, the software will just replicate the value that it equates to. in simulation mode – no reason not to -as not real money..

  107. Alex Milianowsky says:

    Of course the above request is only directed at those who run V2.10.10

  108. Peter Higson says:

    as Alex indicates above. version 10.11 is a fix on the missing export button from v10.10
    it is now available for download
    you will need to find the original email from Betex, named Betextrader Trial – Welcome, the link is in there which points you to the download page and code.
    i am told any fresh download will not affect your trial – i.e rejection because you have previously downloaded etc…

  109. David C/o bolch says:

    If anyone wonders why one of today’s selected races, the 17:40 at Exeter, is already showing ‘Closed’ on Betex, it’s because there is now only one runner….

  110. Will Stanton says:


    It would be really great if you published the results daily so we all know we are getting the same amount of winners etc.

    That will also confirm we are using the system correctly or now.

    I have used it for two days now Monday the 17th and Wed 18th and only had no bets or losers so a results table would be a great help to determine if we are using it correctly or not.



    • Hi Will,

      I’ll be posting the first week’s results tomorrow and then weekly thereafter on the track record page.

      I can’t post results every day but if you post a comment after the day’s racing I’m sure somebody will post up their results (as has been the case the last few days.


    • Peter Higson says:

      . you will find that reported results will differ person to person There are two steps to every race selected
      A- is it a system bet -i.e. do the criteria match?
      B- is the bet matched?
      You can achieve A, but not get B
      It doesn’t mean it is not a system bet, just that in the milliseconds after the bot fired your bet in, the funds/price were not there to match it. If you get to watch the start of the race within the software, you will see how much the prices and available funds do jump around.
      Mostly we get matched at or close to the sought price -and the bot does leave the bet ‘hanging’ for a while to try and capture a match…
      Yesterday some missed a bet, some had 2 losers, other a winner and a loser or 2 losers and a winner – the complete set!
      It is for this reason you will not find me commenting on the site about daily performance…or individual race results What I can say with a degree of confidence is that – over time- the discrepancies do even out..
      When we do update results it is always A above that is therefore reported..

  111. David C/o bolch says:

    Just found Betex had crashed, so it missed Ludlow 19:00.
    (This was version 10, I was leaving upgrading to 11 till after racing finished for the day.)
    Can someone tell me if there was in the end an actual bet on that race?
    (If there was, it was presumably a loser, as the favourite was unplaced.)
    Incidentally, the crash wiped out my profit/loss and virtual bank figures. So people might want to make a paper note of their virtual bank at the end of each day (unless it’s something that’s included anyway in the Export Results facility).
    David H.

  112. Frederic Giroux says:

    Hi everyone, first day of real betting! I hope I am doing everything right!! Got a -14.89 P&L

    This is what it looked like:

    14:50 GB Newmarket-1m MDN Stks To win- -7.50
    15:30 GB Kempton- 2m Nov Hrd To win 0.00
    15:45 GB Southwell 1m3f NovStks to win 0.00
    16:20 GB Southwell 1m Mdn STKS to win 0.00
    16:40 GB Kempton 2m5f Nov Hrd to win -7.39
    17.05 GB Newmarket 0.00
    18:00 GB Ludlow 0.00
    20:00 GB Ludlow 0.00

    Does this look like your result for the day? Just want to make sure I am using the software correctly.



  113. Jamie Green says:

    i had a winner in the 15:20 at odds 2.56 but had the same 2 losers

  114. David C/o bolch says:

    Some notes on updating Betex from 10 to 11.

    1) After clicking on the link, you’ll be shown a trial extension code again. In my case it was exactly the same as the original code – but you might want to copy it or save the page, just in case.

    2) Trying to remember what the version 10 default settings options were, so may be wrong – But I think it’s best to assume that the upgrade does NOT preserve your chosen Settings, and so you have to redo these.
    E.g. Real or Simulated, Stop at a Profit figure, Real Bets P&L Display Mode, were all still ok – but those were probably the default settings anyway.
    Virtual Bank Start Balance was not – went from £1000 to £2000.

    3) Day’s Results, Messages, not preserved.

    4) Export Results button now showing ok. But no results preserved to export, so couldn’t assess yet exactly what it does – e.g. just exports results, or also profit/loss for day, and perhaps running virtual bank figure? That will have to wait for tomorrow!

    David H.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Have installed V2.10.11 , loaded remaining races ( Ludlow )
      and used it in simulation mode.
      Got 3 no bets
      Used Export Results button afterwards , exported perfectly to Libre Office Calc ( automaticly creates its own BTX results folder.)

  115. Dave Miller says:

    Hi Peter,
    Just some feedback:
    I have upgraded to v2.10.11, all seemed to go OK. I loaded the Wed 19th selections last night and started trading. This morning there are a number of error messages, which I thought you may like to know about. It could be Betfair was doing maintenance over night, so this may be normal?:

    22:46:10 – NON-RUNNER in GB 19/04/2017 14:15 Beverley 5f Nov Stks : Brandy Station
    22:49:30 – NON-RUNNER in GB 19/04/2017 18:15 Wolverhampton 7f Hcap : Inglorious
    23:18:00 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 11004

    23:18:30 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:18:42 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:19:13 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:19:25 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:19:55 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:20:08 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:20:38 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:20:50 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:21:21 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:21:32 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:22:03 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:22:15 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:22:46 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    23:22:57 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 10061
    Connection refused.
    23:23:28 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.
    00:39:22 – Market update error notification: Exception in Betfair API function listMarketBook: Socket Error # 11004

    00:39:52 – BetexTrader auto-continued trading after 30 seconds.

    Many thanks


  116. James Crute says:

    Good Morning. I have a few questions. On version 10 I have the export button and it seems to work ok. Do i still need to upgrade to version 11.? I only had 2 losers yesterday and no winners, No winner in the 15.20. ? If I am using a 2% staking plan on a £500 bank why are my stakes not £10.00 inmitially. Yesterdays 2 wagers were £5.90 at 3.55 and then £5.75 at 2.52. Thank You

  117. Adam Cripps says:

    I’m just updating the software code and it seems that the 7 day trial is over and I cant use it but I don’t seem to have the extension key for the next 14 days? Can you let me know how to get hold of it please?

  118. Jacqueline Sharp says:

    hi i have the extended 14 day product key but when I enter it, it keeps saying its not valid.

  119. All,

    For any issues with Betex, please contact Betex.

    It’s not our software and they are a third party so neither myself or Peter can provide extension codes etc.

    If Betex need to verify with us that you are a DataKings member that is of course fine but your first port of call for software questions, especially regarding the trial, should be with them.


  120. In terms of results – and I’ll send an email to this effect later – this is from Peter:

    You will find that reported results will differ slightly person to person There are two steps to every race selected:

    A- is it a system bet -i.e. do the criteria match?
    B- is the bet matched?

    You can achieve A, but not get B.

    It doesn’t mean it is not a system bet, just that in the milliseconds after the bot fired your bet in, the funds/price were not there to match it. If you get to watch the start of the race within the software, you will see how much the prices and available funds do jump around.

    Mostly we get matched at or close to the sought price and the bot does leave the bet ‘hanging’ for a while to try and capture a match…

    Yesterday some missed a bet, some had 2 losers, other a winner and a loser or 2 losers and a winner – the complete set!

    It is for this reason you will not find me commenting on the site about daily performance…or individual race results. What I can say with a degree of confidence is that – over time – the discrepancies do even out.


    On the track record page I will be posting my results. I have no advantage to anybody else in terms of getting bets matched, I downloaded everything after we launched, with my first day’s betting on Wednesday last week.

    These results will therefore be as good a guide as any but do always bear in mind the above from Peter.


    • David C/o bolch says:

      I don’t know if this is applicable to the DataKings betplans, or the Betex software. But on another betting bot, that I’ve used for some years, I always ask for the 2nd or 3rd best Betfair price, rather than the best. Betfair still always matches at the best available price. But if that price/liquidity has slipped a bit, you’re still likely to get matched.

  121. David Callow says:

    Hi, To-day my 7 day Free trial has expired.Tried to use the 14 day extension Key.Still getting Network adapters on the system are disabled and TurboActivate couldn’t read their hardware properties.Everything with my computer is how it should be.Betex said there was a fix for this but a lengthy one.Anyone else having issues using the extension Key.At present awaiting reply from Betex

  122. Peter Higson says:

    if you even think that you MAY have not used the 21 day trial link to get your initial download, use this link
    it will get you back into the loop

  123. James Gilbride says:

    cant find info for raceing times and tracks on the bet plan.
    but can find racetimes and tracks on betex software cant find the hi lighted one to bet on ie times and tracks been through this about four times and still having a nightmare.
    i work 4 on 4 off thats me 8 days down and still no further forward the 4 days on is 14hr shifts so cant try setting this up when working. help

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      @James Gilbride

      James , what timezone are you in ?
      If youre timezone is GMT , then its straightforward.
      If you are in another timezone , you must compensate ,
      because Betex gives you the races in YOUR TIMEZONE ,
      it looks at your clock.

    • Peter Higson says:

      hi james
      i have replied to you directly..let me know if it is still an issue
      please note that the betplan itself has no race or time detail. it is just a set of instructions for the software. the right plan just needs to be attached to the right race. which plans need to be attached to which races is advised on the betplan page by 8pm the previous evening..

  124. Peter Higson says:

    we are just about a week in, and many will be needing to fish out their extension codes for the next 14 days of the free betex trial.- any problems with that click on the link in the comment above – its a quick fix to get you rolling.
    this message is aimed at anyone who is STILL struggling to download plans, load plans, attach plans to races. If you have hit a brick wall, send me an email & i will get you going. just tell me, within the email, exactly how far you have got with the software, downloads, attachments, using VPS.. and i will fix your problem either via email, telephone or team viewer session.
    i have not lost a client yet – if you are still struggling – shout!

  125. Frederic Giroux says:

    Hi everyone,
    Here is my result for the day. No bet!!

    “BTX V2.10.10 Ultimate
    Market Date/Time” Sport Country Venue/Competition Race/Event Market Bet Plan Strategy Bets

    19.04.2017 16:00 Horse Racing GB Newmarket 1m1f Grp3 To Win 1548.bp Straight Back No Bet
    19.04.2017 17:00 Horse Racing GB Beverley 1m2f Hcap To Win 1519.bp Straight Back No Bet
    19.04.2017 17:45 Horse Racing GB Newmarket 1m Mdn Stks To Win 1548.bp Straight Back No Bet
    19.04.2017 18:40 Horse Racing GB Wolverhampton 6f Hcap To Win 1525.bp Straight Back No Bet
    19.04.2017 19:20 Horse Racing GB Beverley 1m Hcap To Win 1504.bp Straight Back No Bet

    It is quite hard to understand why no bets have been placed. On the bright side, my bank is untouched!!!!!

    • Peter Higson says:

      Please read the quite detailed posting I put up a few days ago – which is directly above the daily betplans – surprised you have missed it!?
      This very clearly explains how betplans work and why they do/don’t get matched.
      if having read this – it remains unclear – please drop me a line…

    • Jerry Ball says:

      Yes no bets triggered today for me.

  126. Anthony Hall says:

    My problem is this.
    Today’s races still to complete after 20.15 and I have tomorrows races now published.
    Do I have to wait every day before placing my bets for tomorrow until today is over?
    Today seems to be generally no bet except minus £30 on the first race.
    Quite tedious for an automatic programme taking only a few minutes a day!

    • Hi Anthony,

      The last potential race today was 6:15. You don’t need to wait until all of the day’s racing has finished.

      Also, which race did you have a bet in? The 3pm? I didn’t have anything for today.


    • Michael Page says:

      As Matt says you don’t have to wait, but your results will get wiped and so you won’t be able to export all the day’s races to Excel.

  127. Peter Higson says:

    As long as betfair have loaded the next days markets, betplans can be attached as soon as the next days plans are loaded on to the website- never later than 8pm the previous evening.

  128. Paul Walters says:

    Peter I am reading this thread and feel it is worth stating your instructions are very clear and concise. Stay strong!

  129. Burnsey201252 says:

    Just looking at the thread….cannot understand why the bot cannot just take the BFSP Price seconds before the off time….and save all the unmatched qualified bets.
    Alternatively operate a FILL and KILL That fires at least TWICE after the off to a 3 Second Timer.
    Bet placed at IP,KILLED at 3 Seconds,THEN rebet for a further 3 Seconds…or just left for 6 seconds.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      What EVERYBODY should understand , is that this is NOT betting for betting sake , this is CONDITIONAL BETTING.
      The bot will only place bets, when the CONDITIONS are favorable. And the bot looks for favorable conditions IN RUNNING , not before the off.

    • Peter Higson says:

      When is ‘just before the off’?
      It is before the SCHEDULED race start time
      That is not the ACTUAL race start time – you do not know When exactly that will be. Certainly it will NEVER be on time, and could be delayed significantly.
      In the period between, what happens if the favorite changes?- wrong bet
      What happens if price of favorite goes outside parameters?- wrong bet
      So our plans are set to fire in, in the second the race goes in play- only when the criteria have been met.
      Most of the time QUALIFIED bets do get matched
      NO BETS are races in which the criteria were not met- they are not missed bets.they were never bets in the first place-only potential bets. Time taken to load the days plans is minimal- a couple of minutes within a 17 hour window.
      Please read my comments on what plans do , on the betplans page, for further background

  130. Burnsey201252 says:

    Thankyou for clarity.
    Are qualified bets counted in your results whether they get matched or not?

    • Peter Higson says:

      The posted results are tracked independently – and obviously are intended to track system performance, not market liquidity.
      I believe that if it is a system bet, it is included whether it is a match or not.

      • David C/o bolch says:

        But re. the historic data since 1st Jan 2012, for strike rate, ROI, etc., it would be correct to say that these refer to bets placed and matched, rather than just system selections that may or may not have been matched?
        David H.

  131. Sam Higgins says:

    “NO. on average every single uk race, every day, on Betfair sees upwards of £750,000 matched . an increasing number of races see £1.5m + staked – just on Betfair. Of the money staked, the greatest percentage – by a very long country mile (it could easily be over 50% on some races) – is staked on the favorite. The liquidity is exceptionally good. Datakings subscribers will not make even a ripple in the pond. Consider this :
    Even IF we had 5000 subscribers each with £2000 starting banks – i.e £1million, and using the highest staking liability – a 2% plan, IN TOTAL, that is only £20,000 that needs to be matched on a favorite that has had around ?£4-500k staked on it.
    If a fired in bet doesn’t get matched, 99% of the time it just means that the money in the pool at the fired in price was not there at that instant – usually it does get matched at a slightly higher or lower price. It is a question of timing. Occasionally the price isn’t there – one example I can think of particularly on flat racing would be the the horse gets stuck in the stalls, doesn’t leave etcc.right at the start. In such circumstances the price will shoot right out (up to 1000/1). No way our bet would get matched (in this example – a good thing of course!)
    The important thing is that over time these odd misses and hits WILL even out..”

    Hi Peter, firstly good luck with this and I hope it goes well. All i do is automated betting so was interested to take the trial and see what the methods were.

    The software has hardly placed a bet for me and without doubt it will be the fact that too many people are trying to bet the horse at that instant which is why i am sure it may work for you or a few but as a mass market I genuinely dont feel this has a chance and I have copied your quote above as I dont mean any harm but I believe it is a bit disingenuous.

    I run my own rice tracking software that collects prices and volumens by the second for every horse very day purely for my own use.

    Firstly there is not £750000 matched on every race, the figure that Betfair shows as matched is in effect half that. For some reason ever since Betfair started they count a bet on both sides so if you back a horse for £2 they show it in their “matched” volume as £4 – £2 on the back side and £2 on the lay side. Go to any nn liquid market and place a £2 bet and you will see the matched volume increase by £4.

    It has always been the case.

    The average amount of all money matched that is traded on the favourite in Horse Racing is 37% across the board in UK racing so yes at first glance 37% of an average £124k per arce n favourites is a lot of money available. Howver over 80% of this money is matched at less than 2.0 the majority at prices of 1.2 and below. Click on any race and horse graph for a favourite and see the money waiting at 1.01.

    When we take a bet in play all money on all horses is cancelled at the off, BSP bets are matched up for those that wished it and the market is now an open market where we are vying with people at the tracks, others with bots set to trigger on the start of the race and relying on them to put money into the markets. the money at 1.01 etc is always set o keep so first in line benefit, this is there the moment the markets open up. To match at the prices we want we need people to put that money up as a lay, that is the key basic principle, the money has to be there or we put our order up and it has to get taken

    I monitored 5 races that we had flagged yesterday all of which showed no bets for me.

    The money matched between off time and 10 seconds after the off on the favourite was

    £672 Race 1, £642 Race 2, £1086 Race 3 , £875 Race 4, £1293 Race 5

    Now 100 people trying to bet this volume it is impossible, 1 or 2 people yes you could get £100 pound matched comfortably.

    The only factor is the amount available on the favourite when the race starts all other trading is in the race pre-race or last furlong is irrelevant and it is a shadow of what you quote in your figure of “if we had 5000 subscribers betting 2% it would be 20k etc etc. There is not a chance to get these sums matched when the race triggers in play, not a chance.

    This will work for a small number if the strike rate holds up but we are told it is limited sales, I believe we are told 100 new members. In this thread alone I count over 100 people. Matt and Agora have huge lists are good at what they do marketing wise and as such i am fairly sure the numbers are well in excess of 100 even 200. That number of people betting this will simply not work in my opinion.

    All the above is factual, I am not here to upset applecarts or ruin peoples days but we do need facts people lose money betting and this is touted as a winner. t may well win, peter will win if his results are maintained but for many people betting it the volume will see it not work of that I am certain.

    I will continue the next 2 weeks trial and monitor every race going forward and happy to report back, but thinking or leading people to think Betfair is a market it that unlimited money gets matched in is plain wrong, unlimited money will get matched if the user puts in a bad value bet as the smart people will lap it up, i.e offer 1.05 when a horse has already won and the market is open and watch the track players hoover as much as money you could put up.

    I cannot anyway see this working as a mass market it does not stack up to money available at the time.

    This is without prejudice I truly wish everyone well and hope they are profitable

    • Raymond Monk says:


      Thanks for an interesting post but you have not taken into consideration other reasons for a bet failing to match. These are written into every Betplan and include a specific range of odds relating to the favourite; How many active runners are starting the race; The percentage difference in odds between the first and second favourites. If these conditions are not met then there is no matched bet no matter what the how liquid the market is at the start.

      You’ve raised some good points regarding liquidity but the reasons that a bet is unmatched is more complex.

      • Sam Higgins says:

        Yes Raymond I take all that, the issue is though WHEN a bet qualifies with all the Betplan criteria accounted for we need to get our bet on – the money is simply not there for 100 people and never will be, there are not people sittng with the “reverse Betplan” and waiting on that criteria to lay these bets if you like.

        • Raymond Monk says:


          I must say I have reservations about liquidity especially if too many people are allowed to join this programme. Matt and Peter – do you have a planned maximum number of members ?

          In the meantime Sam you seem to be saying that Peter has killed his “golden Goose” by sharing his system with the public even at 100 members…..

          • Sam Higgins says:

            I am sure they are well aware Raymond that for the most part people give things a few weeks and give up and move onto the next best thing, and the sales money has been banked by then and with no one using it it will retunr to how Peter performed. I don’t doubt the strategy or Peters returns I simply have evidence that it cannot work for large numbers, this is what I do all day everyday and most betting products fail on price and the bets alone. A typical good tipster for example will advise say 8/1, if he is good his member swill not get that price over time as it will go in a heartbeat and members then bet it at 6/1, 5/1 all prices down just to have a winner, it does not matter bookies, Betfair any bad value bet will be taken but bck 8/1 shots at 6/1 and ther eis only one outcome – huge losses over time.

            Peters method we will not get matched in volume unless the price we are asking is way out of kilter at that time and by way out of kilter I mean hugely against you in the long run.

            As i say really not here to stoke it up , people do not always undersand Betfair , it is a very efficient financial market that just happens to be sports based it could be price of bananas, gold whatever the money has to be on both sides for you to play and if it is not you cannot and there is not 20k available on these horses seconds after the off reality is it is peanuts. Even at Cheltenham I have just looked back, Champion hurdle, 4598 matched in first 10 seconds on favourite, Gold Cup 7568 matched on favourite first 10 seconds after the off, REMEMBER this is Betfair figures and they way they do it needs to be halved so real money terms in two of the biggest races of the year on the favourite the money matched in say first half furlong or so is less than 3k, a selling race at Ludlow on a Tuesday night – you can work it out for yourself

          • Sam,

            As I’ve pointed out on the track record page, I have no advantage over anybody else in getting the bets placed and, I believe, all qualifying bets so far have been matched on my software.

            Many possibles won’t qualify irrespective of whether there is one person using it or 10,000, as Peter has pointed out on the Betplans page.

            To others, yes we will be closing the doors – no later than the end of the month in fact.

            At present I don’t believe the numbers have caused any issues but we will obviously continuously monitor this.

            Also, Sam, while you may well be right in Peter being ambitious on the 5000 quite and that having a big effect I would make two points:

            1) There is absolutely no way we would ever let anywhere near 5000 people onto this. As long as the results continue to be as good as they have been for the last few years the price will rise (for new members) and the member numbers will fall (those cancelling will not be replaced).

            2) I just don’t believe that we are, at present, having the sort of effect on markets that you suggest. Huge numbers of people back favourites on Betfair and huge numbers of people lay favourites on Betfair. Our relatively small group is not going to turn that liquidity into a pile of rubble.

            You point out examples of amounts being matched yesterday but bets are only matched if they’re placed in the first place. £875 being matched in the first 10 seconds of the race doesn’t mean that was the only money AVAILABLE to be matched.


          • Also in terms of your most recent comment regarding prices and good tipsters that just isn’t the case.

            The other horseracing service I run, the Syndicate, is now well established having been going for over two years and has made big consistent profits throughout. Prices remain available for hours after the bets are sent (they’re sent the night before) and the average odds are around 6/1 so there is less price solidity here than with favourites.

            I don’t doubt that you have a lot of experience with Betfair but I am the one that has a lot of experience managing betting services with multiple members.

            These two posts aren’t meant in a dismissive way at all, I’m just providing the counter argumen t to your own based on my experiences.


          • I think that the main point I’m getting at is that the market reacts…

            Multiple back bets get placed, the price goes down.

            The price is now more appealing to lay betters so extra lay bets get placed, the price goes up.

            More back bets can now be matched.

            It’s not the case of the lay bettors having the exact reverse of our betplans, it’s just the case of the lay bettors, laying when the price suits them.

  132. Burnsey201252 says:

    Thankyou for your quick response.
    My concern is that market liquidity is linked to how the designated favourite Performs…As they say Price is everything
    A good start and liquidity at the IMMEDIATE IP PRICE vanishes almost instantly.
    An even break and liquidity at IMMEDIATE IP PRICE disappears less quickly.
    A poor start and liquidity at IMMEDIATE IP PRICE for matching is freely available,even enhanced.
    Now a good start isn’t everything,except if you cannot get matched a significant number of times when the wind is fully in your favour,this will effect the outcomes and differences between Posted results (Systems performance) and actual results (System Performance minus unmatched selections)
    Your thoughts most welcome

  133. Sam Higgins says:

    Thanks for the reply and I guess time will tell Matt I have run the Betplans every day monitored the markets trying to get £20 matched I have had 2 bets two losers in a week which is not the issue at all, losers come and go as do winners it is can this long term work plain and simple. The people betting in play are smart, very smart or incredibly stupid (people trying to bet pictures at home against people at tracks etc) but time will tell I will monitor for every race for the two weeks and see what the markets and I have this morning coded a bot to record all submitted bets that meat the Betplan criteria ( only on Betfair I hasten to add) so I will have true picture in a short time span to see the chances long term and will make my decision based on that..
    Glad you mentioned The Syndicate it is the only other membership of yours I have taken, never had a bet sent the night before, never had text to inform me of bets being posted, emailed Agora about 5 times had never had it solved so unfortunately don’t bother, certainly the emails I did ever get mid-morning I struggled to find the price, but I guess if everyone is betting the night before then I wouldn’t get the price so could you ask Agora or yourself to cancel that one please.

    Best of luck with it all and I mean that, I like winners.

    • Bets are never emailed out the night before, they are posted online the night before (in just the same way as the Betplans for this service are posted the night before). If you have an issue logging in to the website that’s easily solved, so I can sort that out for you if you’d like rather than cancelling?

      And yes, that will be why the prices are different – they generally move very little, if at all until the next morning.

      In terms of this service yes, do let us know what you discover. Again, I’m just going off my own results where I don’t seem to have had any issues matching (£10 stakes). Even if there does seem to be an issue it may well be as simple as slightly extending the period of time after the off that the bets can be matched in. Certainly when it comes to jump racing and longer flat races, there should be ample time to get the price before anything significant happens in the race.

  134. Sam Higgins says:

    No problem Matt, is there a text to tell when bets posted then? I did try as I say to get this solved with Agora evenings are busy for me as I do collect a ton of data automatically daily and need to reconcile it all and do my own betting results etc before setting up the next day, so a text nudge would certainly help.

    I will happily record everything my end and happy to share with you in a couple of weeks, should have a fare amount of data as Peter has a good few selected races daily, just remembered I need to code for Mon – Sat only so will do that now before racing starts.

    Many thanks and if you can let me know re the text and best way forward I will check back here tonight now.

    • Miles posts his selections at the same time every evening. He’s taking a break currently (back for the flat in the second week of May) but during the All-Weather season that was at 6:30pm.

      When there are posts at a different time to that (i.e. my National Hunt selections) I send out a text when they’re posted.

      There will likely be some selections for tomorrow and they will be posted on this page:

      I’ll send out a text when they are posted. Let me know if you have any issues logging in but I believe your login details should be the same as they are for this site.


  135. Michael Dougall says:

    Having just signed up for this service I jumped straight to the most recent (and therefore, arguably most relevant) posts, and have to say have found the debate over the system intriguing.

    The bottom line, however, is that the ‘proof is in the pudding’.

    If after 21 days I see no sign of consistent profit, then I will cancel my subscription and be thankful for the trial – that’s it!

    I certainly hope it works … automated, consistent, profitable betting is the ‘Holy Grail’!

    Anyway, betplans for today are all loaded up – good luck to everyone involved!

  136. Peter Higson says:

    morning out so catching up.. interesting thread..
    i wont go over much that has already been said.
    of course the liquidity is a key issue as is the bet placement timing.
    what i will say is that Matt and I will be controlling the numbers , as he has indicated.
    i also monitor match bet success. if in time – and this in my view it is not an immediate horizon – the success rate does drift, there are strategies in place to address this through the betplan time placement and the odds ranges sought within the plans.
    if there is additional pertinent information available, then of course that would be welcome, and its findings considered.
    but lets not get ahead of ourselves – this is the first week of the service and there will be many many bets under our belt before any adjustment will be required. It is not in our interests to sit back – and equally if the performance level is not good enough, subscribers will move on – which they can of course do at any time.
    there is some more information intrinsic to this thread, which will put a different perspective on the liquidity figures referred to, that i will possibly expand upon in time, but for the moment any data that will refine or improve our progress will be welcome

  137. Jamie Green says:

    quick one does the profit and loss results at the end of the day take betfair commission in to account

  138. Hugh Duddy says:

    Nice upturn today, well done Peter.

  139. Paul Walters says:

    Great result for us all today 8 out of 11 potential bets taken and a win rate of 62.5% with a 3.39 winner.
    I hope this goes someway to settle the liquidity debate and the potential for making some cash.
    Cheers Peter

  140. Duncan Dales says:

    First day trading today. 8 bets placed, 5 winners 3 losers for a £93 profit using 2% of a £1000 bank. Do these figures seem correct. Guess it was a good day to start.
    Cheers Peter

    • Hi Duncan,

      Yep, that’s spot on.

      Little unlucky not to have more winners too, with a couple of the losers matched very short in running (one at 1.06).


    • Andrew Coombs says:

      I had 7/11 picks with 3 no qualifiers and one saying no match, Tavernier a winner.
      How do the bots determine who will get there bets matched and who won’t as clearly some got on and some didn’t

  141. Michael Dougall says:

    I’m glad to see that Paul Walters post above mirrors the results I recorded today.

    However, were these ‘live’ results, or in simulation mode Paul?

    The reason I ask is that I am curious to ascertain whether bets placed in ‘simulation’ mode (which I am using at the moment), would have been equally successfully placed in ‘live’ mode?

    Can anyone operating the system ‘live’ confirm that live results mirror those in simulation mode? For info, I am betting 2% of a virtual bank of £1000, and am showing a profit of £102.55 today … which is fantastic!

    Many thanks in advance …

  142. Gary Turner says:

    Good day today, +£103. 2% staking from £1000 bank.

  143. Michael Dougall says:

    Excellent … thanks Matt and Duncan!

    OK … tomorrow and weekend in simulation mode for me to get a bit more of a ‘feel’ for things, and then I’ll go live on Monday all being well!

    Good luck over the weekend folks!

  144. Michael Dougall says:


    Apologies, but another quick question … re. the Betplan files that I have downloaded. I take it I just keep using the same files each day until you advise that there are new ones to be downloaded (the current ones show as ‘March 2017’)?

    Regards …

  145. Paul Poyser says:

    I have now got all the software downloaded. Ran it against 2 races where the favourite won giving me a virtual profit of £41.40 against an unfunded Betfair account.

    Still want to test the system but I don’t really understand the figures, so I have put a small amount (£25) in my account. What do I have to put in the virtual balance to make my first bet put £2.50 (of real money) at risk.


  146. Peter Higson says:

    This is never going to be a straightforward journey,and there will be some bumps along the way. Nevertheless, when it does go well, it is a good feeling isn’t it?
    I do hope today is something we will replicate, and it encourages a positive outlook..
    Small steps….

  147. Steve Brown says:

    I have been watching this thread with interest. Sam Higgins throws up some interesting points that had crossed my mind on liquidity as I believe that a couple of bets should have triggered last week but didn’t. I also appreciate the response from Matt and Peter.

    For the record today I had 7 bets triggered, 4 winners and 3 losers, it looks as though I missed a winner so there may be issues with getting bets placed on every occasion for all involved.
    Out of interest, if some bets get match and other don’t, how does betfair decide who gets matched and who doesn’t? Is it literally a case of which bets get received first on their server?

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      I had exactly the same results as you i assume it was Tavernier that you missed? Are you using a VPS as I’m still using my desktop presently.

  148. Michael Page says:

    Bumpy rides are an unfortunate fact of life when betting, but today was sweet. Well done, Peter.

  149. Peter Higson says:

    FIFO-bets matched in order in which they were placed
    Hi steve,
    For a view of bets matched or not, you need to look carefully at the plan criteria,-often it is the subtlety of price proximity between favorite and second favorite that leads to a no bet.
    This is often the cause of bets not being ‘triggered’ as you put it
    NO BET does not mean that the bet was not matched…
    To be quite clear to all, if a bet is fired in,meaning criteria have been satisfied, there is a very clear message in the ‘bets’ tab that tells you IF the bet was NOT matched.
    For those who seek to quantify this issue, THAT is the comment whose frequency should be interrogated.
    I won’t muddy the waters further by suggesting the tracking of those instances when the bot secures a matched price in excess of the BSP…..

  150. Michael Hutchison says:

    One of the bets was triggered but not matched for me and yes you guessed it, it was the higher priced winner!! Still £20.64 up for 1.5% of £500 live betting (-5%bf commission). But would have been doubled if the other winning bet had been matched! So an impressive day albeit it has also shown the frailties of the system and doesn’t seem too fair that some had their bets matched and others didn’t when using the same system. I read Peters comment earlier that states it evens itself out over time and I suppose time will show if this is true or not. I like the idea of this system as many do but I’m glad it’s a 3 week trial as I have my reservations!!

  151. Steve Brown says:

    I can see from the export that it was an unmatched bet on Tavener in the 6.50 at Lingfield that was the culprit. Pretty frustrating that it was the biggest winner of the day!

    As Sam Higgins said, it doesn’t take much to change the edge of a system. I appreciate that if this horse had lost I wouldn’t complain, nor am I complaining now, I am just trying to understand the system we are dealing with and so far I have been pretty happy.

    Any thought on how to better get bets match would be of interest. Peter, you mentioned contingency plans that can be implemented if necessary.

    • Peter Higson says:

      To put things into context…
      Everyone on this website is involved in the very first week of a launch of a betting method which i believe i am right in saying is unique-
      A data driven selection system linked to an automated software betting platform, requiring no prior betting knowledge, no horse form knowledge, no odds calculations, no multiple bookie accounts,a transparent auditable performance monitor, no need to be present at race times, and no time at all to set up…
      Whether the time, research, effort and commitment i have put into this is justified – well only time will tell.
      Liquidity and bet match may in time, become an issue- i do not know? What i can say is that based upon the research i conducted, the outlook is a healthy one. The number of subscribers to this service is limited.
      IF unmatched bet tracking detects a concerning trend, there are alternative strategies that will be introduced.
      For the moment i urge all onboard to at least consider that they may be a part of a new approach breaking away from traditional methods…and see where it leads…

      • Been mentioned before but just a quick point – an unmatched bet can just as easily be a winner as a loser, hence previous comments about things generally evening out over time.

        Also as per the edge, all past results for the system show a quite substantial edge so while it is perhaps realistic with extra people using the system to expect a slight erosion of the edge, a slight erosion won’t have too much of an adverse effect.

        Ultimately though, as Peter has said, there’s no need to make any sweeping statements in the first few weeks. The trial is about getting used to the process and (hopefully) seeing the potential of the system. It’s not about showing that it is as good as it can possibly be. Anybody staying on in the long term will see that it is continuously monitored with any small tweaks and updates made as and when Peter feels is necessary.


  152. Michael Hutchison says:

    Sorry Peter another stupid question maybe but is there anyway of taking the 5% commission into account within Betex for the virtual account balance it uses. From my £20.64 overall profit today £2.02 was taken off for commision so really making my virtual balance 518.44. However the program is still using the figure of 520.64?

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi Michael
      I think you will need to run this past Betex.
      I pushed them really hard to get the virtual balance upgrade in place prior to our launch- we had just 48 hours of live testing.
      So it may well be that that is either a refinement not yet finalised, part of next upgrade or possibly not even considered!
      They have proved an alert, responsive group- so please fire it their way…if you could copy me in i will keep it live with them also.

      • Michael Hutchison says:

        No problem, will do! Thanks for your quick response! Cheers

        • Michael Hutchison says:

          Hi Peter, this was the e-mail and response I got from Betex.

          Hi Mike

          No we don’t account for Betfair commissions as it can slow down results and various other things. So we decided to just show Gross. You can manually adjust as you say though.


          On 24 April 2017 at 17:48, Michael Hutchison wrote:

          Hi, I’m in the process of trialling your software and am wondering if there is any way of accounting for the 5% betfair commission in the virtual balance that is carried forward each day. I’ve been having to change it manually daily as the commission doesn’t come off the virtual balance?

  153. Gerry Richardson says:

    Just when I thought that I was understanding it all …….
    There was a comment above about loading the Betplans.
    I have been loading them anew every day.
    Is that incorrect?
    Or do I just use the same one, until told otherwise?

    • Jerry Ball says:

      Just carry on loading the same Betplans Gerry until we are told there is an update to replace them.

      • Hi Gerry,

        You’ve been doing it correctly – you have to load them to Betex daily. What the questions was about was regards updates to the saved Betplans (linked to on this site).

        You don’t need to worry about these. Peter or I will tell you when you need to do anything differently to what you are doing now.


    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Gerry ,
      you have to download ALL the plans only one time. When we
      need to download again , Peter Higson will tell us.
      You UNZIP them into a folder on your computer.
      Then , the dayly action that you must do , is go to the
      DAILY BETPLANS ( above ) to SEE :
      1. the RACES we will bet on today.
      2. the PLANS with will be used.
      First , LOAD the races onto the BETEX BOT.
      and then attach the plans to the races by means of :
      1. clicking on a race to HIGHLIGT it 2.clicking on NEW BET PLAN on the panel on the right 3. clicking on LOAD FROM FILE tab below it. 4. That brings up your your downloaded FILE’s , now you must chose the one you want to use by clicking on it , and then OPEN 5. go back to the right panel and click on ATTACH TO HIGHLIGHTED MARKET.
      Thats it (for ONE RACE) Repeat for ALL of the days races.

  154. Jerry Ball says:

    I have just worked out that I need to make over £85 a month with this system to make this worthwhile ( to cover Peters monthly subscription, VPS and Betex software )
    My £500 starting bank is so far up £3.68 betting at 1.50%.
    Fingers crossed this rapidly improves during the next couple of weeks.

    • Jerry,

      Please see my comment a couple of comments up.

      Just about the worst thing anybody can do when trialling a service is basing their decision to stay on purely on the first few results. The very worst strategy can have a great few weeks and the very best can have a really bad few weeks.

      I may be wrong but I get the feeling from your comment you would cancel if you were showing, say, a £40 profit at the end of the trial which doesn’t really stack up logically. Not least as with the compound staking your profits will naturally increase as your bank increases.


      • Alex Milianowsky says:

        And Murphy’s Law ( or is it SOD’s Law ) states that :
        Whenever a good and profitable service is introduced
        to a wider public , it will immediately hit a bad patch.
        We seen it time and time again over the years at the old
        MMR website.
        I for one will try to keep my head cool,
        Cheers , Alex

  155. Peter Higson says:

    Having looked at the Taverner race replay, i am actually more surprised that anyone managed to get a match.
    The horse got a great start and led from start to finish – described by the commentator as a one horse race.
    You can watch the race on this link

  156. Sam Higgins says:

    Just for the record my bot I wrote yesterday recorded by the second data for all the races and selections yesterday successfully, I did not get a live bet matched on Taverner and the indications are simply the money was not there on the layers side to take the volume, I will not base anything on one race though but will now build up a picture over the next two weeks and report back to Matt

    • Peter Higson says:

      as i indicated in earlier threads any constructive information that will help future analysis is welcome.
      if anyone watched the race, it is more of a surprise that anyone got a match. i had 3 bots running -2 missed it at 3.7, one matched at 3.55.
      ….you put this up – ‘just for the record’ yet make no reference in the above posting about any of the other bets placed…
      of course, it will be of more value to see a whole picture in time rather than isolated comments.
      as you say – one race not matched for quite evident reasons – is not something on which any conclusions can be drawn
      also if you do obtain m re information i would also like to know its capture source – the inplay market ladder?

  157. Sam Higgins says:

    Hi Peter I wasn’t being confrontational, I was simply stating the bot I wrote for this purpose did everything I wanted it to do for every race yesterday and therefore I am now in a position to collect this data for everyone going forward for further analysis not based on one race but plenty even if I pay the yearly fee have very small bets and collect it for a year for my own benefit to see if it works long time and you have had your sales money. I of course expect you to defend your products and methods as will Matt, I am simply questioning the liquidity which I am entitled to do and I am fortunate to be able to collect the data to convince myself and if required share with others. For info I part coded the exchange data capture in 2001-2005 so I have half an idea how it works. As I say I will not say another word now until at least the two weeks are up.

    You and Matt want to sell the product and good luck to you, I have no issue with it those using it simply want to know they can make money going forward. I do take issue with statements like even if we have 20k it wont dent it which are plain false as is the generalisation that missed bets even out over time. Ok that is me done back in 2 weeks

    • Peter Higson says:

      i didn’t suggest you were Sam
      i was commenting that if an update was made it would be better balanced by commenting on all eight yesterday – including the seven that were fully matched – rather than just the one that ‘got away’
      Anyway, as i again repeat, any pertinent info that helps us either move forward or revisit our approach, will always be gratefully received.

  158. John Hawkins says:

    Hi guys.
    I have loaded the software onto my computer. Took about 15 minutes of fumbling around but all appears to be okay. I am matching the same races that everyone else is, so it must be set up okay.
    I understand that the past does not equal the future, also that not all bets are matched and that historically there is a 43% strike rate
    I also know that I will have to pay Betex £99 per year, Peter Higson £95 per month and a VPS will cost me £29.95 a month.
    What size of betting bank do I need in order to break even, and how large to make, for example £250 per week (£1000 per month). I am staking currently at 2%.
    Many thanks.

    • Jan Provost says:

      Indeed, the costs will be mounting before we, hopefully, see some decent returns. After a bad week (first week I joined) I share your worry and I don’t think I will be the only one. I’ve joined all kind of services before and, trust me, all when they were on a bad run which has cost me a hell of a lot of money! I am still paper trading and will be doing so for a while as I’m very wary these days…The size of the betting bank to cover the cost AND profit…very good question, indeed…

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      …OMG…OMG…Peter H…..the man just doubled your salary.
      ….Im out of here….nobody ever doubles my salary…:-)

  159. Young Tse says:

    I’m personally very happy with this set and forget betting approach.
    There is a large window to set up the bets (night before) and let the software do its thing!
    Also, the idea of placing the bet just after the off is genius and, with my limited knowledge of prices and liquidity, will not affect the odds before the race starts.

  160. Jerry Ball says:

    Very bad day today.
    6 bets activated.
    1 win
    5 losers
    My £500 starting bank gone down £33.16 ( 1.50% stakes )
    Hopefully better on Saturday.

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      Got same results as you. The winner was a dead heat although the results don’t show that on the spreadsheet i noticed they assume full winnings which incorrectly distorts the p&l so anyone keeping track will need to manually amend this.

  161. Young Tse says:

    This is how the system works.
    If you look at last year’s results: There were loads of ups and downs.
    According to the spreadsheet from last year starting from the 17th August, it was like this for over a month before things started to pick up.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:


    • Raymond Monk says:

      Young – I agree the programme needs to be assessed over a lengthy period of time. At this stage I have been trading live risking 2% real money on each bet. I’ve had 10 winners (17 losers). My account is currently 8% down from the start.

      I would say that we will need to get to at least 200 bets before making any kind of assessment. By that stage of course the trial is well and truly over which doesn’t matter if the profits are flowing in but does if things are going badly. In other words the trail is a “taster” of the system but doesn’t prove one way or the other whether its a viable “investment” and those intending to carry on beyond the next 2 weeks will need to take a punt.

      • Young Tse says:

        Yes, that’s all we can do beyond the trial. However, we’ll be lucky to get 100 bets within the trial period of 3 weeks for Betex.
        Judging from the previous results, most of the time there were profits every 100 bets but this is not always the case. So if the trial shows a loss, it doesn’t mean the system is not working. And just need to assess it for a longer period.

        • Agree with regards the trial and the length of time needed to assess the system. The hope is that three weeks is enough to get to grips with the software and determine (for the sceptical) if the proofed results are realistic.

          Ideally the trial would be 3-6 months but if you offer these things you unfortunately get an awful lot of people with no intention of ever paying for the service who take the long trial and cancel regardless of results.

          We do however offer the service on a monthly basis so that people don’t have to commit to a large payment before they are comfortable with results.


  162. Hugh Duddy says:

    Good Luck Peter & all.

    Onwards n Upwards.

  163. Andrew Coombs says:

    I got from the system today:
    3 qualifiers, 3 losers, can anyone confirm they had the same?
    1.55 Newbury, 5.45 and 6.45 Wolves

  164. Andrew Coombs says:

    Since last Thursday I have had 29 bets with 1 No match that won, 8 Winners and 20 losers for around a 27% strike rate, and to 2% stakes I am £180.47 down from a £1,000 betting bank.

  165. David C/o bolch says:

    I’d been wondering myself along the lines of Andrew’s comment above, about the usual difficulty of betting at this time of year. Lack of reliable form because of the change of codes, so that favourites may not always deserve their status. Conventional wisdom would certainly say that it’s not the most obvious time to launch a favourites-based trial. But perhaps Peter’s historic data suggests that it’s been a successful time for the system in previous years?

  166. Graeme De sainte croix says:

    Have I done something wrong? I’m on simulated betting on the 1% plan. I had 5 winners, 3 losers and 3 no bets on Thursday. Yesterday was 10 no bets and today a further 11 no bets. Has anyone had the same results or am I missing something?

    • Geoffrey Roland says:

      I think you must be doing something wrong Graeme, because today there were 11 races with eight no bets and three losers. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re on simulated or real betting or – I presume – what staking plan you’re on, but I’m doing the same as you. I only started today so can’t comment on previous days.

      • Jerry Ball says:

        Yes just 3 losers toaday. Lost another £20.86. The way things are going I can’t see me parting with £460 for the 12 month “deal” looks like I will be shortly seeking a refund unless results start improving very soon.

        • Alex Milianowsky says:

          Hei Guys.
          The above comments are obviously true. Difficult “transition”time of year , many unworthy
          favorites , etc. Now what to do to weather the bad times ? I say , tweak the system.
          By Tweaking tha system , I DONT mean interfering in any way in Peter H’s system , or the
          working of the bot. Keep using the races and betting plans as given. But tweak the system
          on the money-side. Give the bot a virtual betting bank , so that it is barely able to place
          the minimal required @ 2,00 , anticipating losses , so that the bot can continue betting.
          I have used a bank of @ 140 all this time. I lost in the same races as you guys , but
          because of my minimal bank, my losses are trivial. When the bad times are over , and its obvious that the system has recovered , its time enough to up the ante , and increase the betting bank. Feel the pain of losing , but do not let that make a big dent in your betting bank.
          P.S. Dont let the bot carry over the diminished betting bank to next day , untick that feature
          in settings , and let the bot start every new day with the same ammount.

          • Raymond Monk says:

            Alex, that’s a nice theory but the reality of this system is that winning and losing runs will occur at random at any time of the year and are unpredictable. How can you know when “the system has recovered” because following a good winning run this can be followed by an even longer losing run….? It would be great to make a true assessment in 21 days but unfortunately its just not possible as you will see from the audited results from August to March. The system swings from winning to losing and back again. There was an upward trend in the long trend over that period and that’s all you can say.

  167. Alex Milianowsky says:

    Hi Raymond.
    First of all , what Im giving you , its NOT a theory. On the contrary , its a very PRACTICAL solution for the present situation , a means to preserve your betting bank as much as possible , while still using the DataKings system.
    I know that the system has recovered , when it is back to its historical 45% wins over a period of time. By that I dont mean that we would have “recouped” our losses and gotten back into a possitive betting bank , that could take some more time. But you could see that the P/L stats of the system is back to approximately 45% wins.
    I agree that that will go beyond our total of 3 weeks trial , so everybody has to decide for themselves at the end of the trial , if he/she has confidence enough to continue. I dont believe that this system , that has a track record of 5 years of very possitive results , is sudenly gone rotten. I honestly think that it is a temporary thing , the only regrettable thing is that it should happen just now. But as I stated before in another post , this is a good example of Sod’s Law in action , and we have witnessed it time and time again over the years.
    You’re right to say the system performs in streaks of hot and cold hystorically , but that’s not important , whats important is the POSITIVE bottom line.
    Cheers , Alex

  168. Mark Smith says:

    Is Sunday a no bet day?

    • ian fraser says:

      First question in the FAQ section:-

      Q Will I get selections every day?

      A No. We give everyone a rest on Sundays! Other than that, there are potentially selections every day of the year.

  169. David C/o bolch says:


    I agree completely with the second half of your post. One has to look at the long term, and accept that any system will have ups and downs in the short.

    But Raymond also has a point. How do you know when the system has recovered? You say: when it has returned to its traditional strike rate. The trouble is, once it’s returned to its traditional strike rate, you’ve in fact missed the recovery period – a successful period that has brought it back to that historic level. There’s no knowing what will happen after that. It may go into another losing run, or a period of treading water, or possibly another winning run. But that last possibility would mean that the strike rate was going well above the historic level, and due for a fall.

    So cutting back staking levels in a losing run is not, statistically, a sensible option (though it may be psychologically). There is a degree of automatic reduction, of course, if one is staking a percentage of one’s betting bank. That’s a safety element built into the staking system. But I mean cutting back on the percentage, or on one’s allocated bank.

    One of the hardest lessons to learn (and I only say this as someone who consistently fails to learn it….), is that one should always bet within one’s psychological means. It’s no good naming a large betting bank, and then abandoning or cutting back when only a proportion of it has been lost. If you do that, then your nominated bank was never really your true betting bank. And you’re not going to get the full benefit, when the recovery does come.

    David H.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Okay All.
      What I offered as a solution to the present situation , is of course only one of many possible solutions. In my view a very viable solution to limit the damage and make it easyer to recover. Everybody feel free to accept or reject it , I dont particularly care , its your money.

      But back to the subject of the bad performance of the system , I happen to been able to squeze out some stats from Peter H , to see the historical performance of DataKings system during the same period in previous years. I can share them with you all. Here they are :

      AW% FLAT% NH%
      2012 37 43 54
      2013 52 46 36
      2014 60 58 50
      2015 47 53 35
      2016 24 40 57
      2017 47 28 26

      Period 6th April to 6th May

      win Lose Bets S/R % Av.Odds P/L 1 P/L2
      2012 44 51 95 46.32 3.22 322 660
      2013 53 70 123 43.09 3.18 318 747
      2014 60 49 109 55.05 3.08 308 1710
      2015 52 58 110 47.27 3.12 312 788
      2016 35 49 84 41.67 3.20 320 537
      6/4-TO DATE 2017 19 37 56 33.93 2.79 – 158 -161
      Total 263 314 577 45.58 3.10 1322 4281

      I dont know what the P/L2 stands for , but I can see on both stats that the current results are not in line with the historical results. An annomaly.
      So , In my view , there is good hope that the system will revert to its mean , so to speak ,and be able to reproduce the performance of the past.
      Hope this will help everybody to make a decission in about 10 days time. Be good , be wise , be strong ,
      Cheers , Alex

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Hi David.
      Just to clarify a detail : I would not have missed the recovery period of the system , because I kept on betting ,
      only with a lower betting bank.
      Wich , dont aply to me personaly , because I started with a
      low betting bank in the first place,

      • David C/o bolch says:

        Hi Alex,

        The point is that, in that theoretical scenario, the person lowering his betting bank doesn’t, of course, get the full value of the recovery.

        I’m sure you understand this. But just to spell it out, in case anyone may not – using level stakes to simplify matters. If you start with a 100 point bank, and there’s been a 20 point fall, and you halve your stakes, and then there’s a 20 point rise back to the historical mean, you only get back to 90 points.

        David H.

  170. Raymond Monk says:

    Following on from this discussion its worth mentioning that it isn’t just the total strike rate that matters to the bottom line profits. Its the mix of high and low odds winners. A string of low odds winners (even 42%) will be far less effective than a few higher high odds winners. Once again this is purely random and unpredictable.

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      as you can see in the ( bad ) stat above , in the total colum , the 42% strike rate is achieved with a average
      odds of 3.10

      • Raymond Monk says:

        Thanks very much. That’s brilliant and confirms historically this could turn out to be a poor run of results bearing in mind there is still 6 more racing days left for the system in April and even more when looking at the period to 6th May so plenty of time for results to improve in line with previous years.
        Its just annoying that this has come during the trial before we can build up a bank of profits prior to the first losing run. Sods law etc !

      • Alex Milianowsky says:

        And another thing Ray, should you EVER encounter a betting system that is not random and a fully predictable WINNER , please let me know , I want to put
        every last dime I have into it.

        • Raymond Monk says:

          Alex I think you’re missing the point. All I’m saying is that your idea of the lowering and raising stakes depending on good and bad runs is based on a subjective opinion on when these start and finish. Have you ever traded financial markets ? If so you will know that it is impossible to determine where the bottom and top of a trend is. This the same – up and down trends. They occur at random and are unpredictable.

          • Alex Milianowsky says:

            Oh , sigh ,….financial markets ….
            yes , I traded and still trade them ….for
            about ….50 years now (can you guess my age ? )
            …and still learning….like day 1

  171. David C/o bolch says:

    Peter also sent me those stats (in response to my query about choosing this time of year for the launch). As you can see, Sod’s Law, we’ve been hit by a double downturn, compared with previous years: both the strike rate, and the average price of winners.

    Re. the P&L figures:
    P&L 1 is based on £20 level stakes;
    P&L 2 is based on 2% of bank (£10000) compounding.

    I agree that there is every reason to suppose that the system will revert to its mean.

    How one stakes in the meantime will always be a matter of finding a balance between statistics and personal psychology.

    I’ve posted the figures again below, in case they line up a bit better… Probably not! Won’t know till after it’s been posted!

    David H.

    2012 44 51 95 46.32% 3.22 322 660
    2013 53 70 123 43.09% 3.18 318 747
    2014 60 49 109 55.05% 3.08 308 1710
    2015 52 58 110 47.27% 3.12 212 788
    2016 35 49 84 41.67% 3.20 320 537
    2017 19 37 56 33.93% 2.79 -158 -161

    263 314 577 45.58% 3.10 1322 4281

    P&L 1 is based on £20 level stakes

    p&L 2 is based on 2% of bank (£10000) compounding

    S/R BY CODE 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    AW 37% 52% 60% 47% 24% 47%
    FLAT 43% 46% 58% 53% 40% 28%
    NH 54% 36% 50% 35% 57% 26%

  172. Jerry Ball says:

    Another losing day.
    Just 3 bets triggered.
    I win
    2 losers
    Down another £4.49
    My £500 starting bank is now down to £444.56 ( betting at 1.50 )

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      Hi Jerry,
      I had only 2 bets triggered?
      1 winner 1 loser, what races were yours? As i had no unmatched bets so i either added a wrong plan to a race or you did, mine were 4.45 Windsor and 4.50 Kempton.

      • Andrew Coombs says:

        or something else perhaps but would be good to know the reason for difference.
        7 No bets, 1 winner and 1 loser

        • Young Tse says:

          The 3 races triggered were
          16:10 Ponty – lost, 16:45 Windsor – lost, 16:50 Kemp – Won.

          Peter Has already mentioned the reasons for differences above. He also states that “Over time the odd anomalies DO even out..”.

          • Andrew Coombs says:

            i understand the reason for differences in results, however, the 4.10 at pontefract wasn’t a no match for me it was a no bet. I can only assume i added the wrong plan, somewhat fortuitously on this occasion.

      • Jerry Ball says:

        I had a winner at Kempton 4.50.
        2 losers at Pontefact 4.10 and Windsor 4.45.

    • Carl Kimmins says:

      Same for me Jerry , let’s hope it hits a winning streak soon.

  173. Paul Breen says:

    Time to input the product key code for the free trial 14 day extension but… doesn’t work! A code with two Is, or are they 1s? Who knows….
    I have phoned Betex (in Dublin, it seems)….no one there…
    So I for one have ground to a standstill. Anybody had the same problem? Is there a solution? Thanks in anticipation……

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      Hi Paul.
      Here is an email I got from Betex when it was time to extend. You can contact them there.

      Betextrader Extended Trial – Day 9

      Hi Alex

      Hope everything is going well

      Get Your Personal License to activate your software

      You’ll be able to keep using any betplans you have setup already
      so there will be no interuption to your use.

      As always any questions let us know.

      All the best

      BTX Team

    • Gerry Richardson says:

      Hi Paul
      My code had two capital I’s, and it worked

      • Paul Breen says:

        Thanks to both Alex and Gerry.
        I will keep trying – the website has a phone number on it but they must have had a good night in Dublin last night as no one has rolled in to answer the phone yet! Silly me – I thought there might have been a reception/ switchboard/customer services dept…
        I will keep on trying…

  174. Paul Breen says:


  175. David Hunt says:

    Hi Matt. 4 selected races so far today, 2 losers then 2 no bets. in 3 of the 4 the 2nd fav has won at favourable odds. This follows a similar pattern of 2nd favs winning every day in our selected races since I started the prog a week ago. Tempted to do “savers” on the 2nd favs for the next little while!! Just kidding!! I am keeping the faith HONEST!! Best, Dave H (NOT David H)

  176. David Yeates says:

    I think Peter’s onto something here. If it has been tested successfully for so long, the tiny outtake of graph in the whole graph of, say, two years, is perfectly normal for the long-term profitability. For my own taste (this isn’t a criticism, it’s just me) I think the betplans are over tweaked. There must be a difference between reason and coincidence. If favourites in mares only non handicap races at Catterick at 10 furlongs on slow going fare well if there are 9 or 11 in the field, but not if there are 10 – to me, that’s coincidence. But I do like the general idea and, in fact, I’ve been running my own stats-only trial for laying and backing in the past year which has been doing well in its trial mode, and am frightened to set it live in case it doesn’t perform as well!

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      @David Yates

      David , now that you got the Betex bot , here is good opportunity to test your own system. Make your own betplans.
      save them, and run a second version of Betex bot simultaneously, in real mode or simulation.
      I dont know if you know , but you can run multiple of Betex bots , even on the same races. Im doing it this evening at Wolverhamton.

  177. ian fraser says:

    Folks apologies for posting this here but Betplan section for obvious reasons has most ‘visitors’.

    Just wanted to post a little warning to anyone thinking of asking for their subscription to be cancelled as per the terms of this trial. If you do it via the Agora website you have no record of when you asked for this to happen so when you receive no reply you don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling that the request is being actioned. I copied Matt earlier today on a subsequent request – so don’t know if the following reply received today was a coincidence or not, not having received a reply for a few days prior to this – and received the following reply :-

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for recently contacting our Customer Services Department.

    Unfortunately, we have recently experienced an extremely high level of email correspondence from our subscribers, which means we may not be able to respond to your query as quickly as we would like.

    However, please rest assured your query has been received and will be answered as soon as possible. Please do not reply to this email as it is a courtesy notification.

    If you would prefer to contact us by telephone please call our Customer Services Team on 0207 633 3630.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

    The Customer Services Team

    I presume my request will be deemed to have been made within the timelines required but just making you aware if you do request a subsequent cancellation there may be a delay in auctioning.

    • Jerry Ball says:

      They have always given refunds when I have requested them, so probably no need to worry Ian. Another losing day today, so I will almost be certainly requesting a refund in the next few days.This trial has been a total disaster so far and my betting bank is falling every day.

      • Once again Jerry I would point you towards the long term track record and the very clear ups and downs that occur.


        Customer services have a backlog but any refund requests within the 21 day period will be actioned, irrespective of when somebody actually gets to it (the delay shouldn’t be too long).

        Alternatively, if you want to skip to the front of the customer service queue you can always ring them.


  178. Nigel Kaszubowski says:

    Another loosing day

  179. Nigel Kaszubowski says:

    Sorry “losing” Day!

    • Kevin Vowles says:

      mine was a winning day
      12 bets
      4 losers
      4 winners
      plus 50 pound
      1000 balance @ 2 p.c

      • Dave Miller says:

        Hi Kevin,
        I’m intrigued – as a novice to this I would very much like to know how you managed to be £50 in profit when others, myself included, had a £29 loss! Using a £500 bank @ 2%. Is the software that inconsistent?


        • Hi Dave,

          I’m not sure how Kevin managed to get those results but check the track record page and that is broadly in-line with what others are reporting – I certainly haven’t recorded a profit for that day.

          Pleasing for you Kevin though obviously!


          • Dave Miller says:

            Hi Matt,

            I am just hoping I haven’t done something wrong. On the other hand, if there is something I could be doing that would turn a profit instead of a loss, I need to know about it!



  180. Colin Lawless says:

    Kevin—i have had 7 losses and 3 winners today—dont understand why such a huge difference

  181. Gerry Richardson says:

    3 wins, and 7 losses for me too

    • Kevin Vowles says:

      when was the last time
      matt or peter posted with there results
      along time ago
      have they emigrated ?

      • Andrew Coombs says:

        I had 6 losers, 1 ‘loser’ that didn’t match and 3 winners, so same as Gerry and Colin effectively.
        £793.00 from £1,000 – 2% starting bank

        • Hi Kevin,

          It is made very clear on the track record page (and I have pointed it out in numerous comments) that the track record will be updated weekly.

          Today it was due and the latest track record has now been posted.

          If you want to check individual days, bets etc other members will help I’m sure or you can email me (so I don’t miss the comment) at


  182. Hugh Duddy says:

    14 selections today.
    5 no bets
    6 losers
    3 winners

    Winners @ 2.08, 2.68 & 2.7

  183. George Bayles says:

    2 wins 6 losses here

  184. Jerry Ball says:

    Yes another bad losing day.
    3 winners
    7 losers
    I still have not had a winning day since I started.
    This has to be one of the worst systems I have ever been involved with.

    • Andrew Coombs says:

      Looking at my results there has only been two winning days since launch,

      • Raymond Monk says:

        I have also had 2 winning days out of 10.

        Looking at my results I’ve noticed that by setting up the software to stop betting when there is a £1 profit at anytime during the series of daily bets I could have doubled the winning days to 4 out of 10.

        It wouldn’t have been enough to put me in a overall profitable position but the losses would have been far less. This action may make the system less profitable in the long term but would have eased the current severe downturn (20% loss of bank) that the system has produced during the trial so far. Just a thought.


        • Geoffrey Roland says:

          Please can you tell us how to set Betex to stop trading at £X profit? I’ve looked for a way of doing that myself but must have missed it.

          • Raymond Monk says:

            Go to SETTINGS and change “stop at a profit ” to whatever you like.

            What I don’t know yet is whether it will stop at a profit taking into account previous losses or simply when a race wins and a profit is made. I’ve emailed Betextrader and await their reply.

          • Geoffrey Roland says:

            Thanks Ray,
            That’ll be interesting to know.

          • Geoffrey Roland says:

            I’ve read the Manual section about it, but it doesn’t make that clear. I would assume that it means betting will stop when your overall session has reached a profit of £X, to avoid betting continuing and you possibly ending up at a loss.

          • Raymond Monk says:

            That’s right betting stops when the overall daily betting is in profit whether that’s on bet 1 or bet 7 etc. Today for instance the first bet won and betting for me has stopped. Of course the other races may also win and I would then have lost out but at least I know that I will now end the day in profit rather than handing it back and losing again. Just my personal preference.

  185. Hugh Duddy says:

    Without stating the obvious, these are obviously not typical results. I’ve been using the bot on simulated mode as it is a trial phase, and just to get a handle on how things work etc.

    It looks to me like Peter has put a ton of work into this (don’t know him, never met him so no axe to grind)and I’m positive his is as surprised / concerned as us…To be honest…More!

    We are all here looking to make a bit of money, and of course if its successful, Peter will make a bit of money as well (seems fair)…But, its his baby (Peter’s) in my opinion he’s got a lot more than me / us to lose…We “might” lose some cash, he’s got a lot more invested in this than cash.

    Me, I’m sticking around. I can’t see how all that work / results etc, suddenly went bad. I’m certainly not someone who can afford to lose money so I don’t take it lightly. It’s horse racing, its always a bit of a gamble.

    Best of luck to everyone.

    • John Ellis says:

      I tend to agree with Hugh but have reservations. Having looked at the betting plans I have no idea how Peter decides which one to use but due to the minor variations and large number of plans I have a feeling that the system could be back fitted. Another concern is that backing the favourite at the off any value will have gone.
      Anyway I am running with real money and will carry on at least until my 14 day software extension ends.
      (covering the losses with my own system so its not hurting too much)

      • John,

        RE backfitting…

        This has been officially proofed by Peter Philipson for a year (with results also monitored by him a further 6 months prior to that).

        Those results are remarkably similar long-term as regards profits, ROI, strike rate etc to Peter H’s results in the years prior to the proofing.

        I don’t personally feel any need to defend Peter P’s proofing as his reviewing experience speaks for itself and there are plenty of people on here who have read his reviews and scam exposes on this site and More Money Review over the years.


    • Eoin Casey says:

      At the end of the day, it is still a gamble so if people are not prepared to potentially lose their entire bank (be that €100 or €10,000), then they really shouldn’t be on here stressing about it daily. They should put their money into Prize Bonds or stick it in a deposit account and get 2%. Nothing more annoying than whingers who sign up to something knowing all the risks yet still they keep complaining.

  186. Mark Doyle says:

    Hi, Has anyone any idea how to increase the virtual balance being used. I was using a minimum virtual balance, but it has now decreased below the minimum required by Betfair, so cant implement the betplans. Cheers, Mark

  187. Hugh Duddy says:

    Hi Mark,

    Click on setting at top left side of bot. You’ll get a pop up…Ist square headed Trading Options…Look down and you’ll see the virtual account start balance.

    Is that what you mean?

    • Jan Provost says:

      I’m in simulated mode as well with stop at profit and stop at loss both set to £500. Max liability is £300. My virtual account start balance is still the same as when the bot started two weeks ago :£300 even though I clicked the retain closing balance box! How on earth is this possible as every bet has been virtually placed?!

  188. Mark Doyle says:

    Hi Hugh,
    I see that ,thanks. Just need to know if I can increase that virtual balance figure at this stage.

    • Hugh Duddy says:

      Sorry Mark,

      I’m only using simulated so increasing it (for me) wouldn’t be a problem obviously, but if you are use real money then I’m in the same position probably as you…”Don’t think it will do any harm, and you need to increase it to get over the BF min threshold, so?

      Probably best that Peter or Matt answer.

      Best of luck Mark.

  189. John Ellis says:

    Reset Virtual Balance – this worked for me

    settings – untick retain closing balance for next session

    stop trading

    change virtual account start balance

    Tick retain closing balance for next session

    start trading

    hope this helps

  190. Nigel Kaszubowski says:

    3 winners today but no bets on them although 2 losing bets!
    Another losing day.

  191. Jerry Ball says:

    What a surprise another losing day!
    2 bets that both lost.
    Lost another £12.49.
    £500 bank now showing just £412
    Can’t see how I can justify staying with this when a figure of £85 a month is required to just break even. The cost to stay in i.e Software, VPS, Peters subscription make it far to costly to stay involved.Another big let down, sad to say.

    • Michael Hutchison says:

      Hey Jerry, You never know he may extend the trial seeings as it has surely been one of the worst performances in the systems history?Today if you’d just bet on each favourite on each race where there was a betplan attached then it would have been a profitable day but once again the losing favourites qualified for bets and the winning ones didn’t? Maybe Peter can explain this happening fairly consistently? Just a blip? I’m liking the setup and go type of betting, not done it before, but a profit is the name of the game and right now I can’t see how I can justify a monthly subscription to this?

  192. Peter Higson says:

    we are 48 bets in since launch.
    i have posted a breakdown of these on the track record page
    I am the first to acknowledge that this has not been a good start.
    however the analysis is a good indication of where performance has slipped

    • Martin Wilson says:

      Can you explain a bit, how/ why things have changed, because without knowing why you’ve allocated certain betplans to certain races, the analysis means nothing to me?

    • Iain Docherty says:

      I am still maintaining faith that this is just a temporary set-back.

      What I would say however is that the results of the launch are not representative of the long trial and the trial since about August last year.

      In such a circumstance, as a programmer, I would normally look to see what has changed and how these changes may have affected the outcome. Have some of the changes to the system needed to make it public caused this problem?

  193. Richard Entwistle says:

    I have been wondering whether the system is adversely affected by having a whole bunch of us trying to do the same thing at the same time? Betfair often takes its time to find a counterparty to my own very small bets – so what happens to liquidity when a whole load of us are trying to do this together?

    • Alex Milianowsky says:

      @ Richard Entwistle
      Quote ” Betfair often takes its time to find a counterparty to my own very small bets ”
      I dont think thats because of lack of liquidity Richard ,
      but because you are not in front of the que , or nobody wants to take your bet on the odds you are asking.
      There is enough liquidity on Betfair , even in running.
      But liquidity must be seen in context to certain odds.
      There is enough liquidity , but not at all odds.

  194. Graham Golder says:

    I’m out, best of luck to anyone who stays on. Wasn’t impressed when I asked for assistance from Peter Higson when I first joined, he was reluctant to take any criticism of his manual amd was bad tempered in his response and told Matt to issue me with a refund.I stayed on for a while anyway but now feel this system is begining to look a bit like a white elephant.

  195. bertie says:

    I have been looking at this with interest , According to matt its a few clicks of the mouse and then shed loads of money hundreds even thousands of pounds, So how has it been performing the software and best of all the profits

  196. Young Tse says:

    What were the results today? My internet was down.

  197. Young Tse says:

    Haha.. Sods law.

  198. Dave Thompson says:

    Just tried to load up tomorrows racing and no Huntingdon. Has it been abandoned

  199. Jerry Ball says:

    At last a winning day!
    4 bets
    3 wins
    1 loser.
    Just £11.58.

  200. Darren Vickers says:

    17:10 SANDOWN using 2% states to use bet plan 205 – However, I do not have a bet plan 205?? So is this a mistake?

    Also, is Huntingdon cancelled as doesn’t appear to be on Betfair?

  201. Young Tse says:

    No Bet plan 205!

  202. James Crute says:

    I must have got lucky today. I had 4 possibles but only 2 qualified and both won. !! Hope it continues !!

  203. Peter Higson says:

    typo in betplan for sandown 17.10 race
    2% plan number is 25 not 205

  204. Peter Higson says:

    there is a delay at befair loading the racecards for huntingdon tomorrow
    until they do so it will not show up in the betex venue filter window
    these delays do occur from time to time.
    the ground conditions at huntingdon tomorrow are good – and i am not aware of any other issues

  205. Peter Higson says:

    huntingdon markets now up….21.18pm

  206. Young Tse says:

    How do I just add Huntingdon in Betex? I have already added the previous venues and attached the bet plans.

    • Peter Higson says:

      Start trading with the ones you have loaded
      Open a second instance of the software ( right click on betex desktop icon, click on betex ultimate)
      Sign in etc…you may need to reenter settings and get market filters…
      Then just load the huntingdon races, and attach relevant plans
      Start trading…

  207. Dave Miller says:

    There is a slight issue – there isn’t a ‘205’ bet plan as suggested by the races for Friday at 2% stake. What plan should this be please?

  208. Jerry Ball says:

    Another losing day.
    2 winners
    4 losers
    Lost another £5.07

  209. Dave Thompson says:

    Hi, I have found a problem.
    In the results panel of Betex Trader it shows a win for the 15.30 Sandown.
    When I export the results to Excel it shows a no bet for this race (this is correct as I checked on Betfair).
    A pity as this would have made a winning day.
    In have tried to insert a screen shot but this page will not allow me to paste it in, is there another way to attach a graphic?

  210. Llewelyn Pugh says:

    First attempt and all set for tomorrow – 20 plans attached -am I correct in saying that there is nowhere which tells me what plan No has been attached to a race? I’ve checked in Selections > Betting Plan but doesn’t seem to appear there. I guess it’s a case of make sure you get the correct plan No. Thanks.

    • Geoffrey Roland says:

      Llewelyn: I asked Peter this question so he may already have replied to you. If you look at the black bar at the top of the screen it tells you the last plan number you entered, so you can check it’s correct as you add it to a race. It appears though that you can’t click on another race and see which plan was entered for that one.

      • Peter Higson says:

        i have asked Betex to introduce something in their next upgrade that will address this.

        • Iain Docherty says:

          It would actually be better if you did not have to click on every race to see what plan is attached, it should be shown on the Markets page as a separate column, or in the existing ‘plan’ column.

      • Llewelyn Pugh says:

        Thanks – Peter has also sent me an e mail – would be a useful addition if you could click on a race and see what plan has been attached at a glance.

  211. Raymond Simpson says:

    I can hear it now, another losing fay, worst product ever I’m leaving now.
    Well yes Friday was another loose day.

    Fridays betting was interesting (number of bets)
    For me the outcome is what I would have expected. (based on years of losing money at the bookies)
    Saturday is going to be even more interesting. ( I’ll be gobsmacked if it ends in profit)

    I have the greatest respect for system builders especially when they eventually bring their product to market
    Because they are faced with individuals who read the text and suddenly believe it’s a get rich scheme.
    There is no such thing as that.
    You should just be looking to get your self the slimmest of advantages against the book & YES maybe Peter’s system can give you that.
    Its an “in it to win it System”
    You cant dip in and out
    Will you be an ultimate winner?
    I think you could be.
    Can you get pleasure from the system?
    In my view not unless you have a starting bank of circa £2-3k
    Do I trust what Peter Higson has come up with. MOST DEFINITELY.

    My conclusion for what its worth.

    Matt you and Agora prey on individuals who are looking for the next get quick rich scheme. You in my view do more harm to the Peter Higsons of the world than you do good.oh and yes your within your rights to ask why am I a subscriber well simply because you get the likes of Peter bringing a base product along that has huge potential.

    Peter well done, Matt & Team, you cant lose, can you?

    • Geoffrey Roland says:

      I think this is unfair to Matt and Agora. They specifically tell you in the marketing presentation that it ISN’T a get rich quick scheme, so anyone who thinks it is has only themselves to blame. What they say is that you can make consistent profits over a period of time and you then have three weeks to try it free. OK, six weeks to try it free might give us a clearer picture of its long -term potential but a line has to be drawn somewhere. It’s only going to cost a month’s subscription plus the Betex sub to try it for four weeks more, and you can then use Betex for a year anyway.

    • Alan Dell says:

      Friday was a win day for me. Am I doing something right?

    • Bit harsh Raymond! I’m being criticised for publishing a – in your own words – sound system. Something that I was asked by the creator to do – I didn’t go looking for him.

      As has been pointed out by Geoffrey, it very specifically hasn’t been monitored as a get rich scheme and not are any of the other services I run. The results are published, no more no less.

      There are vulnerable people in all walks of life. Shall we not sell alcohol, betting services, tobacco, chocolate, paracetamol, knives to anyone because of the few that shouldn’t own them? I help to publish services (with money back guarantees) that give people a chance to make long term profits from betting. You make it sound like I’m selling fruit machines outside gamblers anonymous meetings.


  212. Peter Higson says:

    IF you are setting up a VPS through BETTINGdev, you MUST give them the 21 day trial code to use. if not you will only get a 7 day trial of the software.

  213. K. Brown says:

    New member and this makes an interesting read!

    A question :
    The betplans are published the night before racing but the bets are placed at the off.
    Is there any necessity to load the plans the night before and leave them running, or would it be OK to load them at (say) midday on race day?

    Good luck

    • David C/o bolch says:

      That’s fine.

      You only need to allow enough time to get set up before the start of the earliest race on the betplan list.

      David H.

      • K. Brown says:

        Thank you.

        I had a feeling that was the case as I had to re-load the plans for 16:40 and on as I had done it incorrectly initially and they seemed to work OK.

        Good luck

  214. David Yeates says:

    I tried something different. I attached betplan 216 to every race today and I am £195.44 up to £16 bets (simulation mode)! This includes the Irish races. I know huge amounts of research and testing of settings have gone into this, but I do have a hunch that it is overfiltered. As I’ve said before, I think you have to be wary of the difference between coincidence and significant reason. It would be instructive to run betplan 216 against every race every day as a control to compare it with DataKings results but I can’t do that as I’m not continuing with the software. One of you who are staying on should run a separate control procedure on simulation mode to find where it takes you.

      • David Yeates says:

        Good question. By the way, with one race to go the tally is now up to +£243.23. I liked the odds range (2.06-5.7) and active selections 2-15. I guess you could go for any of them that you like, but I honestly can’t be doing with the plans which leave out 9 or 10 runners but 11 or 12 is ok. That to me doesn’t make any sense, regardless of what’s happened in the past.

        • Alan Dell says:

          Hmm, I suspect that today had an unusually high number of winning favourites.

          Great for the plans, over 10% increase today and my bank has moved into profit.

          • David Yeates says:

            Yes, I’m sure another day it would be disaster! But if you don’t keep a log you won’t know! Very pleased you’ve gone into profit. Only long-term wins and those with a short-term outlook are doomed to failure every time. Ian Erskine has made a couple of million now and he doesn’t mind if a system loses for two years running, as long as he is confident it is sound. Most of us would have run off long before that, and that is why he is a millionaire and I’m not!!

    • Geoffrey Roland says:

      David: Even if you’re cancelling Datakings you could stay with Betex for a year to experiment with that.

    • Terry Jones says:

      I am on day 14 of my trial and tried this last Sunday on a simulation mode as there are no betplans on Sunday – and made £32 from my bank so today I ran this on live and made £50 profit from a £400 bank – which is almost double the best day that I have had so far and has put me in a profit of £6.50 overall.

  215. Hugh Duddy says:

    Nice set of results today, well done Peter.

    Good weekend to all.

  216. Llewelyn Pugh says:

    First trial run today – Profit £26-06 using virtual bank £300 at 1%. Can anyone tell me if that’s about right or not to make sure I am placing the correct BetPlans? Thanks in advance.

  217. Young Tse says:

    Yes, Great results today! I got an increase of over 5% on balance. No doubt quite a few people have already quit. It has only been a couple of weeks into the trial and people are expecting miracles even though historical data has shown that the system may not make any profit for weeks at a time.
    You have to give the system a chance. we’re in it for the long term.

  218. Gary Scott says:

    Have I missed the email for todays races? Did anyone else get one?

    • Geoffrey Roland says:

      There aren’t any on Sunday Gary.

      • David Yeates says:

        So today would be an opportunity to pick one of the betplans (I use 216) and run it through every race, including Ireland. OBVIOUSLY IN SIMULATED MODE ONLY!

        • Geoffrey Roland says:

          Yes it certainly would. Actually I tried it last night with every race in the Australian races, which have just finished for the day, after reading your post about it. It didn’t work;I used plan 141 and ended up £30 down!
          But we’ve nothing to lose by trying it again.
          I’m sure Peter must have tried this.

  219. Anthony Millard says:

    Can anyone give me Saturdays result, This is only my 3rd day and had a power cut halfway through the racing, thanks

    • David C/o bolch says:

      Hi Anthony
      I’d post up my results for you, but it seems that for me the bot missed one winning bet that most people caught. So my winnings were about half some people’s and it wouldn’t necessarily be useful.
      As you probably know results do vary, because sometimes a bet price gets matched for some people and not for others.
      They should eventually post up Peter’s or Matt’s results in the DataKings > Track Record section.

  220. David Yeates says:

    Final tally for Sunday for all races including Ireland using Betplan 216 for every race was +£262.49. That was a bank of £1,000. Simulation mode of course (unfortunately!).

    • Raymond Monk says:

      How did you make that amount ? I did the same as you (plan 216 for all races) risking £12 per race. There were 6 losers and 4 winners with a total profit of £23.28 (also simulation mode).

      • Geoffrey Roland says:

        I did the same as David and Raymond but tried it using two different plans.
        I meant to use the 1% version of David’s 216 but made a mistake and used 16. With a bank of 500 it made £39.
        I also used 141 and it made £68; this would have been £272 with a £1000 bank and 2% stakes; about the same as David.

      • David Yeates says:

        Did you include Ireland?

        • Raymond Monk says:

          David, no I didn’t and that would have made a massive difference…
          Just checked and there were 7 favourites that won in Ireland races yesterday.


  221. Hugh Duddy says:

    @ Anthony

    Saturdays Results.

    Best of luck everyone.

  222. Anthony Millard says:

    Thanks David and Hugh much apreciated
    Best of luck

  223. Iain Docherty says:

    Could I ask that we use something better than this bespoke comment system? It really has several problems.

    1) you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, and then scroll up somewhat, to find the comments you have not yet read.

    2) The pages are only ever going to get longer and longer the more people post.

    3) I could go on…

    Why can’t we have something like ‘Slack’ which is full of features such as:

    * email notification
    * search archives
    * native apps for windows, iOS, mac

    I’m just saying that slack works so well for many other teams I am in, it would work great here, and it’s free

    I would even start a new slack team if anyone else wanted but it would work much better if it was ‘official’

    What do you think Peter/Matt?

  224. Iain Docherty says:

    It seems that is already taken, so if that has been done by anyone here, please invite me!

  225. Iain Docherty says:

    I have set a slack group up for DataKings users, but I don’t want to publish the invite link here without some agreement from Peter or Matt that it is acceptable.

  226. David Yeates says:

    Well’ today’s scattergun approach for all UK and Ireland races using Betplan216 yielded +£140.55 from a £1k bank with lots of winners and losers. I haven’t got the nerve to go live with this!

    • Raymond Monk says:

      I traded using Plan 213 (£12 risk per race – 2% of a £600 bank) and profits made were £12.65. However by leaving out Ireland and all sprints under 1 mile this greatly improved to £58.25 (net of comm).
      How would profits under plan 216 have worked out by omitting Ireland and sprints under 1 mile ?

      • David Yeates says:

        My Ireland total was -23.67 and my sprint total was -30.20 so without them I would have made £194.42, but yesterday my total would have been much lower by leaving out Ireland.
        Got off to a very quick start today, though, and if, say, I had a stop at profit in place of 10% of the bank I would have been done and dusted at the end of the 2.40 race at Warwick.

        • Iain Docherty says:

          Please continue with this, and let us all know how it works out after (say) 1000 races. I’m not saying it won’t work but it seems a pretty arbitrary approach to me and you only have a couple of days results.

          • David Yeates says:

            It’s a very arbitrary approach, I agree. My hunch is it’s doomed to failure. Unfortunately I probably won’t continue with Betex after the trial ends this week. It’s decent software but not nearly as flexible as Bet Angel, which if you Google around, you can get for the same price. And everything BetEx can do, Bet Angel can do once you learn the customisation tool, plus much, much more.

  227. Llewelyn Pugh says:

    2 wins and 3 losses ending with small £-1-41 loss overall today for me.

  228. Iain Docherty says:

    I have set up a Slack group for users of the DataKings system to swap comments, get help from other users and publish results etc.

    The big advantage I see is that Slack will give you notification of any updates or comments to threads that interest you, it will be much easier to see comments that you have not read yet and is a much better interface, especially when there are lots of comments (as there are now on this page).

    If anyone wants to join then please follow this link.

  229. Young Tse says:

    Same here: 2 wins and 3 losses. Only a small 1.2% loss on balance.

  230. Nigel Kaszubowski says:

    1 win 2 loses no bets made on 2 possible winners, my bank is slowly vanishing. I’ve followed all the bet plans I can’t be the only one losing surely, question is how much is too much? this loses money nearly every day, maybe get better results putting 1,2 or 3% of the bank on the favorites, at least the bets would get taken!

    • Iain Docherty says:

      Nigel, I think you miss-understand what the ‘no bets’ means.

      It does not mean that Betfair was unable to match the bet, it means that the DataKings software looked at all the parameters of the race (number of runners, favorite odds etc) and decided that there was good reason *not* to place a bet in the first place.

  231. David Hunt says:

    Hi Matt. Set up VPS. Looks good. Have not used yet as am unable to access the downloaded Betplans from the “load from file” button?? Only on the VPS site. Button works fine on my desktop site. Pls advise. Many thanks, Dave.

    • David C/o bolch says:

      I use a different VPS provider, but you should be able to set up your VPS so you can access files on your home computer – their support should be able to advise. Alternatively, more simply, just download the betplan files again to your VPS (and of course unzip them again).

      David H.

      • David C/o bolch says:

        To download again to your VPS, use the browser on the VPS to go to this page and then to the download wholebank or virtualbank links at the top.

        • David Hunt says:

          Tks David. I had pasted the plans to the VPS desktop but had not OPENED them! All well now. I am 80 after all and that’s my excuse however feeble it is!
          Best, Dave

  232. Tony Lovett says:

    Down around £100 with 3 days left of trial. If trial was for me to test process & what to do then it worked, if it was to show me how I can make money then its failed. If trail period results have just been bad luck trail period needs to be longer. Another 4 months like this & my bank has gone.

    • David Yeates says:

      The trouble is, this was almost bound to happen. Any system like this one needs at least six months to get an idea of its efficiency. I would normally like a year for testing, ideally two years, so it takes us through seasons, changes of code and smooths out the fluctuations. This is the big conundrum for marketeers. When do we go live, and how much trial do we give? They know that most of us punters only understand the short term emotionally, however much we might understand the long term intellectually. Presumably this is why, even tough there were only 100 slots for this trial, that they were still having to market it two weeks after launch.

  233. Peter Higson says:

    WEEK 1 4 WINNERS FROM 15 – 27% SR
    WEEK 2 10 WINNERS FROM 30 – 33% SR
    WEEK 3 14 WINNERS FROM 29 – 48% SR
    since launch
    28 winners from 74 selections – 38% SR
    Poor start & drop in average matched prices…

  234. Garry Senior says:

    4 winners from 9 £33 in profit would have been more but watched the last race I have it to set inplay it didn’t match so I cancelled it manually then it won by a shoulder
    or would have been £50 up

  235. Peter Higson says:


  236. Hugh Duddy says:

    Excellent,thanks Peter.

  237. Iain Docherty says:

    Nice one Peter, it seems you have some influence with BetexTrader development team 🙂

    Although it is much better than before, just a little niggle, it would have been so easy to put the plan number in the Plan column rather than a clipboard icon.

    Yes you can click on the entry and see the betting plan, yes you can hover over it and see it, but it would be much easier to scan down the list and see them all in one go.

    • Peter Higson says:

      Hi iain
      A- i wanted a quick solution
      B- we are not the only users of this software- we are a minority group. Betex have to cater for other clients preferences also, and for many of those the plan number is not critical…
      This is not bespoke software.
      i put huge effort and time into discussions with betex aimed at getting my shopping list actioned. In the circumstances their responses and actions are in my view extraordinarily good,
      Small steps……give me time…

  238. Hugh Duddy says:

    Good end to the betting day, well done Peter.

    Onward n upwards 🙂

  239. William Flynn says:

    I HAVE SUBSCRIBED to Datakings, Betex and the VPS…(I am already with BETFAIR)..What do I do next?

  240. Peter Higson says:

    You read the user guide,the information on the betplan page, and additional information in the FAQ Section…

  241. David Yeates says:

    Today’s result including every UK and Ireland meeting using Betplan216 with a £1k bank which is now 50% up in just a few days was £251.24 and with only one Irish race with a bet it would have been close to +£280 with UK only races. From a live point of view the stakes are too high for me, but I’m tempted to subscribe to the software and go live with a much lower virtual bank. I’m waiting for the crash!

    • Peter Higson says:

      And are you doing any analysis of the results?

      • David Yeates says:

        No, Peter. Having exported the results of the past 3 days to Excel, I did wonder how I might do an analysis with a few mouse clicks, but unless I make the decision to look into this further, it’s too time consuming. I know analysis pays dividends long-term, as you are proof of. What has surprised me more than anything is the number of favourites in handicaps which have won in the past few days, and of course these are the winners which really boost the bank as the prices are higher.

  242. Paul Stonehouse says:

    My Betex trial has finished so I guess I am done. Based on the results since Day One I cannot justify £99 for the software and £40 per month, particularly as I already subscribe to BetEngine and Betangel. (I wish there was a way of using the Betplans in either of those !)

    I wish everyone the best with this and would like to thank Peter for his guidance and patience.

    I have requested a refund via Agora Customer services.

    • David Yeates says:

      I’m sure it could be done with both TBE and Bet Angel, but with 80 odd BetPlans, unless DataKings is willing to do it, you would have to do it yourself. Having said that, once you’ve done 1, all the others are just tweaks (no, I’m not offering!!)

  243. Michael Hutchison says:

    Well that’s me 2 weeks into the trial and my results are
    1st week: -£63.06
    2nd week: +£45.79

    These are from using the 2% plans of a £500 bank. Encouraging 2nd week so looking forward to seeing how the 3rd week goes. As far as I can see I’ve only had one unmatched bet out of all the qualifying bets (and it was a winner so I would be in profit overall if it had matched). Enjoying the trial so far.

  244. Nigel Mills says:

    I have had no trouble so far except that yesterday’s log shows two wins only one of which appears in my Betfair account summary – can you explain please?

    • Peter Higson says:

      If there is a discrepancy I recommend you drop a line to betex support together with relevant logs – I’m assuming you are not running in simulated mode…

  245. Hugh Duddy says:

    The update to Betex make it so much so much easier n faster to check the Betplan number(s) Nice one Peter & Betex.

    Good luck to all.

  246. Geoffrey Roland says:

    Hi Peter,
    Your two Musselburgh races aren’t listed on Betex.

  247. Geoffrey Roland says:

    Forget that; my mistake. I had the time scale set too short.

  248. Iain Docherty says:

    Just a reminder to people, we have set up a slack group for all users of DataKing at

    • Dave Thompson says:

      Hi Iain,
      When I click the link all I get is

      This invite link is no longer active.

      Please check with the person who shared it with you to see if there’s a new link available.

      Any ideas?


    • Mark Parikh says:

      Hi Iain,

      just clicked on the link, it says no longer available.
      Have you got another link i can use. Cheers.

  249. Brian Mellerick says:

    Biggest price of the day didn’t get matched & won :-(…odds-on shot got matched & lost 🙁 🙁

    Last race didn’t get matched despite the price being lower than the BSP…then DID get matched as it faded away to nothing & got beat. If I’d cashed it out I’d have finished with a nice profit instead of a loss on the day.

    Going to have to learn to sit in the other room when I get home early instead of watching Betfair I guess.

  250. Hugh Duddy says:

    Good day today, well done Peter.

  251. Andrew Coombs says:

    I reset my bank to £1000 2% today, as have paid for the annual fee starting from now, the 3 week trial showed a loss of £230, £450 for one years service, £99 for betex ultimate and £27 for bet dev.
    Made £88 today so started the claw back on fees and losses long may this continue.

  252. Michael Krishna says:

    3 winners, 2 losers, and 7 no bets. Does that sound right for Thursday May 4th ? My first day of action

  253. Michael Krishna says:

    Hi Andrew sorry just saw your post. I had £500 bank 2% and made £24. Sounds like i should have made more ? 3 winners ?

  254. Ian Jess says:

    I got 4 winners, 2 losers and 6 no bets for 4th May.

  255. There were four winners but one was unmatched by some (myself included). Everybody should have made a profit on the day though.

    Peter and I are currently looking at a couple of small tweaks. One to eliminate any losing selections that are matched late when fading and one that will result in fewer unmatched bets at the start. Both should further improve the profits.

  256. Garry Senior says:

    hi matt peter I think the problem is it tries to match the bet just after the off if the favorite gets a good break the price is a lot lower meaning unmatched and as the race progresses the price keeps dropping resulting in unmatched
    if we coul get the price just before the off we might have achance to get matched can we set to just before the off!

    • Yep, those are the lines we’re thinking along. Important to note that this is only really an issue with sprints. None of the jump races or longer flat races are having any issues so liquidity doesn’t appear to be an problem.

      • Young Tse says:

        But like Peter said before. We don’t know when the actual off will be due to delays, etc. Personally,I prefer it as it is. Attempting to match it just after the off.

    • Peter Higson says:

      As matt has indicated, there are a couple of options under consideration.
      The reason bets currently get fired in when they do is that:
      it does not matter when the race starts
      We know exactly who the favorite is
      We know exactly what price the favorite started at
      We know how many runners started the race
      We know if there was a clear favorite
      The software will never place an incorrect bet
      Conversely backing before the off…
      We do not know any of the above
      We have no idea when the ‘off’ will be…
      There is a risk of backing a horse that does not start as favorite
      There is a risk of backing a horse whose start price drifts in or out of specified parameters…
      Whenever i have looked at this before, i have decided that the odd unmatched bet is by a long stretch the lesser of the two evils…ergo….
      Nevertheless i share the frustration when unmatched bets occur..
      There is some middle ground that we might aim for, but please be in no doubt that whilst we may see far fewer unmatched bets, we will incur bets incorrectly placed…
      It is not a decision that will be taken lightly…
      As importantly, if it is deemed a calculated risk worth taking, there will be changes needed to the software to accomodate the plan criteria i need.
      These changes and upgrades need to be funded. I have already pushed through some costly new features in the last few weeks alone..virtual bank, export to excel, better plan numbering……
      Please bear all of the above points in mind when having a moan about unmatched bets..for the moment, please just take my experience at face value, when i say that the current method impacts less on reduced profitability than the alternative.
      There are as intimated some tweaks that i have in mind, but some more study is first required
      The other issue of reducing the instances where we catch a bet late, when the horse is possibly fading, is an easier fix. Some timing issues particularly in the sprints need a bit more analysis, but i do expect some new plans to be in place-available for download – shortly.
      Please excuse the lengthy reply, but i wanted to explain to everyone that it is not a simple or straightforward fix..
      I will provide an update once best options have been determined..we share the same objectives…

      • Hugh Duddy says:

        Makes sense to me to be happy to go along with what the guy who designed the system advises.

        Looking forward to the updates as and when they roll out, thanks Peter.

        Good luck to everyone today and a good weekend to all.

      • Gary Scott says:

        For me personally,if this has been road tested for as long as advertised then why are people moaning? If this current set up works then so be it,nothing is perfect for this sort of thing so tweaking etc when this has been proven to work consistently over a large period of time,seems dangerous and unnecessary.

  257. Hugh Duddy says:

    Another good day Peter, well done. Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

  258. Andrew Coombs says:

    3 winners 3 losers and 4 no bets today but because of odds +£100ish

  259. Michael Krishna says:

    Andrew. I am not sure where you are getting your figures from. I had 3 winners but only 2 losses (not sure why) for 9.2% return. 13.9% increase for me for first 2 days

  260. Llewelyn Pugh says:

    Hi. If I want to change to ‘real’ betting but only want part of my balance to be used as bank do I just change to ‘Real Money’ and set the portion of my Betfair balance I want to use as bank. For example if I want to use £300 of my £600 Betfair balance I just tick ‘Real Money’ and place £300 in my ‘Virtual account balance’ and that’s it – the system will then place bets at say 1% of £300 and fluctuating balance as it proceeds until next day? Thanks if anyone can help please.

    • Dave Miller says:

      Hi Llewelyn,

      I hope that’s right, that’s what I have been doing at it seems to be working that way.

    • Peter Higson says:

      Also Tick ‘retain closing balance’or it will just default back to your £300, each time you start a new session….

    • Peter Higson says:

      Of course you must also be using virtual bank betplans…..!

      • Llewelyn Pugh says:

        Hadn’t thought of that one Peter but I was thankfully – 3 wins, 4 losses today with Net loss 87p – only one week in so two more weeks to see how it all pans out. Thanks.

        • Ian Jess says:

          GOT THE SAME.

        • Jan Provost says:

          Can anybody advise me? I’ve followed the system with a virtual bank of £300 staking one percent for the last three weeks with no joy. The way I see it is that one has to understand in every system there will be unpreventable losing streaks. Some systems will have losing streaks of day, some of weeks. It is safe to say this is a system which will have the latter.But if so, and there will be more than one losing streak per year, are these plus the costs worth it? I fear the ongoing costs will vaporize any profits (yet to be made). Furthermore, hearing that tweaks of the system are in the pipeline, this looks to me as an unfinished product very much in an extended trial and error period which is different as to what it says in the sales literature of easy and guaranteed profits and so on… Question is: renewing (more costs in a for myself unproven product) or not?

          • Graeme De sainte croix says:

            I’m in the same boat Jan. It’s a difficult call based on this three week trial. I’m toying with the idea of paying for the bot for a year and experimenting with it whilst continuing with Peter’s system on a month by month basis to see if it comes good. At least we know that everyone gets similar results with it and it doesn’t depend on getting early prices only available to the tipster. For that reason alone it keeps my interest.

          • Jan,

            You say you’ve been following for three weeks with no joy but the most recent week has made a pretty decent profit?

            In terms of downswings, profit against cost etc, look at the long-term proofed track record from Peter Philipson. I don’t know how many times I can say that. It is by far the best guide and trying to extrapolate out three weeks worth of results when you have nearly a year’s worth doesn’t make much sense at all.

            Absolutely nothing in the sales literature says guaranteed profits, nothing whatsoever. Furthermore there’s an FAQ that very specifically says it won’t be winners all the way.

            How is it an unproven product when it’s been running since 2012 and has around a year’s worth of independent auditing?

            Finally… deep breath… we are looking at a very small tweak dealing with a very specific issue (sprint races). We are looking into this in a bid to make an already proven profit maker better.

            Would you rather we just sat back and didn’t bother ever trying to improve it? It’s not about it being unfinished, it’s about constant monitoring and staying ahead of the curve. If a football team wins the league they still look to buy new players.

  261. Nigel Mills says:

    I have tried to extend my trial period but the website I am referred to is unresponsive and will not take my extended trial period key. Any suggestions?

  262. Michael Krishna says:

    1 winner and 3 losses for me today, a reduction of 1.94% to betting bank. As an observation 16 of the 20 selections that i have been matched with have placed

  263. Andres Vargas ramirez says:

    3 losses 0 wins for today

  264. Dipak Sharma says:

    3 losses 0 wins for today

  265. Peter Higson says:

    summary proofed figures for 4 weeks to the 8th may are now on track record page.

  266. Brian Mellerick says:

    Bang my head against the wall day today 🙁 3 in a row matched…all lost.

    Next 2 hacked up…unmatched 🙁 2 races left to try to turn loss into profit. Or possibly to wipe out nearly all the last weeks gains in one day.

    I’m going to need a holiday!

  267. Brian Mellerick says:

    & there we are…1 win 4 losses. Profit from last week gone in one day (bar the price of a bag of crisps)

    Of course the unmatched & unbet favs were profitable, just to make it even worse.

    Some absolute yaks running today as favs but then again I managed to find the worst run of the day all by myself without any help from software. So, old school & new school methods both garbage today.
    Back tomorrow…only 15 years left to win enough cash to fund my retirement 😀

  268. Gerry Richardson says:

    That was a strange result to the 18:15 at Exeter. My results show a matched bet at odds of 7.00, against a bet price of 1.64? For the record the horse Swatow lost at an SP of 4/11 (1.364)
    What was going on there?

  269. Michael Krishna says:

    Swatow, i was matched at 2.20

  270. Michael Krishna says:

    2 winners and 4 losses for a reduction in bank of 1.6%. 5 days trading 2 winning days 3 losing days. 9.2% up overall

  271. Martin Buttery says:

    Hi Peter, Matt

    Kept my peace so far. Peter you said you operate in 100 bet groupings as opposed to monthly. So since 2012 two occasions when no profit over 100 actual bets. Think you have just had a third occasion.

    Based on £1000.00 @ 2% present balance is £950.34. If you include Betfair commission balance is £880.14 excluding all the other costs.

    Fortunately I have several strings to my bow and can blow £1000.00 but other guys and girls are not in that position.

    I took out the full year on Betex to achieve the 100 bets in the hope negative would become positive. I will continue for another 100 bets because I believe in the “law of large numbers” and have other systems based on this principal which are profitable long term.

    To view your system in the short term is wrong and I feel should be highlighted more that this is a long term system. Therefore I also believe your trial period should cover 100 bets minimum(100 bets falls outside the trial period whether for marketing terms or whatever)because that is what you base your stats. on.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.


    • Peter Higson says:

      Since January 2012 there have actually been 4 occasions that a 100 bet sequence has not been profitable
      The last such occasion was 29th july 2016.
      That is 4 sequences out of 65 in 5 and 1/2 years.. I am more than happy with that ratio.
      I do measure performance in 100 bet sequences – i.e I review position at that point and determine if changes to my criteria are required.
      Batches of 100 are a useful review point and offer a consistent means of comparison for reason explained elsewhere.
      I stress that the proofing has not encompassed this period – I provide the figures by way of background from my own data, and only because you have referred to them.
      My running 100’s do not marry up with the system launch date.
      No matter
      Whilst I do not dispute your personal figures (although the betfair commission of £70 seems high?) , there are some omissions -for whatever reasons.
      It has been made clear consistently that there will be some variance bettor to bettor due to prices obtained, mistakes, missed bets etc…
      If we start a fresh clock from day one of product launch the first 100 bets has been profitable.
      Bet number 100 was khalidi in the 16.45 race at Newmarket on 6th may. (actually number 31 in my sequence since start of time- but I digress)
      At that point the bank stood at £1086 net of commission.
      Based upon a starting bank of £1000 and 2% staking.
      In this period the strike rate has been 42%
      The facts I give above are the proofed figure since launch.
      Whilst i take stock every 100 bets, the rest of the world still uses weeks and months!
      The trial period was set at three weeks because that is the maximum trial period we could secure from betex. If betex had given us 4 weeks it would have been matched.
      You cannot run the datakings trial without the software! Therefore it is three weeks
      Matt may choose to comment on your reference to the marketing.
      However I do know he made it very clear that datakings was definitely NOT a short term fast buck system.
      I quote from the website:
      The key is patience and, OVER TIME, is the system consistent in delivering growth to a betting bank? DataKings ticks that box.
      Is it not you who introduces the notion of viewing the system in the short term- and then counters it?
      I hope that over the coming bets there is further evidence that consistent long term profitability can be achieved.

      • Martin Buttery says:

        Hi Peter,

        Thank you for your very prompt reply.

        I take on board all your comments/explanations and more importantly the facts/figures you have stated.

        My intent was to convey how an inexperienced person may view this system and get disheartened very easily. Basically relying on the information put before them. Any expansion on that information is only a plus achieved by client feedback and if need be challenge.

        I look forward to the next 100 bets and am willing to share my spread sheet with you if helpful.

        Off to Chester races now in the sunshine.

        Thanks again for your reply.


  272. Peter Higson says:

    Please note there will only skeleton support cover from betex- thursday through to sunday inclusive.

  273. Llewelyn Pugh says:

    2 wins and four losses yesterday – 9 May – for me – small overall loss of £2+ with commission. Went ‘live’ on 5th after a few decent days but unfortunately three losing days since. I like the idea of the ‘bot’ – set it and leave it – as I can do this in plenty of time and get on with other things. Need to work out the total annual cost and calculate how much I need to up my bets to cover costs at least and weigh up how much I can afford to lose/put at risk against long term hope of profit as per past performance. Got about 10 days left on my trial to experiment.

  274. Dave Thompson says:

    Iain Docherty says:
    May 3, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Just a reminder to people, we have set up a slack group for all users of DataKing at

    Dave Thompson says:
    May 8, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    Hi Iain,
    When I click the link all I get is

    This invite link is no longer active.

    Please check with the person who shared it with you to see if there’s a new link available.

    Any ideas?


  275. Antony Cook says:

    There seems to be an issue with Thursday 11th May selections, there are selections for Kelso, Chelmsford and Newton Abbot. No such meetings on Thursday. A race time of midnight for Chester. Can these issues be sorted out

  276. Hugh Duddy says:

    Good day today Peter, well done & Thanks.

  277. Colin Lawless says:

    good start today then unfortunately 4 losses at the bath meeting gave a lot of the profit back

  278. Brian Mellerick says:

    Same again…action replay of yesterday. 1st bet wins then 4 losers. The one unmatched bet would have had me in profit. Instead it’s a loss. Hopefully it’ll turn around & level out (the matching bets thing) Basically I need to show a 97 quid profit by the end of the 3 weeks (cost of betex) or I’ll have to bow out. Times is tough in these parts! 🙂

  279. Hugh Duddy says:

    3 no bets, 2 good winners, 4 losers.

  280. Anthony Knyvett says:

    Thursday’s betplans don’t look right. No racing at Kelso or Newton Abbott tomorrow as far as I can see and what time is the second Chester race – 00:00 can’t be right!

  281. Brian Mellerick says:

    & hopefully by the morning races that actually exist will have been posted for the betplans! 😀

    Although midnight racing at Chester might well catch on. Just get the freeloaders on the bridge to bring a torch each 😀

  282. Peter Scordellis says:

    I am rather concerned by the sheer inaccuracies of Thursday’s betplan selections and how these have not been adressed as yet after several complaints.

    • Peter Higson says:

      I replied to advise you that there was a problem preventing me from editing the site details.
      I apologised to everyone, these things happen….

  283. Michael Krishna says:

    2 winners first up for me, which had me up 11.5%. Southfield Vic @3.70 and then Heart O annandale @ 4.20. Then 4 losses in a row. But still up for the day

  284. Peter Higson says:

    Apologies for delay in getting tomorrows races up
    a problem with passwords..

  285. Jonathan Healy says:

    I ended up in loss territory again yesterday – 4 losing days in a row! Won £64 Kelso 15:55 then 4 losing races of £20/21 each so overall loser again. It was my 7th day into the trial yesterday and the week results as follows:
    36 bets placed, 13 winners (36%), 23 losers (64%) and 37 no bets. I started with £1000 real money and 2% stakes – betting account now down to £978
    Only 2 races today so most I can lose is £40…..

    • Peter Higson says:

      i do not usually comment on individual results but here there is something amiss that can be probably sorted out…
      if i count back 36 bets from yesterday – which takes us back to the 4th May – there have been 16 winners, 20 losers and a profit in the sequence.. these are proofed figures.
      you cannot have more losers than 20 unless there have been some mistakes in your plan attachment? or you have missed bets (started earlier than the 4th may?)
      clearly you missed a winner yesterday in the 14.35 at newton abbot – that missed bet alone would have brought you into profit – both on the day and to date…
      if you need any help – please contact me directly.
      incidentally as i have stated on many an occasion, the ‘no bets’ is a totally irrelevant meaningless figure. they never qualified as bets in the first place…

      • Llewelyn Pugh says:

        My results show ‘no match’ on that race – I assume there is nothing we can do if that happens? beyond our control I suppose.

      • Dave Thompson says:

        The 14.35 Newton Abbot for me came up as “No Match”
        I had 5 bets, 1 winner and 4 losers.
        Under what circumstances would this happen?

      • Llewelyn Pugh says:

        Just checked the results – the two no matches I’ve had must have been winners as every thing else stacks up. Had I been live from 4 May I would still show a profit without those two bets but sod’s law is that since I went live all losing days! Also I am on 1% of £300 virtual bank so I would have thought that stakes would be around £3 or so but are all 30-50p more – can anyone explain please. Without going through all posts what is the monthly cost for this and Betex? Thanks.

      • Jonathan Healy says:

        Sent email to you privately yesterday Peter, my results start Wed 3/5 through to Wed 10/5.
        Wed 3/5 -24.81
        Thu 4/5 +49.78
        Fri 5/5 +79.12
        Sat 6/5 -6.39
        Mon 8/5 -63.52
        Tue 9/5 -12.80
        Wed 10/5 -18.35
        Then -19.58 for yesterday, 2nd race winner yesterday was 3-1 so would have put me back in the black had that matched.

  286. Martin Wilson says:

    I’ve just been slowly plodding along with this, trying to be objective and calm, not trying to second guess the system etc. I had a week on simulation mode, then from 24th April, have used real cash. To date, I have had 83 bets, 35 wins and 48 losses. I have around 7 points profit, so I’m reasonably happy. I’ve had to pay the subs for the software, and once I’ve recouped that cash, I’ll re-evaluate where we are. Hopefully we’re through our sticky patch, and steady, not spectacular, profits keep this plodder happy.

  287. Jonathan Healy says:

    2 races yesterday, first race matched and lost. Second race not matched and won…. did anyone else manage to get the 2nd race matched as I understand the race started with 2 joint favourites? Now 5 consecutive loss days.

  288. Michael Hutchison says:

    Just subscribed after an enjoyable if not spectacular trial period. £15.35 profit from 3 weeks of 2% of a £500 bank. That was with a £63.06 loss during the first week so it’s been steadily getting better since then! Look forward to the next few months and seeing how we get on!

  289. Andrew Baxter says:

    Started on 15.4.17 with £500 bank using 2%. 56 races matched 19 wins. Bank now stands at £406.64.

  290. Andrew Coombs says:

    How long are the bets ‘kept’ for before being cancelled?
    A race at Bath earlier in the week never got matched until well into the race. The horse for a good break and only matched once others improved, there was also a worrying amount of money waiting to be matched at the same odds I assume the majority of it was data kings customers.

  291. Dilbag singh Gandham says:

    Need help to start I planned to start this weeke gone

  292. Peter Higson says:

    Three video tutorials are now available on the user guide page of the site

  293. Peter Higson says:

    There will shortly be a new set of plans available for download.- will let you know exactly when…
    These have an additional filter aimed at ‘killing’ unmatched bets after x period. This should reduce slightly, the number of losing bets picked up when the bet is matched late in races.
    it is intended mainly for sprint races.
    The whole bank plans will be discontinued at the same time.
    Now that the virtual bank option is available, there is no need to keep the whole bank plans.
    For anyone who does use whole betfair bank as staking calculation, please now use the virtual bank plans but set the virtual starting balance figure to equal your real betfair balance and tick the ‘retain closing balance’ tab.

    • John Dixon says:

      Hi Peter,

      I have downloaded the new betplan but when I press the ” Load from File” button, I get an error message saying ” No items match your search.” I am not very PC savvy and cant figure out what to do.

      P.S. I am the man with the Blueprint Boss

  294. Peter Scordellis says:

    I would also like to know how long bets are kept live before being cancelled.

  295. Michael Krishna says:

    3 losers and 1 winner today. What about others ? At one point i was up intra day about 23%. But now after 10 full days of the trial i am up only 2.3%

  296. Dave Miller says:

    3 losers, 1 no match.

  297. Richard Entwistle says:

    3 losers and 1 winner. Having briefly been in profit a week or so ago, I am now about £18 down over a month. Plus, of course £137 in third party fees.
    How long should I wait, I wonder?
    Thinking that Datakings could hold off the next monthly installment until we have some money to pay them with?

  298. Michael Krishna says:

    i agree. Perhaps 3 months of half price monthly fees. Hoping by then we are profitable. The way i see it, i will end my relationship in 7 days, or if i do continue pay 1 months fees, and then have a sunk cost with betex that i wont use again. If there is a bit of goodwill shown, i could trial this for longer, in the hope it shows its value as a system, and commit for a much longer period.

    • Andres Vargas ramirez says:

      Totally Agree

    • Martin Wilson says:

      Any thoughts on this type of thing Matt? I think we’re all prepared to give this a fair go, but with the monthly fees and fairly high software cost, it’s going to start and stick in a few throats, if we don’t start making some headway. You/ Agora/ Peter have been open about everything, but I think it’s fair to say that a 3 week trial was never going to be long enough. A discounted few months would certainly give us all a chance to regroup a bit.

  299. Dave Miller says:

    I now see what happened about the one potential winner that didn’t get matched – I have a message that says funds exceeded. In other words, the 3 previous losses reduced my bank so far that there weren’t enough funds to bet on the one winner that would have made all the difference on the day.

    Painful learning experience… £176 down on the day as a result.

  300. Andrew Nisbet says:

    15/5 1 winner 3 losers 7 no match. Betting at 1.5%
    Bank is up 25% after 17 days of betting but was up 60% until last 8 days of losses and minor wins (under £10) have whittled it away.

    I have had one win of £50 and two 3 digit wins but nothing since 5th May.
    With monthly costs of £75 I am up £50 so far!

  301. Garry Parkes says:

    I would like to cancel my trial subscription before the direct debit is taken from my Bank. Support has not responded. How do I get it sorted?

  302. Darren Vickers says:

    Ok 20 days in and this is running at a loss, with most days being losing days. I accept with any trading that you should look to the long term but the short term results so far are very disappointing.

    Even more disappointing at bets not being placed? Why is this happening because when I look at the bet plans then i cannot see any reason why the bet was not placed and even more worrying is the fact when it doesn’t place the bet (which should have been placed according to the plan rules) and the horse goes on to win! this is happening frequently.

    Now I don’t know if this is just happening to my on my computer and something is interfering somewhere so I would be interested in other peoples experiences.

    This system does not live up to the sales letter – so far and is very disappointing in the time I’ve been using it. As I say, there have been a great many bets that should have been placed but just was not fired off by the software and then the horse goes on to win.

    It’s very frustrating because I believe I am understanding the bet plan attached to the race and by my logic and that criteria then the bet should be fired off and placed but instead nothing happens and the horse sometimes goes on to win.

    Is the system going to be reviewed to improve it because something needs doing as it is not living up to expectations generated from the sales letter. Thanks for reading.

    • Brian Mellerick says:

      It’s very unlikely that you’re doing anything wrong. The way this works is that the bets get fired in at the odds seconds into the race. As money arrives the price collapses. This means some of us are always going to miss out.
      However many of us have signed up are all putting bets in at the same time, plus many other traders using various versions of favourite backing systems will all be piling in too. Most of them will be using automation software of one sort or another so with hundreds,sometimes thousands of bets firing in all at once prices are bound to be missed. It’s just pot luck really.

  303. Gary Scott says:

    I wish everyone good luck that are continuing.
    Its not for me.

  304. Peter Scordellis says:

    6 losses and one win today continuing the extremely disapointing series of results of this system. The 2 bets that were not taken for no apparent reason as the prices were available went on to win to add insult to injury.
    The non communication from the vendors to our various concerns and questions does not bode well for confidence in this system.

    What happened to after sales service?

  305. Colin Lawless says:

    What a shocking day, the worst so far, i cannot keep taking these losses, i have come to the conclusion that the only way to make money with this is to lay the choices

  306. Brian Mellerick says:

    Dismal performance is nothing new for these ‘ mathematical ‘ systems. I’ve tried a few of them over the years & they’ve all been terrible. This particular system’s main speciality seems to be finding odds-on shots that lose! I count SIX so far.
    2% bank betting should never put you in any danger & give you the chance to trial any system without risking too much. But when you’re 18% down on starting bank after 2 weeks of a 3 week trial it’s grounds for concern.

    To be honest It’s not looking like I’ll be risking any money after the 3 weeks unless a massive turnaround manifests itself in the next 7 days. I’ve never paid more than £40 a month for any tipping service so this had to be impressive to make me consider £50, especially with the added £97 per year for betex.
    So far it’s been nothing short of abysmal.

    Let’s see what the next 7 days brings. Then it’s decision time for all of us.

    • Terry Jones says:

      I am joining the ranks of the disappointed my bank is getting rapidly depleted, I have just a few days of the trial left – I am looking like cancelling atm.

      I tried a simulation trade Sunday before last using the system of backing all races in GB and Ireland with bp 216 as discussed in a previous post by David Yeates 29th April- it made a £32 profit – so this Sunday I used the same with real money and made £50 profit. Yesterday I ran the recommended bets and the back all on separate BTX pages and made a loss on both. Today I have run the two systems – real money on the recommended system and losing another £28 – and simulation on the “back all” system and winning £47.99 – wish I had done it the other way round.

  307. Keval Shah says:

    Yes I agree and I am not at all happy with the service that comes with this £40 a month service. Also, Matt is not being very helpful either which is just frustrating to see as they all good at writing good sales letters to get people to join but afterwards they don’t really care. I clearly asked both Peter and Matt with various emails why Matt’s results from last Thursday shows an approx -5 point profit where as Peter says according to proofed results the system since launch is up 11.2% in can this be? Its ridiculous and frustrating for us members..when I ask Peter anything regarding this he gets very defensive and says he can’t answer why Matt is getting such results. I mean I don’t understand what to even say to that. They are meant to be working together in this. Its very simple..either this service since launch is in profit or not..cannot get such differing results..and I have emailed Matt twice now but still no reply. They are charging £40 a month which Matt calls this service to be a premium one..not fair and it upsets me.

  308. Andres Vargas ramirez says:

    I agree with all of you. The results of this trial are terrible. I was under the understanding by reading the sales letter that this system was already tested and back by 2 years of results but this is not the case apparently. Unless something mayor happens within the next 7 days I wont be putting more money into this.

  309. Andrew Nisbet says:

    4 losses 5 no bets. Loss today is well into 3 digits and almost into negative territory overall. Too many dipping at the well at the same time? After 9 days of losses/paltry gains only 3 days left on the trial for me. Decision time approaching.

  310. Peter Knight says:

    I am now on my 5th week with the product and my bank is down just a little under 10% which I don’t consider to be a major problem at this point.
    I am looking at trailing it for a minimum of 3 months, then I will make a decision.
    I’ve tried plenty of products that have performed great for 4 weeks then turned rubbish, I’ve also tried some that have been rubbish for 2 months but have gone on to be little gold mines.
    All we need is 2/3 good days and it will back on track.

  311. Hugh Duddy says:

    I’m with Peter Knight on this. Yes it’s obvious that it hasn’t been the start that everybody was hoping for, and or expecting…And I would imagine that would include Peter (Higson)and Matt.

    I’m gonna sit tight and have some faith in Peter & his system. What do I have to lose overall, yes, possibly some cash. What people feel they can consider “losing” is subjective.

    All I can say is, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around.

    I’m more intrigued by asking myself, what possibly may I gain?

    Risk vs reward, an age old dilemma.

    Good luck to everyone.

  312. Jeremy Hampton says:

    I agree to give it the fair time it deserves. I believe in the 2016 results it took roughly 155 bets to move onwards and upwards from a £1000 starting bank.
    Perhaps 1 set of 100 bets showing a overall loss is not the end of the world, just a unlucky poor start in the sequence of things. 2 sets of 100 losing bets would be more worrying. 3 losing sets of 100 would be my time to move on (with I admit little left in the account).
    So fingers crossed, let’s hope for a nice run of winners!

  313. Gary Scott says:

    Ive emailed twice about cancelling,as dont want to be charged when the free trial finishes tomorrow.
    I agree with the above about”After sales service”.
    Peter helped me out to get it set up and I doubt the payments etc is anything to do with him but its a bit disappointing to get no reply from anyone else.

  314. Iain Docherty says:

    If anyone has problems downloading the new betplans, simply download and rename the file so it has a .zip file extension (that seems to be the only problem).

  315. Richard Entwistle says:

    Hi Peter,

    I have followed Iain’s advice, above, and changed the file extension from -ZIP to .zip. Everything seems to work ok, but I would be grateful if you could confirm that there are no other gremlins lurking.

  316. Michael Page says:

    I’m with Peter, Hugh and Jeremy on this. It’s a statistically based method, which by its nature will have ups and downs. I ran the proofed results through TSM and it shows that, over time, he has a 16% edge which is very good. You have to assume that this will not just disappear (ok that’s my assumption). After a while it may be possible to analyse this further for Jumps, flat and AW and look at results for different courses. In any case, favourites stats vary considerably between handicap and non handicap races at different tracks as anyone who has ever tried laying favs will have seen.

    Thanks Iain, I changed the filename too. I never seem to have to unzip but they load without a problem.

    • Hugh Duddy says:

      Nice job Michael, thanks for sharing that.

      16% now that put a smile on my face 🙂

      Good Luck.

      • Andrew Coombs says:

        16% is excellent, my ROI is 11% which is going to be similar to my edge. Here for the long run, not phased by a poor spell. To not have had 2 sets of 100 in a row at a loss is a remarkable achievement thus far. The law of averages should even itself out and we start to watch the profit climb over the coming months.

        I loaded the new plans up yesterday can anybody else confirm there were two losers and one winner to make sure all is well now im on the virtual plans?

  317. Iain Docherty says:

    Glad that people found my advice (on the zip files) useful. A slightly better forum for questions and answers is on a DataKings Slack forum. Just follow this link and you can join us there (this link should not expire, previous one’s expire after 30 days)

  318. Peter Higson says:

    NOW that the plans with a ‘cancel if um-matched’ feature are in use;…
    if you see ‘unmatched’ in the P&L column, and then go to the bets tab (in the middle bottom white window0, you will see whether it was unmatched through cancellation..
    yesterday there were 5 system bets -2 wins, 3 losers
    with the introduction of this ‘kill’ instruction, there will be an increasing level of variance person to person ref the number of unmatched bets.. for example i ran 3 software windows yesterday.
    one caught all 5 bets
    one caught 4 – bet cancelled in the 20.30 at newmarket -horse went on to lose
    the other won caught 3 – missing as above the 20.30 at newmarket, but also missing the 19.25 at newmarket through cancellation – horse went on to win..
    in terms of recording system results the only consistent approach will bet to continue on the basis that if a bet gets placed – irrespective of whether it gets matched or not – then it is logged as a selection.
    clearly no-one will always have identical daily outcomes – please bear this in mind…

  319. David Eldredge says:

    Hi All,

    I like to keep a record of all my betting activities and logged the results of my Datakings bets every day. Unfortunately the file has been deleted somehow. Is there any way I can retrieve my results from the software? I’m only talking about 2 weeks or so.



    • Darren Vickers says:

      I don’t think you can as it doesn’t use any kind of database. It is very basic software in that sense as it only exports to excel spreadsheets which is pretty poor really for this type of software.

      However, you should be able to get all the results from your betfair account – assuming you have not been placing other horse racing bets because then it probably will be hard to tell which you placed manually and which were placed by Betex.

  320. David Hunt says:

    My first bet was Thursday April 20th so yesterday put me 4 weeks in. My starting capital was £1026 and I have faithfully followed the recommendations @ 2%. As of last night my balance is £896 down about 10%. Not too bad in the scheme of things considering the almost frighteningly bad start to the programme. I believe quite a few people cut and run? Oh ye of little faith!
    Hey, I’m 80, and at my age I don’t even buy green bananas! Sticking with you on this one Peter / Matt. Just prove the doubters wrong! PLEASE!!

  321. Darren Vickers says:

    Regarding the new bet plans – the email received was very poor and only gave very basic information… That email should have gave FULL and VERY DETAILED step by step instructions!

    I beliebe Betex is still using the old plans because:-
    – I don’t see any changes to the plan numbers
    – I still don’t have a plan number 269

    I put the new plans in the same folder as the original so I’m guessing the new plans need to go into a new folder and then point Betex to the new folder???

    Can someone please confirm this?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Eoin Casey says:

      i cleared all old Betplan files out of my original folder, then downloaded and unzipped the new/updated files to this same original folder. Then pointed Betex to the new files. Seems to all be working fine & i’ve got plan 69.

  322. Peter Higson says:

    There are some improvements to the Betex software on the drawing board bespoke to Datakings. As a pre-amble to this we need some information from everyone please. This will be used to help evaluate the potential benefits of the project. – there are likely to be a couple of beta groups set up to play with alternatives…

    At this stage can i ask EVERYONE please who has purchased the Betex software AND is a paying subscriber to DATAKINGS to drop me an email

    In the subject line please just confirm the last two digits of the Betex version you are using e.g. 12 and YES if the email address you are replying from is the same as your registered email address with Betex. If a different email address, please enter Betex version and then NO with the alternative address in the email body.,,

    This exercise will only be progressed with active datakings subscribers…

    Thank you for your help…

  323. Timothy Green says:

    Tonight’s dataplans include 264, 266 and 271 but there are not these plans in the new files

  324. Hugh Duddy says:

    Those numbers are not there in the old 2% betplan files. Have you downloaded the new ones? Details at the top of this page.

  325. Darren Vickers says:

    Well I am totally stuck as I downloaded the new plans and they are not being used by the software. I also enabled those settings regarding the virtual bank but that does not seem to be doing anything either as the software is still just behaving as it always has.

    I need detailed step by step instructions and as I am not getting the assistance needed here (not a dig at fellow subscribers, as I know most of you are like me and will try to help if you could).

    So I will try emailing directly to the DataKing organisers and hopefully will get a speedy reply with full and detailed instructions this time.

    I’m trying to stay positive but it is hard when the system is nowhere near anything like the sales letter claimed and the lack of assistance just gets me down even more but I will persevere a bit longer as my rational brain is screaming to give it a proper fair chance.

  326. Darren Vickers says:

    I don’t have any plan 264 or 266 so what is the alternative plan to use please?

  327. Michael Page says:

    Darren, something has obviously gone wrong with your download.

    It seems the rest of us have got the new plans.

    Are you using a VPS? If so, try downloading to your usual PC and just copy/paste the folder across to the desktop on your VPS. That works for me. Delete the old folder first.

  328. Peter Higson says:

    i have emailed you twice now – promptly – with solutions – so comments like ‘lack of assistance ‘ don’t impress…
    I have suggested clearly to you where the answers are so i’m not going to repeat myself on here..

    • Darren Vickers says:

      You have emailed me ONCE since these posting and you referred me to the video tutorials so if you call that assisting then fine I guess that is where I will get support from. And I was actually referring to responding here which I thought was an additional place to get assistance, my mistake there. You rather rude and terse response also does not impress… Sorry I even posted now, I will try not to bother you again, thanks.

  329. Gary Scott says:

    Despite many emails etc
    Checked my account today and there it is!!!!!!!!!!
    Had an email notifying that customer services had received my email and since then…nothing!

    A Direct Debit of £50.00 to AGORA LIFESTYLES was taken from your account.
    Direct Debit (DD)?

    • Dilbag singh Gandham says:

      This is also my worry as betex software is trial no payment details asked…although you still have to request to cancel subscription.

      My worry is I am within my Data King trial period and I have requested once on this forum also once in the agoralifestyle contact us section and also one today directly to

      I know it can be frustrating for someone handling thier daily business as well as have to deal with novice traders like me. However I feel it is us that put that extra bit of confidence to these people who want to be known for their development and clever minds to create such software and systems that they will reap the rewards from long term.

      Therefore the same people need to be aware it shall be us that have a go at them when they do not take the criticism with the compliments and thank you.

      Peter Higson if your reading this you need to get on that front runner and make sure it wins as so far everyone on here is hopeful and not 100% confident.

      Your advertising of the product reads otherwise. Perhaps you should fine tune that to your comments on here.

      Mate there are people who need help and you obviously not responding and this sounds like a cake mix going wrong.

      Hope this will be the message that changes it for the better.

      • Peter Higson says:


        i am not sure i know what the point of this posting is?
        if it is to do with gary scotts issue, he will confirm i have exchanged several helpful emails with him on the subject.
        i have not received any email directly from yourself so i am not clear what i am guilty of here?
        i always respond to emails sent directly to me..
        if you wish to email directly with some specific issues i will reply..

  330. Jan Provost says:

    Would you be so kind to divulge your own medieval methods as I’m treading on water….

    • Brian Mellerick says:

      Just boring old research I’m afraid. Tracking form & watching the weather. Time consuming but luckily I have more time than most people seem to.
      I hardly ever watch telly & check social media once a day for a few minutes. This leaves me enough time to study what I need to. I’m probably a bit perverse though as I actually enjoy it. Weird I know…but then again a lot of people enjoy watching Eastenders or programmes where people cook food. I’d rather have my eyeballs peeled with a rusty penkife dipped in lemon juice then watch either but there you go. Horses for courses I guess.

  331. Andrew Coombs says:

    Just watched the trade on the 6.55 Windsor and the bet cancelled before matching when Lorelina was tailing off. The first bet i believe that has reaped the changes. A negative day again on the system, but a small tweak has saved around £18 of the bank for another day.

  332. Keval Shah says:

    I’m down -£50.97 today..I don’t like all these losing betting bank from £1000 is down to £880 this really how this system works? The losers so far seem to really outweigh heavily any winners we are getting because the odds of the winners are a lot less too or the same as the losers so how in the end would that be profitable?

  333. Keval Shah says:

    And I just purchased betex trader yesterday in order to give this system a fair trial for 3 the looks of it not sure if my bank will even last til then.

  334. Martin Wilson says:

    Absolute shocker today. I understand that Peter doesn’t want to comment on the results on a daily basis, but the silence from the developers/ publishers is deafening. I’m trying to take a long term view, but this is certainly not living up to the sales hype.

  335. Daniel Burnikell says:

    just started using this 4 days 20% bank gone some bets were not activated which should have been. what a waist of money i think everyone has been had.

  336. Michael Krishna says:

    How were todays results ? i wasnt on ??

  337. Keval Shah says:

    Hi Peter,

    Other member’s too don’t really seem to have much confidence in this service either and to be honest with you £40 – £50 a month is quite ridiculous..i can’t see how from already getting bad start i.e. literally everyday is complete losing days..its absolute shocker that you are comparing your proven tracked proofed whatever you want to call it results to what we us members our actually getting on a day to day basis.

    It’s like i’m just watching my money go down the drain each evening I log in to my betex trader..its hard to watch this and you still keep going on about your proofed resuls..I am already down about £140 from £1000 starting bank so how can you explain that even taking a long term view on this that this will turn around? I would really like your opinion on this? You need to look at this from our perspective so you understand how we are actually are not giving us any confidence so far whatsoever in your system so far?? Every evening I am questioning whether to carry on with this..I have stupidly paid £100 for the is really frustrating..

    I appreciate I have asked about some of this before but one thing I would like to know is how can this system turn itself round after such a diabolical start?


    • Darren Vickers says:

      Same here, I have invested in the BetexTrader software too. I said earlier on in this Forum that I am prepared to give this a good trial. I think at least 3 months is sufficient.

      However, losing money nearly every day since starting using this system (£130 so far) does not instill me with confidence and I just hope my ‘bank’ does not get fully depleted before then… so far poor system and starting to feel misled by the sales literature. Let’s just hope this is a bad patch and things pick up.

      • Simon Howard says:

        I am done with this system. Down over £250, £150 down in the last 2 days alone. This is not including shelling out for a VPS and the £50 fee. Just glad I haven’t bought the software too.
        I have asked questions previously and been ignored. There is nothing in the way of comment or explanation of why things are so bad. Surely when you have enticed a whole bunch of new people to buy into your system you can at least offer some words of reassurance or explanation of why results are so poor compared to the “proofed” results?
        I wish everyone luck if they are continuing but I think this is looking like one of those too good to be true systems!

  338. Peter Scordellis says:

    Every system will go through a bad patch and even tossing a coin which has a 50 – 50 probability of success will sometimes give you a long series of consecutive heads or tails…
    Assuming that Peter’s system is based on sound principles which I assume it is based on ite long track record, then one can assume that we are going through a rough patch which will correct itself at some stage. Trying to change the system at this stage will only make thigs worse in the long term so let’s hang with the tension and see the long term vision of success which it promises.

    I am also feeling the pain, having lost a big chank of my substantail bank so far, but I have written this money off in order to stay objective and stay in this game for the long term. What I have learnt trading financial futures and other commodities is that scared money will always lose in the end so we need to man up and realise this is no investment for widows and children. I think the marketing hype is guilty of raising expectations to unduly unrealistic levels which often is the case with copywriters and they should be taking some of the flack aimed at Peter.

    I think to restore integrity an extended trial period should be offerred to those of us wiling to put our hard earned on the line. It will benefit all parties in the long run and it’s a win win situation as I see it.

  339. Michael Krishna says:

    I think that for Matt, he just pimps one betting system (you all must have read his sales pitches, including the one for this system)after another, and makes his money that way. and lets be fair, who knows what his real name is, and if thats his real photo. Good luck to the real people that are trying to get ahead in life. it is hard when you have to deal with less trustworthy people around. I knew early on, that he cant have trusted this system, or wasnt already doing this system, when he mentioned his own £10 stakes….

    • I promote four services currently Michael…

      This one.

      The Syndicate which has been running nearly two and a half years and produced a very strong profit in both of them.

      The Football Investor which has been running three seasons and produced a profit in all of them.

      Golf Insider which has been running around three years and produced a very good overall profit.

      Not exactly jumping from one thing to the next is it?!

      Quite why £10 stakes (and a £500 bank) means I don’t ‘trust’ this particular system I’m not sure? I personally bet on far more than DataKings and I apportion my bank accordingly. Stakes are raised when the bank for that particular service increases. If I was still paper trading this you would have a point but I’m not.

  340. Andrew Coombs says:

    Can anyone give me today’s results i got up late and didn’t have time to get on them this morning.

  341. Colin Lawless says:

    Somebody tell me i am doing this all wrong and that this is really a lay system

  342. Keval Shah says:

    seems no betplan update for tomorrow..above still shows yesterdays selections