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| April 4, 2017 | 54 Replies


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Category : DataKings

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  1. David Hampson says:

    I’ve just downloaded Betxtrader..and when I went to open it it say’s my Trial Period has expired…What should I do?

  2. Peter Higson says:

    Betex say most likely explanation is that you have previously had a trial with them?
    You should somewhere, as part of what you have downloaded today, have a 14 day trial extension code.
    Use that for the moment
    Then contact betex tomorrow with your contact details , explain, and they will resolve for you.
    Hope this helps
    Peter Higson

  3. Peter Higson says:

    Spoken to Betex
    they do not go beyond a seven day trial – we are the exception – and they believe they have configured everything correctly to enable 7 becoming 21!. they will also double check the set up and protocols at their end tomorrow – but please do contact them in any case.. in meantime they have confirmed for the monent that if anyone has such an error message – just use the extension code on the trial page, click on activate/other options/extend trial
    you will get a 21 day trial!

  4. Paul Stonehouse says:

    My Betex downloaded through the link above says 7 day trial. I did not get an extension code. When I click on activate with the via BetexTrader/about there is no options/extend trial, just an option to enter a code which I do not have or to come back later.

  5. Peter Higson says:

    hi Paul
    i have replied directly to you by email. there were some screenshots in the email that i cannot replicate in this window…..
    hope they help..

  6. Peter Higson says:

    For the betex trial..

    This link should take you to software trial page…


  7. mick11 says:

    Hi, I’ve just downloaded Betex-no problems. Extension code is on the webpage.

    My problem is that I’m getting a message saying I’m not logged in to the Datakings site and can’t get the material. At the same time I’m shown as being logged in, as responding on this thread would imply.

  8. Peter Higson says:


    I’m new to the BR site so not sure i can help

    I understood from matt that new subscribers would get username and password for the datakings area, and these log in details would be different to the betting rant login.

    Not sure if that helps?

    I can do no more than flag it up to matt in the morning- which i will do..


  9. Jerry Ball says:

    Just signed up and paid for the year, plus Betex Trader Ultimate and subscribed to BettingDev VPS ( £29.95 monthly ) BettingDev are now setting up my Bot and should be ready in the morning. Nervously excited about this, fingers crossed!

  10. Mark Smith says:

    I can’t access the software because it needs a product key for the 7 day trial which I never received. Been onto support this morning and they’re telling me that i clicked on the wrong link which i didn’t and that it is active which its not! I’m getting very frustrated and on the verge of giving up. Any help would be appreciated!

  11. John Mowatt says:

    Can I use on my laptop and move to vpn later?

    • Peter Higson says:

      If laptop is running windows the betex software should be fine. Any doubts just check v the spec on the betex website.
      Please note that you will need to use the link from on the datakings page though to get the 21 day betex trial.
      Nb it is a vps rather than a vpn that you will need yo migrate to.bear in mind that for the software to work,the laptop will need to be left on
      For more info, ensure that you read the datakings user guide AND the faq page…

  12. Jean Holborow says:

    I work outside of the UK much of the time and Betfair does not allow access from outside the UK. Presumably this will prevent the system getting the necessary access. I have my location setting set for privacy but the Betfair system obviously uses the server location. Anyone know how I can get around this issue?

    • Peter Higson says:

      i believe the straightforward solution for you is to use a uk based VPS. load it with the betex software and run it remotely. the servers used are uk based. i am not a techie but i think i am right in saying that this will work for you. there is a review on this site of bettingdev vps that should you read. they will also load the betex software for you. i use them. it also has the benefit of getting around any power outage issues or broadband drops. additionally it will enable you to load/run the software from wherever you are in the world – as long as you have an internet connection. check it out – i think it will be your solution

  13. Jean Holborow says:

    Sorted. Thanks Matt

  14. Jerry Ball says:

    Is there anybody else besides Raymond Monk who is using the £24.95 monthly plan instead of the £29.95 monthly plan (recommended for a Bot) and getting no problems please?

  15. Howard Cooper says:

    I can not find the members area to put the % bet into.

    I can follow all the pictures ok, but no picture for this bit.

    Where is the members area

    Thank you.

    • Peter Higson says:

      Not sure what you mean here Howard?
      The betplans needed to be loaded into the betex software…
      Step by step instructions and screenshots in the user guide…
      if you have downloaded the betex software and that is working..
      downloaded the betplan files to your desktop and extracted them…
      got the details of todays betplans that are to be used..
      i dont know which bit is confusing you?
      let me know…

      • Peter Higson says:

        It will be easiest if you reread the user guide –page 6 onwards I think
        Once you have decided which betplan set up you will be using i.e
        Whole Betfair bank balance or virtual (a proportion of it)
        And the % staking you wish to use, 1%, 1.5% or 2% then that determines exactly which set of plans you use.
        In the betex software then follow the user guide instructions – all you need to do is point the betex software towards where you have placed the extracted set of betplan files you have decided to use
        There is no need whatsoever for you to enter any stakes manually…
        Just attach the relevant betplan number to the relevant race..
        The user guide walks you through all of this process in detail

  16. Alan Holmes says:

    I have been struggling for 2 days I eventually bought VPS and for some reason it wont accept my log details they sent me.
    Im not sure what to do, I have tried to putthe 14day code in before the purchase but it would not accept it??
    I am doing something wrong but dont know what.I have been in contact with support from VPS but am still having problem with password not being accepted was typing in they told me tocopy and paste it in but still getting no joy. Getting ready to throw the towel in.
    Alan Holmes

  17. Peter Higson says:

    When trying to help colleagues resolve some issues, i ask for screenshots. There have been a large number of times when i have been told that they do not know how to do that.
    For most windows users, the software is already on your device. It is called a snipping tool. Here is a microsoft link,telling you how to find it and use it.

    If you do not have the program, google it. You will find several free snipping programs for download.
    I have mine pinned to the task bar at bottom of screen as i am always using it
    It is an excellent tool, so easy to use- try it!

  18. Peter Higson says:

    the times of races shown on the daily bet plan page are uk gmt.
    However it is the time settings on your computer that define what is shown in the betex markets window

  19. Peter Higson says:

    if you even think that you MAY have not used the 21 day trial link to get your initial download, use this link
    it will get you back into the loop

  20. Peter Higson says:

    we are just about a week in, and many will be needing to fish out their extension codes for the next 14 days of the free betex trial.- any problems with that click on the link in the comment above – its a quick fix to get you rolling.
    this message is aimed at anyone who is STILL struggling to download plans, load plans, attach plans to races. If you have hit a brick wall, send me an email & i will get you going. just tell me, within the email, exactly how far you have got with the software, downloads, attachments, using VPS.. and i will fix your problem either via email, telephone or team viewer session.
    i have not lost a client yet – if you are still struggling – shout!

    • Tom Bridgewater says:

      I am still not up and running. I purchased last Wednesday, set up as far as I was able and sent an e-mail last Friday and am still waiting for a responce.

      I have already lost the whole of the first seven days of the betexe software.

      My problem is the betting files and transferring them to the software. I am not very computer liturate.
      I nee to speak to someone to take me through it. My phone number is 01271 329013.

      • Sorry Tom, Peter sent a reply but it may not have been forwarded on to you. I’ve just emailed it to you now.

        • Alex Milianowsky says:

          Sadly , have to report problems with the Betex bot today. It froze twice , once before the start of days betting , so I had to exit and load the races and the betplans again before starting.
          And then again at Cheltenham 17.30 after 4 bets and 1 no bet. ( 2W 2L 1NB )

  21. Dave Miller says:

    Hi, I have a query about the software – when I was using the simulated bets the window that shows New Bet Plan, Results and Messages tabs was showing me the Total P&L in the box on the Results page. Now I have started live betting, today, there were 3 races lost but none of these are shown as such in the Results tab and my Total P&L still says 0.00. My Betfair balance has decreased correctly and the bets are shown in the Bets tab. Am I doing something wrong? Why isn’t the Total P&L showing the £29.40 loss for today?

    I exported the results and the 3 lost races are correctly shown in the spreadsheet. (13:55 Newbury, 17:45 Wolverhampton and 18:45 Wolverhampton).

    Apologies if I have missed something obvious!

    Many thanks


  22. Dave Miller says:

    Please ignore my previous post! I had the Betfair options set to External Only.

  23. Jonathan Jenvey says:

    Hi Guys.
    When I input my Betfair username and password I get a blank screen with ‘Betfair login’ in the top left corner.
    I cannot close the window to get at the Betex software behind it. I have checked the username and password which are correct.
    This is the first time i am downloading and logging into the software. I am on page 2 of your DataKings user guide.

  24. Anthony Millard says:


    HUNTINGDON is not on the venue list
    for Fridays races please advise


  25. Peter Higson says:

    The betplans we are using will only work on the ULTIMATE version of the betex software
    This had been made clear in several postings across the site.
    If you have downloaded or purchased the PRO VERSION,you will need to upgrade

  26. Peter Higson says:

    IF you are setting up a VPS through BETTINGdev, you MUST give them the 21 day trial code to use. if not you will only get a 7 day trial of the software.

  27. Peter Higson says:


  28. Peter Higson says:

    Please note there will only skeleton support cover from betex- thursday through to sunday inclusive.

  29. Peter Higson says:

    Three video tutorials are now available on the user guide page of the site

  30. Peter Higson says:

    There will shortly be a new set of plans available for download.- will let you know exactly when…
    These have an additional filter aimed at ‘killing’ unmatched bets after x period. This should reduce slightly, the number of losing bets picked up when the bet is matched late in races.
    it is intended mainly for sprint races.
    The whole bank plans will be discontinued at the same time.
    Now that the virtual bank option is available, there is no need to keep the whole bank plans.
    For anyone who does use whole betfair bank as staking calculation, please now use the virtual bank plans but set the virtual starting balance figure to equal your real betfair balance and tick the ‘retain closing balance’ tab.

  31. Dilbag singh Gandham says:

    Hi I would like to opt out of these subscription can someone please help me. I dont know where to find the option to opt out of Data King and Betex Software. Your help would be much appreciated with both links attached in replying.

    I looking forward to your prompt reply in advance.


    • Iain Docherty says:

      there should be no need to ‘opt out’ of the Betex Software, assuming you are on the trial period, it should just terminate and will not auto-charge you to continue.

      to terminate your DataKing subscription, contact Agora Financial. There should be an email from them from when you joined the service.

  32. Peter Higson says:

    There are some improvements to the Betex software on the drawing board bespoke to Datakings. As a pre-amble to this we need some information from everyone please. This will be used to help evaluate the potential benefits of the project. – there are likely to be a couple of beta groups set up to play with alternatives…

    At this stage can i ask EVERYONE please who has purchased the Betex software AND is a paying subscriber to DATAKINGS to drop me an email

    In the subject line please just confirm the last two digits of the Betex version you are using e.g. 12 and YES if the email address you are replying from is the same as your registered email address with Betex. If a different email address, please enter Betex version and then NO with the alternative address in the email body.,,

    This exercise will only be progressed with active datakings subscribers…

    Thank you for your help…

  33. Peter Higson says:

    new plans available – please see top of betplans page for ‘how to obtain’

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